No Fear: Dangerous Sports

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Game Design: 7.739

Artwork: 7.397

Sounds/Music: 7.134

Other Aspects: 7.41

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Found 122 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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62 days ago
I've owned this game for about a month now. At first I felt it might be just an okay machine, in fact I even had some hesitation about even buying it at first having concerns mainly about the non-conventional layout of the playfield with its focus on loops and ramps. I had played it before and enjoyed it but certainly wondered about the lastability. But as is typical of these games, you really have to learn the rules and flow before drawing any conclusions, and now after several, several plays it has become my go-to game among the 3 I have. Sure, you need to be decent at aiming for the ramps and loops and deadheading against a post is no fun, but once those skills are polished a bit it becomes super rewarding and a blast. It is more difficult than sending a ball into a forest of pop bumpers and watching it rattle around a bit racking up points. And Skull heckling you during the game when you play poorly is actually kind of enjoyable, and getting him to come around and actually tell you you're awesome seems to make me try all that much harder (lol).

Bottom line: I LOVE THIS GAME!
3 months ago
I think this game is got some things going for it. I'm not one of those middle-aged dorks that's like the whole manly no fear thing, however, it is fun but it seems to have a lot of shots that go up in the Playfield mostly about ramp. I think they could have done it better but it ain't bad. You have to play on a machine where the flippers are strong otherwise you're not going to get anything on the ramp. In a couple of the shots namely the left "track"shot has a tendency to drain right down the middle. Especially if you hit the ball Square you know it's going to come straight down.
7 months ago
This is a brutal unforgiving machine.hard but very funny.
Add led flashers and you get a lighning show.
Overall a fun game .
7 months ago
Underrated. A very fun game
7 months ago
Everything in this game is cool . this game is underrated in my opinion should be in top 100
8 months ago
As someone who usually gravitates toward deeper rule sets, its interesting that I really like this game. I'm also a sucker for upper flipper shots, and this game has one of the best ones in all of pinball with the jump shot. I cant get enough of the jump shot, it's so much fun to just plug away as and watch the ball zip around the ramp. The modes themselves are fine, and the triple wizard mode is cool for sure. I love the lack of pop bumpers in this game because it makes it super fast to play. Definitely deserves more love, very fun game.
10 months ago
Maybe just the machine I played which was on location and had some wear. The launch is just a button and drained about half the time even with a lot of jostling to machine. Once in play pretty fun and the jump ramp was pretty easy to hit. Ball seemed to come to left flipper much much less than to right which made it hard to shoot the more interesting shots on the right. So seemed to just circle the left outer loop and the jump over and over. As a result it got pretty boring pretty quickly.
1 year ago
Fast shooting machine
Nice layout
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 9 Very High

* Speed! This game is fast and even faster with a clearcoat Playfield
* Fun to hit that jump ramp over and over
* Some nice homage to T2 with the payback time and left scoop.
* Very easy to shop out or even strip the playfield due to lack of mechanisms

* If you’re missing ramps and loops you’re hitting posts
* Not a lot of depth but that’s not why you’d buy this machine
* Center post can make this too easy but it’s easily removed too

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Not so much a mod but cabinet decals as nearly all these are faded
* Cliffy ramp protectors essential
* Valvoline die cast car to place where you like
* Lighted speaker panels look great on this machine
* Flame artblades

What To Look For When Buying
* Magnet burn on the main jump ramp
* Also Jump ramp damage at the entrance and where it bolts down to the left of the flipper
* Wear in the left scoop
1 year ago
Gréât jump
1 year ago
NF is a great game! Another fast paced Steve Ritchie game that draws you in. It's a very exciting pin that keeps on going!
1 year ago
I have now owned NF for 13 months. I never really intended to buy one, but a totally reshopped beautiful one popped up at a good price and I pulled the trigger.

Honestly, this game sat in a corner for several months with very little play. The theme, and worse, the music, left me very uninspired. I did not really understand the game- just kept trying to hit the upper jump loop. On my game this is a hard, but very rewarding shot (as it should be). I have played other games where this is too easy.

I have several pinball buddies that love my table, not because it was so fun, but because of its NIB appearance.

Finally, 5 months ago I decided to learn the rules, watch videos, and spend a fair amount of time playing and strategizing. I had to replace the upper flipper shaft (still a hard shot) and my son was over and we played it for several hours. At first the brutal speed and kickbacks to the drain lanes was overwhelming. Then, like most games, we became accustomed to the flow and started making our shots and achieving some wizard modes.

