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Game Design: 7.057

Artwork: 8.305

Sounds/Music: 7.128

Other Aspects: 7.046

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There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
I like it especialy the Green Colors toys are fun Dady to play for all family music is funny too
82 days ago
An underrated show made into an underrated pinball machine. I think the updates to the code improved upon a game that wasn't loved at launch, but is really fun. I wish the pop bumpers were better integrated into the flow, but I think there's a lot to like here. The fact that it consistently sells for more than Stern TMNT yet rates lower says something about the game.
5 months ago
Had this game and lasted less than 2 weeks in my collection. Game had a lot of potential but Stern gutted the game to save money. Sitting next to Addams Family I would skip over Munsters at least 9/10 times. Heard the newer code updates improved it but the playfield is bare so there is only so much you can do.
7 months ago
ok, my 1 month loan with Munsters (PRO) is ending... as a tournament/hardcore player, my main problem are the code/rules, as for me this game is to easy/simple and absolutly not deep (the recent updates are nice, but main coding/story/tactic line is right the same)... now, does this mean this game is bad ? not at all ! despite what i've said before, i have a lot of fun playing this pin, the theme, artwork, sounds, lights, all those are working nicely together without a doubt... most satisfying shoots are the ramps, and the one who can make you unhappy is the DRAGULA cove, you can aim for it but it doesnt feel natural, and a direct shoot may often result with the ball going thrue and out in the left outlane... another bad point (for STERN cut costs) is the right single bank target for LILY, 4 targets there would have been 10X better (i can understand why with the left one for DRAGULA, there its ok)... than all in all, its a much better game than where it stand actually, mostly made for lambda players & family... enjoy Munsters !
9 months ago
Really fun game, seemingly underrated on pinside. Theme is good for those of us old enough to remember watching the Munsters.
10 months ago
I have 10 machines in my collection but I always change games. So far I have owned more than 30 different pinballs like Scared Stiff, Creature From The Black Lagoon and Tale of the Arabian Nights - sold all of them. Some games will stay with me forever like Getaway High Speed II, Fish Tales and Mary S Frankenstein. Munsters Pro will go to hell with me for sure It's the best machine I've ever had. I don't like machines with more than one playfield, they stop the real action in the game. One of the best pinball art in the past 10 years should not be black and White. I think that the pro model is the best option among the 3 released by Stern.
1 year ago
Didn't think much of it when seen in pictures and online videos. But really enjoyed the gameplay, grandpa's playfield and enjoyed the flow. Better than most Sterns. Artwork is a lot nicer in person, I can only comment on the limited edition version that I played. Surprised to see a limited edition version a public setting, i.e. HMV. Would love to play a lot longer, to really get into the game. Underrated in my opinion.
1 year ago
I'm stunned this machine has such a low rating but I suspect it's the theme and not the game itself. I don't really identify with Munsters but I find the game just plain fun. Not many around locally but I always play when I see it!
1 year ago
Excellent fun machine
1 year ago
To much on the liscening sadly the game lacks alot of lighting an code played a pro an my honest review is not a bad theme not a bad game but not for a small collection an very dark must get spotlights for sling shots an pinstadium
1 year ago
This game is fun. The artwork is great, cool integration of the theme and fast. I don’t know why this game is hated on so much. It has a nice layout and is a very nice looking pin. The rule set is good and I really enjoyed playing it. It is a bit simple but simple is better sometimes. This is one of those cases. Great underrated game.
1 year ago
Oh dear. A terrible theme older than 95% of the pinball buying public. The TV show is for children and has irritating canned laughter baked into each episode, which is present in this abomination.

'Comedy' pins soon lose their appeal when you hear the same gag 200 times. But the Munsters isn't funny to begin with, the canned laughing audience were probably recorded watching Rowen and Martin's Laugh-In.

But it's not all bad, the layout is playable and the rules reasonable. But what stands out is the artwork, what a beauty.
1 year ago
Great option for players of all levels. I've had this one in my personal collection and enjoyed many hours on the pin. Could use better lighting on SPOT.
1 year ago
This is probably the worst newer game out there. Really. It's poor. The biggest thing is it is not fun. Really nothing else to say. Targets are far. Only one fun target. I wanted it to be cool and fun like the show was and quirky and stuff.

