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This game received 47 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.685 /10


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This game ranks #314 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.756

Artwork: 6.396

Sounds/Music: 6.664

Other Aspects: 6.674

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Found 25 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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61 days ago
Where to start, the callouts/play by play are great. Otherwise it sounds like 5 guys playing pickup at the YMCA. The magnet from goldeneye, pointless spinning disc. Not much to shoot at.

You can tell stern rushed this.
61 days ago
Yikes... talk about a game that was rushed to release for the nba playoffs. I’d rather play pickup basketball against pros, as I’d probably have more fun and score more points. At least Kobe is on the back glass RIP Mamba
3 months ago
The playfield is a little sparse with everything located near the top. The shots are fun, but there are not a ton of them. A good game for beginners or casual players. You can quickly figure out what to do, it's just that it gets a little repetitive.
1 year ago
The play field is baron and the one and only toy gets old very quickly. Went to buy it, though once I seen it live I could not part with the money, and it was a good price. So many other pins out there, I will give this one a miss. At this time I have Stern pins in my collection (4) and will have to keep looking for number 5. I give this a 6 out of 10.
2 years ago
Very difficult to complete with lots of things to do. Very good flow and sound effects...It' s really super fun and I can't understand the low rating!
3 years ago
2009 model? Really........

Had the pleasure of playing this machine at the Nullabor Roadhouse (look it up!), in Australia's vast outback. The only machine on offer and did not dissapoint. Pretty cool/fun to just jump on and have a run.
3 years ago
Waaaay more fun than i expected. Fast. Good flow.
3 years ago
This is a super fun game. Hitting the magnet/hoop from 3 different spots is so satisfying.
4 years ago
This is a game for people who like fast pinball's. I also like basketball and maybe thats why I like this game so much.
It is a difficult game if you want to complete all challenges. That is also the reason that it is very lastable.
The sound and music is great. You have the impression to be in the middle of a Basketballgame.
Very nice Pinball for people who like sport themes. There is always competition when you play it with friends!
6 years ago
Cool theme but was repetitive and with the wide open center play field and magnet made for a weird game play.
6 years ago
I love the nba, I didn't like this pin very much, layout was kinda boring and the magnet shot was a gimmic that didn't translate very well into the game. NBA fast break is a blast, this one is easy to pass up.
6 years ago
Only part of this machine I like is the Magnent that makes it look as though you are "shooting" your ball into the hoop. swirling basketball in the middle makes for a random game at times. Seems like a cheap machine to make, 2 identical ramps, with no artwork, only orange paint, back up my claims.
7 years ago
Art: Fitting what else can you expect. Translite actually Works with the flourescent back lighting.
Audio: IMO the audio is great, makes you feel like you're at a game.

Playfield: Albeit simple, is alot of fun, Magnetic Basket is really cool, i happen to like the spinning disk as well, when playing pinball some randomness is rather cool, guess the people who dislike the disk probably dislike pop bumpers as well?

Game Play: much to my surprise is a really fun game to play. Like i stated with the audio you actually feel like your at the game. I've not made the final yet but i've only played 20 games or so to date.

Maintenance: Playfield is pretty minimal so maintenance should be quite simple. Only dislike i've noticed so far is the spinning disk tends to leave black marks on the pinball which in turn puts black marks all over the playfield.
7 years ago
This game is just fun. It has one main gimmick, the magnetic basket backboard, and its awesome. Seriously, it's awesome. There are three ways to make the shot: a staright ramp, a curved ramp, and the 3 points shot that launches the ball across the playfield and sticks it to the backboard. The call outs are done by a video game announcer and it has the feel of being at a game with the typical organ music, referee whistles and crowd cheers.

Any person can walk up to this game and knows what to do, shoot the hoop! Its very rewarding to hear the "thunk" and see the ball go in the net.

When I score this game in the review categories, it will come up low. To me, its overall value is higher than the sum of its scores.

I kept thinking I would like to have an EM pinball machine, but they are a little slow for my tastes. This is a simple game in that tradition, but has fun music, lights and sounds. Overall it's a thumbs up.

You can look forward to playing mine at the 2013 Texas Pinball Festival.
7 years ago
This game tends to be popular with our guests. Everyone thinks the basket dunk feature is fun. It's a fairly forgiving game that let's you get decent playing time from a ball even if you're not that experienced.
7 years ago
This game was a table that I had never played before until I went to PAPA.

The Pros:
The basket shot/magnet is very cool and it's great to see a PF spinning disk again. Yeah... magnets work well too, but I like the fireball feel to a PF when this feature is in it. And this PF needs it (hence the 8). Rules are straight forward and the game plays nicely. The Ramp within the ramp plays great. A bit of flow if you can find it.

The Cons:
Fan layout and bland artwork. 3/4ths of the targets inserts make no sense. Still, this game is better than rolling stones... Supposedly made for Chinese markets... When have you ever heard of ANYONE PLAYING PINBALL IN CHINA (with the exception of Zen...) LeBron is not in Cleveland... A.I. is not even playing in the NBA. Time marches on!

