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Pinside rating

This game received 133 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.332 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #199 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.647

Artwork: 6.919

Sounds/Music: 6.554

Other Aspects: 7.468

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 3 of us have rated this game.


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Found 78 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Great Machine. The interactive ball lap is great. This machine seems outdated for 2006, but overall isn't a bad game.
4 years ago
This pin has the typical cheap feel and bad artwork that we have come to tolerate from Stern. The racetrack ball-release gimmick is pretty darn cool. Otherwise, this pin is totally forgettable.
4 years ago
One of my favorite stern games
4 years ago
i played it on location a few times,i thought it was good, nice flow...i like the ball doin the loop,it gives it the nascar feel,the machines i played were solid ,top 150 yes top 100 no, it seems to me it could b rated better or i need more time on it, all in all good game,not a keeper for me...
4 years ago
I got Nascar on a trade fully expecting to move it out of the collection quickly but it has turned out to be a much better machine that I thought it would be. It's fast, has a pretty good ruleset and is a hard game to put up good scores on. The outer track/shooter lane that goes around the outside of the PF is one of the coolest features I have seen in a pin. Between the scoop, the testcar and the outer track multiballs are chaos on this machine and multiballs are usually fairly short "for me at least". I have yet to get CHAMP1 mode started but I keep trying.

Not sure how long Nascar will stay in the collection but like I said it is much better than expected.
5 years ago
I was surprised to see this was made in 2005... it does feel a bit dated, but it still plays very well despite that. I'm no fan of NASCAR, but this machine is surprisingly fun. I'm clearly in the minority, and I'm okay with that. The sound is weak and the theming COULD be better, but hey, it's a nice playing machine. While I don't see this as a 6/6 "Fun" game, it's the only way I could get the rating where I wanted it... so there's that.
5 years ago
This is a really fun pin, and I have to admit that the theme doesn't really appeal to me. It has one of the most unique ways to plunge, and I never tire of seeing the ball race around the outside loop race track. The start to multiball is amazing -- one of the best intros I've seen. Overall, a solid pin that is just a real rush to play.
5 years ago
i had alot of fun playing this, the few times that i did play, i enjoyed the lap around the table before shooting out and enjoyed the machine , i cant wait to play this again !
5 years ago
An ok game. You really need to like NASCAR to love this one. The way the ball loops around is really cool.
5 years ago
If you're not a NASCAR fan the game looks OK at best. The ball making the few laps around the field is a cool idea but gets old after a while. It adds nothing to the fun rating.
The field has a fair number of toys and stuff to go after but nothing I would describe as a target rich environment. The flow was about average.
Overall an OK pinball but nothing I would spend space or money on.
5 years ago
I've found this to be a great playing machine that seems to be underappreciated due to the theme. It has a deep ruleset, tons of modes, a good fan style layout, fast ramps, and great flow. It's fun progressing thru the modes and there is a nice amount of variety in them. There are even 2 wizard modes to work towards.

The gimmick of this pin is the pinball making laps around the playfield after the plunge and during the start of multi-ball, but it's one that fits the theme perfectly. I'm not a NASCAR fan and I don't know much about the sport, but I think a racing theme can make for a fun pinball. The music during the game is good. However, the version of "I Can't Drive 55" that plays during multi-ball is pretty bad. That's my biggest complaint about this game after owning it for over a year.

Stereotypes about the theme seem to be the main thing keeping pinheads from enjoying this machine, so I feel like it floats under the radar a bit. In all fairness, there are also some stereotypes that exist about grown men that collect pinball machines too :) Overall, this game is fast, deep, and challenging. My guests love it and I can honestly say I would rather play this game than dozens of machines in the top 100.
6 years ago
Really fast! An unusual game that is under-rated. Unpredictable, keeps you on your toes and quite challenging.
6 years ago
One of the best plunge features ever....but it would get old. Sure looks cool on the first game though.

Overall a nice game, modes, tough shoots, nice art. Just doesn't have to be played as far as I am concerned. Almost never see people playing it. I liked it.
6 years ago
I must have played this table the most since it was always the one I found vacant, but I still love it
6 years ago
Great game,fast and has a great lay out
6 years ago
After playing a couple of games , you will start to get bored. The ball making a couple of laps around the playfield is pretty cool at first, but that even gets old after the first couple of times. The game was built about the time Stern really started to cut back on their machines and this game really shows it. I would only have one in my collection if I could pick one up real cheap locally and thats because I have plenty of room for additional pins. If your tight on space, don't even waste your money and tie up a space where you could have a much better pinball siting.
6 years ago
Updated: I've had NASCAR for 6 weeks now, and my opinion of it has gone up. I created a diagram of the rules, and doing that made me realize that it's as deep as LOTR. The game is packed with mechanisms: 6 diverters, 3 accelerator magnets, 3 VUKs, 3 drop targets and a "spinning car". The hauler and test car mechanisms are clever. I'm not a Nascar fan at all, and the callouts are a little grating at first (they grow on you). The music is pure Chris Grannar, very system11-like. The game is all about earning CHAMP letters to get to the wizard mode (I've gotten close several times). It's probably the most balanced game I've ever played: all the shots are important. I like that after lighting Extra Ball, you have to earn it by completing the drops. "Hard Racin'" rewards combos of the right ramp and right orbit.