Pinball buddies have been converted as well. This is a typical 90s game- straight forward, but difficult, with achievable goals, and a cool gimmick shot. No pop bumpers- all ramps all day! There are some varied strategies (e.g. hitting left orbit multiple times to light extra ball).

Now I really enjoy the game, play it quit often, and plan to keep it. Music is still annoying, but I have learned to block that. Talking skull is actually a nice contrast. For the money, this is a fabulous game and should be top 100. Be glad that it is not and pick one up.
1 year ago
With the constant changing of mode shots you have to learn and spread your shots all over the playfield. It's impossible to score well unless you hit those mode shots on demand.
Randomization of ball travel comes from the spin on the ball placed by the curved loops rather than bumpers. So catches you think are safe on the flippers leap off due to the english on the ball.
If you're not hitting your shots you can bounce off dead rubber for so long you'll get a ball search.
This is not a game for the catch, wipe your hands, think about next shot... crowd.
1 year ago
I grew up at a Motorcross race park so this theme is right up my alley. This is my first Pin and I will have a hard time ever parting with it.
1 year ago
I'm glad I didn't jump on this pin when I saw one for sale near me. Jump ramp is cool, but that's about it. Nothing really that great about it. Rules get really repetitive in any collection under 10 games.
1 year ago
Think No Fear is slightly under rated. Flow is amazing, lots of fun shots and modes. The Jump shot is really cool! Play field art is kinda meh but this is an awesome pin for the money!
1 year ago
I feel that this is an underrated game that has a theme that just aged horribly.
1 year ago
Have been very pleasantly surprised by this pin. The entire game is ramps, not a single bumper in the game. The one drop target works insanely well due to its isolation on the field. It's a nice albeit easy entrance fee to lock additional balls. For me the only real potential weakness in this game is its main gimmick. The upper ramp/jump is fun and once you lock down the timing it's easy to narrowly focus on that one shot while ignoring the others.

Excellent game where a color dmd makes a very worthwhile upgrade. Great animations that capture the many challenges of this game.
2 years ago
I have always liked the look of this game when I played it on location. After owning this game though I found it to be boring and repetitive. If your Playing for score you can just shoot the jump ramp over and over after a while it becomes pretty easy.
2 years ago
Fast, faster, fastest. What do you expect from a Steve Ritchie design based on an extreme sports theme, complete with talking skull and an innovative jump ramp? No pop bumpers to slow you down, or give you a second to regroup. 3 ramps, including the infamous jump ramp, which is achieved with an upper, 3rd flipper. It’s the ultimate fan layout, with 8 or so shots all lined up next to each other. The modes are straightforward, and there are several of them. Nice video mode. I like kickbacks, and this game features one. This is a unique game, fast and deliberately punishing. But once you get a feel for the shots, it’s not overly difficult. For what they were shooting for, an “extreme sports” feel captured in a pinball machine, they did a fine job. Probably not best in a small collection, but has a place in a larger one.
2 years ago
No Fear bores me to tears: hit ramps endless and be precise. Many better games from Steve Ritchie
2 years ago
A fast and interesting playfield layout with no bumpers. Instead this is all about ramps and target lanes. The action is fast and there is a really rewarding flow to the whole playfield - when you´re hitting your shots that is.....

The entire package is actually both entertaining and convincing as a wild 90's motorsport game. I picture this as a later generation successor to a certain type of 80's pinball games like Banzai Run and Black Water, as strange as that might sound.

The main weak points here are dull graphics/art and a rather tiresome hard rock tune that plays over and over. It feels a little raw and unrefined for a 1995 pinball, with titles like Congo for instance being released that same year. Also, I'm not sure if No Fear is the deepest kind of table if you´re considering a homepin for a smaller collection.

However if you dont intend to spend the whole evening with this machine but just play a handful of games and enjoy the bumperfree speedzone ahead then this is a great table.
2 years ago
Underrated game, i like fun and fast pins.
Lighting is awesome, callouts are great, the playfield is beautiful with the right choice of leds.
The game is a subtle mix of T2 and STTNG for the rules with a bit of HS2 for the layout.
No Fear deserves to be in the Top 100.
2 years ago
Fun and fast paced. If you like a lot of bumpers and drop targets, this is absolutely not your game; otherwise, It's really good.
2 years ago
Its a Ramp game with a talking skull!
It plays fast and the artwork is great, fits the theme. Scoring can be unbalanced, but overall, fun to play.
There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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