NBA Fastbreak

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Game design: 7.875

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Other Aspects: 7.897

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There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
This is a surprisingly fun game and I am not a basketball fan. The scoring is really unique in that it is scored like a basketball game. I got 112 on my first game which is evidently a pretty good score. I would certainly buy one of these if I came across one at the right price.
8 months ago
Really fun and different way of playing and scoring in a pinball table.

The whole setup and scoring strategy took me a while getting used to- but unlike World Cup Soccer this game really manages to engage you in the action and make it interesting and addictive. And at this point it is worth mentioning that I usually prefer soccer-matches over basketball any day of the week.....

Gameplay is fast but not brutal with a interesting combination of shots possible. The main gimmick, a center target which is to be shot from one of four habitrails, aside from the main ramp, really adds to the fun here, although it brings a lot of stop-n-go to the actual play.

Being so odd as a game. I'm not sure about lastability for this pinball in a small collection. But its definitively a fun and accessible pinball........

Only negative thing to be said about Fastbreak is that the cabinet art looks horrible. Everything else is pretty neat.
9 months ago
NBA Fastbreak is a very fun game with a nice shot layout and a refreshing ruleset. Love to play the one in a bar near my house.
10 months ago
Dont understand why the rating isnt in the top 50.
Personally I find this to be one of the funniest pinball machines I've played. And I've played literally 100 pinball machines.
Considering I'm a die hard 1990s NBA fan, this one works for me, LOL.
I really love that Scottie Pippen dunking on Patrick Ewing from Game 6 of the 1994 Conference semi finals is on the Playfied artwork and that is just straight up awsome. That dunk is arguable the greatest playoff dunk of all time. I was blessed to have been at that game, and let me tell you, when Ewing hit the floor the seats rumbled and I mean literally. The reaction from Spike Lee was priceless.
From a historical standpoint, that was the last NBA playoff game ever played at the Old Chicago Stadium, and the Bulls totally blew the Knicks out that night. Great way to end Bulls history in that arena. Other than that they didnt win the championship that year, it was still an exciting season considering Jordan was playing baseball. The Bulls sure suprised the world that season and had major heart lead by my favorite player of all time, Scottie Pippen. Had it not been for a horrific end of game call by referee Hugh Hollins in game five at Madison Square Gardens, the Bulls would of ended the series at home in game 6 and moved on to dismantle the Pacers ,who they owned that season.
LoL. Did I forget to mention how the pinball machine plays? LOL. Sorry for my ramblings .....Okay, it's a great fun game. At least I sure think so.
I am a proud owner of this game and for me it's a keeper..
10 months ago
First I will say I am not a basketball guy. . . but I really liked playing this game. The basket shot made the game. Would I own one? Probably not. Would I play the game again? You Bet!
11 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 6 - average

* Scoring in Basketball points is actually great fun nobody feels like they can't win on ball 3
* Call outs from same person as NBA Jam really good
* Setting a High Score for 29 teams is a great challenge
* Easy fan layout for beginners to enjoy
* Trying to win a championship ring is a good challenge for more advanced players
* Interactive backglass is fun to play

* Very unlikely linked machines would sit in a home environment
* Topper & side panels though they look okay, take up much more space
* Trivia is outdated in today's age

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* None that I know of here

What To Look For When Buying
* Main basket ramp nearly always broken or cracked in the hoop part
* Left scoop shot rubber can be missing and hard to replace
* Shoot button on lockdown bar can be damaged
1 year ago
this games amazing really fun nails the theme and is refreshing to play after so many deep games sounds are great feels like being at a game plus all the ballers i grew up with pick it up now prices are gonna go crazy
1 year ago
My wife and I first played this at PHOF in Vegas, and were hooked. Spent some time trying to find one and 2 years later picked up a very nice example of the game. In our collection, this pin offers a lot of value for the money. This game is very unique with it's pf layout and associated basketball scoring (option to change to traditional scoring) and has a ton going on. Although it represents the theme very well, you don't have to be a fan of basketball to enjoy the gameplay. Great for all level of players.
1 year ago
Played the linked pins and really enjoyed it so I bought a single one. At first I thought it may not compare to the linked ones. We have owned for a bit and played many games. It’s actually a very fun pin. Both me and the wife enjoy it. Has some very fun feature like passing it around the key to not get blocked, the hot dog round and shoot in the back glass. The announcer sounds the same as nba jam and which makes it even better. Very 90s look and feel from the announcer to the music and sound effects. I don’t see this as a great single pin but multiple pin collection and playing with friends it’s a blast. You comeback for more wanting to beat the different teams score.

