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Game design: 7.132

Artwork: 8.019

Sounds/Music: 7.361

Other Aspects: 7.155

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This is "Munsters (Premium)".
The other versions are: Munsters (Pro) (regular version), Munsters (Limited Edition)

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There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Was really excited for this game. Its just a let down with a generic desgin and layout.
8 days ago
Hummmm... Played the pro and dont love it... I hoped the premium/le will be better.. but no... The lab of grandpa is just a poor toy with small balls.... So disappointed..

But the pinball is really beautiful...
10 days ago
Great theme, poor game play. Needs new code ASAP! Love the black and white artwork.
12 days ago
I truly believe the premium is the only option. It is absolutely stunning with the Black and White art work. The programming has a bit to go but it is immediately a fun machine. It was made to enjoy for all users so I have kept that in mind. The rules are not so deep you need to be Nicolas Cage in National Treasure to hunt down the relics. It is straightforward and allows fun shots to be made with simple rules. I do believe it is going to change a lot with code to add some depth in the play.

The art work is beautiful. The premium hit the nail on the head with the Munsters theme. Grandpas Laboratory is so awesome. A game with in a game. Getting into Munster Madness with the upper and lower playfield going crazy at the same time is just a ton of fun! I am definitely no expert but this machine is a lot of fun.
13 days ago
this black and white artwork really sets this game apart. Plays the same as the LE. Pin stadium fusions w the uv and lower playfield lights make a stunning addition to any collection. I like a lower playfield that is actually usable.
14 days ago
This game was absolutely brutal to me the first time I played it with a strange predilection for those dreaded SDTM drains and no ball save (it must have been the settings of the game at Pinfest). I had a chance to play it a few times since and fared much better. First of all, the premium is the machine to own in my opinion, as it looks like the Munsters, which was never in color when I saw it. I enjoy the lower playfield even though it did get old after getting to it a few times. A beautiful playfield art scheme, nice toys, and plenty of shots make this a pretty good pin in my opinion.
16 days ago
A classic theme choice from Stern, but gameplay is only okay. The art package is phenomenal, especially on the premium that is primarily in black and white. I’m not typically a fan of little-ball mini playfields, but Munsters packs a lot into it here. There’s a ramp and multiball on that little guy, and I’d say it’s mostly more fun to play than the regular playfield.
20 days ago
Played quite a few games on location. I love the look. As with many Sterns, code updates will make or break this one. Looking forward to seeing it mature.
44 days ago
The Munsters Premium lower playfield is a nice addition with mini pinballs, mini ramps, and mini flippers. The game is fast playing and artwork of the playfield (Black and White, with color inserts) looks amazing. I added the side blades artwork to complete the games theme.
53 days ago
Lower playfield is a nice addition. You can really play it. The B/W art is VERY good looking.
Overall this is much better game than I first thought after playing some games with Pro-model.
I loved the TV-show and this is themed nicely.
55 days ago
I played several games on the Premium Munsters at TPF 2019. Every one of them was a fun time. The under-playfield was challenging to complete, the Herman multiball and hurry-ups were easy and fun. It was tough to get the stairway to open and reveal Spot, but I did nail him in the nose once. I couldn't hear the music on the machines because of settings, which I missed because I love the Munsters theme. Chris Franchi's art is terrific, and the black and white of the Premium looks bold and vibrant, and is accented with plenty of color. I and other people don't much like the backglass of this version, however. For me, Lilly looks too demented and ugly. I'd swap in a translite from the colored editions if I owned this. According to John Borg, there are close to 300 video clips in this, many seen rarely in the game. The end-of-ball animation of the cars in the drive-in is repetitive and should be rotating with others.
3 months ago
After a few hours of play I finally feel up to par to give a good review here. Albeit a very early review since code and such is still a baby. I had the hardest time deciding between this and the LE. The full color art on the LE is pretty dang outstanding and super vivid, but after walking up on this in person I can say it still has the pop I was hoping for. The LE is still probably the best overall package, but for a premium (and for the idea of it being a bit different) I can still say I feel this was a good choice to buy... besides the translite, which I really wish was the art that is missing on the playfield on the pro, but oh well...

Initially I fell in love with the lower mini playfield but was worried it would be gimmicky. This is not the case as that little area contains some sweat breaking moments once you realize you can have a multiball going on simultaneously on the main and lower playfield, which is pure insanity! Other items of note, and something I didn't realize until I played it for a while is the fact that the overall gameplay feels something like Medieval Madness meets Attack From Mars. It has shots from both that are nearly identical, so if you were a pro at either of those, you will for sure find yourself playing this one for quite a while per ball. The Catapult shot is there... the sco0p on the upper right, the pops up in the extreme upper right and a bash toy right about where the castle door is. It's very familiar territory, so if you love those fan layout style machines, this will feel right at home.

As a conclusion I can say I'm torn. I do love the theme, the style, the flow, and the fact that finally an amazing lower playfield exists (and is truly the reason I wanted to buy it), but at the same time I have no idea if it will stand that test of time. Will it become too easy for me? Was full color the better bet after owning it for a bit? I guess we'll see.... for now it is my favorite pin of 2019 ;)
4 months ago
The Munsters was a great show. Now it's a Stern pinball game.

The Good:
This game looks and sounds great. Judicious use if the Tv show footage is very well edited. The cabinet, PF and trans(ylvania)lite look fantastic! The shots are standard Borg and feel solid. The Herman randomizer is far enough up the PF to be less of a death shot than the magnet may suggest. I did not expect to see Spot on the Pro. The left lane is like the MM catapult, but with Borg frugality and functionality. The lower playfield makes the difference on this design. The Stewie Pinball layout with the super skillshot and 5 buttons with their individual actions, and multiball being played on 2 levels at the same time... YES! This gameplay is worth the preem/le. First time since AC/DC. The tiny ball on the lower PF works GREAT!

The Bad:
The marketing algorithm at Stern Inc. has determined that along with grandpa rock, 60's tv shows and comic books are what pinball is all about. The pro really feels ok. The preem/le is more of a game.


Lots of airballs down by the flippers into the outlanes. Probably needs the ghostbusters treatment. Personally I prefer the Black and White look of the tv show for the art treatment. Rules are Herman heavy right now. Two shots into the game and you are off, but the scoring is VERY heavy on Herman. Kind of like Sparky and Groot...

The Takeaway:
A great FUN theme to play. The game plays well and people are going to play it. Despite my grumblings, this game is going to do well on location. I actually got to play a 5 player zen game with the 4 flippers and the whammy button on the lockdown bar. Never done that before...Expect updates to this review as code progresses.
4 months ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at CES 2019. I was surprised at how much fun the game was and how it drew me in. I was never much of a Munsters fan. I especially enjoyed the lower level deck. My rating may change with more gameplay.
4 months ago
B&W artwork is a piece of artwork. Munsters theme integration is off the chain. Great fun to shoot and lower playfield is one of the best. Only thing lacking is more code.
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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