Munsters (Pro) (Stern, 2019)

Munsters (Pro)

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4 days ago
was kind of excited to play this but the rules just are not fun at this point and the side shot jackpot was too long and drawn out to show the animation. I think this is cool the first time but after that I just wish it would not do that and just continue already. I think a lot of the new games with lots of video assets do a lot of holding the ball so you can watch the animations. Could be fun but IMO it's trying to be a homage to Munsters more than a it's trying to be a great playing machine.
7 days ago
The Munsters feels like a bit of a retread of the Metallica layout, but it falls short of some of the other games that share the same DNA. There are some good things here, but there are some really rough edges as well.

First, the good. The ramps are this game are fantastic. Either the left or the right ramp is as satisfying of a shot as you'll ever feel. Borg has both of these ramps flowing fast and smooth and the ball seems to just zip right back to the flippers on a clean shot. It's hard not to feel happy about how those turned out on the game.

The theme is also well done. Even if you're not a big fan of The Munsters, it's still a charming package and is well suited to pinball. I was skeptical, but I think Stern did a good job with the license. The clips definitely get a bit repetitive, but they're fun.

The music is great. Jerry Thompson is a master. Ever since Ghostbusters, he's proven that he can work with licenses and create original tunes that are perfect for pinball and feel right at home with the theme.

The gameplay, however, is where I start getting irritated with The Munsters. It's still evolving, so I will probably come back and update things, but I'm just not a big fan of what there is to do here. The rules feel overly simplistic for a layout that's also quite simple and it feels like the rinse and repeat cycle just happens a bit too quickly. This might deepen with code updates, but right now you find yourself in the wizard mode rather rapidly.

The layout is also odd. Again, the ramps are fantastic, but the area between them feels cramped and a little clunky. The HUGE standup target is lame, which is obvious cost shaving practice rather than having individual targets and I really hope that doesn't become a new standard. There's just way too much open space in the center of the game and then not enough room on the edges. It's an odd design that's both overly simple and overly crowded. It can feel good when you're dialed in, but it can be miserable when you're just a little off. Feels a little under cooked.

We'll see where this one goes over time. I think it has a few fatal flaws that hold it back from being great, but it can be a decent player from time to time.

Sure is pretty...
8 days ago
Great machine
9 days ago
Played this on location a lot today, and it is ultimately not the pin for me. I think with a different theme it would be better, but the munsters theme isn't my bag. However, the game is rather shallow. I found it a little too easy for my taste and it is in need of some coding love I think. It's nice and easy to walk up to and just bang around, easy multiball, etc which is good for quick games. But it hurts the lastability a lot for me. I was done after about 30 games with no desire to play any more. The art is awesome, great clips from the TV show, sound is great.
11 days ago
Bought game the other day. First day thought it was good but the second day I thought it was great! Very smooth shots and the game flows good. Great family game
16 days ago
Just bought this game to add to my home collection. Played about 30 games through it now and loaded most recent game code (V0.91.0). This is a fun game, it may challenge some or be way to easy for others, but that aside I like the game and glad that I bought it. Overall I think the Stern team did a good job on this game, sound and quotes are good, video snippets are good, as is the overall look of the game. It fits well into my collection as a game that is in the middle in terms of challenging game play. I think its a winner because it does fall in the middle of being challenging, and if you want to bring more people into this hobby what better way to do that but make a game that is still easy enough for newcomers to enjoy playing. I want to see pinball keep growing has a hobby and sport, and think this game will help that cause. I like the game simple as that.
17 days ago
Super fast game that is more difficult than what you would think to hit shots. Very satisfying when you make the ramp shots. The game is easy for newer players to understand to play.
17 days ago
I can't recommend this game enough.
17 days ago
Played this at Campbell, CA's "LVL UP". The game is a lot of fun and most welcome, especially when it comes to theming. Raise your hand if you wanted another Stern rock band or Marvel table? Tables like Munsters, Batman '66 and Ghostbusters are a dime a dozen. The artwork is delightful with a great black-and-white theme with some color brushed in when appropriate. You get color schemes to match different modes. With Herman, it's green, with Grandpa, it's purple, etc. My only gripe is that the modes seem a touch too easy to enter into and beat. My first time on this machine saw me nabbing Herman, Grandpa, Spot and Lily. That's all well and good but why are those so easy to get? Is there more to this machine than is being offered up? That, and I'm still not used to the idea of using video screens rather than a traditional dot matrix display. For this game, it works but for every other machine, the animations are so cheesy. Even still, the theming saves it. Just hope Stern gives us an update to make this game a little more deep.
17 days ago
I like this game a lot. Great flow and fun to shoot.
More code is needed but time will tell if this will be just a really good game or legendary in the future.
18 days ago
One of the better Stern games to come out recently.
24 days ago
Plays smooth with nice flow. Artwork is awesome. Could stand to have some spotlights put on for the middle of the playfield. Overall a enjoyable game I will play again.
24 days ago
I played this game on location at the Retro Arcade in Sharon, PA (by the way, great location, immaculate machines...check out their lineup). I played the pro version, which has to be loaded with more toys than any Stern pro I have seen in years. The ramp shots on this game are incredible, particularly the right ramp. The Spot bash toy out of the left ramp is great as well.

