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Other Aspects: 7.692

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The other versions are: Munsters (Pro) (regular version), Munsters (Premium)

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16 days ago
So much has been written about the overly simplistic rule set and game play of Munsters. So I’ll ask one question, do you think there are more tournament savvy players in the hobby or more casual collector types? Personally, I think there are more casual player types. As you might have guessed, that’s the category in which I fall.

So with that being said, for those of you that don’t want seven layers of chess when you are playing or buying a pin, Munsters is everything a casual to good player could want. It’s colorful (yes, even the BW version), fun video clips, nostalgic and fast. And for me, the best part is the rules are simple to understand. Shots are challenging and rewarding.

In an era where complicated games abound, Munsters is a refreshing addition to my collection.
23 days ago
Decent game
3 months ago
I must admit that all the negativity towards this game made me hesitate buying it - especially buying the LE. I was drawn to the theme - largely based on nostalgia (watching re-runs), and the family-friendly humor - Fred Gwynne’s portrayal of Herman is freeze-dried comedy to me (never gets old). I played the Pro version at nearby locations and loved it in person, so I placed an order for the Premium (color) version. The distributor told me he had an LE coming in on trade if I wanted to experience the lower play field while waiting on the Premium. Well, after seeing the LE in all its glory, and playing it for a half hour, I bought it on the spot. I love this game! I am fairly new to the hobby, and admittedly just an average player (at best), but I have played on a lot of machines and this one is just so fun. It offers some quick wins with Herman multi-ball and accessing Grandpa’s lab pretty soon after hitting the start button, but getting to Munster Madness is certainly not easy (at least for me) - and trying to maximize your score with Kitty multipliers, zap jackpots, etc. offers more depth. It may not have the same depth of code as other machines, but it has enough to keep me entertained for hours - and keep coming back.

The artwork - cabinet, backglass, and playfield is flawless. The playfield lightshow is brilliant and seemless with the action.

I’m glad I didn’t let the negativity steer me away from this purchase - and if the negativity continues and Dwight doesn’t add depth to the code...while I’d like to see the value of the LE increase over time, I decided it won’t really matter because I plan to keep it for a long, long time. It is just that fun and oh, so pretty!!
4 months ago
This is a fun game. Not a huge fan of the theme, but the overall artwork from the clips from the show, awesome artwork on the playfield and backless, and in the little details is top notch.
4 months ago
Pinsiders seem to never be satisfied - A pin is too hard (Houdini) or too easy (Munsters). Maybe over time it will get old in a game room, but this pin meets the number one rule for me - my wife really likes it, it was her choice. And guess what I do too. The premium/LE both have Grandpa's laboratory, which I think was so important in the series that it adds a lot to the game, including some complexity. The shots are all good, the modes are good, and the topper, if you can snag one, adds a lot to the game with the Raven. This pin really does justice to the source material. Could it be better with additional content and a code update? Of course, most all pins can. Still when you want a quick and fast game, and one very approachable by causal pinball players, this is a great choice. Would rather have the B&W premium, but this is still a great looking pin.
4 months ago
I am left cold by the theme in most regards, but the game is amazing. One of my favourites. I think it is the most beautiful pinball made to date (2020).
5 months ago
This game should be good and it is not. It is a ripoff of Monster Bash without the charm or humor and the execution is no where near as good. Grandpa's Lab and the Drag Racing thing slow down the game to a crawl. The layout is good with the exception of the lower level, which is trash, and it should be a much better game. This game is a huge disappointment. I had a chance to get any Stern Pro pinball game currently in production and this one and Star Wars were at the bottom of my list.
5 months ago
This game gets so much hate that I skipped over owning it at first. Now I own an LE and I couldn’t be happier. I can see how people say the rules are a little on the simpler side, but in my opinion that definitely doesn’t equal less fun. The art package is just beautiful in my opinion. The playfield art is so detailed that I love to just admire it. A few more video assets and some call outs would be nice, but I really enjoy the ones they do have. The videos and call outs are just plain fun. I also really dig the 60s style music on this pin. This theme is a big home run for me as I love the whole monster/Halloween feeling it has. As for gameplay in my opinion the shots are sooo smooth. I love the feeling of the ramps. The Herman bash toy/magnet is fun and seeing spot come out if the stairs is just plain cool. As for the lower playfield I absolutely love it. It does feel different but I enjoy how it has a different feeling to it then the upper playfield. The zap jackpots are also a neat aspect that can keep you busy and are fun to shoot for. This is pin is a complete win for me and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance.
5 months ago
Hands down one of the most beautiful pins ever made. People whinge about the code being shallow and this is a legitimate gripe for a serious player but its not easy getting Munster Madness for the second time in a game and I enjoy this game in a decent line up.
7 months ago
Recently purchased this pin. A real favourite with my son. His favourite after STTNG. Doesn’t even look at DI. I guess that will change as he gets older..

