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24 days ago
To start, I was worried about the feedback on code but willing to take the risk and try for myself by procuring it into the collection.

Have had the opportunity to play many rulesets as deep as WOZ / BM66 + simple as AFM / TNA and fortunate enough to complete the games / final wizard modes just to give you some perspective when evaluating.

Though I would say layout / feel is similar to many BW90’s machines such as MB (sitting in the top 10) I would say the code depth significantly exceeds them.

Majority of the modes could not be stacked (excluding a few) in comparison to newer games but the build up of jackpots / multipliers and constant use of the zap button (pulling your hands off the flippers) is an extremely innovative and diverse approach to gameplay that I am enjoying.

What’s more interesting is my machine sits beside a BM66 and lock bar button use is the complete opposite which really plays a mind trick when playing both.

Lower PF felt a bit like a gimmick at 1st but eventually grew on me and I really enjoy it now…. Again another diverse element executed well and not a feature in any other pin in my collection.

Art package, theme, sound, lighting, and animations all good as well. I did select to add stadium lighting to which it really helped make the B&W PF art “pop”.

Overall, great pin for a 5-10 pin collection no doubt if you are looking for a good mix. Shots are nice and open with orbits being a pleasure to shoot for. Kitty shot to keep multipliers going can get fun as well. Family and anyone stopping by tend to gravitate to this pin.

Shall try to update in a few months on lastability but a relaxing pin to decompress after a long day.
3 months ago
I love the theme of this game and the look of the game. Some of the shots are very fun but it falls flat on overall gameplay. Of all the newer turns it is near or at the bottom.
5 months ago
Well well, I used to be overly harsh to this game. Sure, it’s far from the best new stern, and it has flaws, but it definitely doesn’t deserve to be ranked under Super Mario Bros.


Layout is a solid fan layout, with excellent use of the lower playfield.

Artwork and lighting are excellent, and really need to be seen to be believed.

Coding has gotten MUCH better since I played this game back in the day.


The game still falls into the hole of having code that is too simple for a modern game, that (and I’ll say it again) copies the code of games like Monster Bash.

Spot seems less dangerous at this point, though still not a shot you want to aim for.

The animations are a little dodgy and not up to par with other stern games, but they aren’t terrible either, and there is clearly effort shown.
Pro Exclusive Complaints: the use of the Grandpa targets is kind of ridiculous, as making a whole mode rely on hitting stand up targets to light shots is (IMO) frustrating.

Overall, while it takes coding elements from other games, it’s far from bad and is actually, overall, a decent game!
5 months ago
Super fast pace, and a best to play. The black and white is the best looking out of the three.
6 months ago
Great game. Amazing theme. Fantastic code update and now fun with IC.
7 months ago
Artwork is fantastic. Theme is great. Fun factor is a little lacking.
7 months ago
The game was fun and with the new code updates, a ton of new call outs n more to the lights. Code is now deep as it should have been all along. This is now an awesome game and has great lastability, Bolted to the floor in our home.
8 months ago
One of my favorite themes, but it's difficult to see what's going on down in Grandpa's lab because of poor lighting. I always feel like I have to bend over and get close to the glass to see it. And Spot isn't there long enough to shoot for him. Love the black and white cabinet.
8 months ago
I really enjoy this game much more than I thought it would. The music is nostalgic without being repetitive or annoying. The gameplay on the premium can be a bit overwhelming during “Munster Madness” with multi balls on two separate playfields. It is addicting and a lot of fun. Currently my favorite in my line up.
9 months ago
I want to love this game. I think the theme is great. I just can’t get into the game.
10 months ago
The Munsters is a fantastic looking pin with a unique black and white look for the premium model. The layout is good and no shots feel bad. The spot bash toy under the left ramp is satisfying to hit. The place where this game falls apart a bit is the rules. There really isn’t too much going on here other than just collecting family members for Munster madness. Only a few even have a mode tied to them, and Munster madness is just somewhat interesting. Stacking super jackpots is a decent risk/reward aspect of the game, but it’s not enough to keep me coming back. Definitely one of sterns worse offerings in the past few years based on my tastes.
1 year ago
I grew up watching The Munsters with my mom and dad (just reruns). I wish I liked this table more. For one, the game soft locked on me in the middle of my best game which really took my opinion of it way down. The sub playfield felt like a cheap toy, and I really felt that while it was cool to have multiball in a sub playfield, the second ball got in my way a lot! I just felt like I couldn’t accurately make shots at all.

The regular playfield plays fine. It makes me wonder if I would enjoy the pro more than the premium. Shots are all smooth, and the rules are simple enough. It kind of feels like a remake of Monster Bash when it comes down to it.

