No Good Gofers (Williams, 1997)

No Good Gofers

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Game design: 8.095

Artwork: 7.949

Sounds/Music: 7.605

Other Aspects: 8.1

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Found 186 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 186 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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58 days ago
Not as good as I expect from them
4 months ago
pinball lasts at games level my excellent a musts possessed requires several party to be appreciated at his jute value to do at least 9 holes before the criticized the design aesthetics is very good not to be missed because rare to the sale maïeur certain highest rated title owned
5 months ago
First impressions are awesome for this game. Really fun for the family. Call outs get a bit repetitive. Shots are great, hole in one and jackpot shot are super tough.
5 months ago
Have been for many years.
One of the most underrated devices is really a lot of fun.
7 months ago
Want a fun shooter with a simplistic rule set? Look no further than "No Good Gofers", a game that pretty much sits in the same boat (no pun intended) as "Fish Tales" in terms of goofball humor and gameplay. Your entire goal is to play a round of golf which ends up being a war against pesky gophers who try anything to get in your way. The shot targets are incredibly fun and satisfying (such as whacking the gophers in the face and the famed "Hole in One") but seasoned gamers might scoff at the cutesy kiddie art and theme.
8 months ago
This is just a fun game. Love the golf cart ramp that goes up and down, and like how the gopher pops up from under a ramp. Just lots of things to shoot for, and also really like the spinning disc in the middle of the playfield too. The only thing this game doesn't have is sex appeal, but it makes up for it with its quirky sense of humor. It's a fast game and you can really send your ball flying all of the place.
8 months ago
If you’re looking for fun, look no further. This game always puts a smile on my face. The gophers are reallly funny. The crazy shots in this game make the ball go flying (literally). One of the final Williams games, lots of toys and extras on the playfield. A must play no matter what else is in a collection.
9 months ago
Great playfield layout with several satisfying shots (above all of course the "hole in one" shot). The spinning disc sometimes makes it feel a little too random. The biggest drawback is however the very weak rule set. The game has such a potential (cool ramps, gophers etc.) but the sole advancing of holes gets boring very quickly. I personally also find the music really annoying. We owned one but it only got very few plays after a very short time. This game could hugely benefit from a custom software / new ruleset.
10 months ago
This is a fun and silly game. A good variety of shots and great toys with the gophers. Arguably one of the best theme integrations in pinball. You can definitely see Pat L in this game. Hole in one shot is a great challenge and really rewarding. I can't say too many negative things. I think its earned its spot on the top 100.
10 months ago
Probably not the best Pat Lawlor's work
1 year ago
A great fun game for the family, fun for rhe kids and fun for the parents and friends.
Great light show and playfield layout, buz and bud challenges all the time with funny comments.
Skill shot isbone of the best and the whole in one shot is unique.
A bit noise for an apartment as buzz and buz are gong up and down al the time . Takes same time to adjust the game to play well, skill shot, ramp, al need to be fine tuned to work properly.
Love the game , a family favorite
1 year ago
I am a golfer so I made it a point to acquire this pin earlier this year. I enjoy it as do those friends and family members that play golf. I can't say it is my favorite pin in my 5 pin collection, though.

The golf and caddyshack theme is great and it is fun bashing Buzz and Bud, the annoying gophers. As as been stated before, the ramp which pops up and down periodically allows you to bash the golfcart or make the difficult hole in one shot which is fun and very satisfying. The lighting, playfield, and cabinet art are also all very well done.

While there is a lot of great things about this pin, I have to admit I don't love the music and sometimes Inthink they could have done a better job with the voices and taunts from the gophers. The only other thing that they could have improved would have been a deeper code.

Overall, a fun and entertaining pin which you will appreciate all that much more if you are a golfer and/or Caddysshack fan.
1 year ago
Fun pin to play with friends and family. Lower those front legs for a great challenge on your own. Got this machine a couple of days ago and i made it play fast which makes it really hard. For now its a keeper for sure!
1 year ago
Great pinball, cartoon design, fun game, fast, well-built gameplay, various gameplay modes, engaging music, moles insulting the player are an unmatched genial !!!!! no doubt one of the Top Ten Absolute
1 year ago
No Good Gophers is one of the best flow designs by Pat Lawlor. The game is fast, has great lighting and is true to the theme. Now I know the gophers are suppose to be annoying and they are. I can enjoy this game only for a short time and then the music and voice really starts to get on my nerves. The jump ramp is great and love the hole in one super jackpot. If you are into golf, this is probably a must have game. The theme does nothing for me, so will play when I see it on location, but would never own it.
1 year ago
One of my all-time favorite games. The theme is excellent and there are enough quirky gimmicks to make it unique. Smacking those little gofers in the face always feels good, and getting a hole-in-one always feels GREAT. Fantastic machine, and frankly, a reason to get good at pinball. I can see how it would get boring eventually, but you could say the same of Attack From Mars or Medieval Madness -- I hold this game in the same esteem. I just effing love this machine.
1 year ago
Pop up Gophers are a cool toy. Game gets a little boring after a while, for me anyway.
1 year ago
I wanted this game so bad when I first saw it. Found it on location after looking for a while and played it for a long time. Did not turn me on at all. I have played a few, its OK but I would personally not own one.
1 year ago
Simply the best!!
1 year ago
No Good Gofers has been in the house for years - its my dads game officially but we play it the same amount. This machines is just plain fun, and perhaps a little under-rated. The call-outs and taunts are frustrating and hilarious at the same time and really make you want to defeat the Gofers, and the layout is a very good mix of classic Lawlor 'stop-and'go' alongside very fast ramp and orbit shots. The hole-in-one shot is the most satisfying shot in all of Pinball, and this is unlikely to ever change. Art is good, music is good, all-round one of the slightly more forgotten 1990s Williams game that can hold it's own up there with the best of them!
1 year ago
I'm a Pat Lawlor mark, and generally like all of his designs, but this one is the exception. The game feels plodding and forced. And I don't know why, because all of Lawlor's signature stuff, that made his other games fantastic, is there. The Hole-In-One shot is the game's saving grace, as it is up there with the best shots in pinball. One shot does not a good game make, though. The generic, knock-off Caddyshack theme also hurts it a bit. The art isn't "classic cool" like the other games from this era.
1 year ago
Fun game, initially got it for the kids, but I play it more than them. First game I ever bought that made me laugh while playing pinball.
1 year ago
The super jackpot is one of the most fun shots in pinball! The gofers are great, the flow is excellent. Getting a hole in one never gets old. The game is just fun.

The code does let it down. It could have been an all time great. For example, like on a golf course, scores should be recorded so you can be under par and go for new scoring records. Best 9 holes and best 18. And of course a proper 18 hole wizard mode.

And call outs for birdies, eagles, bogies, double bogies etc..... shame it wasn't done.

And more balanced scoring on the various modes.

It's a great game though and a ton of fun. It could have been so much better though.
1 year ago
this one grew in it and win
1 year ago
What a fun and creative game. I originally was not planning on getting one (I am not a golfer), but was persuaded to give it a try and loved it. The gofers are funny, and the overall the game is just a lot of fun to play. It also feels "good" with the right amount of flow. It also has a nice balance of not being too difficult but also not being too easy. It also seems to attract the widest group of family and friends to play.
There are 186 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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