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Other Aspects: 8.28

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There are 15 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 hours ago
Poor theme
22 hours ago
I can easily see why people enjoy this game, but the theme isn't really all that mind-blowing to me. Still, it has plenty of shots and neat playfield features. I think I actually prefer Houdini more when it comes to American Pinball games.
7 days ago
I am looking to own this game in the future as I come from a family of beer drinkers and this definitely is a fun game to play.
10 days ago
For me there was nothing cohesive with the game. The shots are ok, the art is not that great. I found it tough to figure out where to shoot, and completing modes did not leave me satisfied. The overall animation did not look that great. This is a step down from Houdini and you would expect it to be a step up.

If i had to give it a plus I would say the play field layout is unique and has potential.
11 days ago
Played this for the first time over the weekend and I have to buy it. It has it all. Depth, fun, many shots and so much to learn I can't wait to play it again. I'm not sure the other raters we're playing the same game. The one negative I had was the ball save. It kept saving my ball from the right out lane. If that is a negative. Artwork is great from top to bottom and side and side to side. If there is one of these machines near you it is worth the trip to give it a try. Great game AP! Discovered today OF has a 1 handed play feature so you can hold your favorite beverage in the other hand. Is there another pin with this feature? I think not
21 days ago
I really liked this game. The tent modes are funny and the shots are really challenging. Flipperfingers could feel a little worthier and I hated the boring rocktheme, but the rest is fine.
22 days ago
I was finally able to play Oktoberfest at Helicon Brewery in Pittsburgh. Helicon also has BKsor (pro), ACNC, MBre (LE), BM66 and other newer games. Of the 5 mentioned, I ended up playing 15 games of Okto and between 5-10 of the others, primarily because I found Okto to be so friggin unique. I love the theme, really like the art but the animation was not great at all, but I found that I didn't care because the game was so fun. I do recognize, however, that animation can be important. For example, BKsor's was so good that it made the game so much better than it would be without it (btw, I really really liked BKsor (pro) - can't wait to try the LE version). In any event, I was very impressed with the quality of Okto. It's obviously a high end, well put-together game. I loved the tents and that it's a challenging game; it made me want to keep playing. The music was perfectly acceptable and not redundant as I initially feared.

Some problems with the game that I experienced: 1. The right ramp is challenging, but not more challenging than it should be. I never reached the barrel multiball, though, in part because the ball popped out of the wireform on 2 occasions, which was very annoying since it is such a difficult shot to begin with. 2. The ball popped out of the Food wireform on several occasions, too. 3. I achieved the grand champion score (only because it's so new) but the system rebooted while I was entering my initials and I didn't get any credit. 4. There was no match after the game (probably just needs to be set by the owner). 5. At one point the flippers stopped working and I thought the game froze - it turns out that I was in some kind of skill-shot challenge but I apparently did not see or hear any prompting.

Despite these issues, I enjoyed this game more than the others and will consider adding it to my lineup.
41 days ago
I like American Pinball and want them to stay around . They put alot of extras on their machines for the price . Quality speakers . Better shots than Houdini and theme works and it is original . Ramps can be hard to hit and im still learning the magna grab . Have yet to get a multiball but early on yet only played 10 games so far .Great service from this company and PinballSTAR.
45 days ago
I did not like that game it has lots of cool toys and features but kept getting balls stuck. The side ramp did not feel like a good shot kept rejecting or getting an air ball which would get the ball stuck. Also tilted and it reset lol. Some of the shots are cool and unique but it's not the game for me.
46 days ago
Game Design: I'm a big fan of the layout. It feels different and the shots aren't too tight. Neither ramp is easy to hit on the fly, but you can hit them pretty consistently off a trap or by the use of mag-nabs.

Toys and gimmicks: The game is loaded with toys and gimmicks. Lots of magnets, 2 physical ball locks, captive ball, state, spinners, etc. the game has a ton to shoot for!

Rules/Strategy: I really like the strategy behind collecting steins and think that is great feature. Modes could use a bit of work to make them more fun to play on their own (without stacking with a multiball).

Art: It's a nice looking game in person. The artwork doesn't blow you away but it looks good. Kind of reminds me of a 90's WPC game in terms of art/features.