The Takeaway: S'alright. We see a very similar layout not too long after this game in Rolling Stones. Better than RS, but... I'm not really feeling this deck either.
8 years ago
Big NBA fan, Big Miami Heat fan!!! Not so Big on this pin though, definitly gets repetative. Go Heat 2012 NBA Champs!!!
9 years ago
Played it a few times in Seattle at Shorty's when it came out. A good modernized version of Fastbreak to me.
9 years ago
very fun to play
9 years ago
Has good basic rules for the novice or casual player. But getting to the NBA finals isn't very easy en needs some practice.
10 years ago
For a modern Stern, not bad. Great fun making the hoop shot, either from the right ramp or with the amazing leap up from the playfield. Good atmospheric basketball game/crowd sound effects and speech from the commentator whilst playing. the spinning orange ball in the centre of the playfield adds some randomness to ball play.
When I think of this machine, I always remember playing this on sultry hot summer evenings of 2009 in the arcade in Tottenham Court Road London. The noise of the traffic outside the arcade, along with the atmospheric sounds of the machine, getting sweaty with jostling the table to keep the ball in play.
A good fun game from Stern.
10 years ago
Well, i wanted a NIB pin, or something quite similar... I than bought the pin from Eric, which was less than 1 year old and HUO. For not disguting my wife playing sometimes (she's not pro ! lol), i needed something "clean and simple" (not a LOTR for example), easy to play and understand, and of course entertaining in the same time : think NBA got all of that...
Must say im a lover of the '80 era, and the design had something similar with that period, thats also another reason i like it. BTW, even if im NOT a real fan of basketball, the theme is nice (remember HGTT), the basket shoot is a nice "toy" (as in the SPACE JAM), and the sound works well (i like the ambiance sounds played with the organ (?) ). Now, few bad things : as the game is quite simple, its also too easy for good players : i got the pin from less than 1 week, and i already got the NBA FINALS... May be in the longer, this could make the pin annoying !? Another thing is the quality of the material : plastics are weak, and with that kind of gameplay, be sure you will destruct lots of them (with ball jumping here and there). Finally, the spin disc motor is making lots of noise, but may be its just on my pin !!!???
ps : sry for my approximative english
ps2 : video in play, with all missions done :
10 years ago
Not digging this one too much.
11 years ago
I was surprised at how fun this machine is to play. The basketball toy is really cool, especially when the machine flips the ball 1/4 of the way across the playfield and into the basket. The ball times were really long, but that seems to be more common with the newer games these days.
11 years ago
First thing you notice it's a bit orange. Like they've spilt a large bottle of St Tropez over it. It also has lots of guys holding large orange melons all over the playfield too - I don't really care for basketball. Getting past that, I think it's a good-looking game.

There's no skill shot? You just choose your favourite team (woohoo!?) and twang the ball up the playfield where a pop up post knocks the balls into the pops. No lanes to light. It would have been nice to have some kind of skill shot, or something? Once the balls in play I enjoyed it. It doesn't seem that deep, with only a 6, or so, modes to light. That doesn't bother me too much anyway as I seem to draw to brainless games (my totan and star wars have enough depth for me - sorry! L ).

I do like flow though, and this game seems to flow nicely, partly because there's not that much on the playfield in the way toys. Only the hoop and a couple of saucers to hold the game up, and these don't hold the ball for any amount of time either. The outer loop is fine, but I would of liked to have seen something, maybe a spinner, on the right hand loop. It's just a loop with rollovers, nothing clever.

The clever bits all end up being targeted at the hoop - the main hoop ramp, the saucer launcher, and the right ramp all fire the ball at the hoop. Quite satisfyingly too, I may add. The drops are ok but you do get a lot of airballs off them resetting, as well as LOADS of airballs off a short post opposite the drops. I think they might have to rethink that area as it really lifted the ball in the air a lot.

I liked the basketball-spinning disc in the middle playfield. It doesn't spin all the time, maybe 60% of the time. Don't know what sets it off but the pops seemed to get it whizzing. Yeh, it adds a bit of randomness to the play but I felt it saved me as many balls as it did lose me balls. I did like the way it sometimes threw the balls into the standup targets occasionally. The really nice thing about the spinner is it reminds me of a basketball player switching directions to avoid opponents when running down the field, if you get my drift? Dunno if that's intentionally designed, or just me reading too much into it?

The sound was ok. The guy reels off player's names that have no meaning to me, and he says you've got MVP a hell of a lot. I have no idea what MVP is? I thought MVP was a large car for moving lots of people about? Or is that a MPV? Anyway, I'm sure a real fan will understand all the basketball terms and quotes. I liked the rubber sole squeak you get on the slings though. (update - i know MVP stands for Most Valuable Player now)

So, overall, I quite like this game, not the theme, but the game played great for me. No, I wouldn't / couldn't buy one, but I would play it again if saw it. I reckon it'd go down a storm in sports bar (in the US) or basketball stadium.

Oh, lastly, 24 was there too. Enjoyed that too but NBA was faster and felt better to me.
There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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