Strong theme, nice art and toys.. Really gorgeous pin. I find myself staring at its Ramps are smooth and fast. Just waiting for a bit more polish on code.
7 months ago
I'm amazed by the number of "code warriors" who have ripped the code on this game, but when I check their collections they have games like Scared Stiff, Theatre of Magic, or old solid states with rules that are far more shallow. What a bunch of hypocritical sheep.

John Borg should be called Mr. Consistent...the shots in this game are like a dream. Anyone who rips them must really hate Metallica, Tron, Guardians and The Walking Dead. The ball save does need to be on to protect from unfair drains. The Skill shot trick (holding down the left flipper while you plunge) and then hitting the right ramp is a great feeling. The mono targets don't bother me, I'll hit targets no matter what kind they are.

The lower playfield is fun. It could be better and a little less floaty. If someone makes a mod with heavier balls (hehe) it will be pretty awesome. It's amazing how many shots they squeezed into that thing: a VUK, a ramp, an orbit, and a bash toy. Plus the ability to play multiball on both playfields at the same time is total chaos!

The art is gorgeous, Christopher Franchi's best work. The lighting is beautiful, too. The music and callouts: like any game it can become repetitive sometimes, and it didn't seem like they used much of the assets they had available. The topper is pretty cool.

The Midnight Madness and Secret Mania modes are fun, too bad they aren't part of the main game and have to be specially triggered, I think it would have helped the code angst. It looks like production is shutting down soon. That doesn't mean more code isn't coming - see Dwight's work on Ghostbusters as an example. I guess time will tell.

Overall this is a great game. I'm amazed by the games ranked higher than this one. Pinball Magic, Roadshow, and Champion Pub (along with many others) are better than this game? Sadly we live in a time when it's more important to be aligned with the loudest and most vocal than it is to form your own opinion.
8 months ago
So underrated.
This machine has great playability for both the new and experienced player. Easy shots compared to other games and it just all blends in so well.
9 months ago
Not much love for the Munsters on here. I pondered buying this when it first arrived. I wasn't buying pins at the time and passed. Last month I finally bought a LE and I am glad that I did. Along with the topper this game is pretty cool. It may not be perfect but, I tend to ask myself if it is fun to shoot and does the theme pull you in enough to own it at home. Growing up watching the show I have to say that the theme is really good for pinball and it works. I really like the ramps. I like the Herman bash toy with the magnet and the sound effects (not as boring as I imagined). The art is perfection on all 4 versions of the game. The laboratory is more fun that I thought too and you can really build some points down there. The call outs are good along with the use of the show clips. Draculas drag car is cool. The visuals are great especially along with the amazing light show. I think this game is a tad underrated and if the rumored last code update is to come true I will then re-evaluate my rating. The code isn't the best ever nor the worst either. If you like the theme then you will probably like the game and it can be had for a GREAT value all over right now. Don't listen to others. Play it for yourself. It's more fun than they say and their is a rumor of one last code update coming? Maybe then Munsters will gain some more love.
11 months ago
I love the artwork and theme (I'm partial to the Munsters from watching them growing up), but the gameplay isn't there for me. I just feel there are better options at the price point.
1 year ago
This is a great family game and I think the only reason it is not quite as popular as it should be is that the show aired in the '60s which means that a lot of the younger Pin enthusiasts never saw the show or know how hilarious it was. But for fans of the show, this is a must have in a collection. One of Stern's better made games, in my opinion.
1 year ago
Loved the show and love the theme! Played the pro and then the premium but bought the LE. Fun, fun, fun. Love the artwork and love the play. I still laugh at the call outs and the raven taunting!
1 year ago
Great looking title, wanted so much to like this game but it just seems to miss the mark.

