No Good Gofers

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There are 207 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
I'm a Pat Lawlor mark, and generally like all of his designs, but this one is the exception. The game feels plodding and forced. And I don't know why, because all of Lawlor's signature stuff, that made his other games fantastic, is there. The Hole-In-One shot is the game's saving grace, as it is up there with the best shots in pinball. One shot does not a good game make, though. The generic, knock-off Caddyshack theme also hurts it a bit. The art isn't "classic cool" like the other games from this era.
4 years ago
Fun game, initially got it for the kids, but I play it more than them. First game I ever bought that made me laugh while playing pinball.
4 years ago
The super jackpot is one of the most fun shots in pinball! The gofers are great, the flow is excellent. Getting a hole in one never gets old. The game is just fun.

The code does let it down. It could have been an all time great. For example, like on a golf course, scores should be recorded so you can be under par and go for new scoring records. Best 9 holes and best 18. And of course a proper 18 hole wizard mode.

And call outs for birdies, eagles, bogies, double bogies etc..... shame it wasn't done.

And more balanced scoring on the various modes.

It's a great game though and a ton of fun. It could have been so much better though.
4 years ago
this one grew in it and win
4 years ago
What a fun and creative game. I originally was not planning on getting one (I am not a golfer), but was persuaded to give it a try and loved it. The gofers are funny, and the overall the game is just a lot of fun to play. It also feels "good" with the right amount of flow. It also has a nice balance of not being too difficult but also not being too easy. It also seems to attract the widest group of family and friends to play.
4 years ago
One of my favorite games of all time and definitely on my want list. I play this in my pinball league all the time. Shots feel great. I love the theme and all the comments the gophers make. Hole in one is a tough shot and I never seem to get the timing down as its hit or miss for me. (maybe I'm not good enough lol). Definitely recommend this game for playing multiple times. The scoring is fun as well
4 years ago
Overall a fun game to play. Fairly basic game play, and a bit repetitive. I played this for about half an hour in store and started to lose interest a bit, so I decided to buy another machine. Might have bought if I was an avid golfer which may have overcome some other short comings.
4 years ago
Golf cart hole-in-one is a great way to start the game. The mystery award spinning ball tray is a nice randomizer. The playfield arrangement makes for fast action.
4 years ago
My rating is probably going to be a little biased. I am a professional golfer, I own a golf course, and I love the movie Caddyshack.

The rules of this game are not difficult to figure out. However, hitting the shots you need to hit to get a big score aren't that easy. When you get into multi-ball, hitting the combination of the jackpot and super jackpot is no gimmie putt. It's like standing over a 5-footer that you have to make because you don't have enough money in your wallet to cover the bet if you miss. It's pretty easy to choke.

And speaking of choking, the two gophers, Bud and Buzz, really help to pull this game together. They are relentless, and the timing of their insults always leads to lots of smiles and laughs. I'll hear someone playing the game in my pro shop, they'll say 'ah crap,' which is immediately followed by Bud saying 'wrong hole,' or giving his maniacal laugh.

The golf theme is well thought out, and the hole-in-one shot is always satisfying to hit. This game never gets old and it's one of my all-time favorites.
4 years ago
Don't own yet but on my wishlist. A fun fun game to play and one of the wife's favorites as well.
4 years ago
Now this is a fun game, with great shots. Although the theme does not appeal to me that much, I liked it. It's a fun machine with humor and some great shots like the cart shot and the hole in one shot. The spinning disk is fun, the popup heads are ok. Some great modes and multiball. Good fun with this one.
5 years ago
Very fun pin. Scoring seems to be a little unbalanced maybe? But I love the theme and toys. Pat Lawlor always had a unique design streak in him, and this is just another great example of that.
5 years ago
Honestly only have about a dozen games on this machine, but always find myself wanting more. My wife's favorite game of all time. Great toys, fun theme for golfers.
5 years ago
Good late B/W game from Pat Lawlor. Slam ramps and the hole in one shot are great toys. Becomes a bit repetitive and the only good points are in the multiball like a lot of Lawlor games. Good in a big collection but not so much otherwise. I would definitely stick a few $ in one on location.
5 years ago
I am not a huge golf fan and avoided this pin because of it. Played it at a friend's place and quickly seen why this game is worthy of a top spot in the rankings. Its a great pin with lots of interesting shots and fun callouts with Buzz and Bud taunting you every step of the way. bashing the gophers is quite satisfying and the hole in one shot has to be one of the most difficult yet satisfying shots in pinball. Great game for the whole family and would not disappoint.
5 years ago
A decent pin with good flowing long shots. The slam ramp is well integrated and the pop up gofer blocks are great fun to hit. It does not have a deep rule set and I can see it getting repetitive in a small collection. The pop bumpers are ill placed.
5 years ago
Great family game and much different pace than most. Must have for a serious collector.
5 years ago
Good title. Not sure it's worthy of the very high ratings it gets, but it's got decent staying power and is aesthetically pleasing.
5 years ago
Great game
5 years ago
I'm a Pat Lawlor fan and I love games loaded with neat toys, but for whatever reason I'm not a Gofers fan. The slam ramp is really cool, the gophers are awesome toys that not only animate but drop down to lock balls, and there's a spinning disc. I also like the big, fat, satisfying spinner shots. The left side of the playfield is pretty weird. The pop bumper area is really skinny and sand trap is kind of a throwaway feature. The posts under the pops don't consistently drop the ball down an inlane, again just a strange design in my eyes.

I don't actually enjoy progressing through holes though, multiball jackpots are usually very important. It's tough to score since the side ramp has no easy feed like many Lawlor games and the hole in one is a tough jump shot. I can obviously see the appeal of the game, but it's not for me.
5 years ago
Ever since I found this game in Pinball Arcade it's been one of my most fav games to play. It's just so fun and interactive, the gophers always make me smile and smacking them is always satisfying. It's a simple enough set up, get the ball in the right spot with a low score to get a big score (that sound weird if you don't know golf) The gophers are both fun and have quite distinct voices and personality's.

They always have some snark to spew out and the animations it plays are also quite fun to see. It is fun but not overly easy. Scoring a hole in one is by far the hardest thing to do but it doesn't punish you for missing. you can even skip holes. If you like snarky smack talking gophers you will quite enjoy this.

This has become the one game I play when I need a smile. They always prove they can cheer me up while trying to be mean.
5 years ago
I have played 1700 games now and I still love it
5 years ago
Good family fun
5 years ago
Haven't had it for long but I'm really enjoying it so far. The slam ramp and driving range really add to the game, adding another level to shoot for. It's got a lot of classic Lawlor traits, which is a plus or minus depending on what else you have in your collection. Hole in one shot is fun, but seems to be mostly lucky shots off the golf cart. Love the zydeco music, and the music for the dance party mode is good. Captive ball is easy to activate, even with glancing blows to it. Gopher shots are enjoyable, but they can lead to drains on the rebounds. As has been mentioned it is a bit on the noisy side with the slam ramp and gophers adding a lot of mechanical noise. Sand trap shot is a gimmee, and the jet bumpers are a waste except for during multiball as they can keep a ball or two tied up while you are making shots with balls that are not in bumpers.

I'm sure this will be a hit with non-pinheads when we have our next party.
5 years ago
I want to like this game and I've given it many tries but I just can't seem to get into it. I'm not a golfer and I'm not a gopher so the theme really doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe someday that will change.
There are 207 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 9.

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