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30 days ago
Very entertaining! Makes me want a pint of pilsner every time I see the artwork!
38 days ago
fun game, fun modes, fun gimmicks. the one handed beer carrying mode makes you feel like you have to hold something in you hand while playing with the other. crazy fun.
47 days ago
was short on time so it was quick - would like to play this one some more
55 days ago
I feel this is a game that I need a LOT more time with. I've only played on location: less than 20 plays. You can definitely shoot around and make progress, but I didn't find it intiuitive. I love the theme. I love German beer. I should like this game more than I do... Artwork seems mixed between live models and artwork. I'll update when I get some more time on it.
3 months ago
Oktoberfest was my second Pinball from American Pinball. After I bought Houdini and was really incredibly enthusiastic about this Pinball, I wanted to have an Oktoberfest too.

I personally like the Oktoberfest theme. I think many people don't really like the theme, which can be a problem. Oktoberfest is a very good pin.

The different tent mission are genius! Every mission is very well done. The missions really make sense and were thought up and programmed with great love!
The different multiballs are also great! The playfield is very nice and there are a lot of shots on it!

I also love the idea with the steins as power ups! This makes the gameplay really interesting and tactical!

I personally enjoy the music. It fits the theme and really lets you dive into the Oktoberfest feeling.

What I miss at the Oktoberfest and what makes Houdini and Hot Wheels so unique is the variety.

I have super mission and multiballs and then there is the food stand but that's it. At Houdini there is the mission, prison breaks, combo mission, multiballs. Hot wheels has monster battles, epic features, multiballs, car collections, the race.

I always have the feeling at Oktoberfest I can only play the mission and multiballs. There is nothing else to do like collecting something or combo missions or whatever :)
4 months ago
Personally I feel you should not rate a game that you haven't put at least 100+ games on. It takes a while to really understand the game play and the ruleset of a game. Nothing annoys me more than someone who rates a game after playing it a couple of times on location....

Let me first state, I own this pin, I love the artwork, I love the use of the knocker throughout the game play. (shooting ducks).
This game shoots well, is super smooth, has awesome ramps, sounds fantastic with the 6.1 sound system.
Here in Australia we celebrate Oktoberfest (think a of a carnival with lots of beer, food and music) and I feel this pinball machine captures the feel perfectly.

I think the Oktoberfest pinball machine gets a bad wrap due to people not knowing much about Oktoberfest in general. Considering the low build numbers, the quality of the game play and the fact I love the artwork leads me to believe this machine will be in my collection for a long time to come.
BTW buying this pin NIB it came with a glass stein! Suits the game beautifully...
5 months ago
I had problems with this game. The game play was slow and it had shots I just could not seem to hit. The games I play are always on free play, and I didn't really want to spend much time on this one. I love beer and hoped for something better.

