No Good Gofers (Williams, 1997)

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on No Good Gofers
888,047,020 2017-08-27 home 3 #1
“Over 90 minutes. 3 course completions, 56 holes complete, 18 hole in ones, 4-5 super jackpots, lots of great bounces and saves, game played perfect but I did get a strange glitch where pop a gofer came on during a multiball. And speed golf started 2x at random points. Ball 2 got me lots of extra balls and I ran bonus multplier as high as I could each ball. Bonuses were huge and once you get to the 2nd and third courses, they really start getting huge. Almost thought the game would never end. ”
on No Good Gofers
582,870,600 2017-07-05 home 3 #2
“5 Super Jackpots, 47 holes completed, 27 hole in ones, 5 million each ball bonus for 2 course completions.”
on No Good Gofers
540,356,230 2013-09-27 location 3 REV 1.2 #3
“2 course completions, 3 supers, 24 holes-in-one. Encountered some weird bug(?) that gave 100M for no apparent reason. I have a forum thread up about that, if you have any answers.”
on No Good Gofers
170,854,310 2017-08-26 home 3 #12
“Hit 11 hole in ones, 26 holes, 5 extra balls and on the last ball it went right down the middle. One ball ended in a tilt as well. ”
on No Good Gofers
144,943,010 2012-03-04 home 3 #14
on No Good Gofers
143,930,510 2018-02-10 home 3 #15
on No Good Gofers
124,751,290 2015-12-05 home 3 #17
on No Good Gofers
116,423,430 2017-09-23 home 3 Pinball Arcade #19
“Good table. I can play 15-30 minutes on it and have a good score to show for it.”
on No Good Gofers
115,223,690 2017-05-13 home 3 #20
on No Good Gofers
111,330,740 2015-09-01 location 3 #21
“At the Pinball Gallery ”
on No Good Gofers
106,545,720 2015-09-10 home 3 #22
on No Good Gofers
103,654,600 2015-08-31 home 3 #23
“About a 30 minute game. Made it to hole 16. Got 3 SUPER JACKPOTS, 6 hole in ones and had Cart Path built up to 2.5 mil”
on No Good Gofers
102,288,410 2016-05-07 home 3 #24
on No Good Gofers
100,865,470 2017-01-06 home 3 #27
on No Good Gofers
100,446,890 2018-01-13 home 5 #28
on No Good Gofers
99,000,000 2012-01-16 home 3 #30
on No Good Gofers
87,841,540 2014-11-29 home 3 #32
on No Good Gofers
71,315,480 2017-09-01 home 3 #37
“Put the top score on a friend's machine... He was not happy needless to say.”
on No Good Gofers
69,345,180 2014-11-21 location 3 #38
on No Good Gofers
68,526,290 2017-02-09 home 3 #39
on No Good Gofers
66,786,230 2014-10-27 location 3 #40
“Three balls with three extra balls, but lost one extra ball off of a hung up weird bounce off of the drop ramp and no ball search love. Had to plunge off ball three because the place was closing so only four balls played out. 14holes completed, several jackpots. Two putting green spinner awards were warp, so that got me ahead. No super jackpot but did land the hole in one special on the hole 9 wizard mode.”
on No Good Gofers
66,360,300 2013-10-26 home 3 #41
on No Good Gofers
63,000,000 2013-02-22 home 3 #42
“This is our work's game. We do have the extra ball replay's set at x2, x3 & x4. Currently the Extra Ball replay is @ 24,700, x2 is 49,400,000, etc.”
on No Good Gofers
61,947,310 2017-04-01 home 3 #44
on No Good Gofers
58,689,970 2012-05-28 home 3 #45
on No Good Gofers
52,831,100 2016-09-25 home 3 #47
on No Good Gofers
51,651,690 2017-11-12 location 3 #48
on No Good Gofers
50,389,000 2013-02-04 home 5 #49
on No Good Gofers
50,306,460 2016-08-31 home 3 #50
on No Good Gofers
48,640,000 2013-11-01 home 3 #51
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