Mustang (Pro)


Mustang (Pro)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Mustang". The group itself ranks #154 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.338

Artwork: 7.192

Sounds/Music: 7.486

Other Aspects: 7.322

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Found 81 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 months ago
Wow, this game is just really not that fun. I have much more fun playing a simplistic WPC era game over this. There's just nothing about the gameplay itself that makes a person want another game. You've heard the old saying, "A face only a mother could love" and if you're a diehard Ford Mustang person - you're likely the mother.
7 months ago
Mustang is an underrated Stern game from the mid 2010s.

This layout is very similar to Creature from the Black Lagoon's. It doesn't mean it's bad but I've seen some features from the layout in better use. For example the little pool thing is much more interesting on Creature from the Black Lagoon. The three way diverting loop/ramp (also kind of on CFTBL) is a nice feature and for me the most enjoyable shot in the game.

The Premium's diverter is actually kind of pointless but the turntable makes a real difference in my opinion. In terms of gameplay I think both versions are equally good though.

Where this game really shines is in its modes. The rules might not be perfect but in general playing the different modes is fun. Stern put a lot of effort on funny callouts and I really appreciate that. And what I also like is that you can (just like on Aerosmith) choose the number of balls for the Gear Shift Multiball. In general this game's main emphasis is on fun and that it definetely is.

The overall artwork is quite good and I appreciate the number of different animations Stern has actually created for the game. The only real weak point of the artwork is the playfield.

All in all this is a good, fun based and underrated machine. For a game with a car theme this is probably as good as it gets.
7 months ago
A true gem, I'm not even a big car guy, but hearing the engine rev sounds along with the shaker just "works".

Some of my favourite features to note:

Super Skill Shot (Hold the left flipper), and short or long plunge to get control. Snipe the alternating gears target columns, the best is the lit A for +2 gears and 1m points. That is basically an instant multiball.

Consider the minimum completion amount for each mode, be sure to use the left ramp bowl to get cruisin' qualified as that mode is HARD, and get to drift mode.

Since the music is somewhat ambiguous, it's the perfect opportunity to load or use a custom rom with an amazing music selection. I've boosted the rating with the consideration that this is something you can change fairly easily, however the variation scores lower, as it would have been wonderful if the tracks could alternate.

Having Tanner Foust on callouts is pretty cool. Again, that revving sound effect is just amazing with a sub.

The 3 level left ramp adds a lot of variety and real estate to the game.

Idea of the vehicle increasing speed with the spinner and RPM targets is great.

Good risk reward when considering to abort a GEARshift MB,. for an opportunity to get ot a higher tier (up to 6 ball MB, with Gear 6). The hidden targets behind the drops work well here also.

Upper post diverter use is coded well, mostly allowing a clean repeatable orbit to gain speed.
8 months ago
I know that some people inexplicably love this game, but it's an uninspired mess to me. The rules are balanced well enough, but the playfield is boring (but smooth shooting) and very long playing. It's ugly as hell, and the theme is just a commercial for Ford. Every time I have played one, I have walked away from it in the middle of a game because it just feels like it's never gonna end and I have zero fun playing it.
1 year ago
Theme is great. Keeper for American V8 car fans. Game has some depth, but quite little variaty. 100 million Jackpot shot feels success! 6 ball multiball with 2x playfield, up the left ramp.
2 years ago
Excellent game! LED are early development so kinda cold from the factory so some updates needed. Overall a fun game! Wish they made a Camaro instead of Mustang
2 years ago
Like it
3 years ago
The first few times I played this game, I found it very boring. After having spent more time on it, I discovered that it's not a bad game after all. However, it is definitely not on par with other games from the same time frame. It's held back by a lackluster theme and a mundane layout. There is nothing special about this game that grabs you. That being said, it can still provide some fun, since it is not bad, just not great.
3 years ago
WOW! great game with excellent soundtrack, very cool shots and neat animations. THis game seems to pack a real understated punch of pure excitement. It is a real adrenaline rush compared to some other sleepy Stern titles. Numerous missions to go on and lots to aim for! This for me is definitely a keeper!
5 years ago
very underated game,it s fast with a lot of multiballs
very funny game and shaker is a must have
5 years ago
Surprisingly a really fun pin!
5 years ago
Plays much better if you update original code. To bad stern puts out games before finishing the code as this game would have a much better rating.
5 years ago
Dark, drains often, shots not very satisfying, not very good flow.
6 years ago
Very underrated game imo. Not a theme I care about, but it is definitely a pin that I enjoy.
6 years ago
I'll say it: the car/automotive theme has been done to death in pinball. NASCAR had the interesting loop de loop and a few cute acceleration type features, but you have to go back to Getaway and High Speed to find a car theme that really had the feel of an original game. Mustang annoys me; it's like the apotheosis of both the "Stern Formula" and the "Car Theme Formula". It remains absurdly uninteresting after repeated plays.

