NBA Fastbreak

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There are 120 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
This is a great change of pace pin. There really is nothing quite like it. But it's a lot of fun. The basketball scoring is only broken up through the trivia mode which is worth way too many points. But it's a lot of fun trying to get the highest score on all the teams, and to chase championship rings.

I like that the high score prioritizes rings above score. So if you are playing as the Knicks and you put up 165 points, but didn't win a ring, you won't beat the previous high score of someone that scored 115 points but got a ring with the Knicks. It makes for a super addictive experience on location. Underappreciated upon its release, and judging by its current ranking outside the top 100, it's still underappreciated.
4 months ago
Such a refreshing, unique pin! The scoring mechanics mean scores are closer to (appropriately) basketball scores than traditional pinball scores. There are some really fun and satisfying combos to hit, and the gimmicks (backglass ping-pong hoop, shooting the pinball into a basketball hoop) are really quite fun.

I really appreciate the game design; it's quite accessible and gives good goals for any part of a game. Perhaps my only complaint is the trivia (a very minor part of the game) is tough for someone who doesn't remember 90's NBA history that well!
5 months ago
Played this for the first time last weekend and had a blast. If I could find a really nice one, I might take the plunge. (no pun)
8 months ago
Most fun machine for a beer party!
1 year ago
50 anniversary nba! Top basket
1 year ago
Really fun- played this head to head with another Fastbreak- made for a nice change from a conventional pin but still had modes and objectives. You’ve got to score points into the basket- it had a nice feel to the shots and wasn’t too stop and go. Probably good in a big collection as it’s not too complex. Good theme integration with the passing to get past the defence and shooting into the hoop
1 year ago
Played several times at The Pinball Office club in the UK.

I wouldn’t say this is a brilliant pin, but it is extremely good fun. You’re trying to score basketball points, often by shooting the middle ramp to dunk the ball.

Thematically excellent, it feels like you’re playing a game of basketball, and is easy to walk-up and play. Possibly more a novelty pin than a great one, it’s still great for casual play!

I loved the flipper, ball and basketball net in the backglass, as well.
1 year ago
NBA Fastbreak is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasure game. Regardless of the simple ruleset and minor design flaws, I still have a blast and come back to it time and time again.


Some of the most unique ramps and utilization of ramp diverters I’ve seen.

The game is just really smooth, with little to no clunk to the game play.

The rules, while simple, are fun.

Back box toy is fairly interesting, and doesn’t detract to the game by any means.

Sounds are pretty solid, though nothing outstanding.

Art is also solid, though again, nothing outstanding.


The game’s simple rules may detract for some people.

In the paint, while a novel concept, is clunky and a little frustrating at times, especially if there is anything wrong with the game.

While not something I’ve noticed while playing this most recently, I have seen that if the game is slightly off level, there can be many Pop Bumper SDTM drains (similar to JJP GNR, though to a lesser extent).

The Crazy Bob modes are a bit too point heavy in my opinion.

Game can be considered a bit of a novelty rather then an excellent game.

Overall, NBA Fastbreak, while a novelty, is still quite a good game I would recommend people to either try out or give another shot.

(Edit: lowered some scores, as I thought my overall rating was too high, and they were areas that might not have deserved as high a rating).
1 year ago
Finally got to play this after hearing so much about it. The version I played had updated LED lighting with flashing purple LED lighting along the sides, which enhanced the gameplay. The lighting, however, runs in contrast to the basketball "hardwood" color. The playfield just isn't very creative and is covered by a bunch of ramps and toys and lights. It looks overloaded at times.

What it lacks in design it makes up for in gameplay which, as it turns out, is pretty clever. You basically have to make certain shots to score points (basketball points, not pinball points -- though, there is a ROM which allows pinball points as well) against your "opponent". Great idea to have a basket and shot clock as well as the cool gimmick where you put the ball in play around the basket and "pass" to your "teammates" (kickers) so that they can "shoot" when they're open (there's a small plastic "player" that rolls around and attempts to "block your shot". I also like the fact that, if you miss, if the ball falls into another kicker, you can almost always "rebound" and shoot the ball again. Very clever.

