No Good Gofers

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Game Design: 8.108

Artwork: 7.925

Sounds/Music: 7.587

Other Aspects: 8.065

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Found 207 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 207 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
It's pretty fun to play
10 years ago
I've only played this game a few times, so not in a great position to say how good it is... but I do remember I enjoyed the game, bit find the artwork terrible, which I think is the idea! An amusing game for sure, and the weird shot to the hole on the upper piece of perspex is a bit random and unique.
10 years ago
Decent game with some fairly good gameplay. For some reason the silly golfcart on the upper playfield made the game look cheesy to me. The art is nothing special. The audio is pretty good with some amusing quotes from the gophers which double as bash targets when they pop up from under the ramps. The rules are fairly original, but repetitive, and I found myself wanting more to shoot for on the left side. Does that slam ramp damage the playfield on every one of these?
10 years ago
A fun game but just going for multiballs over and over gets tiresome quite quickly. Maybe there's more to this game that I have yet to discover?!
10 years ago
Love the goofy Golf theme. Caddy shack knock off but done well.
Goofy f'n critter takes the ball and we can hit him in the face!
10 years ago
This is the dream pinball out of all the golf themes. Amazing shots witha pair of smack talking gophers. What more could you ask for.
10 years ago
Loved this game at first. One of the funniest pinball games out there. Has some nice flow to it.

The problem with this game for me is multiball/scoring. It becomes a repetitive, shoot the center ramp to then hit the gofers to lock the ball. This will start multiball, which is one of the most boring multiballs I can think of. The first jackpot is a shot off the upper right flipper which is hard to hit. Then the slam ramp comes down for a chance at the hole in one. Other than that, there's nothing to shoot for. I can see why people don't keep these for long.
10 years ago
Pat Lawlor's last one with Williams. I considered this one carefully over many others available to purchase.Its got the all round package.Flow,excellent light show,strategy,fast loops and the hole in one of course.Hitting the captive ball never gets old.The masses never really got to access this pinball with its low production run and with Williams closing down pinball not long after.
10 years ago
Forget the theme if you don't like Golf, try to play this pinaball before said something! It's nice and there are a lot of humors, may be a lit simple but one of the best comparing quality and price.
10 years ago
NGG is a very funny Pin,makes me happy on and on.Welcomes in my collection.Williams forever.
10 years ago
This is a really fun game. I own it and I feel its a keeper. The slam ramp is great. The concept of playing golf is fantastic. Very fast machine.

Update: Playing this machine about 40 times I don't feel it's a keeper. It's too easy. It's a great family game and excellent for kids...I got no kids. I'm a pat Lawlor fan so I was drawn to it. I have to say there is alot going on in this game. It's packed with features and I'm sure many people would like it. But I'm done.
10 years ago
This is my favorite of my 10 current machines. The family all also rate this machine #1 in our book in our collection.
10 years ago
All in all a good but not great game and certainly priced right for late model Williams machines.
10 years ago
Very enjoyable game. Great sound and light show. Backglass looks awesome. Has a variety of shots, and many different modes to keep me interested. The slam ramp is just plain fun. I see alot of people knock this pin because of the theme. I think the theme is awesome.
10 years ago
Good flow and can be fast, it has a great start to the multiball with a light show and then the ball is shot at you so fast that it amost always gets airborn off the flippers. Has a real backglass rare for a late model pinball.
11 years ago
Don't like the idea that a shot at the golf cart usally results in a drain down the center.
11 years ago
All in all it is a pretty fun pin to play. Not at the top of my list but the whole Caddyshack spoof is much appreciated.
11 years ago
Fast, fast, fast and fun (when in good condition as mine...)
11 years ago
I don't play golf at all and I really like this game. It has a bunch of different shots to go for and a decent rule set. I don't find the gofers annoying like some people. It's fun and I would like to own one. Have to make sure the playfield under the drop ramp isn't destroyed.
11 years ago
to rate this game you have to play it a couple of times and learn the rulesheet then you say yes it's a really nice game and underratted.
11 years ago
This pseudo-Caddyshack themed game is a tough one to jump into. The layout can be quite punishing to random shots, but once you get the hang of it, this pin is very fun and the golf theme is pretty well done too. The sarcastic gofers offer a god deal of humor to boot. Not the most gimmicky table, but the shots are pretty good none-the-less. An excellent 3rd-4th machine for a top end collection and a must for golfing or caddyshack fans.
11 years ago
just got this game. Took a bit of playing before i decided to buy it. I am not a golfer, but this has to be one of the best games to play. VERY FUN!!! the shots are amazing, wacking the gofers is great, noticed a few software bugs, but not a deal breaker!!! make sure you get one with no slam ramp wear (like mine). Make sure everything works on this machine!!!
11 years ago
Underrated & solid pin. Lawlor's best flowing layout. The main attraction of NGG, is the entertaining pair of gofers who want to ruin your game of golf, Bud & Buzz. The point of the game is to get rid of them by completing modes, and bashing them with the pinball. DMD animations & art are very reminiscent of Looney Tunes. The quotes are equally memorable (Buzz: Hey jerky, don't choke! Bud: I'm choking! OW! Buzz: Bud, not you!). Cool light show! The music is all over the place for some reason. The game starts off with acordians for polka fans out there (?), but then turns into a rocking soundtrack for multiball. Slam ramp is pretty cool when it comes down, in order to reach the second level see-through plastic PF, to simulate a ball being launched into the air. The bad thing about it, is that the slam ramp tends to wear the playfield when it drops down. Simple rules makes game accesible to new players. In the end, NGG probably would be a more popular game if it hadn't been tied to golf.
11 years ago
I love the gofers in this game. They can really get to you with their casual trash talking if you let them, and there's a perverse feeling of satisfaction when you smack them with the ball.
12 years ago
Fantastic looking pin, fun to play, family friendly, easy to learn, apart from the gofers the theme is lame.
There are 207 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 9.

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