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No Fear: Dangerous Sports

Pinside rating

This game received 246 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.447 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #176 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.638

Artwork: 7.394

Sounds/Music: 7.091

Other Aspects: 7.269

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 6 of us have rated this game.


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Found 106 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
No Fear is great pin if you like fast pinball with orbit shots and ramps. There is also a horseshoe shot and jump ramp powered by a magnet to boost the speed of the ball. There are no pop bumpers so the ball is constantly moving. I like the theme because it takes me back to being a kid in the 1990s when the No Fear clothing brand was popular.

Gameplay-wise, theres not much else to No Fear other than ramps, orbits and combos. Other than the jump ramp, nothing else really stands out. Its still a good pin to have in a large collection and pairs up nicely to other pins that have a little more 'stop and go' ball movement. It is similar to some of Steve Ritchie's other designs, but with a less attractive theme to some, so it makes for a decently priced machine.
6 years ago
Fast and unique
6 years ago
nice to look at with LED lighting...not a favorite of mine
6 years ago
A shallow game that makes up for it by being fast as all hell. Reminds me of a DMD version of BK2K in a way. I would be rating this a lot lower, but any game that features an extreme burning skeleton face is an instant classic in my book.
6 years ago
Decent theme, jump ramp is cool, all around just ok for me fun wise.
6 years ago
Excellent flow. I like this game better than Getaway. Jump ramp is great.
6 years ago
I like this game. Classic Ritchie speed and flow, tight shots that punish inaccuracy,
Similar objectives and modes to St Nng which isn't a bad thing either.
Plenty of prompting, call outs and goading from the talking Skull, which is awesome Btw..
Have a good game on this and it will leave you exhausted after it's so Fast!
Good theme for its day although a bit dated now I guess.
Underrated IMHO and good bang for the buck..
6 years ago
I love the way this pin looks, It brought me to the point of finding one to play. This machine is one of those that looks better then plays. Still, it is one that I don't dislike, just not enough to buy one. To bad..they look nice.
6 years ago
"Wait a minute! I've never done this before! How do I do it? Where's-the-rip-cord? I-wanna-go-back! [something else spoken really fast]"
"Shut up and JUMP!"

For starters, it has a talking, taunting skull on the play field (who does that remind me of?). It's a fast player, but that's come to be expected of Steve Ritchie. The super fast, tight play field encourages precise shots, so for flailers, it's a no-go - it might as well be called "Post Shot Death-O-Rama" for all I care. The best way to earn points is to hold a ball on the left flipper and then nail cycle jumps during Meet Your Maker. The jump shot is awesome, and it looks like it influenced the warps in Stern ST. "AGAIN!"

This game is bad for it's unbalanced scoring, though. The best thing to do is time out the missions, then do No Limits and MYM for huge scores. It feels like there should be another upper flipper under the Jump ramp. Also, the right outlane can be extremely unforgiving (I thought it was the left outlane that was supposed to?)
7 years ago
I finally played a decent machine in good condition, wow it is super fast and has great flow, very simple game that anyone can be good at but its a challenge to be good at it all the time........ jump ramp is cool and have managed 8 jumps in a row, really enjoyed this and was great fun with mates.
7 years ago
Anything with Nascar on it gets a point lower from me.

Art: Very fitting to machine as i want to soak it in gas and throw a match at it after each game..
Audio: Audio is super cool IMO, it really gets you into the game and i love the guitar sound.

Playfield: nice layout and very fitting for such an agressive pinball.

Play: This pin is by far the fastest most frustrating and most rewarding pin i've ever played. I've had several of the top rated and several of the low rated and i like this pin because its a challenge period. FAST FAST FAST you better be a good shooter and know how to control the ball or you'll get real frustrated real fast. I like this though, i don't like a pinball where i can have a 30 min to 1 hr game...

Maint: A breeze to disassemble clean and re-assemble only took a few hrs for a complete teardown / clean / wax....

