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Game design: 6.9

Artwork: 8.275

Sounds/Music: 7.008

Other Aspects: 6.984

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The other versions are: Munsters (Premium), Munsters (Limited Edition)

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53 days ago
I enjoyed the game and it played for a long time. Couldn't hear much in this sports bar so the videos didn't add much for me.
78 days ago
I hope in a recent upcoming code update they will add some sort of "herman sound" (like a groan or a yell) when a player knocks the magnetized ball away from him. The multiball start is so uneventful and boring! Give us some flashing lights and sounds when we start herman multiball please.

Spot is awesome. The ramps are great. I added a green LED (hooked in with the gi) behind the left ramp entrance and behind the right side exit. It looks great and was easy to do.

This is the most beautiful game to come out in a long time. The colors are fantastic! I don't get why anyone would want the black and white version? BORING!

I like the pro over the LE because the lower playfield feels like an "atomic" tabletop toy pinball I used to play when I was 13 in 1981. So cheesy. Lower PFs should use a regular sized ball and flippers.

Love munsters pro.
3 months ago
I really Don't understand this "munsters" bashing" …..why ? this pinball is very beautifull, fun, have a goof flow ans metallic ramps ...easy to play it for me a good machine better that almost "top 20" ….
3 months ago
Bad boring machine
3 months ago
I kind of have a passionate hatred for this game. Nothing is really outstandingly horrible about it, but it's just so hard and unforgiving and just, not much fun to play. It seems like it should be fun but it isn't. It seems way to reminiscent of Monster Bash, and I think Monster Bash has better modes, and a more unique and fun playfield than this game. One of the only things that makes this game better than Monster Bash though, is the skill shots, but Monster Bash had a very basic skill shot, so it's not saying that much.
The Artwork is very good on this game, only meh part is the cab.

Right ramp is a fun shot, similar to the right ramp on TFC but easier.

I personally enjoy the whole Dragula toy.

Left ramp is not that bad of a shot.

Kitty Target has a reason to be there and is very helpful during gameplay.

This game really feels like it's trying too hard to be similar to Monster Bash.

The modes aren't really anything to ride home about.

Cab art feels kind of bland personally.

Herman shot can get annoying after a while.

Lily target is too dangerous on some models.

I really wish they did something better with the Grampa mode on the pro.

Lighting is just average.

This game makes me hate it every time after I play it.

Overall this is just a game that is mediocre at worst, okay at best, and has some really annoying things with it personally. I don't really like this machine, but I bet some other people do.
4 months ago
This is the first game people migrate to (of WOZ, GB, AS) of my collection. It is very first time user friendly. Very nice use of theme and clips. This one always puts a smile on my face - but not for someone that wants a very deep game
5 months ago
Played the Pro and Premium. I liked both and considered buying this game. I liked the lower field play, but I can see how some people say it feels more like a toy with the balls flying around. A soft setting may make a difference. I still liked it and think they are both fun to play. There is some breathing room in this game, unlike some games that are faster where I don't have time to look at the display or I'll miss a ball. This game allows you to watch the screen often, which may not appeal to some people. Overall, a great theme and fun.
5 months ago
I absolutely love this game. It is fun, fast, and well thought out. Once I added some light it was even better. One of my top 5 games of all time. Absolutely gorgeous to the eyes, the trash talk is funny, and the modes make perfect sense.
My only criticism is how often during game play the lights go completely pitch dark.....kinda hard to hit a pinball in the dark.
Midnight madness is awesome
6 months ago
Nice pinball for a tournament but its lack of depth disadvantages it compared to other sterns.
7 months ago
I'm not a fan of overly complex games and this one has been so much fun I bought it. I'm a huge fan of the 90's Williams machines and to me this is a modern version of that. People that come over love the art work and love the theme. It shoots so smoothly and I find it a challenge. I think this machine will be in the collection for a long time.
7 months ago
Really wanted the premium in Black and white, just beautiful. Finally got to really dig in an play this and glad i did. This game is super shallow and given Sterns new take on code updates and all I read on Pinside, will probably remain so. I am a Munsters fan so I love the artwork and the toys, but with all the great code out there this just falls flat... so much potential here. Stern will need to step up on the code front to compete with JJP and Spooky (ACNC is an amazing code monster!)
7 months ago
Get this thing out the top 100. It’s uninspired at best. Has zero wow factor. Code is shallow etc etc
7 months ago
A good table, for novice or gamers approuvef.
Fun, speedly, and munsterssssssss
7 months ago
Annoying, repetitive callouts. The code doesn't feel finished, you get told what to shoot for though so that's good.