Wouldn't last long in my collection due to rules and gameplay.

Sadly disappointed and find the lower playfield a waste of time.
1 year ago
The Munsters sadly has fallen into the mob mentality and has been unfairly judge. I love my limited its unique from all my other games the mini Playfield when flippers set to soft fells like another pin in its self you actually have to strategize your shots.

The game helps me relax and I have tons of fun playing it it’s not over complicated where you end out drained. Instead it’s player friendly and just can’t help to feel happy every time I play it. Once you understand it’s rules it is tons of entertainment and fun. I purchased my Munsters when it first came out for sale and only grow more attached to the game the longer I own it.
1 year ago
Love with caveats with Munsters. Hitting Herman can be a chore, as the lanes getting to him are narrow, but once you figure it out, you can do it repeatedly. There's a lot going on with the table, but it's a lot of chaos and bizarre occurrence, which fits well with the Munsters. Loved that getting into the drop chute takes you to Grampa Muster's lab in the basement where you play on a mini-table - though the mini-table itself isn't that much fun to play on, as the lanes are tiny and the ball is very light. Even with all of that, Munsters is a great game and I can't wait to play it again.
1 year ago
Is there any way to hit dragula except for dumb luck? Generally enjoyable, although a couple of head-scratchers. Skill shot seems impossible to get. Can’t figure out how to hit middle targets in Grandpa’s lab with those pea-size balls. Fun ramps and loops, though. One of Stern’s better efforts of the last couple of years.
2 years ago
Game is simple and lots of fun. Playing both playfields together is a blast.
2 years ago
I want to like this game. It has fun shots. It's got a simple bash toy for my family to aim at. It's just boring. Start mode, spend entire time trying to multiply playfield. Layout is OK, but the code is shallow and doesn't hold my interest long.
2 years ago
The Munsters LE version is fun to play. The layout of the lower small playfield is pretty good - maybe one of the best out there. However, the mini-playfield ball is not heavy enough or too small. The ball bounces all around down there (lots of air balls) and that gets frustrating. If that one thing was changed it would make it great. The mini-playfield adds a lot to this game - something you try to acquire. That makes the Prem and LE version so much better that the Pro. The color playfield art looks better than the LE black and white in my opinion. The occasional green lighting for modes looks pretty cool. The overall look of the pin with the color side art, translite art, and powder-coated gold legs looks real good together as a package.

Locations leave most of the default settings on, but they really should turn on the ball save. I've had many plunges to where I never got to hit the ball with the flippers with less than 5 seconds of play. That's not worth the $1 per play price tag especially if you get two of those per game. The ball saver should be on by default. The code is a little shallow and needs some polish and maybe some more excitement. The animations on the display are good. The Herman multiball is really easy to get started and play, and is fun.

I could see myself picking up a HUO Prem or LE for a good price some day if the code matures and gets noticeably better. Until then, I will continue to get my fill of it playing multiple games at locations and shows.
2 years ago
Great game, family members of all ages (2-62) enjoy it immensely!
2 years ago
Not a bad game overall. Code blows. Played on location.
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