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Game Design: 7.689

Artwork: 8.573

Sounds/Music: 7.707

Other Aspects: 7.775

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Found 81 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
My thoughts on this machine leave me conflicted. Overall, I am always drawn to this machine. The sounds and lower mini playfield keep me coming back. The layout is a bit stale, and no shots really feel "rewarding". I will still keep coming back, but just sparingly!
29 days ago
Played at Pinfest 2023.

I somehow expected this to be an easy pin like Cactus Canyon, but - for some reason - I couldn’t get a game going on the alternating ramps. There was something slightly odd about the geometry on the shots.

I did get to Grandpa’s basement, which had the weirdest design decision in history. Not only was the lower playfield tiny (so the ball was almost pin sized), but it inexplicably used a second set of flippers. Like, why? Has any other pin in history used a second set of flippers for the lower playfield (don’t answer that)? Either way, it fell dramatically short of Black Hole from 1980, which also has a lower playfield and which I also played at the venue for the first time.

Either way, I found the experience of playing this solidly ‘meh’. Nice artwork and LCD video clips though. The art package reminds me, oddly, of Stern’s Elvira House of Horrors.

Happy to revise my rating if I play another somewhere else and it goes better, although I suspect - given it was apparently inspired by Monster Bash - it will always remain ‘meh’ to me.
33 days ago
I feel like this one missed the mark. I just felt a little bored by this and I like the Munsters. It just lost my interest and felt okay. The mini playfield is neat but it gets foggy and washed out so easily you can barely tell what's going on. It really ruins the fun of the machine. I don't know, I think it could have been better.
73 days ago
The B&W premium is just beautiful. One of Sterns prettiest to look at. Love the extra touches like the brushed metal ramps. The game is underrated because its kind of a throwback - Rules are easy to follow and I like the building jackpots. Best shots: Marilyn ramp is killer and love the Raven into the bumpers. Worst shots: Hitting Spot is kind if a bummer and can lead to a cheap drain. Not a fan of the upper and lower multi ball - its chaotic and some people love it but it too hard to do anything with really other than bang away on 4 buttons. also, MIDNIGHT MADNESS means I can never sell it
87 days ago
Totally underrated machine, a great layout with a flow that makes you come back for more. Long games which was great as I was paying.
3 months ago
Hands down this is the most fun pin to play. Everyone wants to play the mini game!!! Spot is hard!!!! From the grandkids to the adults everyone loves it....
5 months ago
This game is super addicting. Getting Munster Madness 1 time will leave you wanting to just keep playing to get it again. This may be just the one I played but almost every missed shot leads to draining down the center way too frequently. Herman bash leads to center and outlane drain way too frequently as well. Slingshots also shoot to outlanes 75% of the time. Grandpa scoop is way too shallow and the ball does not stay in making it incredibly frustrating as it is a main shot and is a shot needed to collect extraball and Munster Madness. When spot comes up from under the stairs, bashing him is almost always a guarantee to drain in an outlane or down the center. The guy that voices Paul Lind did an amazing job. It's just too bad everything he says is super annoying and way too frequent. When Marilyn says "get my aunt Lily" It sounds like Lily for some reason. The animations of Lily on the screen are horrendous and look nothing like her. Eddie should have had more to do with this machine. I don;t understand how Spot has a bigger roll in this game when he was the pet of Eddie's yet Eddie doesn't have his own area in this game only an orbit.
5 months ago
I think this is one of the best games for inexperienced players. Very few unfair drains. I am not a fan of the mini-pinball basement and think the Pro is actually the better machine.
5 months ago
The Munsters is beautiful and the B & W Franchi artwork is a standout in my collection. The Munsters theme is is great and I love the lower playfield. Such a different game and fun to play. When I have visitors this game always gets the most play. Now that the code has been updated the game is now a good home game for the good player.
5 months ago
Really like this game, the presentation and art package is just one of the best. The animations and UI though could have been better and seems a bit rough in spots, especially any CG usage is just "oof". It's a solid shooter, those ramps are butter smooth, and I just love a good bash toy so Herman shot is always satisfying. On the Pre/LE models, I even dig that stupid little Grandpa's basement mini pinball game, even if it feels like a toy and super gimmicky, it's just a fun little thing.
6 months ago
An instant classic. Tons of fun! Warning though...that catchy tune will be stuck in your head after playing this one.
8 months ago
Black and white version is gorgeous, but the game is a bit basic. Shots aren't too interesting, mini playfield is pretty meh. Fun for a bit though!
10 months ago
A masterpiece! Guaranteed fun, new code has improved a lot, whoever played in the old code has to try playing now that the machine has become animal!
10 months ago
Great theming and cabinet art fantastic great shooter and added shaker moter is great updates to code is great very underrated in my opinion. Machine is a keeper
11 months ago
Love Playing the Munsters!
11 months ago
I played the black and white premium edition. I was initially delighted to see the effort and reflecting how the show was broadcast in the cabinet and play-field, however after a while it wore on me. Not only was it visually lacking I found it difficult to track the ball well as there was little contrast between ball and play-field. The use of colored lighting helped me, but not enough.

