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No Fear: Dangerous Sports

Pinside rating

This game received 246 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.447 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #176 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.638

Artwork: 7.394

Sounds/Music: 7.091

Other Aspects: 7.269

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 6 of us have rated this game.


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Found 106 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
A little too shallow for me. I had one and it got boring quickly. Modes are almost pointless to the point of simply timing them out. Jump ramp is neat, skull is alright, everything else is...meh.
8 years ago
NF is fast and fun. Love the playfield layout and it's simplicity. Not complicated, straight forward game play. Seems like it will be pretty easy to maintain, with little that can go wrong. Bonehead is entertaining. Cool pin.
8 years ago
2nd pin in my collection. Extremely underrated pin IMO. One of richie's best. Theme is not my favorite but also don't hate it. I remember wearing a lot of no fear gear back in the day. If the game was called high speed 3 instead of no fear it would be rated a lot higher. IMO easily a top 50 game.

I have been playing it a lot more than my tspp and I love tspp. Game plays really fast. If you are a flow fan then this is a must have game. Also very challenging. By looking at the layout you would think you could hit the ball blindfolded and make a ramp or loop but that's not the case at all. Very easy to get into brick mode and hit post after post.

Top 10 best bang for buck games As well. Got mine for less than half of what I paid for tspp. When I first bought it I figured I would play it for a few months and flip it for another game but now I'm thinking about putting new decals/side rails/legs and led and keeping it. For the price it goes for compared to a-list pins you can't go wrong.
8 years ago
I thought I was really not going to like this pin. I thought that talking skull was going to annoy the hell out of me and the cheesy rock music. OOPS, wrong again.

It's been said before, the layout is different. Tight shots, fast loops. You need to be able to hit them all, and some of the outside ramps are hard to get. The jump ramp is faster than you can imagine. Dont send a ball up there and expect to react to the timing. You have to plan for it because you will be late every time. It definitely takes practice and lots of games to get right.

I was very suprised by the level of fun on this machine. Again, LEDs make this game better and color flashers behind the ramps and skull make the light show WAY better.
8 years ago
the latest rom really changed this pinball
8 years ago
Flow , Flow , Flow, ramp fest, no fear is fast and fun, some shots can get a bit repetitive but a very FUN table
8 years ago
very fast game, pretty much dedicated to ramps and loops. Many people might think it's a one trick pony, but I don't. I enjoy playing it every time I go to the local arcade where there is one in good shape. I think it's at a decent price point right now as well.
8 years ago
Another Awesome SR pin.. Fast Paced Pin, with the Tripple Magnetized ramp to gain Speed for the 3rd Flipper Jump.. Dam that's a Hard shot.. My Top was 5 Jump's , I dig the Video mode also !! NF is HIGH on my list for a Pin Look-n The Best in Led's..
8 years ago
No Fear is a fun and very fast machine. It will absolutely make you better at pin. The taunting skull will get you to continue playing again and again, and mastering the jump shot will test even the best player's skills.
8 years ago
No fear is all about speed and brutal gameplay. Another game that requires god like fingertips. Not much to offer other than smashing the ball around the playfield and jump ramp. A great game to get take aggression out on. Most games i have on this are about perfecting my timing so i enjoy it more than most, but i can also see why people can hate it. Video mode is probably the worst ever, and the sportsman themed modes are very boring. Look past that and you find its a speed demon just gagging for someone with skill to play it.
8 years ago
very repetitive from the shots to the sounds. Good for a few plays but gets old really quick.
8 years ago
This machine goes hand in hand with my gearhead mentality. I like racing, and this one has plenty of a racing feel with some other extreme sports. I love the dirt bike jump, although once mastered it can get repetative. I think pins should all have pop bumpers and this one does not, kinda weird. I love the "Bonehead" barking orders at you on with shots to keep. Game suffers from extreme cab fade.....well any I seen, I think these faded in the box. Would add to my collection for the right price....good bang for your buck.
8 years ago
Played this game A LOT. Would love to own one. Fast paced and keeps you coming back for more.
8 years ago
This games has denent flow, but after a while I find the shots boring and a bit repetitative. For the right price would own this game for a few months. I hate the backglass
9 years ago
Love the speed of this game and I love the jump ramp. Would get old rather quickly at home but is a great game for a blast every now and then. Play it, you'll love it!
9 years ago
I always leave this machine wondering what I played. The theme could be broken into 5 different games.
9 years ago
Not a fan of the artwork or theme at all... Had the game for a while, and the gameplay didn't inspire me either.
9 years ago
love the speed hate the playfield layout. missing something lack luster effort.
9 years ago
Originally I did not care for what I thought was a cheesy theme.
I played a busted up and slow machine and counted it out.
I then played a shopped out version years later, the way it
is supposed to play and dig dig dig the fastness of it!
Fast is Good, Fast is Fun and Fast is Challenging!
9 years ago
No Fear was never that exciting to me as a pin that I wanted to play. However, after I got an opportunity to pick up one that needed work at a good price, it went into my collection. It is very fast with fun loops to hit and a lot of flow. The game rules aren't that deep, but because of the speed of the game its good to be able to proceed through the rules without a whole lot of thought, more just reaction. Because of the open playfield and lack of pop bumpers, it does have a different feel to it, and I appreciate that contrast to the other pins that I own. The skull is kind of weak, but I do like the modes and the ease it is to figure them out. Its a fast and quick game in gameplay and in depth.
9 years ago
No Fear is the fastest game I own. The sound, lights, and speech are great. I replaced the white light with LED white lights and it makes the game look even better. The only drawback I find is the absence of the the standard three bumper effect, it's just a feeling all pinballs should provide for. Aside from that, it is a fast paced game. The ramp shots are rewarding and the variation of ramps and loops gives you lots of excitement. The center piece is the jump ramp which is a very challenging task as you have to have perfect synchronization to hit the ball at the exact time in order for it to carry enough momentum to jump the tracks -- that is very exciting. The skull is funny and when its eyes lit it adds an extra feeling to the game. Most of my visitors that play pinball tend to migrate to No Fear because of its attractiveness as well as its theme. Williams did a great job on this machine and I believe that the only reason is being rated lower than it should is because of the lack of bumpers.
9 years ago
Shoot this lane. Shoot that lane. Wash, rinse, repeat. Very boring game.
10 years ago
The game has awesome flow but that is it. Very boring game. I think it would be better if they focused on just a few of the sports. Like the dirt bikes. By having so many sports, the game feels like there is no theme.
10 years ago
A great machine to play a few games along with mates at a show or meet, but not one that I would want to own in my house. The King of flow, with no pop bumpers, and has all those lovely ramps to aim for - which then returns the ball to the flippers for another loop. Bonehead gets on your nerves a bit, as does all the incessant rock music. A bit too manic for my liking.
10 years ago
Wide open field with multiple shots, it just feels like it is missing something to me. I thought I would like it more than I did it just seemed a little too mundane for me.
There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 5.

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