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Game design: 7.625

Artwork: 8.715

Sounds/Music: 7.705

Other Aspects: 7.71

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This is "Munsters (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Munsters (Pro) (regular version), Munsters (Premium)

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There are 40 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
The game is easy Yes. The game is fun Yes! The code is deep right now...NO.

A great code update will make this game a real winner.

Negativity on this game comes from people that Don't have an LE. Game is beautifully executed! Mini PF is a blast!
1 year ago
I just hate the mini PF. Plus the big Lilly target is way too easy. I want to like this game. I hope I get into it soon or it will be for sale soon.
1 year ago
Pretty fun game the sounds are fun the screen is super cool even if you’re too young to know who the Munsters are you’ll enjoy playing it. The lights for Dragula spot and Marylin could have been nicer maybe just me i like the frosted lights for the lights that are out in the open. I definitely think for the money there should have been a topper and a 3D Grampa also the flashers covers could have been better designed rather than the common shot glass reflectors that they have used on a lot of there games.
1 year ago
First of all... this does not affect my rating but Stern changing the LE quantity from 500 to 600 after taking deposits is an absolute joke. In the world of toy collectibles, art, and other industries such an unethical practice would have destroyed their reputation beyond repair and/or gotten them sued. the soapbox and on to the game....

By coincidence, this game arrived at the same time as my Monster Bash LE. I was more excited to get the Monsters bash LE, but the Munster holds up very nicely.... it certainly does not pale in comparison. Both games are sitting next to my Spiderman Vault... which suddenly looks very bare.

The game is well done and plays very smooth. I love the entire art and sound package on the LE... I am not sure how they could have been done any better.

Grandpas basement is fun, but I am afraid it may not age well. It almost feels like you are playing a small toy pinball machine. However, it really, really sets off the playfield.

The music and callouts are great... the music is awesome and takes full advantage of the Munsters classic theme song. The animations are also pretty cool... lets of show clips... again.. it is very well done.

Game play.. so far we love it. I may need to update it once we get a few hundred more games under our belts. I wouldn't necessarily call it "Easy" but it is definitely an approachable game for newbies.

Code... the code out of the box is certainly acceptable, but I am excited to see what the future holds.

Getting back on to my soapbox... A totally great game... It is too bad that Stern wasn't a more reputable company when it comes to releasing Limited Editions. In the future, I will struggle mightily ]IF I decide to buy another LE from them.
1 year ago
Munster LE has exceed my expectations for the game. The artwork is off the hook, the music and screen is great and really pulls you in to the theme. I'm seeing people tear into the standard "fan layout" but these same people are lined up to play other "fan layouts" and preach how much they love them only to tear into this game... its called a fan layout for a reason... fans like them? I didn't purchase this game to be my deepest rule set game... I bought to give me a good fun break from playing other fan favorites and escapes... monster bash or LOTR, or TSPP or Met Prem or Iron Maiden Prem, ACDC Prem etc.... and Monster Bash has simple rules and is universally loved... but yet we can't recognize another masterpiece as it releasing?

Guess I should have known better.. people didn't rush to Monster Bash when it released and they had to discount to sell through only for it to explode years later as people finally gave the game a real shot.

Stop thinking with your wallets / return on investment people and give every game a fair chance for what it is... did it make you happy and give you that escape to leave your troubles in the real world? If so, then its a hit to you.... if I wanted deep I'll just turn on my TSPP or LOTR.... its pinball people… be open minded!
1 year ago
Munsters LE is a fun well put together game. Shots rewarding, there is plenty of inovation and the theme is spot on. Rules are developing however, as is, shows plenty of depth and variety. It is a beautiful machine with an outstanding integration of a lower playfield. As many, I feared that the mini-playfield would detract from the machines flow...I was wrong. The lower playfield has plenty of its own functionality...set the flippers to soft. Stern seems to have upped their build quality for Munsters...I like the plywood bottom.
1 year ago
Munsters LE along with Deadpool LE are two of the best Sterns that I've had the pleasure of playing in a long time. The game is your typical Borg design with two ramps that feed right to the flippers, but somehow the other great features make you forget that feeling that you've already played this game with other Stern pins. The modes are fun, collecting the characters like Monster Bash. Grandpa's basement is the best mini playfield I've ever played.

The game fits the theme perfectly. Playfield, cabinet, music all bring it together to make you feel like you're part of the Munsters family. Can't wait for the black and white premium.
1 year ago
Either you’re Addams Family or Munsters. I’ve ALWAYS been a Munsters fan. So this pin is welcome. Even though Stern has recycled gimmicks from TWD and Shrek/Family Guy here, they work far better on this pin. Herman as the oversized bash toy with the unmistakable THUD sound straight from the show when you hit him is perfect. The mini playfield was one of the highlights of Family Guy and the ONLY good thing about the Shrek pin. Here it has found a fantastic home as grandpa’s basement lab. Positioning it as a lower playfield in the middle instead of the upper right is much better as well.