That said: there's a certain callback to classic Williams 80's layouts here. It had a lot of possibilities but seems like it's one shot short, somehow...
6 years ago
I must emphasize that I or my family is not a Mustang fan or car enthusiast. But since we've had virtually every other theme within our home, we decided to acquire a car theme machine. Since we purchased Mustang a month ago & have had quite a many plays w/ this title, we are surprisingly very pleased w/ this gem. My original intentions was to purchase, play for a short time & then sell immediately. But after playing for quite some time, my mind has changed.
This machine is high adrenaline, intense w/ theme objective & an excellent example of a car theme related machine. The individual mode objectives are challenging & very well done. There are so many variables to this title, that one can play for either score or mode completion. But the main objective is to complete all the modes & hopefully acquire the wizard ~ Silverball Stampede. But in between you are challenged w/ Upgrade Scoring, Burnout Multiball & Mustang Multiball.
The layout is very unique, which sort of reminds me of an EM configuration along w/ the modern positioning of the drop targets & the three-way ramp. The playfield is fast & furious, as you will swing & miss > if you're not on your toes. The lighting & audio is fantastic, as there is never a doubt to what & where. If you have the opportunity, play this sleeper! Because this is definitely a keepsake in the rough! I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine!
6 years ago
Think this game is criminally underrated by many. The modes are fun, shot layout excellent, plenty to do but not crowded. The drop targets are dangerous if you want to flail at the game, but quite easy to handle if you are smart about hitting them. The risk/reward factor with the gears 6-ball multiball is the best feature of the game. The audio package doesn't get enough credit either, great call outs for the modes and great selection of music. The only thing that really hurts it is the cheapness of some of the playfield features and the art, it was from the "learn years" at Stern, so that's not surprising.
7 years ago
The flipper gap on this machine seems HUGE. Did not have fun playing it.
7 years ago
Ive had the pro version for a while now. Difficult to understand. Acquiring each car requires different shots. Fun and very good flow once you understand the rules. good sound effects and decent artwork. I recommend it if you enjoy difficult games. This can be a drain monster if you arent careful
7 years ago
Decent pin (for a pin about a car). Not my favourite theme, but I'll play one if I see one.
7 years ago
Mustang is one of the fastest games I've ever played; it'll test your reflexes. I thought the shots were decent, but hitting the GEARS drops is deadly at times. The scoop is annoying (like most scoops) and the far left Nitro shot is a bit of a challenge. I was in multiball before the first ball of my first game came out of the pops (???), which makes for a desperate but acceptable first impression. The left (and only) ramp was popped up in an orbit mode for most of the game - I never did figure out what makes it drop. But, after realizing that the play was going to be lightning fast, I adjusted and had my initials up in no time. Not much of a challenge in terms of tricky shots, but I did play through six games (and paid for one!) on my first go.

Not for me. The theme is dull and the shots were just meh. I'd recommend giving it a whirl, but maybe just a s a back-up plan if something else is in the room.
7 years ago
Boy, the reviews on the game are brutal. I have owned the game for 2 years and really like it. Why,
I love the rules, code etc. I like the modes ( all different) and multi balls, drag race MB (first mode thats default when starting game can change with flippers) Burn Out MB , Gears multi ball 3-6 balls where your can cancel out (hit both flippers) to go, from 3 to go for 4 etc up to 6. Upgrade scoring and upgrade scoring MB, Mustang MB.

When you are able to start or earn all the 6 modes (DR, SD,RR, C,RC,PP) you qualify for drift mode. So when you achieve this two buxom ladies say something like ready start go, and cheer you on with style points call outs. Awesome.

Lastly I like the call outs especially Daisy's and the animations. I think it's a blast and very different from other games. Rating was lowered due to Backglass, playfield artwork and theme. Caution you need to tone down and replace some lights they will drive you nuts if not changed. Seizure city.
7 years ago
I am a Ford fan and like the Mustang car. This feeling does not translate across to the Mustang pinball machine. Poor toys and gameplay really let this one down. I have played it many times on site as it is in a convenient location for me but out of the two games at this site Mustang is my second choice to play and I don't like the other game there either.
7 years ago
I got the chance to play one on location and to be honest I wasn't impressed. I thought the whole idea was to just hit the targets in the front, and get a multiball(because thats what it is telling me to do). However when I got home I read about the rules, and I was amazed on how fun it seemed. I went back a week or two later and had a lot of fun with it. I think this one underrated game.
7 years ago
I'm a muscle car buff so of course this drew me in instantly. I'd have to save that my favorite thing about the game is collecting the cars.
There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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