Sounds and animations are a plus on this. The iconic Munsters theme is center stage here, and the sounds all seem like they fit the theme. I didn’t find anything particularly annoying. I played 10 games on it so far, so maybe after some more games the sounds may get on my nerves more, time will tell.

The code on this game is horrible. I’ve played a lot of Stern games, but I’ve only ever heard of soft locks, I’ve never experienced one until today. There’s no excuse for this in the age of easily accessible code updates. I thought everyone was being dramatic about it in Stern forums and their social media posts, I was wrong. Once you get Munster Madness, there’s not much else to do but repeat.

I think there’s a good game here under all the issues with the code, but since the stern team has all moved on to other games, I don’t know if there will be another code update in the future, but who knows, Iron Man and Ghostbusters both got updates long after they were out of production.

Time will tell!
1 year ago
The game is fun but I don't feel it's a must play when on locatiin. Premium with the under playfield is great. Not a fan of the pro without it.
1 year ago
What can I say with the new code update Munsters premium is absolutely a great pin. The art work is beautiful n now with the added call outs n video content is even better. They added another challenge mode n the lights are interacting even more they really brought the game up a few levels it is just absolutely a blast to play mine is not going anywhere my hole family loves it.
1 year ago
I don't like the lower playfield at all.
1 year ago
Normally I tell people that I am biased when I love and theme and let people know that... While I love The Munsters and I think its a great theme, I don't need to do that warning, as I really dislike this pin.
I've held off doing a review of this machine until I could truly give this pin a fair shake. I've played this pin on about a dozen or so opportunities, from location to various conventions(2 in 2019).

Sadly I just never seemed to click with this game. I've never had great games on it, but I've had decent games. So I will say... If I opened it up a bit, I might appreciate the machine... Alas, that has never happened.

Let me start with the good. The art package is amazing. Whether it be pro, prem, or LE it all looks great. I will be reviewing the prem, but I might talk about the other models. I love the black and white look, it makes the prem stand out at a location and no doubt would do the same for the home. Great translite, great cab art, and for the prem... The playfield is alright, but that's because it has a lower playfield and art is limited on it. The pro doesn't have a lower and the playfield art is AWESOME(but, missing a prime feature).

I think you can agree that I think the theme is a good one. But, I don't think it was used the best and I think there were too many good clips left out and I don't like the callouts. Paul Lynde was in 2 or 3 episodes of the 72(I believe) and his part was recast with Dom Deleuise for one episode.
I think it would have been better to have someone else do the callouts. Callouts are fine, but would have preferred more Munster oriented callouts.

Also they have a woman, although she sounds like a small boy, do the callouts for Marilyn. Again... Marilyn... Not Lilly, not Grandpa, not Herman... Why? Just a bad choice.

Following the lack of Munster content, I feel the same with the video and animations. While I tend to be more forgiving on animations for pinball machines, I think the animations are crap. The end of ball bonus countdown with the cars looks BAD. Why not use the actual Dragula when it goes to the drive in and its cleared out. They might have to cut it a bit and speed it up, but that would look better.

Lilly dusting with the vacuum is a weird looking model that makes the lovely Yvonne De Carlo look strange. Why not just use footage of her actually dusting... They could have edited it to where it looped better, but they used a bad 3d model instead. The animations are BAD, and again... Same for the dragula shot. Why not use the real Dragula instead of that bad 3d model. It takes the charm out of the Munsters theme.

Now, the video and callouts can be forgiven as they're minor in the grand scheme of things. But, I do not like how this machien shoots or plays. The skill shot is boring. Basically if you overshoot it, you got 0 shot to even nudge or get it right and that sets the whole tone for this machine.

The Herman shot looks easy to hit, and perhaps for some it is. But, for me I've never been able to dial into it. I don't know why... I think its just on a piece of the flipper that I just never am use to hitting the ball at. If you can't get Herman easily, then you're going to have problems.

I don't like the code. I hate no ball save by default(you can turn it on, but not all people on location will or know how to). I just don't like the code. I like the idea that its simple. But, there is a way to even make the code bigger and still keep it simple. And while this code is simple, its not very fun or easy to understand.

To me this game feels clunky. I never can open it up. I'm not the best player in the world(but should you need to be to enjoy a game) , but I'm a decent enough player, and I feel like I've never had many good games with this machine. The lower playfield has potential, but as a gimmick it wears off.

The toys are alright. Spot coming out of the stairs is nice, but you hardly notice him when the ball is zipping around. The Herman bash toy is cool. And that really is about it. I don't think there is a clock or raven mech on the playfield. The topper is, but that's an extra.

