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No Fear: Dangerous Sports

Pinside rating

This game received 245 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.452 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #175 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.645

Artwork: 7.4

Sounds/Music: 7.086

Other Aspects: 7.278

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 6 of us have rated this game.


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Found 106 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
I'm glad I didn't jump on this pin when I saw one for sale near me. Jump ramp is cool, but that's about it. Nothing really that great about it. Rules get really repetitive in any collection under 10 games.
66 days ago
Think No Fear is slightly under rated. Flow is amazing, lots of fun shots and modes. The Jump shot is really cool! Play field art is kinda meh but this is an awesome pin for the money!
3 months ago
Have been very pleasantly surprised by this pin. The entire game is ramps, not a single bumper in the game. The one drop target works insanely well due to its isolation on the field. It's a nice albeit easy entrance fee to lock additional balls. For me the only real potential weakness in this game is its main gimmick. The upper ramp/jump is fun and once you lock down the timing it's easy to narrowly focus on that one shot while ignoring the others.

Excellent game where a color dmd makes a very worthwhile upgrade. Great animations that capture the many challenges of this game.
6 months ago
I have always liked the look of this game when I played it on location. After owning this game though I found it to be boring and repetitive. If your Playing for score you can just shoot the jump ramp over and over after a while it becomes pretty easy.
7 months ago
Fast, faster, fastest. What do you expect from a Steve Ritchie design based on an extreme sports theme, complete with talking skull and an innovative jump ramp? No pop bumpers to slow you down, or give you a second to regroup. 3 ramps, including the infamous jump ramp, which is achieved with an upper, 3rd flipper. It’s the ultimate fan layout, with 8 or so shots all lined up next to each other. The modes are straightforward, and there are several of them. Nice video mode. I like kickbacks, and this game features one. This is a unique game, fast and deliberately punishing. But once you get a feel for the shots, it’s not overly difficult. For what they were shooting for, an “extreme sports” feel captured in a pinball machine, they did a fine job. Probably not best in a small collection, but has a place in a larger one.
11 months ago
No Fear bores me to tears: hit ramps endless and be precise. Many better games from Steve Ritchie
1 year ago
A fast and interesting playfield layout with no bumpers. Instead this is all about ramps and target lanes. The action is fast and there is a really rewarding flow to the whole playfield - when you´re hitting your shots that is.....

The entire package is actually both entertaining and convincing as a wild 90's motorsport game. I picture this as a later generation successor to a certain type of 80's pinball games like Banzai Run and Black Water, as strange as that might sound.

The main weak points here are dull graphics/art and a rather tiresome hard rock tune that plays over and over. It feels a little raw and unrefined for a 1995 pinball, with titles like Congo for instance being released that same year. Also, I'm not sure if No Fear is the deepest kind of table if you´re considering a homepin for a smaller collection.