The issue I have is that the shots are fairly easy to hit and shooting the same ramps feels repetitive and you get tired of scoring so many baskets -- especially when the computer opponent doesn't have any sort of "score" for you to keep up with. The game is the most fun when you have another player or group of players to play against.

The callouts aren't great as you simply have an "announcer" who calls your "game" and it just feels like leftovers from Midway's "NBA Jam". Yeah, he occasionally tells you what to do but the DMD does most of the work in that department which, I suppose, is more welcome than an announcer saying "shoot that ramp" or "hit that orbit".

Overall, I like it but it's a better multi-player party game than a solo shooter.
1 year ago
Overall a great pin to own! Has a lot of challenging tasks to do. Love the counter for hurry up baskets. Wouldn’t mind owning this pin again! I would rate 8 out of 10.
2 years ago
The gameplay is ok. The toys are neat. The callouts are probably the most annoying of any table I’ve ever played. Maybe a good game for NBA superfans but not a great shooter by any means.
2 years ago
This game really surprised me. I wasn't expecting much since I'm not a fan of basketball, but it was a blast to play.
2 years ago
This was a game I got and thought I would keep it forever because I loved the theme. 90's basketball was the best. BUT the rules were a little too easy. Out of all of the basketball games I have had this is still my favorite. Sadly this will be the next pinball machine for me that goes up for sale/trade. If I was made of money, I would keep it.
2 years ago
Just plain fun
2 years ago
Didn't really enjoy this game. Drains down the middle off pop bumpers too often. Maybe if invest time it might be fun but it didn't capture enough of my interest to play more than 5 games.
2 years ago
This game is just fun and different. I'm no NBA fan but for some reason I had to keep playing.
2 years ago
I don't understand how this machine is not in the Top 50. A lot of shots, unique gameplay, just incredibly fun and addictive. Strong 90ies vibes. Love the callouts. Only downside is the meh art and the uninspired cabinet. Wish there were nice specific team mods, so i could add some 76ers bling.
2 years ago
I was pleasantly surprise once I had this game at home for the first time. Really fun to try and beat all the team high scores and really like the action button as part of throwing you off regular gameplay. Plays fast and you can definitely get some quick drains, but there are a lot of shots to hit for a two flipper game. Would really love to get a second one for head to head which is really unique
2 years ago
very surprised,it's fun with a lot of things to when you understand rules
a really good game underrated
3 years ago
This game does not get the credit it deserves. It should be in the top 50. Great layout with lightening fast gameplay and awesome callouts. I love the hype 90’s jock jam style music too. Plus It’s haaard, The one more game factor is ever present on this table. One of Gomez best for Bally. I Love that it scores like a basketball game instead of a pin. It’s fantastic for two player and league settings. I’m on my 3rd NBAFB now. It’s a great game...and I’m not even a sports fan.
3 years ago
Fun, easy game to get in to. All skill level players will enjoy. Having 29 different high scores to beat always makes you feel like you have a chance to put your initials in, at least in a home environment. I think the scoring is great and unique.

Watch out for cracks in the hoop on the left ramp. Make sure blue rubber by Crazy Bobs is there and also the plastic defender.
3 years ago
As a basketball fan, particularly 90s basketball, I’m bound to be a little biased. That said, this machine is a lot of fun. You can score hoops in many different ways and I love the added features and toys. All narrated with commentary from the same voice as NBA Jam. What could be better?
3 years ago
This is an excellent sports theme pinball. I loved the NBA Jam video game from the 90’s and this captures much of the same feel in a pinball (with, I believe, many of the same players from NBA jam and the announcer too!). Scoring is unique. The rule set fits theme nicely.

Pros: unique basketball scoring, real nba players from the 90’s, great announcer and stadium sounds, shoot around is a very cool gimmick, play as your favorite team!

Cons: art is lacking, and game can be “clunky”. Nothing worse than hitting the left ramp clean and having it ‘clank on the U’ and bounce back straight down the middle.
3 years ago
I truly believe this is one of the most underrated pins out there. The fun factor is off the charts. Link up 2 games and it's insanely fun!
3 years ago
Awesome game.
There are 120 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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