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Other Aspects: 7.531

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12 months ago
fun fun fun
1 year ago
This is an excellent 4 player game for dollars.
1 year ago
I've been discovering more and more EM's I like, now that i'm getting better at fixing them.
Nip-it took me by surprise. First played it at Tom Taylor's during MGC. I really like how the zipper flippers add an extra element of skill to the game vs. standard. I was surprised it had multiball too, as I don't think many EMs do. Tom's gator wasn't working, but I could see how that would be a fun feature.
When I finally found one within driving distance, I knew I needed to make sure that gator mech was intact and working in addition to standard pre-sale check list. Well, it was there and kind worked... Once I got it home, It really just needed a good cleaning and a few parts to be back in business! The gator is a really fun toy that adds an interactive element to adding bonus points!
And brings me to the basic challenge of the game; bonus points. They're added when the ballygator eats a ball or from a left stand-up target. Bones points are collected 2 ways: You drain the ball or if you release multiball.
I can see why this game remains sought after among collectors.
2 years ago
I don't have a lot of EM experience, but there is a lot to like about this game. It has a multiball, zip flippers and the signature nip it gator that can grab the ball from the top of the playfield for big points, but potentially feed it straight down the middle. The combination of these features and more is a surprisingly deep game on par with games 10+ years more advanced.
2 years ago
AAAaaaayyyyy, it's The Fonz' machine of choice for a reason... so 'cool'. It's an EM with everything - A great playfield toy, up to 4 simultaneous players, zipper flippers, ball kicker, excellent theming, excellent artwork and multiball! Good grief, what else could you want from an EM? How about a tie-in to a timeless television series? A 70's machine with '50s appeal? Check, and check again. Wow, just awesome. This one ticks all the boxes.
3 years ago
Most people that like EMs think of either this title, Fireball, Four Million B.C., and few others from the 1960-70s
The "zipper flippers" and "Balligator" grabber assembly are what make the game so special.
Not many games used this "zipper flipper" concept successfully in the 1960s and 1970s, and even less than integrated the concept well in terms of really enhancing gameplay. The game was solidly hallmarked into pinball history forever with Bally's agreement with ABC regarding the title's use on "Happy Days" even though the game is completely out of context in terms of its use in the 1950s period sitcom, but still went on to be the highest rated TV show of the decade. There is another entire story regarding the use of this game and decision with Garry Marshall.

New solid state collectors are not generally going to "get it" as they think games of this era are too slow or uncontrollable, hence ratings below five or less. It is also unlikely they have ever actually properly played the game at all, as many were cannibalized for the Ballgator assembly, meaning the primary feature is MISSING. This is too bad, as they have lost out on a piece of pinball history which went on to creating more innovative features that people take for granted today that was used on games that other collectors do like. Ted Zale does not get the credit he deserves as one of the forefathers of modern pinball.

It can be tough to keep the ball in play with a bad roll out of the "Balligator" one way gate down open flippers AKA the "killer croc" feature that gets new players every time.
The game flow is solid, and the art package is exceptional colorful from the era.
Artwork will stay in your mind, especially the backglass with the "alligator bite".
I lean towards Fireball and Four Million B.C. in terms of overall better gameplay, but this game remains a "trip down memory lane" every time you play.

As Fonzie would say, "AAAAAyy".
3 years ago
A very unique "ball catch" toy, zipper flippers, multiball, this game's got everything but a nice EM spinner. The art isn't my style, but most EM art from this era isn't. One of my favorite EMs.
4 years ago
A lot of fun. Great art, and I love the croc kicker feature.
5 years ago
Nip it has multiball which I don think I have ever seen on an EM (I haven't played too many), it actually has one of the deeper rulesets for an em as well as the gator "chomp" feature.

Brutally hard, some odd feeds to the flippers make some easy shots not all that easy. Gets old quick for having such deep real satisfying shots.
5 years ago
A lot of pin aficionados think very highly of this machine and I just blankly stare at them. But, then again, I just blankly stare at a lot of people (whether they are talking pinball or not)...
5 years ago
Interesting toys - zipper flippers, gator, multiball. Game stress can vary from low (closed flippers, gate open) to much higher when these safety belts are lost...
5 years ago
Nip-it is a game that made it's fame on "Happy Days".

The Pros:
The art package is the best thing that Dick White ever did other than the most righteous and politically incorrect pax for "Flip Flop". The layout is solid and the Gator is one of the best interactive pinball toys ever conceived. I never get bored with scooping that pinball off the playfield. Better than Hungry-hungry Hippos I tells ya! Zipper flippers are always a joy and there's great action in the pops to keep it lively. Making both rollovers in the top arch is difficult and requires good skillshot/nudging skills. The gator bonus saucer is what this game is all about. Collect your bonus and prep your multiball in a single shot. Love it.

The Cons:
With all the features to consider on this deck, the gameplay still feels flat. How can a game with this much to do feel so... meh? I don't know if this is all part of Master Zale's plan, but the feed from the gator lane seems to hit the left sling just the right way to send the ball out the right outlane with high frequency. Feel the pin-pain!!! Makes you ignore the biggst toy on the game it does. Finding one, GOOD LUCK! Hoarding collectors make this deck is harder to discover than Dick Cheney's sense of conservative compassion.

The Takeaway:
Find a nicely tuned deck and high tap dat' ass! If this game has speed to it, you will like it, I don't say this too often, but this game may be a much better with a not so steep PF angle. You may love it, you may not, either way, it looks great! I think I need to give this deck a few more miles and see what comes up. Oh yeah, I gotta find one now.

Ayyyyyyyyy! (Thumbs up!)
5 years ago
pretty cool EM
5 years ago
Great tournament game, 1 neat gimmick mech and kinda fun.
6 years ago
The machine I cut my teeth on as a kid. The gator grabber was so unique for its time. The zipper flippers made it such a fun game to play. I learned to cradle a ball with it as a child and obviously before the pinball community bloomed. I can't remember the guy that did the art but I know he only did two machines and I like his art! I wish he did more.
6 years ago
My first ever EM to own. Cool gator grabber feature with the second button on right side of cabinet kept me coming back. Zip the flippers closed then keep looping the left bonus shot which springs straight to the gator grabber feature for more bonus.
Love the artwork as well.
6 years ago
Fun game, interesting design, gator trap/feature is cool, artwork mediocre.
7 years ago
Pretty good game for the time period. Multi-ball is easy to achieve. The Bali-gator feature is interesting and adds to the game. Must have game if you are an EM collector of the 70's. Collectible due to Happy Days television show appearances.
7 years ago
Nice game but very large slingshots.
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