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This game received 133 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.332 /10


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This game ranks #199 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.647

Artwork: 6.919

Sounds/Music: 6.554

Other Aspects: 7.468

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Found 78 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
It feels very mediocre to me. Other than the launch laps, there is nothing that really sticks out. Not bad...but not really noteworthy. I am not a nascar guy, though, so that may make a difference.

They are pretty cheap compared to other pins of the era, so you could check it out on the cheap if you think you would like it.
7 months ago
I sold mine to buy another machine. Still trying to buy another Nascar. It is a great car themed game. The ball doing laps on launch is one of the coolest launches I have ever seen. The game plays great and is fun. Pat Lawlor is my favorite designer. He makes unique games, shots and themes. Try one if you see it. Its just a fun cheaper game.
7 months ago
This game was a suprise I was not expecting much from it. After owning it though I really like it very unique layout with lots of satisfying shots. Rules are not super deep but it's challenging to get to both wizard modes.
8 months ago
When I finally played one on location I was surprised how fun the game is with all the low ratings. Fantastic value as it has Pat Lawlor rules with Ritchie flow.

Underrated for fun and I’m neutral on the theme.
1 year ago
Fun game to play. Not a big fan of Sammy Hagar but I guess it suits the game and gives it that extra bit when you get multiball. The only thing I have noticed that I don't anyone else has pointed out is during multiball the strobes sort of blind you and you can drain balls rather quickly because of it, it only last the 1st few seconds but still its rather annoying. Not sure if its just the game I'm playing on or if its just my playing style but seems like there tend to be a lot of airballs in this one. I really like the outside track and its a very cool an unique design.
1 year ago
After reading many terrible reviews on this game, I was opposed to buying one, even being a car guy. I’m sure glad I pulled the trigger and gave it a try. This really is a lot of fun and the fact the ball runs around the outside is really cool even during multi ball. These are very under rated for the price they can be bought for. The only reason I can think is not everyone is a nascar fan but it nails the theme perfectly. Lots of great and fun shots. Would highly recommend to someone that is a car fan and looking for a fun relatively inexpensive pin.
1 year ago
Very underrated
1 year ago
"NASCAR" is a mixed bag. It's geared toward an audience which I'm not a part of. That's fine. I can still appreciate what they were going for. Stern did this kind of game better with "Mustang" which had much more tolerable audio and callouts, a better light show and a real sense of fun. This feels like a cheap knock-off -- though the ball which races around the playfield is pretty clever...even though it really doesn't serve any other purpose except to look cool. Shots are easy enough to hit and it has a decent ruleset but, as I said, Stern has done better than this.
1 year ago
Going through my scores for rating this game, most categories are hard to rate above "decent" yet the game itself is fun, especially compared to other options in its price range. There's a lot of game to be found here--plenty of modes that are fun to shoot, easy to understand what you NEED to shoot and its known when the mode has finished. Sure there's a little extra twang to the call-outs (awwwwwwww maynnnn) and I thought fake Sammy Hagar would annoy me as much as "pop a wheelie Otto!' did on TSPP, but I'm not bothered by the sounds on this game.

The game's art and theming is a bit bland, but there's a lot of space for 3D printed mods and such to turn the playfield into more of a specific NASCAR track such as Daytona, Bristol, or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The generic Test Car can be swapped with a 1:43 or 1:50 scale diecast car of your favorite/least favorite/cheapest car you can find.

If you can find one at a good price, it's worth a spot in your lineup.
1 year ago
Looking at the pins rated above this one, NASCAR is under-rated. Especially if you are a NASCAR fan. I watch NASCAR in the spring/summer until football season starts, so I like NASCAR, but I'm not a super fan. The pin theming is excellent and the gimmick of the outer loops/laps in unique and hitting the car is good. No skill shot as a consequence of the loop gimmick though. The mechanism for the garage under the test car is clunky and needs the service bulletin repairs. I had a hard time finding this pin at a location that was in decent shape and in good working (intended) condition. When I found one in good condition for sale, I bought one because I really wanted to like it and give it a try when working good. Once it was dialed in and the service bulletins applied, it played great. The scoring rules are good (not too deep or difficult), different multiball modes that make it interesting and provide some challenge. Non-pinhead friends and family find it fun and play it as much as my other pins. I've had it now for 6 months and the honeymoon is over for me, but I'll probably keep it for a year or so (until I need that space for a new pin) as it is a good short game pin that adds some balance to my collection and is popular with friends for now.
1 year ago
NASCAR - well I played NASCAR, Dale Jr limited edition. I think the magnets that shoot the ball round and round to the sound of a race car is fantastic and the excitement that comes from the commentators ad to the fun. Shots can be made with a bit of practice and the flow of the game is really good. Three drop targets when multi-ball is lit is a great challenge and the targets could have been better placed if you ask me but over all the game is fun and that's why we play. The garage under the pop up test car and side of truck entry that needs to be timed perfectly to enter add to the theme. I rate NASCAR an 8 out of 10.
2 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Not a game I was looking to play as the theme does absolutely nothing for me, but really enjoyed a few plays!