I suspect that NASCAR suffers on location, because there are so many mechanical things that could break and make it no fun to play. However a dialed-in version of this game is fast and very fun. Those few laps at the beginning just give me time to grab a quick swig of beer.

The garage kickout can be fixed so it doesn't go down the middle. Use mylar to tape an 1/8" piece of cardboard on the left side of the scoop. That will push the ball to one side as it goes out.
6 years ago
I really don't see why this game is underrated; NASCAR is a pretty fun game to play on. Had the opportunity to play it and loved the features that were available. Strategy involved as well; the Mode Bonus could be worth sooo many points if you play your modes right. Shame that the left ramp didn't work properly when I last played it; really wanted to get into Multiball.
6 years ago
The first thing you will notice playing NASCAR is the ball going around the playfield after launching the ball. This is neat for the first 3-4 games. After that it takes way too long and is very annoying. The art package is below average, and the sound on this one is really bad. This game is probably the fastest pin Pat Lawlor has designed, but also is one of his worst. Game has a few fun moments, but is a below average game for me.
6 years ago
This is on my short list to own. It in fact is the very first pin I decided I wanted to own. If I ever get one I'm going to have to change out the test car, it's so ugly.
6 years ago
Poor theme, ok to play
6 years ago
NASCAR was designed in the year 2005 by Pat Lawlor. NASCAR gave Pat a break from his stop-and-go games like "The Addams Family" and "Twilight Zone" and instead focused on combing the layout and flow of a Steve Ritchie game with the adrenaline and excitement of a Pat Lawlor game. Did they succeed? IMHO they certainly did.


- Don't get me started on how well the speedway plunger is integrated into the machine. It fits the theme amazingly well, it's an eye-catching gimmick, and it draws a crowd over. Certainly a high point - if there was a High Speed III it could definitely benefit from this! :)
- Extremely fast playfield with little time to relax between shots - you have to be on your guard at all times, and that's what I love about pinball!
- Drop targets are important in a modern game for once, they're used for collecting Super Jackpots and other high-scoring objectives
- Mode Bonus is awesome - when they reused this for Spider-Man Stern knew this was a good idea
- Shots can be backhanded and comboed on a regular basis
- Unique modes like The Esses, Speed Shots and Hard Racing that add to the experience
- Garage missions are actually worthwhile to play because of potentially huge scoring that can be doubled in Mode Bonus
- All the flashers. There are yellow ones on the test car that light up for certain objectives, and GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GO GO GO!
- Left ramp diverter mechanic - enter the Hauler or lock a ball for Multiball. Can you find the secret ball lock?
- Bonus matters here (apparently someone collected an 187m bonus on one ball)
- Sound is great when you amp up the volume
- The flippers definitely are improved from previous Stern games, they feel a lot more like reliable Bally Williams flippers now


- Much more air balls than average on a Stern machine, should have called it "Air-Nascar"
- Garage missions can be pointless - what's the point of Test Car, I do nothing but time it out when it pops up
- Manual plunger is useless - I want to see an engine key like in that Getaway mod
- Infield Party and Super Party sounds grate on your nerves after a while, they're like Doh Frenzy but not funny at all, just annoying
- Some elements are borrowed from "Ripleys Believe it or Not" like the CHAMP#1 progression
6 years ago
Another one on my wish list. I love the outer racetrack on this game. So cool! I don't even like nor follow Nascar but really enjoyed playing this game. I felt it had good flow and some cool shots. Love the multi-ball on this with the balls zooming around the racetrack. This would definitely be a keeper for me.
7 years ago
The laps that the ball takes when plunged is well done. However, in my opinion the game play is poor otherwise. The playfield layout is not good and the shot selection is limited. My kids enjoyed it to just bang the ball around but I don't believe this is a great pin for an avid player
7 years ago
I personally think they could have done better with such a great theme but was surprised how much fun this thing is , is a stern that is not expensive , I will own one in my collection
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 4.

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