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Other Aspects: 7.98

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There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Pointy elbow people, tic-tac-toe, "hidden orbit shot" is cool. Didn't last here long term (lot purchase) but I can see the fun in it and a lot of people love it.

Typical William's chimes, thunk thunk thunk
26 days ago
Had this game for a while and it’s ok. I much prefer gulfstream for a tic tak toe theme over oxo. I find myself shooting for the a and b up top targets to light the 1000 bumper vs going for The tic tak toe which changes every 10pt switch. It’s like “ oh hey I got it “ now shoot for the side kick outs. The top rollover skill shot is only a skill shot if you happen to go out the open gate. That being said it’s still a decent game and fairly good as a multi player.
4 months ago
The tic tac toe theme and trying to get three in a row! Game plays very fast and the artwork is classic.
8 months ago
I had the pleasure of repairing/restoring an OXO this year (2021) and had never played one prior to fixing this one up. I had always wanted this em and now I love playing it. The rules are simple but trying to light up three in a row of O’s or X’s is pretty tricky. There are a few things that lend to this.

The first is that the top rollovers from the plunge will light the top row of the tic tac toe grid and it’s not easy to get these the way you want. If you miss it after the plunge it’s difficult to get the ball all the way back up and nudge it onto the correct rollover. Nudging skills are a must and the orientation of the pops below the rollovers do not make it easy. Quite a challenge.

The second tricky issue is that the pops and slings will alternate selecting X or O, so if you are needing an X you have to not only hit the correct switch for the grid but also make sure the X is lit. So ball control is critical.

Lastly, it is difficult to light the lower left and right corners of the the grid because it is done by having the ball go through the left and right inlanes.

That said, this pin will help develop your nudging and flipper skills. I haven’t gotten bored with it yet and keep wanting to play it again to complete the tic tac toe. All done with a big smile on my face!
1 year ago
I usually see this at pinball museums these days and jump at a chance to play it. While not as fun for me as other EMs this game has it's draw with the tic tac toe theme. It is a simple yet fun theme.
3 years ago
As far as EMs go this is a fun one. It’s certaibly a slower player than your average SS game but it’s still good fun with decent gimmicks. Having the O/X indicator flip back and forth (on a working machine) makes a big difference and ramps up the challenge considerably.

It’s got good charm and is a fun player for an early-1970s EM. For me, it represents the first pin I bought and therefore holds a special spot in my heart. But it’s certainly worth a play if you get the chance!
3 years ago
Pros: The backglass artwork is perfect pointy people and really vibrant. Set up fast with rebuilt pop bumpers makes for a fun game and trying to get 3-in-a-row brings you back for at least a couple games.

Cons: There isn't much skill in lighting the top row of the tic-tac-toe board besides your first skill shot because of the lane setup and the fact that there is no return back to the top. Once you have lit a few spaces, there isn't much to shoot at for points other than the lit bumpers. Also, the playfield is so heavy because of the relay bank!
3 years ago
Great game... nice rule set/can’t beat the Korea-designed tic tack toe board...pointy people art is top notch.
4 years ago
Nice Williams game but kind of typical. The oxo theme bores me.
It does not keep me coming back.
4 years ago
Highly recommend this game, the tic-tac-toe theme fits right in and my kids love the pink and blue color theme.
4 years ago
Very good theme for an EM pinball.
6 years ago
Tick-tac-toe in the middle of the playfield makes for a very unique playfield.

It's a game that is good for the whole family. Multi-player EM that keeps everyone engaged.

Although a pretty simple set of rules, you always seem to want to play "one more game".

Great looking machine when lit. Definitely worth owning for a family game room.
7 years ago
Interesting concept that ultimately falls short. The pf layout is poor since you can't really get the ball up the the upper pf unless you get lucky with the bumpers. As you hit your objectives the X and o lights up in the middle pf. That's pretty cool and kept me at it for a while.
You should play it if you ever have the chance, but it is not interesting enough to add to my personal collection. A great concept that suffers for a poor pf layout. too bad.
8 years ago
This is one fun machine that when set up right is fast and lively. I am a fan of C. Marche's pointy people. The colors are not what I would have ever chosen but they work on this machine and speak to a time when folk were a bit less up tight. The Pinside thread ( https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/carnality-as-depicted-in-the-backglass-of-oxo-or-why-oxo-was-misnamed ) is a great read that gives what I believe is a spot on analysis & interpretation of the art by MrWizzo.

The tic-tac-toe theme draws in all ages and the easy rule set is something the novice can grasp with a quick perusal. Typical Williams chimes are about the only drawback and the high relief of the X-O change button between the flippers can be a PITA when a ball is rolling slow and falls just short of your flipper tip.
9 years ago
Love the artowrk. But the longevity is just not their for me. An ok game overall but not one that must have.
9 years ago
A fun game, for a short time, no way to really control the X and O thing, it is very random. loud and any much to shoot for, no real features. also comes with the typical Williams Clunk Clunk Clunk, Not a keeper, but it is fun for a few plays. Very colorful and eye catching, I like the art work, just not a fan of the game play.
9 years ago
Oxo is a game that is ahead of it's time. X's and O's was the next iteration of this design over 10 years later. This game also exemplifies the idea of simple, but never easy pinball gameplay.

The Pros:
POINTY PINBALL PEOPLE ROCK THIS DECK! Christian Marche did an incredible job with this art package. Caribbean colors and poses that convey energy and excitement in all directions. I know my joints don't bend like that. My knees wont take your eyes out either. Norm Clark put together a great layout that shows you that skills , nudging your top lanes and sharp shooting are what great pinball is about. The blue and green pops keep the action moving up top as well.

The Cons:
You have to set this game up evil and nasty to get the most out of it. I don't know if this game has a high tap setting, but if it does, let the pinball juice flow! Open the outlanes, wax the PF and adjust your pops and slings to feather sensitivity, otherwise things can get too easy.

The Takeaway:
If you can get the difficulty/balance right on this pinball game... you will never want to stop playing it... ever.
There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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