Middle of the playfield is very dark, so in a dark location it's extremely hard to see the ball coming to the flippers.
8 months ago
So, I was a bit confused when "The Munsters" came out. What the fok is this? Never heard of the show and have no intention of viewing it. But it looks like the Adams family. So I began my little search on the net and become more and more fascinated by this machine. I think the newer Stern machines are such a blast to play because I'm just a mediocre player. The modes, stacking of jackpots, more than one type of multiballs with ballsavers. What a great concept. Where I got bored with Aerosmith and dislike the metal pins overall this Munsters kept me coming back for more. So I had a chance to play the LE next to the Pro and must say I like the extra playfield but not that much I will spend the extra money on it. So I decided the Pro will be sufficient and as of last week I own one and am playing it for so many games until now.
I thinks it's a great machine and am glad I bought it.

For me personally the Premium B/W is the looker, I would love to own the B/W one over my Pro but PREM B/W is not available yet in the Netherlands and there is a 3000 dollar gap between a new PREM and the Pro I purchased second hand. Maybe the future will enable me to own a Munsters Prem B/W. For now I am going to play some Munsters and enjoy it.
8 months ago
The Munsters Pro version isn't nearly as fun to play as the Premium or LE, but it isn't one that I hate either. After playing it for a while, it seemed repetitive.

Locations leave most of the default settings on, but they really should turn on the ball save. I've had many plunges to where I never got to hit the ball with the flippers with less than 5 seconds of play. That's not worth the $1 per play price tag especially if you get two of those per game. The ball saver should be on by default. The code is a little shallow and needs some polish and maybe some more excitement. The animations on the display are good. The Herman multiball is really easy to get started and play, and is fun.

I would not own this model, but would play a game or two at a location if I saw it there.
8 months ago
I love games like Iron Man. Short in your face games with risk reward. Cranking the multiplier up to cash in your stacked Jackpots is very fun to me and that's why I like ACDC & Metallica so much. My kids love it too. Makes them smile while playing when Herman animations are playing. Love shooting those ramps too and progressing in Munster Madness a bit further every time I reach it makes me want to try it again. It grows on me every day.
8 months ago
This pin has no soul.
8 months ago
The look, the sound and the feel of this game are great. The fun factor seemed to be lacking. This machine would look great in any collection, it is gorgeous! Just have difficulty wanting to play it much.
9 months ago
The shots are really nice and the art is top notch, but this game really misses the mark on code. I get what Stern was trying to do, and I think the cancellation of boost is clever, but it isn't my cup of tea. Sound was hard to rate, because Stern is shoehorning a 60's tv show elements into modern tech, but ultimately it comes across as a little repetitive and annoying. I really like the ramps and the Spot popup on the left ramp. The Herman bash toy is forgettable and while the catapult/dragster orbit is nifty the first few times, it gets kind of annoying as well.
9 months ago
I apreciate the theme, it has been greatly transposed graphically by Christopher Franchi on this table. The layout is a little generic and I don't like the two large targets (Dragula and Lilly).
9 months ago
This game is a lot of fun. Sure, it’s a recycled layout but one that works and many enjoy. The theme integration is great and so is the artwork. The lighting on the Pro could be a little better. The middle of the playfield is a little too dark but nothing a couple of spotlights on the slings can’t resolve.

Gameplay is fast and smooth. The shots aren’t brutal but the game allows for good ball control to line up your next shot. Code is still evolving and while the rules are a little shallow for now, I’m sure they’ll improve with time.

This game is a perfect family theme. It’s fun and the dialog/call outs are downright silly which is exactly what the Munsters was. I completely forgot about Paul Lynde being on the show and adding his voice to the theme adds a lot to the game. Is it the next Iron Maiden, not by a long shot but I didn’t expect it to be. Is it fun with a great use of the license, in my opinion, yes! Time will tell as to how long it’ll last in my small collection but for now, it’s not going anywhere. Give it chance and you may be surprised.
9 months ago
Hope you like those 2 ramps because it's the only satisfying shot on the whole field.

The theme is mostly obnoxious. The Raven squawking is awfully annoying and not charming. Lily is mostly patronizing. I play pinball to get away from this sort of thing, not get more of it.

The rules are simple in a boring way. Cancel jackpots until they are many and with multiplyers. Play multiballs. Finish the other modes and get to Monster Madness. Repeat.

I like to get Herman to work on time...
9 months ago
Very disappointing, typical recycled layout by the worst coder in the business. Shots are smooth but so similar I'm generally just bored
9 months ago
What a clunkfest! I so wanted to like this game, but just can't get into it, even after 50+ games. Rules are terrible and repetitive, shots feel terrible, other than the ramps. Knock-off MM layout, but not nearly as good. But it's super pretty though!
There are 65 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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