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Game Design: 7.767

Artwork: 7.509

Sounds/Music: 7.551

Other Aspects: 7.776

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There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
Mustang is a really cool game. Fun modes multiple multi ball theme and music well integrated. Game is fun.
1 year ago
Playing this machine is like operating a car, and a fancy one at that. The ramps represent all of drifts and turns that you are making, and there is also a neat exploit within the game's programming. If the second to last ball on the field drains, and you hit the add-a-ball, the game ends the multiball, but kicks another to the playfield. This means you can use more than one ball at a time. This is very useful when activating drift race, because you can rack up crazy style points and make your jackpots OP. However, there are iffy modes in this game. Cruisin' and the upgrade modes. For Cruisin you have to clear the mode to completion, even if you do give it a race qualified for drift. And you have to clear the mode twice. Also, if you have an upgrade mode lit and you are not progressing towards wizard mode, then it halts the progress there until you make an attempt at that mode. The best combination of those typed of modes are burnout multiball, Cruisin', and Upgrade Scoring. If you take a few bad modes, you can make one good one. That's the beauty of it. Sometimes, it's not about how bad the modes are, it's about how you take that mode and turn it into a good one. There is also what I like to call a kill score in this machine. If you score a certain amount, the game has a heart attack and says you have 18 quintillion points. Overall, it is a sleek car in its own right as I have stated earlier. Would recommend to car lovers!
3 years ago
Sleeper pin! Total blast to play!
3 years ago
As a mustang owner. And a boss premium owner I could not be happier with a pinball machine. Yes I overrated it. But it is extremely good. The 1.5 points extra come from being bias.

Play it and find out. And as a bonus allegedly only 100 boss premiums . We're made.

I love the modding stuff on this machine to. Just like the real thing is all about
3 years ago
I got the chance to sample this deck at Pinburgh (Thanks Trent Augenstein!) and this is my first impression after about a half dozen games.

The Pros:
A deceptively simple layout hides a number of shots that include a ramp that diverts in three directions and two of the best skill shots I have seen in a long time. I'd personally like to welcome back the whirlpool from the Creature from the Black Lagoon (nudging skills for extra rotations). Doughnut time reminds me of John Trudeau's Gottlieb/Premier days. The shots are well lit and the inserts guide the player very well to the goals of the modes. All the PF shots except for the 2 orbit/ramp shots keep the ball in the lower PF. It's not quite Creech, but it is fast and unforgiving. Considering the music pinball games coming out of Stern as of lately, the music choice on this table (the Beach Boys and The Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride" are absolutely perfect for this theme). This game sounds GREAT!

The Cons:
I don't like the center bank of deathshot drops and standups, but I also understand that this has to do with new player accessability and as well as risk/reward considerations. I can also see the pops wearing down on location making the upper 1/4th of the game a dead zone for gameplay.

The Takeaway:
This is a much better start than I thought this would be just looking at the pics on the website. I look forward to learning more about this game and will update this rating as I get more mileage on this table. Looking at the modes, I think this game is going to be more like Tron than AC/DC or MEtallica for deepness, but if the game is solid, that is all I'm looking for. To be Continued!!!

While not the most common Stern pinball game made, this design has aged well. Software updates have been good and there are many more subtle strategies to this game than initially appear. Start your game in Drag Race (1970) multiball featuring ACE OF SPADES by MOTORHEAD! A damn fine way to start any pinball game and safely knock out some gears targets. The Nitrous 2x playfield when used judiciously makes a huge difference in your scores. I usually shoot for it when the ball saver is on during multiball. The miniwizard mode as well as the final wizard mode are well balanced. While not incredibly deep, the layout is challenging. Expect to see it at many tournaments.

I personally happen to like this game better when it has a shaker installed in it.
4 years ago
I'm a sucker for fine cars and this game is obviously geared toward old muscle car and racing fans. The table plays extremely fast and has a great soundtrack to match. I dare you to try NOT to get into the groove on this machine while rocking out to Motorhead's "Ace of Spades", one of about a half dozen songs featured here to match the several versions of the Mustang over the years. The audio is crisp and clear and it feels, at times, like you're actually behind the wheel of the car, which I'm sure was the point. The playfield artwork is your typical Stern art, as tacky as a racing showroom floor, but features some nice shots. It would have been nice to have a couple more ramps but the shots are many and they're very cleverly themed so I'm not complaining. The different modes seem challenging enough but the shots can be so simple to make, you could run through them in no time. Ironically, obtaining the Multiball requires far too many precise shots which is annoying. Overall, the game works and stands as one of my favorites from Stern.
4 years ago
Fast and entertaining game. I really enjoyed the multiball and over all playability on this title. I'm not sure about how long it would last in a small collection, but at least it seems like a pinball that would appeal to a wide variety of people. This game certainly has that factor of fun and rewarding shots that is necessary to make it interesting.
6 years ago
I love cars, racing and music so I love this pinball machine. Fun to play and good light show. I like all the different game mode choices at the start of the game. Only modern car theme pinball. It is on my short list to purchase. Wish it had one more cool toy on it like garages that mustangs drive out of when you hit the garage doors or reached a certain goal. One can dream lol If you are a mustang fan this is a must for sure!
6 years ago
One need not be a Mustang enthusiast or muscle car fan to enjoy this machine. The various multiballs make for fun play, especially the relative ease of Gearshift MB, a nice way to get the game going.
6 years ago
Very underrated. Not a theme for me, but lots of fun to play when I can drop some coin into it.
7 years ago
The game is ok ... I like it. Fun to play for a few plays, but then it's on to another pin. Nothing really bad to say about it, but it does not hold my interest. Needs a 3rd party color DMD to maybe spruce it up a bit. I would play it on location or at a expo for a few plays. The car carousel is a cool feature but is not too exciting as a gimmick. If you are a Mustang gear head, you would probably love and cherish this pin.
7 years ago
I love this game because I am a car enthusiast and it reproduces the feeling quite well. It also has many very cool mods available in the market to upgrade and make it even cooler! It has a 1/18 scale model car on top a spinning turntable which can be replaced by your own model car if you want.