However if you dont intend to spend the whole evening with this machine but just play a handful of games and enjoy the bumperfree speedzone ahead then this is a great table.
1 year ago
Underrated game, i like fun and fast pins.
Lighting is awesome, callouts are great, the playfield is beautiful with the right choice of leds.
The game is a subtle mix of T2 and STTNG for the rules with a bit of HS2 for the layout.
No Fear deserves to be in the Top 100.
1 year ago
Fun and fast paced. If you like a lot of bumpers and drop targets, this is absolutely not your game; otherwise, It's really good.
1 year ago
Its a Ramp game with a talking skull!
It plays fast and the artwork is great, fits the theme. Scoring can be unbalanced, but overall, fun to play.
1 year ago
This game was honestly not a theme I would look to play usually but ...WOW I am glad that I played it!
Super fun fast game!!! Rules where a little hard to understand at first, but over all this is a game you should at least try once.
1 year ago
if you like chaos and non stop action this game is it, I'm sure you've heard it before this game plays really FAST almost no time to think every shot is a skill shot if you miss you can pay dearly, the game keeps you engaged and it really is hard to just play a few games, if you have one and have not converted to LED then you should, this game is gorgeous with LEDs it's like candy. The game is so intriguing that my wife has to play as much as I do......Which is a good thing.......or a bad Thing depending on how you look at
1 year ago
This is the most tested pinball, which I find in this classifica, well, no fear is a fast machine, I knew no fear in a musical bar with the typical lack of maintenance, it was not until I was able to acquire one of my collection and when I had it well adjusted, I started to assess the characteristics of this machine, many similarities with ster trek the new generation, narrow table and even faster, good audio, and a combination of varied shots and nice ramps, star trek, came out of my collection , nessuna paura può mean with me
1 year ago
I have a great time playing this pin. The ramps and targets range nicely in difficulty to provide both easy and challenging shots. The jump ramp is killer. It is very satisfying to hit multiple jumps on a No Fear loop. The multiball jack pots are fun. Play field looks cool and the light show is really good. Only negative I would mention is the spin that comes off the ball when you nail an inside loop is nuts. It can punish you for hitting an accurate shot. HIT THE JUMP!!!!
2 years ago
This is a game that has grown on me. Although a lack of pop bumpers takes a lot of the random bounce element out of the game, it is a game that gives you a lot of shots since there is nowhere for the ball to linger. The talking skull is a great gimmick that I never get tired of. And the jump shot is fun when you get on a roll with it. One negative, the use of so many action sports legends made the game feel really special in 1995, however, anyone under 30 who plays it now might wonder who some of these people are.
2 years ago
This is a very under rated game and is a lot a lot of fun and should score higher, it is very linear - but unlike Scared Stiff doesn't keep you wanting to come back to that linearity as much, the theme just doesn't work as well.

Lots of modes and three mini wizards which really set it up well and is really rewarding when you hit them. Probably suited more to a larger collection as a great walk up, play and walk away game.
2 years ago
Hate the theme, gate the colors. Brown and orange everywhere. OK playfield layout and gameplay but not a fan at all. Pass
2 years ago
it's a cool theme and i like the game. the only thing i don't like about it is the electric plunger. it sort of defeats the point of skill shots. over all this is a good game i would recommend.
2 years ago
Not a theme I see myself owning but I was able to play a few games at a pinball show and really enjoyed the layout and shots. I was able to keep the game going for awhile -- quite the opposite of other games I have played. The upper ramp/jump is a cool feature -- I think I was able to hit four loops in a row.
2 years ago
Another underrated one. Gameplay is fast, fun and fluid, the modes are challenging, the jump is cool. I also think the artwork on the playfield is great. I like the pace of this one - although it's fast, but then again, it's not a drain-monster at all. Video mode could have been better, though. Overall a nice and challenging machine. I don't miss the bumpers, btw.
2 years ago
This game to me is one of the most underrated. The theme is so so but the voice work is good and the game has very good flow. When someone awhile back had said that GoT would being having a layout similar to No Fear, my first thought was about time someone rethemed that layout and get it the attention it deserves. Probably, the biggest complaint with this game is that it does too good of a job at bringing the ball back to your flippers. It might be too easy for some pinball savants. The ball keeps and it is fast. Johnny Mnuemonic might be a game that is fast that I like a little better, partly due to the theme but this layout has a lot going for it that works.
2 years ago
Very fast, very fun. Gets old after too long, but the MB is great. Nailing both jackpots then hitting the jump for Super is awesome. The right ramp is almost impossible for me to hit on the example I've played, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Theme is tired and dated, but makes it amusing. Definitely worth a few bucks. Flow flow flow. The lack of pops is nice for a change.
2 years ago
Very fun game, easy to play and fast!
3 years ago
Very underrated game. Super fast when you can hit the shots.
3 years ago
If you're not making shots, you're hitting posts. If you're hitting posts, then it can be a long drawn out and frustrating game. The jump ramp is cool, but other than that, there's not much else going on for it.
There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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