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No Good Gofers

Pinside rating

This game received 438 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.979 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #68 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.072

Artwork: 7.93

Sounds/Music: 7.585

Other Aspects: 8.033

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 8 of us have rated this game.


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Found 206 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 206 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
It's a fun silly game. Buzz and Bud love to taunt you all the time. I truly enjoy this game more than I thought I would
62 days ago
You will see all the code has to offer pretty quickly and has a few quirks. A great fun game that shoots well and good for a mindless game when you don't want to have to play an hour to see a wizard mode. Hole in 1 in awesome.
69 days ago
Definitely a fun game. Budd and Buzz's voices seem like they could get annoying over time, and rules aren't all that deep, but the layout and rules are pretty good. Not sure how it would fare in a small collection like mine, but a good game nonetheless.
80 days ago
Before owning, I never had a great game on this machine and always had trouble figuring out the shots. I mainly bought it because it was my wife's favorite pin and it was a good deal. Mine is pretty rough tho and has required a lot repair. I still haven't had a really great game on this as the layout is so different that I still can't get a grip on it. I don't like golf as a theme, but I do like the silliness and the Gofers. The slam ramp is a nice touch, it definitely feels good when you hit the hole in 1. I still play it but I don't plan to keep it much longer, the wife really doesn't play it that much anymore so I dont think it will be missed.
3 months ago
Every time Pat Lawlor makes a game, you can count on something new and innovative. Like the drop ramp that slams down so you can sling an air ball at the hole in one shot and the golf cart is just so Pat Lawlor. Outside the box thinking and I love it.
The gofer heads popping up from under the ramps is a very clever way to add bash toys and shot variety.
Also great to see the spinning wheel on the playfield.
Most definitely the most “fan layout” pin I’ve ever seen from Pat Lawlor.
Where this game hurts the most is the unfinished code.
Second downfall is the golf theme. I’m not saying it’s bad for being golf themed but sports themed pins divide the crowd a bit.
Owned this game, sold it... would own it again for sure.
9 months ago
Will be the first machine in my lineup to go. Theme, call outs, and artwork seem childish. Driving Range ramp is it's only saving grace.
9 months ago
A very very fun and unique game, fun audio, mechanics, and originality will keep you coming back!
9 months ago
Great all around game loved it while I had it & cant put my finger on why but it just wasn't a long term keeper for me , there are certain parts of the game play that remind a lot of Earth Shaker which is a good thing
10 months ago
This game is super-well themed and a great example of a classic 90s Bally/WMS Pin. Innovative and fun toys such as the gopher pop up, wheel, and center ramp are incredible. The game is fun to play all around and the rules are well called out and indicated to the player.
The artwork is themed extremely well from the backglass to the playfield and cabinet. I'm a huge fan of the art and color palette; very cheerful and playful.
The sound effects and voice over are killer. I feel like there could be more variation or spins off on the main composition music or more music all together. I don't really care if it's original music or themed; frankly I think the LOTR sound track package is the best-hands down.
The gameplay is fun and really has a great feel with great shots. Completing holes, and progressing through the multi-balls and features is a blast. This is one of the games, I seem to gravitate towards and play sometimes, despite having other games that rate a lot higher. The prior owner had it for about 15 years, personally, so it appears to have staying power.
10 months ago
I like to do a little research before writing a review on a pinball machine & today I discovered that this was Pat Lawlor's final design for Williams, Pat Lawlor's designed the 2 best selling pinball machines of all time, Adams Family & Twilight Zone, pretty amazing stuff,
The day I played this machine there were 40 machines on free play & I found myself drawn back to this game, the hole in one is a great future & was I pleasant surprise, sending the ball fling into a secondary play field, really fun shot,
This game reminds me of Caddyshack movie with the gofers popping up everywhere, to put you off your round of Golf,
fun family game
10 months ago
Not bad.
1 year ago
I’m a bit ashamed that as a devoted Lawlor fan I played this game for the first time just today. Some games just bring a smile to your face in the first few seconds. So goofy and chaotic! This is a well designed and approachable game. And yet it took me a few minutes of playing to understand the genius “hole in one” shot. The captive ball is in a satisfying spot. It’s fun to smack the gophers. The callouts are funny. Not quite in my top five but I would love to own this one!
1 year ago
This game is surprisingly fun. There are so many neat playfield features and the game does a great job at taunting you when you're playing. The shots are a lot of fun. Multi-ball is a lot of fun. Yes, I'd love it if this were a Caddyshack game, but it still feels somewhat like it is even though it's not. I honestly see myself wanting this game at some point once I've assembled a collection of my 'must have' games. This is a 'really would like to have' game.
1 year ago
I joked 2 years ago when I helped my friend Greg Thorpe get his first pinball machine, No Good Gofers, that I was delivering it to the wrong house. I never actually planned on owning it myself. But Greg needed to sell it to make space for a new pin and said I would be the best person to have it.
1 year ago
Fun and family friendly. It is based on caddyshack without the license.
Lots of shots and fun. It definitely adds something different to a lineup.
1 year ago
This is a fun, fairly straightforward game to shoot. A must-have for any fan of golf--I'm not a golfer, but I appreciate this "basically it's Caddyshack" take on the game of golf in pinball form. For me, it got a bit old once I was able to hit the Hole-in-One shot a few times.