Update: I tried this game again and the layout looks to be right up my alley. I should love this game. I figured out what bugs me so much about this game. It's just slow. You hit the skill shot and you are just waiting to get the ball back. This wait just keeps happening. Also, I wonder that the thought was behind the face of the woman on the translight. She reminds me of the foreign lady that was in Dodgeball.
6 months ago
So, my first impression of Oktoberfest is I like it, I like it a lot...it provides a great deal of fun and I am really enjoying this title. The build quality is superb, the code is deep with lots to do...API made it simple to understand what to shoot for by giving a detailed description prior to the start of each mode coupled with a decent delay before starting to allow time to understand what is going on. 3 flippers add to the fun...I am really enjoying the "Bier-Barrel" multi-ball and magnet action...a very makeable shot not unlike the the Warp Ramp shot on Stern Star Trek or Williams Next Generation. The rollercoaster multi-ball is cool with its shaker motor integration and timed release of each the 3 balls down the Corkscrew wire-form. I do have one criticism, that upper left pop-bumper gets a beating from a fast ball coming from the left flipper...not sure if this was mentioned before...those pop-bumper skirts/mechs aren't really designed for straight on shots so this will be an item to keep an eye for periodic maintenance. Although Oktoberfest, the event, seems pretty much focused on the beer, it is also about music...there is so much Oktoberfest music out there, it would have been nice to add some of that to this machine...no doubt a licensing issue but the background music for this title could use a bit more variation. Anyway, for me, as it stands...this game is a keeper...maybe it is the newness factor but I find myself playing Oktoberfest much more than my Elvira HOH...(another outstanding game). Given this, I reserve the right to update my my above comments as I get more time on this game. Congrats API, I know I am late to the show but I wish to commend you on another outstanding pinball machine.
7 months ago
Due to the deeper rule set, you have to put quite a few games on this machine in order to understand the awesomeness. There is a lot going on here. Collect Steins in order to boost your advantage, and you can choose a Stein up to 3 times. Beer barrel lock and roller coaster lock are both physical locks. The roller coaster multi ball has an extremely long track for the ball to travel with curves and circles. Its so long and eye fooling that you have to time your shot correctly or your ball will drain. Another pinball first is the Stein Race where you use only your right hand to press the two flipper buttons located on the right side of the machine. This allows you to drink your frosty beverage while playing pinball. Many tents, modes, to visit, challenging shots, multi balls, blonds, boobs, beers, ramps, magna grabs, humor, and fun to be had.
8 months ago
As one of the few Pinsiders that actually loves the theme, this game was always on my Radar. I finally was able to purchase one (Played it a lot at shows and on location) and now that i can drink a beer and dive deeper into the rules and explore the new code I have come away very impressed. The build quality is fantastic. And the sheer amount that the Team over at AP put in this game is staggering. They coded the hell out of a machine that people never really gave a legit shot. This will go down as an extremely underrated game. Maybe it will be worth more in the future... I don't care though, not selling.
8 months ago
OF is home from few weeks, with something as +/- 100 games on it, and as a good player (...) already reached/saw all the wizard modes (but didnt fully beat MEISTER)... after DI i was looking for a nice contender (mainly about code point of view), and let's admit that JP was (and still is) on the radar... and than, i knew a little about OF, having played it in some meetings/tournaments (with a positive feeling), than reading & watching over it on internet convince me to go for it (and be back to JP later)... and than, except the theme i'm not really in love (was the same with DI), i have to admit that OF is as i was thinking, but not only with more than very good (rules) surprises : the layout is good, its more based on a "stop & go" gameplay than a master of flow, the code is already very good & very well done, with clever things in it (STEIN multiplicators, use of the knocker in game, use of the 2 right buttons in a mode, tapper video mode, the shaker is nicely linked to some situations, 4 magnets including 2 controled, ...), and back to the theme, lot's of funny things to hear, meanwhile for adults (there's a family friendly setting)... and than, all in all, a very nice pin, which i think deserve much more attention (especially if you're a "player", as with the 14 STEIN multiplicator in 3 [even 4] levels each, you have LOTS of possibilities to tacticaly build your game)... really waiting to see more from next AP Hot Wheels pin... :)
9 months ago
I had never played an American Pinball before, and it didn't disappoint. Was (admittedly) worried about an upstart company. I LOVE the theme personally, but the depth and game play is what got me hooked. very deep, so much to do and keep you coming back again, and again. After meeting Josh at SFGE, sitting through his panel, and personal discussion, the amount of love that went into the game is evident and astounding.
I think Oktoberfest is a well thought out, beautiful game. There is so much in it not only from a gameplay standpoint, but from a physical aspect as well. Art blades, real back glass, even the inner apron is adorned with art. Add to that its a non-licensed game and not another "remake theme" You have a FUN game that keeps you coming back to try so many different things. Beer Barrel multiball is now easily in the top 5 coolest multiballs ever, and the corksrew ramp is so satisfying.
Oktoberfest isn,t for everyone, but then again no game is. some cant see past "beer" and its so much more, and if you have been to a real Oktoberfest you could see that.