To me, this pin is all promise and it does not deliver on any of it. The Munsters show was so much fun, but none of that was channeled for this pin. It's bland and lacks personality. It looks great, but its vapid to play.

I don't think this would hold up well in a home and for me I play it 2-4 times on location and I'm really fine with that.
1 year ago
Piece of art
Good theme integration
Nice layout, great shots
Absolutly awsome machine
1 year ago
Pinsiders seem to never be satisfied - A pin is too hard (Houdini) or too easy (Munsters). Maybe over time it will get old in a game room, but this pin meets the number one rule for me - my wife really likes it, it was her choice. And guess what I do too. The premium and LE both have Grandpa's laboratory, which I think was so important in the series that it adds a lot to the game, including some complexity. The shots are all good, the modes are good, and the topper, if you can snag one, adds a lot to the game with the Raven. This pin really does justice to the source material. Could it be better with additional content and a code update? Of course, most all pins can. Still when you want a quick and fast game, and one very approachable by causal pinball players, this is a great choice. The B&W premium is the best looking model, IMO, even better than the LE.

Update 1/4/22 - A new code drop just makes this game that much better - some code fixes, new callouts, new flasher/lamp effects, new mode (coach potato), chattering teeth feature and several tweaks. Great Update to a great game!
1 year ago
Great horror themed game. Love the bright colors and the black and white.
1 year ago
Having enjoyed the Munsters TV show in re-runs as a kid, I was immediately interested in this theme, but concerned about all the bashing it took in the early reviews here. Then I played the pro version at a local barcade and really enjoyed the shots--so I bought a premium table NIB at a nice overstock discount. This has become one of my favorite games to play, and is a favorite for friends and family too.

I really like the lay-out and the shots. Both ramps are extremely satisfying to hit. The lower playfield is great--it truly is a complete game within a game, and it takes both skill and strategy to play it well. The Munster Madness multi-ball, with action on both playfields at the same time, is always exciting--and I'm getting better at controlling both sets of flipper buttons and actually managing to see what is happening on both levels simultaneously.

Technically, the game has functioned well. I did find a hang-up spot in the lower playfield that would catch the little balls and require drastic tilting or disassembly to resolve. But after a little surgery with my dremel tool, I was able to fix the problem and it has worked perfectly ever since. Note: Make sure the lower playfield window is replaced into the playfield with the proper screw tension so that it is perfectly level and flush. In my case, I tightened the screws down a little too much and it put the plexiglass a little below flush, and it made the balls jump slightly and created rejections at Herman and the Grandpa scoop. Easy fix, though. I also found that I enjoy the game play with the main flipper power setting switched to "normal" instead of the default "hard."

I can't say enough about the great artwork--the game is really neat to look at. The B&W art in the premium package is very distinctive.

My advice--play this game! If you're not a tournament player and you don't care about code depth, you may find this table to be really enjoyable.
1 year ago
Thought I would give it a month of me owning it before I reviewed. Was very nervous to pull the trigger on owning one but I couldn’t get over how damn pretty it was. The lack of feeling like your in an actual mode was what scared me the most. With all that said, this game is amazingly addictive. Stacking a Lilly with a Herman multi ball then hitting your multiplier trying to get your super jackpot only to drain after all that work keeps me hitting the start button. I have a crazy modded walking dead premium ( Best game ever ) right next to it, most prefer playing the Munsters. It’s insane when you get to Munster madness and have six balls going on top and to balls bellow. Not saying this is a top ten, because I’ve played a ton of games the past few years but this should be top 40.
1 year ago
I had no intention of purchasing this one, as I'm more of an Addams Family guy, but the family seemed to keep going back to it. After having it for a while, I can say that this is a feel-good machine, if you're wanting longer ball times and easier multiballs. I agree with other posters that the code needs some work, and trying to play both upper and lower playfields at the same time lacks any skill whatsoever.

Overall, I really like this machine, and the B&W version of the premium absolutely nailed it from an aesthetic perspective. Blasting a machine for simplicity seems counter intuitive to wanting to grow the hobby, and machines like Munsters may not make someone's list, based on the scores on the ratings board. It may not be everyone's favorite, but it definitely deserves more love than it has received here.
1 year ago
This was unexpecting. I had zero intrest in this theme, but the game was really fun. It made me forget about this old timey them. I really liked the monochromatic playfield. The mini playfield is typicaly of the type, but does add variety in a good way. This one surprised me.
2 years ago
I really like the theme. The black and white art looks really cool. It just doesn't have enough shots for me. The code needs work.
2 years ago
Stern took a chance and nailed the theme on the Premium. I love playing this game!
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