I gave the game a second look in my collection and my thoughts are the same. If you want a better Lawlor game for less money but with similarly smooth orbit shots AND better rules, look at Stern's Nascar/Grand Prix/Dale Jr.
1 year ago
This is just a fun game. The hole in one shot is one of the most satisfying in pinball. Easier for the non pinheads, but challenging for the pinheads. Love the art work, game play, and especially the irritating gofers. Truly a great pin.
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 9 - high

* Gofers taunting you while you play may be a negative for some but you buy this because they do.
* Fun to hit gofers in the face
* Hole in One shot one of most challenging in all of pinball and very satisfying to hit
* Spinning wheel ads an element of luck
* Great multiball start sequence
* An upper playfield only accessed by a slam ramp is a neat idea

* Bit of a rinse/repeat feel as hitting gofers to get multiball the main objective
* Orbits ad no real value
* Only a wizard mode offered at 9 holes not 18
* Pops seem like they are added just to fill space

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Golf Ball shooter
* Target & ramp decal set

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear on the slam ramp area
* Both plastic ramps in tact as these aren't obtainable
1 year ago
I have owned this for a little bit but it is probably the funnest pin we have played. It has great rules, rewarding shots, awesome multiball and funny call outs. Its been a while since we had a pin that we got home and played it for 3 hours. My wife played it for 4 which is really rare. These are the type of pins i look for my family. We have had a decent amount of pins and some you know they will not like after a couple weeks/months. This will go with LOTR and The shadow as a keeper pin.
1 year ago
Oh man... what this game could have been... The code is buggy and incomplete, but man, this machine had the bones to be spectacular IMO. The down ramp to hole in one for super jackpot, with that rock star music if you accomplish it is so very satisfying... Love it.

Needed a bit more time and love in the code department So between the software bugs and bud and buzz getting a little bit annoying, I downgrade the ranking.
1 year ago
Fun game that's been in my collection for a couple years now. I added a colorDMD, various LED's, PinStadium Lights, rebuilt both, Gofers, Laseriffic topper, and replaced the MPU (battery damage).

I got the game because I enjoy casual golfing and this is the golf-theme-related pinball machine to own if you're into golf. The gofers are fun to hit and I enjoy a lot of the callouts from them. They were initially a real PITA to maintain until I just broke down and rebuilt them with newer, more-durable parts.

This machine has the 'best shot in pinball', which is the hole-in-one shot on the upper playfield. Its really satisfying when you hit it. It's a shot that takes some practice to hit and I like the fact that its not something you get all the time. The code doesn't seem quite finished. You basically play thru 9 holes and then do the 9 holes over again. A full-round of 18 holes is represented on the DMD, but the playfield does not reference 18 holes. I guess the way around this is to imagine playing the front-9 followed by the back-9. NGG has some fun multi-balls and an attractive light show for the main multi-ball. The best high scores are achieved by concentrating on jackpots and super-jackpots during multi-ball. Hitting the super (hole-in-one shot) during multi-ball is very satisfying. That experienced is enhanced if you invest in some good lighting mods (PinStadium). The spinning disc messes with the ball the same way other games with playfield discs do. You earn random awards based on what the disc landed on as you complete a hole's required number of strokes. The code could've been better at rewarding players that concentrate on completing holes with lower stroke counts. As it is, there's no real scoring advantage for a player that hits the putting green as soon as the hole is qualified to be complete or to the player that shoots for a lower stroke count before hitting the putting green. Instead, it quickly becomes how quickly can you get to a multi-ball and/or complete all nine holes and get to the 'hole-in-one challenge' (the game's only wizard mode). That wizard mode ends when you drain out or you're down to one ball. Then you just start over, albeit scores are growing the longer you play.
It's a good game to have in a collection, but if its your only game it might get a little old quick. Still a fun game to own if you love golf.
2 years ago
Not as good as I expect from them
2 years ago
pinball lasts at games level my excellent a musts possessed requires several party to be appreciated at his jute value to do at least 9 holes before the criticized the design aesthetics is very good not to be missed because rare to the sale maïeur certain highest rated title owned
2 years ago
A year in my small collection and still no plans to sell. With a deeper code this game would be in my top 10. Hole in one and super jackpot are the best shot in any pin.
2 years ago
Have been for many years.
One of the most underrated devices is really a lot of fun.
There are 206 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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