This is the first pinball machine I have bought for my Man's Cave and do not regret a single bit! I agree with other comments saying that this game is quite underrated, it is a hidden gem in my opinion.
7 years ago
The theme would also be original but unfortunately the design, the game and especially the music have failed
7 years ago
This game is 100% awsome , it looks stunning, out of the line up of TWD,Ironman, kiss,Wwe this is the one that grabbed our attention, it's fast and furious an just an awsome machine, love the gears multiball how u can cancel out on 2 or 3 balls an risk it all to play 6 balls in 6 gears it's friggen awsome, any game with a Motörhead track in it is going to be off the chain, I can't give this game enough praise, I thought it was awsome from the get go, it looks just pure class , I really wish I could own one but the way the pinball prices are here Australia it's a big stretch , but you never know. Great machine if your thinking about it an you got the funds, do it, it's just that damn good!!!!!!!
7 years ago
The game is super fast and a lot of fun. Changing out the music does make it a better pin. Love the shaker integration and sounds great with headphones! My biggest issue with this game is it only has one ramp and desperately needs two to create a balanced flow.
7 years ago
I have a Mustang Premium Boss this is one cool table many many great features great music .
Just all over fun to play also so so fast game play love it .
7 years ago
This is currently the only pin in my collection. I bought it NIB after playing a friends MET and realizing that I needed to have my own machine in the house. Its a nice design and while it doesnt have that WOW factor it has a nice consistency to it. Once you change the music to your own liking the game wakes up a bit.

Update: After playing this for almost 3 months I can say it is a very underrated game that continues to impress. I recently took my wife to a large pinball arcade in NYC. The next day we were playing our Mustang and she said that ours is "beautiful" compared to the machines that we saw in NY. Again, out of the box its a nice machine but if you spend some money and time for some mods it make it an entirely different machine.
7 years ago
This pin was a lot more fun to play than I had expected. The poor ratings & bad press are unjustified! This pin is waaayyy underrated. It is a blast to play! I'm on the hunt to purchase a LE/Premium.

Update 10/12/2015: I was able to find a huo Boss Premium edition. I've put probably 25 games on this pin since I've gotten it, so the honeymoon is still on, but here are my initial thoughts.

This is an obvious racing themed pin, but what I didn't realize is that it is also a music pin! It has a great selection of songs that you can choose from (think ACDC, Metallica). If you don't like the songs it came with, you can change them through pinbrowser. Can you say, Motley Crue "Kickstart my heart"!

Race modes: Each individual racing mode is well done with great call outs, sound FX, shots, & music. Every mode feels unique & different. When you finish a mode 100%, it starts a secondary mode that cycles "caution sign" pop up targets, it's a really fun & lucrative way to end a completed mode!
There are several different types of multiballs that can be earned, up to a 6 ball multiball! Each multiball has it's own music, sound FX, & call outs.

Left Ramp: Yes it deserves it's own sub title! The left ramp is unlike any other in pinball that I'm familiar with. It's (1) an Orbit (2) Left to right flipper ramp (3) 360' back to your left flipper & (4) 360' back to the left flipper & then it's diverted across the playfield to your right flipper! The satisfaction from shooting the left ramp/orbit is off the charts! Kudos to John Trudeau & team, it's a masterpiece of Fun!

This pin has a ton of shots, great code, killer sound track, & is just a blast to play. It has done something that very few pins have done in my rotating collection over the years, it has my son & wife playing pinball more than ever! Believe me, this is no small feat!
8 years ago
The shaker motor is pretty amazing. That is the biggest improvement over the Pro model, in my opinion.
8 years ago
I fail to understand this game making the top 100. This game felt like another Stern special that was rushed out the door with minimal consideration towards game design and play ability. I got bored within a few minutes and completely lost interest within a few games.
8 years ago
Picked a BOSS up about a month ago. Not a Ford or mustang fan. I am a car fan. The game play is fast and fun. I changed the music out thanks to another pinsider.
8 years ago
Fantastically underrated. Music needs to be changed, but the game is great! Should have been a Fast & Furious pin.
8 years ago
Fast and smooth gameplay. Interesting risk/reward mechanic with the gears drop targets makes it a fun competition game.
8 years ago
This is a nice, bright looking game. It doesn't have the toys a other pins have, but there is something about his that keeps me coming back. It is like a modern version of an older pin.
8 years ago
Fun game. Does not punish for attacking the drop targets. Good risk vs reward rule set. Way underrated by the comic book crowd!
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