Pleasantly surprised by this pin
1 year ago
a winner for basket ball fans !
1 year ago
Very fun game , if you like basketball it really feels like it.
Unique layout and scoring system with great callous and croud cheering.
1 year ago
Very fun and adults both enjoy playing
1 year ago
I should start by saying that I'm not a fan of actual basketball at all. This game is really well-designed, though, with some innovative features (including the "Million Dollar" shot that can allow you to save a lost game) that are absent in other titles. There's a mini-game built into the backglass, every team has their own high score (and you need to beat both the number of championship rings as well as the overall score), and the replay value is addictive. Even by itself, even if you're not a fan of basketball, this is a winner.

As the first (and, I believe, only!) linked game, though, it really shines: we ended up picking up a second one, and doing a little legwork to link them, and they're amazing. The end result is a timed game which is both competitive (in that you're still playing against your opponent), but also cooperative: you share multiballs and modes.

I can't imagine why this title isn't higher in the rankings: likely the theme is keeping it down. It's a sleeper, though, whether you have one unit or two. Do yourself a favor and play one. And, pinball manufacturers: give us more linked machines. This format has a ton of unexplored potential!
1 year ago
Very unique theme integration. Great style. This game has aged like a fine wine. Many unique things going on with this pin. We played 2 linked games and it was a blast.
2 years ago
Wow, this is definitely one of the most unique games I'd played.


You can link up 2 games and play against, the only way this is happening is in a big arcade)
You get to shoot baskets, pass, and play the game, like you would play a basketball game, more or less
Shot clock, cool feature
different ramps for baskets, foul shots field, 3 pointer etc..
Back glass just ties in the basketball theme in more


it's a very slow game. By that I mean you shoot, get the ball back to your flipper some times 30 seconds later, then shoot, etc..
Its great for it's uniqueness but you need to have other games in your line ups. Otherwise it's not the most action pack game.

I'm not a big basketball fan, but enjoys my pinball games. is their a hockey pin? lol

Fun game, fun stats, 29 teams, 29 high scores or something like that.
2 years ago
some don't like this game. I love it because its completely different than other pinball machines. the scoring and theme are integrated great. this game needs more love from pinball but it doesnt get it because it because it scores different and it a sports theme
2 years ago
Really fun pin. All the shots are really great, smooth orbit and ramps, diverter on the left ramp, fun center shot to score. Not much bad to say about this one except the cabinet artwork is pretty plain. I have mine lit up nicely with Comet LEDs. Very solid pin, great for kids, they love to try and get the high scores for all the different teams. There is a real basketball hoop in this one and multiple ways to score with it. 4 spots kick up the ball while also having to pass it to avoid the defender. Of course the shot up the middle is the easiest way to score, but also the left ramp diverter goes up and that ramp wraps around to score a shot also.
2 years ago
Love this game. Think NBA Jam, but the pinball version. Same great announcer. NBA and NBAPA licenses (all the greats from the 90's in the NBA, minus Jordan of course). Very fun, traditional basketball scoring unlike the millions/billions of points you typically see in pinball games and the fact you can pass the pinball back and forth to avoid the defender to score a basket is really cool.

If you haven't played this game and you're a fan the NBA in the 90's, this is a must for you.
3 years ago
NBA Fastbreak is fast, bright and fun.

Very different from most pins. Scoring is more like basketball, soring in 2s and 3s not millions. I'm still working through the rule set. It seems to be fairy deep yet all the scoring seems to be achieved by repeating the same enjoyable shots over and over again.

Its a fun play, keeps me wanting to play one more game.

Backglass is unique too in that there is a game within the game played inside the backglass.

I wish the game had a little more typical pinball, pop bumper action, drop targets, etc. But I suppose with a collection of pins, it's nice to have variety.
3 years ago
I've played on it quite a lot (on location), and it's a pretty fun and challenging game, with an original scoring and some interesting shots to take. The theme works okay: I love NBA and basketball, although I wasn't thrilled about its use on this pin. The sounds can get very repetitive, and can quickly become annoying.

An other thing, certainly explained (I guess) by the mini-game implemented in the backbox: this pin doesn't have a knocker. Which is sad, especially on location.
3 years ago
Totally underrated! This pin is a lot of fun and unlike any other pin.
3 years ago
Really nice machine, unusual scoring but excellent for the theme (very well implemented). Not a hard, challenging game, but very good for guests, and parties.
3 years ago
Played at a Meet. Two were connected up and we were playing each other for number of baskets. Nice fun game.
3 years ago
I have not yet won a championship ring, but I have witnessed it.
3 years ago
NBA Fastbreak is really cheap for a late-90s Bally/Williams game, but it's got some cool stuff going on. I think the strange scoring and gimmicky presentation keep it from being a strong "pinball player's" game. It's a clunky game. A lot of shots will lead to the durdley top area where you'll be waiting for the ball to dribble down. The mini games like trivia and the backbox game offer too many points for what they are. Other than that, as far as gimmick games go this one is a lot of fun in short bursts like many of them are.
There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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