Other: I only have room for 4 pins and this one is going to stay for a while, i've not had more than a 3 or 4 minute game since i've brought this one home, this No Fear pin i picked up is in like new condition. Did i say fast fast fast... Hope this helps with you decision to purchase or not to purchase...
7 years ago
not a fan of the theme but the gameplay is good. fast and furious
7 years ago
this game is super quick and ramps galore,the talking skull is cool,i dont love the theme,but give credit where credit is due,this is a good game,the ramps are awsome,at the rite price u got one good machine...
7 years ago
You always love your first pin.....
7 years ago
To me, this is a perfect pinball game. It has a ton of flow, IF you can hit the shots. Start missing shots, and it's a clunk-fest. It forces you to be accurate, and when you are, it flows like water. The Jump ramp is really cool, and it never gets old. Hitting the outer orbit over and over is what the term 'satisfying' in pinball is all about. If I had to give it one downgrade, it would be that the video mode is pretty bad. Thankfully, it doesn't come around too often, and who plays pinball for video modes??? This is a really fantastic game. As good as any of the other Williams A-listers, IMO...
7 years ago
Excellent pin that I believe is underrated. Good news is you the price has stayed reasonable and therefore I look forward to picking one up.
8 years ago
No fear is a game that is fast, furious and needs a SERIOUS software update.

The Pros:
The ultimate fan layout, but still nothing that you would see from Gomez. 9 super-tight and fast shots dominate this PF. The standard 3 standups are hard to hit and make lighting your kickback a risk vs. reward (extra ball in tournament mode!) something to seriously think about before shooting them. The jump ramp is way sweet and hitting it over and over is critical to high scores. This game is FAST, no pop bumpers allowed!

The Cons:
I really like Greg Freres, he has done some BRILLIANT art in the past (SKATEBALL!), but this art package seems rushed and crowded. Time out the modes, start Meet your maker, trap a ball on the left flipper and hit the ramp over and over and over and over. Billions of points. Not always easy, but utterly unbalancing to anything else in a game. In tournament mode, points is points. Suffers from from BK2K right flipper syndrome.

The Takeaway:
I like this game, but I should love it. No Fear should be an exciting theme. Poorly tested/reviewed rules/software makes the trip to the wizard mode a snoozer. This game is about exciting adrenalin rushes. What gives? CALLING MYSTERY PROGRAMMER! If this game required you to make mode shots (ST:TNG) and balanced the MYM score accordingly, this game is now what it should be, a journey to the goal of a huge wizard mode. EARN IT! That sounds like a pinball game that Steve Ritchie would design.
8 years ago
I bought this one to try out no pops. love it! plays fast, so easy to loop over and over. ramp shot is fun. much better than i expected, it will stay in my collection.
8 years ago
Great game, very fast, all ramps and good shots... jump ramp is a lot of fun when you get in the timing just right and hit it over and over... interesting use of magnets for the main ramp
8 years ago
I enjoy this game. I like ramps so this one is for me. Wish the game flowed a bit more and the rules weren't so hard to follow. Overall a game I'd like to pick up because of the awesome price point.
8 years ago
Fast and Fun! The talking skull makes the game for me. LED'ing out this guy is a must. I would have preferred maybe just one more ramp on this guy but otherwise it's one of my faves.
8 years ago
Ramps, Ramps and even more ramps. No Fear was quite a bit of fun, and I wouldn't mind owning own someday, though it isn't on my priority list.
8 years ago
It's a Steve Ritchie design.....Super fast with tight shots. Some say the game play lacks depth, I disagree it's a shooter's pin and you better be on the ball or it's brick city. Upgrade your ROM to 2.3 and polish that baby up and it will be a keeper in your collection.

Side note:

Make the investment and buy the Cliffy protectors for both the ramps and the jump ramp...broken ramps, weak flipper coils and worn coil back stops effect the game play and experience.
8 years ago
This has been a strange game for me. Started out hating it, and even listed it for sale! But, my wife started playing it and co-oped me into playing with her. It did grow on me. I think it's the speed that is so different. I have always been a fan of the older styled games, but this is a different animal. All ramps, not much else. No catch and shoot play, just keep firing!
8 years ago
I give this high marks for looping and ramps, but that sums up the game. You don't have to be an extreme sports fan to enjoy the fast paced play of this machine but it can get a little repetitive. Nice video mode, love the color scheme and it has a talking skull... guess that says it all.
There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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