All that said, the game itself was not that interesting, even with the lower play-field aspect. I think there was a lot of creative ideas in this unit and I credit the team for trying, but for me it just didn't come together the way I think everyone would have hoped.
1 year ago
To start, I was worried about the feedback on code but willing to take the risk and try for myself by procuring it into the collection.

Have had the opportunity to play many rulesets as deep as WOZ / BM66 + simple as AFM / TNA and fortunate enough to complete the games / final wizard modes just to give you some perspective when evaluating.

Though I would say layout / feel is similar to many BW90’s machines such as MB (sitting in the top 10) I would say the code depth significantly exceeds them.

Majority of the modes could not be stacked (excluding a few) in comparison to newer games but the build up of jackpots / multipliers and constant use of the zap button (pulling your hands off the flippers) is an extremely innovative and diverse approach to gameplay that I am enjoying.

What’s more interesting is my machine sits beside a BM66 and lock bar button use is the complete opposite which really plays a mind trick when playing both.

Lower PF felt a bit like a gimmick at 1st but eventually grew on me and I really enjoy it now…. Again another diverse element executed well and not a feature in any other pin in my collection.

Art package, theme, sound, lighting, and animations all good as well. I did select to add stadium lighting to which it really helped make the B&W PF art “pop”.

Overall, great pin for a 5-10 pin collection no doubt if you are looking for a good mix. Shots are nice and open with orbits being a pleasure to shoot for. Kitty shot to keep multipliers going can get fun as well. Family and anyone stopping by tend to gravitate to this pin.

Shall try to update in a few months on lastability but a relaxing pin to decompress after a long day.

Update #1

Going 1 year+ and I’m pleasantly surprised with how pretty / interesting this game looked. I purchased thinking the lastability would be limited.

With that said, this will be a very hard game to let go. When I roll up to my collection that currently sits at 15-20 pins this one is usually my go to.

Fun game to flip on for a quick game and longer journeys are just as exciting throughout duration of gameplay.

I’ve been to Munster Madness 4 and GC sits at 1.6 Billion in standard settings. Ironically, it still feels like I’m working my way through parts of code I’m still learning to maximize scoring value (specific to each character / mode).

IMO, it’s the perfect mix for a non-pinhead to walk up to and flip to get to Munster Madness… and for a player a game you can continue to develop / learn the deeper you get into the specifics of gameplay.

No ball save is a killer and a nice traditional / nostalgic touch to the older machines (in default setting). Has made for some quick games.

Kudos to the development team!
1 year ago
I love the theme of this game and the look of the game. Some of the shots are very fun but it falls flat on overall gameplay. Of all the newer turns it is near or at the bottom.
1 year ago
Well well, I used to be overly harsh to this game. Sure, it’s far from the best new stern, and it has flaws, but it definitely doesn’t deserve to be ranked under Super Mario Bros.


Layout is a solid fan layout, with excellent use of the lower playfield.

Artwork and lighting are excellent, and really need to be seen to be believed.

Coding has gotten MUCH better since I played this game back in the day.


The game still falls into the hole of having code that is too simple for a modern game, that (and I’ll say it again) copies the code of games like Monster Bash.

Spot seems less dangerous at this point, though still not a shot you want to aim for.

The animations are a little dodgy and not up to par with other stern games, but they aren’t terrible either, and there is clearly effort shown.
Pro Exclusive Complaints: the use of the Grandpa targets is kind of ridiculous, as making a whole mode rely on hitting stand up targets to light shots is (IMO) frustrating.

Overall, while it takes coding elements from other games, it’s far from bad and is actually, overall, a decent game!
1 year ago
Super fast pace, and a best to play. The black and white is the best looking out of the three.
1 year ago
Great game. Amazing theme. Fantastic code update and now fun with IC.
1 year ago
Artwork is fantastic. Theme is great. Fun factor is a little lacking.
1 year ago
The game was fun and with the new code updates, a ton of new call outs n more to the lights. Code is now deep as it should have been all along. This is now an awesome game and has great lastability, Bolted to the floor in our home.
1 year ago
One of my favorite themes, but it's difficult to see what's going on down in Grandpa's lab because of poor lighting. I always feel like I have to bend over and get close to the glass to see it. And Spot isn't there long enough to shoot for him. Love the black and white cabinet.
1 year ago
I really enjoy this game much more than I thought it would. The music is nostalgic without being repetitive or annoying. The gameplay on the premium can be a bit overwhelming during “Munster Madness” with multi balls on two separate playfields. It is addicting and a lot of fun. Currently my favorite in my line up.
There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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