Ich Liebe Ein Oktoberfest.
Inga is calling out to me, shes ready to bump.
9 months ago
I think what holds people back from giving the game a chance is the theme. I have played the game several times now since its release. Everything has improved. It has a unique layout that is a breath of fresh air. The rules on Oktoberfest are down right fantastic which is where the game really shines. It is not a linear game. I really appreciate being able to play the modes in any order, along with collecting steins. There are so many different paths to take while playing. A different layout and amazing rules easily overcome the theme. This game is very underrated!
10 months ago
I love Oktoberfest so this theme this pin’s theme is to my liking, but i can see where people maybe turned off.
11 months ago
Under rated game, does need help on the animations.
1 year ago
Wanted to like it. Theme a bit corny to me. Flow not great. Ramp shots seem unusually difficult, although that may have been a problem with game setup. The art on this and Houdini are nice, but the game just feels clunky. Ball times also too long. Meh.
1 year ago
I enjoy playing this game when I encounter one. The code has come a long way since it was first released. The animations have improved too, but remain the weakest link overall. Lots to do and explore, I don't tire of it quickly.
1 year ago
This pin title is "unique" in its own way. The pin is funny and interesting to play. It made me laugh several times. I'm not sure how long it would last in a collection. Its a really good effort from a fairy new pinball manufacturer. Keep the interesting original titles coming American Pinball
1 year ago
I really wanted to like this more. Good lighting, kinda fun, bit I didn't love it it get it after 5 be or 6 plays on location. May be better in a quiet home setting. At this point, glad I didn't buy it. Maybe at 5k someday.
1 year ago
I don't like the theme of this game, as I only socially drink about 2-4 times a year. So I am biased against the theme for this game. However, I do really enjoy this pin. I like its sense of humor and its sense of fun. I also like how its not afraid to sex things up a little bit, and it does so in a tasteful and playful manner. The backglass and playfield have pretty women adorned on it, and the sling plastics do as well. The art is very well done in a pseudo realistic yet exaggerated manner. I like the art. And the art itself is imbued with the same sense of cheeky fun in it as well. And really it all comes together, the beer, the women, the ducks, the kegs, the steins and it is a rally cohesive theme. While I may not like the theme, it certanly all comes together nicely and forms an amazing looking pinball machine.
The toys are pretty cool. You have a stein you can shot a ball into, a big keg that's atop a ramp. And speaking of the ramps you got a really cool corkscrew ramp and a 180 ramp as well. Crazy, crazy layout, and lots of magnets.
The one thing I don't like. Its a crazy layout, but I feel it might take awhile to truly learn how to play this game and certain shots don't really flow. I know they help you out with the magnets. But, the upper flipper ramp shot is a bit tricky to nail. And I think the code or game might be too deep and rely on entering the tent too frequently. As a casual fan. Its just not worth it to find out what each stein does, and then having to select the modes. Its a bit of a crapshoot if you don't know what you're doing.
Now, with that said. I really do like playing this game. The ramps are super fun to hit. The callouts have a nice cheeky sense of humor. Love the female voice that does the callouts. I also like the animations. They're basic, but they don't need to be super articulated. They work great for what pinball animations should be.
As for the music. Its about what you'd expect from a pin of this theme.
So my thoughts about this pin... I don't like the theme sure... But, I like a lot of things that are in it the sense of fun, the sex appeal. Its a very nice looking pin, and it plays good, and I think for a home market it is so deep that you'll be mining it for a long time... I also think it could work on location if its a bar or brewery. I think that fits the theme. And I think it'd make people put more money to just try out some of the modes they probably never get to.
But, I don't think this is a pin I'd ever want to personally buy. Just not my cup of tea, or rather stein of beer.
1 year ago
Went out of my way to go to a barcade yesterday to play Willy Wonka, but ended up spending more time with this game. It is fairly well balanced, has a bunch of interesting shots, and the lighting/animation actually helps you understand what's happening. The dropping ramp, the different "tents" and the kick back which drops to expose another ramp are all very cool. I went in thinking I would love WW and probably get one some day and left thinking that about this game instead!
1 year ago
I enjoyed playing, but the shots are tight.
1 year ago
this is a great theme gone bad. long ball times and the worst animation. i'm not a stern or jjp fan boy, but look at this compared to those games. its not acceptable. when i played it a few times, it kept breaking.
1 year ago
This game is great. A ton of fun. My only complaint is a small complaint. 1. When I think of Oktoberfest in Munich I think of big breasted women in Drindls. Perfect opportunity for that old school pinball feel of large breasted women ala Mata Hari, Pool Sharks, etc. Wasted opportunity. 2. The woman that they do have on the back glass, her face looks weird. The art is weird, she almost looks like a transvetite. Otherwise one of my favorite games, hands down
1 year ago
Love this game! The beer theme is great, along with the carnival atmosphere. Lots of shot variations . Don’t like the music, it is boring and annoying. I love this machine, but live in the KC area and the local dealer is heavily into Stern. So I bought a Jurassic Park LE instead. But I enjoyed playing the Oktoberfest more. Highly underrated!
There are 60 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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