The rules are good and not too cryptic and coding is complete enough to play some rollicking good games from the start. In fact my only real grievance is that there is no ball save. But that doesn’t seem to serve as a detriment to playing except when the ball drains too quickly. The Lily , Eddie and the Marilyn characters could’ve also been better implemented into gameplay as well. But this is a fun and VERY worthwhile addition to Stern’s library.
1 year ago
I had an LE for a while. It’s got really repetitive. All you really do is try to stack super jackpots which gets really old really fast. Dropped this one like a hot potato. Not really fun at all. Theme had a lot to offer but code just dropped the ball big time. Too bad
1 year ago
Well, I've had my LE for 4 days now and put several games on it. This is a hard review as I think reading all the negative reviews on the pro over the past month or so may have skewed my overall feeling for the game and made me a bit more picky on small things I normally would have let slide and not bother me. This is my 4th NIB Stern pin.

The game is very fun and I am enjoying it, my family seems to like it. Although I haven't seen them play one game solo. I always have to ask someone to play with me to get them on it. Which is NOT a good sign. Didn't seem they were as excited as I was to get it and only put a few games on it over the past few days. After playing one or two games with me they went back over to IMLE or Metallica... Which was surprising and a bit disappointing to me after dropping +$9k on a new machine for my family to enjoy...

Theme, art, sound and video are great as I LOVE the Munsters, As previous reviewers have stated I believe Stern really needs to up their game on LE's. The clear plastic picture figures don't cut it for this amount of money. They need to 3D print characters and stop these plastic picture inserts. Drop targets would have been nice as well. Also Dragula car is so small you can't even see it... It should have been something more prominent or the machine goes completely dark and a spot light placed on it. The back glass is also a sore spot for me. The game and cabinet are beautiful but I believe the back glass could have had better art. Lily looks like Herman smashed her head down below her shoulder blades... Looks really odd and it is front and center. REALLY bugs me!!!!!

After being extremely excited to get his game it seems a bit mehh to me atm. Hopefully after a few code updates and more time on it, it will grow on me more and hopefully my family.

I will update if my feeling towards the game changes.
1 year ago
There is a big difference between the PRO and the me the PRO is boring and the LE is like night and day difference. Some of the highlights are the lower playfield, real backglass, cabinet art is more refined, gold powder coated legs. Stern still needs to learn what an LE should be and they should look no further than Jersey Jack. Why didn't they powder coat the side armor? This game needs more toys for $9000 there is no reason for a cheesy plastic Grandpa in the Electric Chair, look at Mod Couple they made a functional 4D Grandpa this is a miss by Stern or just going cheap.

The one thing stern is better at than JJ is artwork, they really know how to nail the playfield, cabinet art and more. I'm not a big fan of the mini balls for the lower playfield much rather a lower playfield like ACDC but its probably the best themed lower playfield ever.

Munsters LE is a really fun game, especially if you're a fan of the TV show. I also think when Stern is selling an LE game it should include a topper like all the JJ games. I feel that is another miss but with all that being said get a Premium or LE if you're going to buy Munsters because the game is just a lot more fun!!! One other thing that I think was a let down was the side targets should have been drop targets made to look like tombstones. I think its going cheap when you make one big long one ... I think drop targets are a staple for a pinball game missed that on this game.

I feel as a horror fan this game is a total keeper despite the knocks.
1 year ago
Less score for the unfinished code though I like where it’s going.Undeniably one of the best looking pins ever
Sound and lighting is fantastic esp the zap lightning strikes
Love the lower playfield
Super fun,great flow,makes you laugh,has heartfelt moments,the clips are great

This game is amazing and super fun total winner for multi player games
Herman multiball easy to start but I like action out the gate and it’s a great multiball
Hard not to give this one a 10
With code it could get there

EDIT - seeing low scores for this game for the stupidest little things or someone that played it 5 times is laughable the game is bad ass why even take the time to trash it get a grip
1 year ago
The Munsters was a great show. Now it's a Stern pinball game.

The Good:
This game looks and sounds great. Judicious use if the Tv show footage is very well edited. The cabinet, PF and trans(ylvania)lite look fantastic! The shots are standard Borg and feel solid. The Herman randomizer is far enough up the PF to be less of a death shot than the magnet may suggest. I did not expect to see Spot on the Pro. The left lane is like the MM catapult, but with Borg frugality and functionality. The lower playfield makes the difference on this design. The Stewie Pinball layout with the super skillshot and 5 buttons with their individual actions, and multiball being played on 2 levels at the same time... YES! This gameplay is worth the preem/le. First time since AC/DC. The tiny ball on the lower PF works GREAT!

The Bad:
The marketing algorithm at Stern Inc. has determined that along with grandpa rock, 60's tv shows and comic books are what pinball is all about. The pro really feels ok. The preem/le is more of a game.


Lots of airballs down by the flippers into the outlanes. Probably needs the ghostbusters treatment. Personally I prefer the Black and White look of the tv show for the art treatment. Rules are Herman heavy right now. Two shots into the game and you are off, but the scoring is VERY heavy on Herman. Kind of like Sparky and Groot...

The Takeaway:
A great FUN theme to play. The game plays well and people are going to play it. Despite my grumblings, this game is going to do well on location. I actually got to play a 5 player zen game with the 4 flippers and the whammy button on the lockdown bar. Never done that before...Expect updates to this review as code progresses.
1 year ago
Munsters theme integration is off the chain. Great fun to shoot and lower playfield is one of the best. Only thing lacking is more code.
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