Night Moves

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Game Design: 7.207

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Other Aspects: 7.402

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There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
One of 2 cocktail style pins that I would ever pay money to own. The other is it's sister pin, Caribbean Cruise.

- Amazing music. Extremely 80s and fits the theme super well. The sound quality is really quite good as well. 2 speakers (upper end and woofer). It has some nice bass tones which really bring out the groovy bass line.
- Brilliant use of lights and lighting animations. I am blown away by the lighting on this machine. The center "Night Moves" lights use 3 bulbs. a middle for general lighting, and 2 outer for animations. Very clever and super well done.
- Multiball. One of 2 cocktail pins to have multiball. It really steps this game up and adds to it belonging with full-size pins.
- Kick-out holes. You lock a ball like normal, but then if you lock a second, it releases the first. It helps to keep you on your toes. Multiball is started when you hit the release target (which turns on and off every bumper hit). This combined with the varying kick-out hole location helps keep the multiball fresh and slightly unexpected at times.
- The playfield layout is brilliant. Lots of great shots and loops that really help the ball to pick up speed. This machine can play fast, especially with a polished and waxed playfield. The space and custom size is incredibly well used. They packed a ton of shots and targets on this playfield.
- Standup targets. These are brilliant. When you hit them, they light up. When you get to the last one in the bank, the target required to complete the bank moves back and forth across the bank. It makes is quite a bit more dynamic and keeps the pin feeling fresh and exciting.
- The artwork is beautiful. They really nailed the theme on this one and the artwork and colors really pop.
- The blue alpha-numeric displays are perfect. They look perfectly in place and I love them being in the middle of the playfield. Super easy to look at and still keep your eye on the ball. The blue looks so much better than the orange ones.
- There is also a randomized award that starts when you roll over an in-lane, then make the skill shot. The reward is displayed on the screen. If you miss the shot, it's gone.
- While it is marketed under the International Concepts brand, it's really a Gottlieb. This gives it a huge advantage over other cocktail pins. Much better design, greater parts availability, and a better knowledge base.

- The biggest issue I have with this pin is a lack of a goal/jackpot in multiball. If it had this, it would be perfect. I'm not sure if they just didn't feel like implementing one or if the Gotlieb System 11B couldn't handle it.

- The case is rather bland. It's a fake 70's wood veneer which is typical for cocktail pins. It's not horrible, but it's not great. It's just meh.

Overall, this pin really surprised me. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. It currently gets played the most in the collection, and I think my wife actually likes it best. Replay and fun factor is high. It's so easy to spend an hour or so on it and not realize how much time has gone by.
1 year ago
I was not familiar with this game before I bought it. I got it cheap from a guy who said it didn’t work and he didn’t like the game enough to fix it. I had never owned or played a cocktail pinball before, but I was willing to try it out. Once I got it working, to say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. This is such a cool little game. And the music gets stuck in your head. It doesn’t take up much room in my home barcade. I have it sitting between two chairs like an end table. Everyone loves to play it when they come over.
1 year ago
I will preface this by saying that cocktail pinballs aren't my favorite...however, if you are putting one in your collection, I would recommend this one. It has a real 80s dance club/miami vice feel to it. The sounds are very good.

It also has a multi ball. Very, very few other cocktail pins can say that.

These can be found incredibly cheap, so if you are looking for one, you finally found something in the hobby that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Congrats!
2 years ago
Cocktail pinball machines fascinate me. I think they're a really clever concept, but ultimately a flawed one. One thing about normal pinball machines that like, in fact its one of my favorite things about them, are the backglasses. I love backglass art. So, that is a big minus for me, not having that art. But, the cool thing is you save space with a cocktail pin. The length is not as long as a normal pin, but the width is basically like a wide body. So it almost balances out.

Now, this game in particular. What I like about this game is its layout. If you count the special target there are 7 shots in this game. Two of the shots are standup target banks. The layouts shots are not super easy. But, they are doable and the lock shots in particular are a bit harder than you would think to hit.
And also I think the code for the game also enables you to actually try to use the whole playfield and not just spam one shot.
Not saying you can't cheese the code. You can. But, its a bit clever in a way, and I think pretty nifty. To kick out your lock ball to start MB, you need to trigger the release switch. That switch turns off and on by bumper and sling hits. So not only do you need to get control to make the shot, you need to time the bumper hits. Makes it a little more challenging.
And while there are only truly 6 main shots(i'm not counting the special... as how often will it be lit up... I've gotten it a few times, but mostly its off and useless), the rollovers are actually pretty important. You spell put out rock and get an extra ball, you can spot a rollover at least one way, maybe more... But, having the rollovers matter a little bit, gives you a little something to do.
Also, the inlane gives you rewards and each switch hit lessons the rewards. The most lucrative is double your score. And that is where you can get really silly points quickly, depending on your luck and then your ability to control and make the shot.
The shot for the rewards is possible from both flippers. So either inlane you go down, you can take your shot and try to get that reward.
This is the flaw with the game. This is where you want to try to shot all the time. But, again its not easy to get it to go down an inlane. So, I don't have an issue with this scoring concept, but the amount of times you can get double your score in a short span of time or a game can be really silly. And thus in a multiplayer game can make it more than a bit unfair. Balance issues aside, I still like the code and its fun.