Franchi’s art is immaculate, and although I have never seen the Munsters, the call outs and video clips were good. I’m not sure whether the code is deep enough that I would make it my first pin, but this is my favorite Stern I have played since SM and LOTR.
28 days ago
I always look forward to the latest game coming out and playing it, but having spent a whole day with the opportunity to play Munsters I just couldn't be bothered - I found it extremely shallow, boring and just uninspiring.

I'm not sure that code updates can fix the issues with the layout.

The long standup targets require little to no skill to hit.
No insert/mode award for Eddie loops.
Spot pop-up is so dark that you can't actually see whether it is raised, until you go to make a ramp shot and it bounces back at you.
The Super Jackpot collect shot often allowed the ball straight through not awarding anything, it needed a poorly hit shot or ricochet to drop in, rather than an aimed shot direct from the flipper.
Herman looks really cheap and plastic (yes I know it's made of plastic, but some kind of artwork or texturing could easily have been applied).
Without the under playfield Grandpa mode is not worth playing.
In fact the only challenge was to hit the left ramp 3 times to start Raven, by the time you've done that the Wizard mode is ready to play.

Rinse and Repeat.

Very disappointed.
34 days ago
The Munsters was a great show. Now it's a Stern pinball game.

The Good:
This game looks and sounds great. Judicious use if the Tv show footage is very well edited. The cabinet, PF and trans(ylvania)lite look fantastic! The shots are standard Borg and feel solid. The Herman randomizer is far enough up the PF to be less of a death shot than the magnet may suggest. I did not expect to see Spot on the Pro. The left lane is like the MM catapult, but with Borg frugality and functionality.

The Bad:
The marketing algorithm at Stern Inc. has determined that along with grandpa rock, 60's tv shows and comic books are what pinball is all about. The pro really feels ok. The preem/le is more of a game.


Lots of airballs down by the flippers into the outlanes. Probably needs the ghostbusters treatment. Personally I prefer the Black and White look of the tv show for the art treatment. Rules are Herman heavy right now. Two shots into the game and you are off, but the scoring is VERY heavy on Herman. Kind of like Sparky and Groot...

The Takeaway:
A great FUN theme to play. The game plays well and people are going to play it. Despite my grumblings, this game is going to do well on location. Expect updates to this review as code progresses.
35 days ago
played a few games today in a great pinball bar in Paris ( Canon de la Nation ) , beautifull pin , nice gameplay and lighting , think i m gonna like it better than Deadpool which is also a good pin , will play it again tomorrow ! -)
41 days ago
Munsters theme integration is off the chain. Pro is packed, but it needs more code.
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