Display animations: These are terrible and the worst part of the game.

Lighting: the game lighting is nicely done.

Theming: i think they did well with the theme. Living in Wisconsin and being German and liking beer, i approve of the theme.

Annoyances: The placement of the 2nd flipper button on the right side isn't optimal. It gets in the way and can be hit accidentally, especially if you are a "slapper". I would have preferred a location in front of the main button instead of below it.

Fun: The game is fun to shoot but could use some polish/tweaks to make the rules more interesting. It's a solid 2nd effort for American Pinball. Good game but not great.
50 days ago
This game is just plain fun!
So many great modes and suprise mini games keep this one fresh. Build quality is top notch, art is quirky and well done. American pinball is the real deal.
55 days ago
I played many games at TPF. The theme is very broad and deep. It's like a massive country fair, with all kinds of rides and exhibit tents and midway games to visit and play. You can collect unique rubber ducks and earn beer steins, which award special powers. The three-ball lock roller coaster is fun to build up to and launch. The wireforms are outrageous, maybe more than any other game I've seen (only saw one ball fall off). The skill shots are varied and interesting. There is a lot of info conveyed on the video screen as to what to do, and lot of choices, including which mode tents to visit, and which stein to add to your collection and power-ups. But you can just follow the RGB colored lighting as a guide for what to shoot next. The rules are as deep or deeper than Houdini. There is a lot of strategy for maximizing points, stealing your competitor's locked balls, grabbing shots with a player-controlled magnet, etc. Unique modes include binge eating, which can negatively impact your play if you go into a game-induced food coma (you have to earn your way out of the coma with certain shots). There is a one-handed mode, which freaked us out because we thought the left flipper had died. You are supposed to use your right hand to flip two buttons on that side to control the flippers. This is a fun and unusually themed machine with colors that are bright and cherry, not dark and moody like Houdini.
64 days ago
I want to like this game and have put 15 games on it but it just doesnt feel good to shoot. The right ramp rejects the ball constantly and the side ramp is beyond frustrating to hit. Also the ball seems very floaty and the game doesnt have good flow. To clunky for my taste.

The left ramp is great and really fun to shoot.
The animations are better than when at expo but they are still not great.

I don’t really have any interest to play the game again.
69 days ago
This is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more. The sound, the gadgets, the shots, all very fun simply put. The beer barrel shot is insanely tough, but I love a good tough shot. The magnets add an interesting element, and it seems like everywhere you look, there is something going on. As for theme, I think it's an A+. Unique and fun. I'm looking forward to playing this one more.
6 months ago
Oktoberfest was premiered at 2018 Pinball Expo in Chicago.

The Pros:
The playfield design on this game is a HUGE improvement over Houdini's tight playfield. Shots have flow and the upper flipper is well utilized. The ramp shot is surprisingly late on the upper flipper. Adjust your timing or die! The rules are interesting in that modes seem to be able to be stacked with other modes and chosen at will. Very interesting. The build quality on American Pinball's games seems to be superior to other manufacturers. This is a wonderful surprise and I have to say that the way that they put their games together gives other manufacturers something to think about. I hope that they can get a better pf layout on their next title.

The Cons:
Sexual assault monkey makes people cry. While the mid-upper playfield of this game is a marked improvement over Houdini, the lower pf is wide open with little if anything to do. The artwork is busy to the point of it looks like a magic eye illusion book that makes you cross your eyes until you see things. The animations of the crowd are muddy and look like bugs crawling over something that just died. The timing with modes and between sequences on the display is noticeably long. Is this an issue with the p3 system? Who knows? Will they develop their own system? Who knows...?

The Takeaway:
It's a beer themed pinball game. What is not to like? When American Pinball gets their playfield designs down... they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. While they are developing their games and rule sets, I would consider this a step in the right direction and an improvement on their initial offering. I will be reviewing this game at a later date to see what they do with what they have with this title.

I want to be very clear about this. I LIKE the people at American Pinball. I WANT them to succeed. They have their work cut out for them and decisions that need to be made to make more playable games. Best of luck to them, now make it HAPPEN!
There are 15 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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