As I said there are only 6 shots, but 2 standup target banks. Sometimes there is a roving shot that you need to hit, and then you can hit them all to reset it. So I like how the code makes use of the targets. Makes it a bit harder, as you might not always get the clear bonus as you need to hit the roving shots first. Just adds another element of challenge into it.

Then there are the outlanes in the layout. I like these as either outlane can lead to a drain or back into play. Just watch your nudging and you might be able to save it.
And also if you have extra balls lit, you can control them and give yourself a little insurance if the ball goes to the outlane then you might get the eb if you set it up as insurance.
So I like that about the layout. Game keeps you active and playing no matter where the ball is at.
There are no toys or gimmicks... Aside from the fact that it is a cocktail machine. That's its gimmick... Not a great, but as I said. I kind of like them... Even though no backglass art.

As for the art itself. Its decent. Has some sex appeal, and that's really it. Just men and women dancing. Nothing great, nothing horrible. It works... Kind of. There is no art on the cab, but I like the cab. Its retro has the 70s wood grain finish type look of an atari. So I like how it looks. Not fancy and it won't stand out among other cocktail cabs with the same cab design. But, there is a charm to its look.

One thing that really shocked me. The light show. WOW! Light shows are something that to me is gut feeling. This machine has a great light show. It wowed me. There is just something about how this game uses its lights that I think was ahead of its time. It just pops and really makes the game so much more enjoyable.
The music and sounds are fine, nothing amazing. YOu'll enjoy them as you play. Or you put music on, and hear what sounds you may, and just enjoy the light show.

Will say... One of the biggest flaws with this game is no jackpot for MB... I don't know if that's because the code or sys 80 b couldnt handle a jackpot. I'm not certain. I don't know. Just a bit of a bummer that the only benefit to mb is that you have a 2nd ball that you can shot and get points for.

So all in all this is a fun and clever pin. Is it the best pinball machine ever. No it is not. Is it fun. Yes it is. Would I own one... Well, yes, I do own one. I don't know how many more cocktail machines I'd want to own. I do want to get its sister pin, as I like the playfield art on that one better, and I think it might be the better game of the two.
But, this has to be one of the best cocktail pins ever. I say that, because its actually a fun pin to play, and I've had more fun playing this pin, then some actual normal pinball machines. With that being said. Around 15-25 minutes I think this machine could hold my attention before I'd want to play on something else.
3 years ago
Relaxing pinball that’s fun to play. Shots are hard without being too hard.
3 years ago
fun game, If you have room for a cocktail get one
3 years ago
I searched for years for a Night Moves. It’s a decent game and by far the best cocktail ever made!

It is definitely one of the best Cocktail pins ever made and the music never gets old in my opinion.
3 years ago
This game is very much like a full size pinball thanks to its multiball gameplay and its insides basically being a Gottlieb game from the same era. The music is catchy and not annoying at all and it really has some stunning shots that are fun and satisfying to achieve. Easy to learn but difficult to master any shots. Probably one the best Cocktail pins out there.
3 years ago
This has become my go to pin on a friday night. Grab a cool one and grab a seat.
The light show is fantastic. The music is awesome. 2 full length tracks.
Plays fast and fun. Captive switch ball is great too.
Led this thing and it sparkles. I also added GITD rubbers to really bring out the 80s feel.
Unlike the allied leisure and game plan stuff, this is legit pinball. And a small part of pinball history.

The pinside scoring for this is way off balance. There is no BG or cabinet artwork to score. So it drops the score way down.
4 years ago
Night Moves is a relatively uncommon (ok, most cocktail games are) pinball game that is one of the best cocktails ever designed. John Trudeau knocked it out of the park with this layout.

