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Game Design: 7.287

Artwork: 7.97

Sounds/Music: 5.573

Other Aspects: 7.41

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There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
Great artwork on the backglass and playfield.
Rules take a little time to figure out, but the game is more interesting once you do. The sounds are not all that spectacular compared to more modern technology, but I still love the sound of the spinner spinning.

A Classic Bally Sleeper.
4 years ago
File Mystic under the "bingo card" or matrix style games from the 1979-80 Bally/Stern offerings. This one has a unique hook that every square on the card can represent two different symbols, thus making it two bingo cards in one. Stern's Big Game makes it a little more clear having three cards laid out separately on the playfield. Mystic is a bit confusing to get your bearings on, having each drop represent a square on the matrix, and each square being lit for one of two symbols, but it sure as hell isn't as confusing as Bally's Spectrum. The art package works for what it is, but how great would it have been to have had this as a Houdini theme? It's just a sidestep away, but not having that attached theme probably relegates this game to Bally's C-Squad of offerings from the early solid state era.
5 years ago
A game with an incredible artwork package by Kevin O'Connor (especially the backglass).

A solid design with an initial "ultra confusing" ruleset based on depth for its age.
"You must understand the all seeing eye..."
Many people still cannot score the gameplay on the first attempts, including the captured messenger ball.

For this point alone, it did not always do so well when it was originally produced for operators.
It came out just a little too early before its time of the early Bally golden era.
Two different backglasses produced.
Two different cabinets produced.
Various differences between production and early models.
Compete keeper, no matter which version you find.

Don't underestimate this title if you like early solid state machines.
I am looking for another to add back to my collection.
7 years ago
Really nice layout. Fun shots, spinners on both sides. Takes awhile to figure out how to score here but makes you want to learn more each game.
8 years ago
I love the artwork & color on this game, & I'm also a fan of drop targets & captive balls. So needless to say I was a fan of this game the first time I laid eyes on it. Don't see many for sale so when I had a chance to get one I did. I really enjoy it & it fits great in my collection where I have a few more modern style games with ramps & flashers. This is just pure pinball, simple but challenging. Yet there are still several ways to score on the game. Nailing lit spinners, knocking out the stars, going for the drops, or going after the captive ball. The sounds are typical of that era, obviously, but I like how they were done for this game. They seem to fit. Anyhow, between the looks & the layout & the rules,this seems to be an underrated game. You won't find many amazing reviews on it, yet when a nice one comes up for sale everybody wants it. If you are into ramps & flashers, this might not be for you. If you appreciate early SS Bally (& you should!), then its hard to go wrong with this game.
8 years ago
Even better when Vajazzled.
8 years ago
This is another game where you can be either really rewarded or really frustrated at the end of a ball. It's a classic design with drop targets, spinners and a saucer. The captive ball was a nice addition in place of in-line drops like on other games because the shot is always as drainy hit 1 through 5. I'm a particular nerd for this semi-Egyptian style art, so that's a big plus for me, and one of the main reasons I wanted to take it on as my first restoration project.
9 years ago
Mystic is a good example of how a simple layout can be made into a solid game with well thought out rules.

The Pros:
The KO'C art package makes a simple game look fantastic. Similar in layout to Evel Knievel with orbits, lanes and pops. The drop targets are the biggest difference along with the addition of a captive ball lane. A simple and solid layout by George Christian. Good rules make this deck shine requires you to shoot all targets, the captive ball for bonus x and the spinners.

The Cons:
The game can feel like it is too simple at times. If the setup is too easy, the game rolls over in no time flat. Of it it's set up to hard, your game time will be less than ninety seconds, all day long.

The Takeaway:
An understated design that plays great when setup correctly. If not set up correctly, this deck shows its tempermental nature. You'd better level this deck out before starting your game. Freshen the rubbers, wax it up and let her rip!

I got the chance to play a nicely "tuned" version of this table that was used in competition play and it was great. All 9 targets need to be selectively hit (depending on if they are lit white or orange) and then, bang away on the captive ball to increase the bonus multiplier to make the most of your 72's. Stars are nice for extra balls and specials, but for big scores, bonus seems to be the way to go! This design can be absolutely brutal especially once the ball heads towards the outlanes.
There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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