The Good:
-The track going around the game (where the ball is the race car) is so cool. I can see where it might get old after awhile, but it's a very cool theme integration.
-Some of the modes are really good! I love the multiball on this game!
-Really well designed shots geometrically
-A relatively cheap Lawlor DMD game!
-Decent animations and call outs.
-Feels sturdy and solid

The Bad:
-that cool track around the outside edge takes up quite a bit of valuable real estate. As a result, the game comes off feeling a bit narrow and odd in terms of being a full sized game. Might have been cooler as a wide body with the inside of the track being a normal sized pin?
-the artwork is so bad. This was the era when Stern was just phoning in the artwork
-some of the sounds are pretty weak (synthesized guitar sounds)

Not a bad game and one I'd love more time on. Not ready to commit to buying one just yet, but pleasantly surprised!
2 years ago
A fun and exciting game to play. There are so many different game objectives its hard to keep track of them all, but that's what keeps the game fresh. You can shoot for different objectives depending on how that particular game is going. The balls making laps around the outside track is a really fun feature. Having worked with NASCAR for several years, the theme is dead on point, but you don't have to be a fan of the sport to enjoy this game.
3 years ago
The ball zooming around the outside is a cool feature and it ties in nicely with the theme. Unfortunately, the theme just isn't for me.
3 years ago
This game is a blast for me to play. Lots of shots on both sides. Played it in an arcade and quickly purchased one for my home. Not rated as high as it should be, and can usually pick one up for a good deal.
3 years ago
Much more fun to play than expected. Track loop is great and sets the racing theme as soon as the ball is launched, but the Crash Test car seemed to break often and there really aren't any other toys or unique features besides those. Game play is rewarding though and modes are activated quickly. Fun to play. DMD animations were definitely an after thought.
3 years ago
I just added NASCAR to my collection and I like it very much. Theme is cool, and the flow is good. Some of the playfield toys look cheesy, but overall a very fun game to play. Would recommend.
3 years ago
Very fast and a lot of action. It's a great game to play. The usual complaints I hear such as the garage shooting the ball down the middle can easily be fixed with a little tweaking. Keeping some wax on it especially in the outer loop keeps balls moving efficiently. I find this game to be moderately easy but a lot of fun to play. Although, I am not a fan of Nascar. I am a huge fan of this game. It seems the more I play this game the more fun I have playing it. Go Fast! Turn Left!!
3 years ago
not a bad other pinballs..not too high when compared to other concepts
3 years ago
Underrated game imo. Much better than many much higher ranked games I have played. Plays very fast at times which I enjoy. Rule set is fairly deep, so it doesn't get stale quick. Has some nice features like captive ball, test car and outside track. Pf art is not bad. Lots of possibilities and space to add some toys to the pf. The animations could be better, but I'm sure would look much improved in color. Wish it had a video mode like BSD, AFM or HS2. The creators did not utilize this theme to its potential for sure, but it's still a pretty fun game overall and a good buy at current prices.
3 years ago
I picked up a NASCAR a month or so ago and now I feel like I can review it. To keep it short, I think the game plays better than it looks or sounds. The playfield itself looks good, I like the layout. Shots are still satisfying, especially the right side of the playfield. I love the 3 drops as a big part of the game.

I think the animations are underrated and would (will?) take on new life with a colorDMD. The ball lock ramp is cool, the hauler miles rules are a nice attainable grind, and modes like Speed Shots and Victory Lap are still as fun as they were the first time.

The car bash toy is cool it works and it's not a real killer like so many center bash toys are, but it's awfully bland looking. How more effort wasn't put into dressing it up, I do not know. When I got the game I was dreading having to do a repair on the hauler truck in the back left but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to access. Other than standard pains of ramp removal, appears to be an easy game to work on. Getting the test car to NOT kick down the middle is THE important adjustment.

The ball launch circling the table is cool for sure, but it's best use is in a few modes where you have to hit a shot to release it from the track. On the plunge it's all novelty and results in no skill shot, which is a bit of a bummer.

Some sounds during gameplay are fantastic (like the hauler, the orbit shot or scanner) while others are not so awesome (music in general and the 'announcer')

The low point has to be the translite and the multiball music, which is just atrocious. It would be far better if it were just a roaring crowd and the sound of the jets flying over when you hit jackpots. Cabinet art is bland but not nearly as offensive as the terrible translite. Lastly, this may be nitpicking, but I hate the center drain hole. It's gaping and ugly and stares at you. I gotta think there was a better way to do that.

Overall I think it's a good player and at the going rate it's quite a nice buy if you can get one in good condition. High point is gameplay, low point is THAT MULTIBALL SONG and translite. The sound is both good and bad depending on what you're doing in the moment. This game is never to be confused for a classic table but is certainly not a dog either, and I think it takes some undeserved grief.
3 years ago
The 'loop' shot really impressed me when I first got in to pin. This can be fun. The one I had access to had many mechanical issues, so perhaps I'd alter my review if I were playing on a better-maintained machine.
It's in the Buffalo 'Turdament' for a reason...
3 years ago
NASCAR has some interesting features (the outer "race track" loop, the rotating car obstacles in the truck at the back of the left ramp, the rising and lowering car / garage toy in the center) but the game rules are ho-hum and the theme isn't for me. I did note that the game seemed to be thoughtfully designed. The drops on the right serve as the multiplier that most games have as lit rollovers towards the upper PF (usually by some pop - but the designers moved away from this format, which is generally good because it shows that they were actually trying to build a better mouse trap). For all of its interesting pieces, I just didn't get excited about my game and the shots were just sort of "sure, why not" feeling. Overall, an original and thoughtful design, but not dynamic or complex enough for me.

It's worth dropping a few quarters into on location to see the racing ball (think Getaway HS2 but expand the loop all the way around the playfield), but I'd imagine that only the most die-hard NASCAR racing fans will want this game in their collection for its theme alone.
4 years ago
Nascar bores me in general as a sport, but this game..... I like it ALLOT!! The call outs are great, music, and best of all I love when the ball takes laps around the playfield. Definitely near the top of my want list.
4 years ago
This game is definitely a "sleeper" - - one that does not command it's worth as yet!
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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