But it's lame. Sorry.
1 year ago
Pinsiders seem to never be satisfied - A pin is too hard (Houdini) or too easy (Munsters). Maybe over time it will get old in a game room, but this pin meets the number one rule for me - my wife really likes it, it was her choice. And guess what I do too. The pro is missing Grandpa's laboratory, and it is still a pretty good game, but the lab was so important in the series, and I think it adds something to the game, including some complexity. The shots are all good, the modes are good, and the topper, if you can snag one, adds a lot to the game with the Raven. This pin really does justice to the source material. Could it be better with additional content and a code update? Of course, most all pins can. Still when you want a quick and fast game, and one very approachable by causal pinball players, this is a great choice.

Update 1/4/22 - A new code drop just makes this game that much better - some code fixes, new callouts, new flasher/lamp effects, new mode (coach potato), chattering teeth feature and several tweaks. Great Update to a great game!
1 year ago
There's just something "off" about this pin; the difficulty, the layout, the ruleset and lack of anything to make it stand out from the crowd (past the initial attraction of the license itself). It takes a while to get into it, but even then with familiarity of the shots and playfield it just doesn't work for me.

I think that the difficulty is a big issue. I introduced this to someone unfamiliar with pinball and they couldn't get a ball to last more than 30 seconds and immediately despised it.
Perhaps fans of the show itself can find appeal in this table but for the rest there's not much here to enjoy.
1 year ago
jeux simple ,défouloir. Les règles sot très vites comprise .il est tres beau et bien complet dans sa version pro
1 year ago
The pinball is fast and very fun. I don't really like the lower playfield (premium/le edition) (Pro is better). The rules aren't deep so it's easy to finish for medium players. A little bit ripetitive. Great artwork!
1 year ago
Fast fun and beautiful machine. Nice music. Nice skillshots. Visitors choice. Collect all 5 munsters members/passengers... maybe the new generation taxi. Put in extra hard and enjoy multiplayer sessions.
1 year ago
Not everyone wants a rule-intensive game. The light-heartedness of this game is what draws me in. I’m just as satisfied to have a quick game on this or go for a long haul. There’s a good mix of ramps and targets, with an uncluttered play field that helps you if you’re trying to improve your skills. Artwork and animation could not be better IMO. I prefer the Pro to the others as the lower playfield is just a distraction to the main gameplay where I’d rather be, and most likely a bit of a nightmare to work on should you need to.

On the downside, I just couldn't stand listening to the theme song over and over. It just grinds me. I wish they had alternative options on that. And the callouts. If those were improved or you could change them I'd have kept this pin for sure but alas I sold it. I also found that as I got better, the joined standup targets were just not challenging at all. It's a really lazy option imo from Stern.
1 year ago
Game is fun, but is greatly hindered by juvenile code and a lack of modes.
2 years ago
I love the art and the theme. I really like the "spooky" aspects. The gameplay doesn't do it for me though. It just seems too shallow.
2 years ago
This game is really fun to shoot. That said, the theme, music, and artwork just don’t do it for me. The rule set was also way to easy for me. (I do not consider myself to be a great player by any means.)

It’s not on my list to own. However, shots are really rewarding.
2 years ago
If I would have done this review 6 months ago, I would have scored it lower. However, after having played another 20-30 games on this, I've come to appreciate it a lot more. It shoots good, plays fast, is well lit, has good rules so there is not much to complain about. Yes, the Premium and LE are better, but there is still enough on the Pro to make me want to keep coming back to it. The layout is a bit of a Stern standard and that was what turned me off in the beginning (that and I couldn't care less about the Munsters TV show). However, if you give it a chance, this is a good game.
2 years ago
I don't understand the criticisms here for this machine. Munsters is fun, and it's a favorite of the visitors to my house. It's familiar, its fun, and it's easy to sort of get to a newcomer. The music is really good. The various multi-ball modes are fun, too.

I deliberately chose the Pro version for my purchase as I thought the lower playfield of the step-up machine looked clunky. I also didn't care for the black and white art.

I think the Midnight Madness mode for midnight is a really neat touch!
There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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