A great layout with incredibly well thought out rules for such a limited space. The "switch" feature alone is worth noting. Lock a ball and the other saucer on the PF will light for the "switch" feature. Hit the "switch" saucer and the ball in the other saucer kick onto the PF for some points and keeps you on your toes. Hitting the center shot and having the ball pass down through the right orbit when the "release" insert is lit makes sure that you keep your eyes on when you can actually start multiball as compared to just locking a ball and then hitting the center shot. The Miami Vice / Hollywood Heat grafx are spot on for this table. The muzak is a strange and the sci-fi sounds accompanying the gameplay make for an incredible mix. I have never heard a pinball game sound like this and it is damn cool.

An interesting inlane/outlane configuration on this game is muted by the "foundation" of this game and its wood paneling cabinet. Finding system 80b boards that work as they should? Yeah... hope you are good with an oscilliscope.

The Takeaway:
A surprisingly fast and well laid out game with rules that were better than I expected. Fun and if in good working order a steal for the price. Put it in the corner of your joint and challenge the players to deal with what is under the glass.
5 years ago
The second d best coctail pin out there..Can get repititive but still great 80s fun..Music and playfield layout is cool and multiball is easy to achieve..If you own a coctail pin..This should be one of them..
5 years ago
Night Moves is pretty fun. Some of the best music in all of pinball. I feel that there needed to be one or two more rules or features and it would have been awesome. The playfield is actually pretty large and I think that overall it is a good machine.
5 years ago
I've been waiting a long time for one of these. Saw one on eBay and snatched it up. It was in very good shape overall. I'm glad I finally got this. It's a great game, with great music and sound effects. The lights are awesome, as is the attract mode. The game is fun to play, but I'm still learning all the rules. I have the manual, but still haven't learned them yet, and sometimes it seems things don't make sense.

I love that the score / status displays are right there on the play field in full view. The only thing that puzzles me is that when starting ball, it takes about three seconds to register the score once you hit or roll over something. I thought this might have been a malfunction, but looking at YouTube videos, I see this is normal.

Overall an excellent game with great sound and visuals. Play field layout is nice, as is the artwork in typical 80's fashion. I also LOVE that it has a spinner. Spinners have always been my favorite pinball target. Love it!

BTW, this is my THIRD cocktail pin, as you can see from my profile. :)
6 years ago
Unique layout that really works with the form factor, Trudeau fit in a good number of different shots to make it feel like more than a cut-down/compromised playfield. Music is great too (picture a nightclub scene from Charlie's Angels) and suits the game perfectly, sound effects are quite basic and somewhat jarring, but don't take away from the experience all that much.

Only real disappointment is in some of the random bonus awards, with 2X entire score potentially causing severe balance issues in any kind of competition atmosphere... as if you'd be seeing it in that context anyway!

But it shoots great and can become quite unforgiving at times. Definitely one to grab (or at least play) if you have the chance.
7 years ago
Night Moves is a smash hit at parties! It's a great change of pace from regular pinball machines.

The gameplay is surprisingly good for such a small machine. John Trudeau and his team really put some thought into this. You have to know the rules a bit to get the points. Only downside is that multiball doesn't have specific goals or rules.

The music on the machine is really catchy. It has 2 songs. 1 for regular gameplay and 1 for multiball. It's a shame that multiballs usually don't last long, because the multiball music is really nice. There's no speech, but the machine doesn't really need any. Who's talking when showing their Night Moves anyway? ;)

The playfield artwork is typical 80's cheese. Really comes to life with some carefully chosen coloured leds. I love it. On the downside: the cabinet of the game is rather ugly.

In all, this might be the best playing cocktail pinball out there. If you see one, try it!
7 years ago
Love the music on this game. Fun to have wen guests are over.
Nice idea
8 years ago
Cocktail pinballs are exceedingly rare. This machine, along with Caribbean Cruise are the absolute best examples in this format. A must for any serious collection.
9 years ago
One of the best cocktail pins out there. Good quality in this machine, especially the audio. Has a nice beat and great for a party atmosphere with its neon like lighting. Cocktail table with multiball....nice.
9 years ago
Added a Night Moves cocktail table pin to my collection. I like the variety, it's certainly not your average pin. I will say one thing - it draws a crowd. At a party, It will be the most played machine by far. Why play a regular pin when you can play something so different? More than just a novelty, it plays like a full sized game. Love the audio, turned up loud. No ramps but still great fun.
11 years ago
Cocktail game so the layout is very basic. Artwork is ok I guess considering the time period. The music is very early 80's synth disco crap. Fits the theme but horrible to listen to.
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