Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man

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Other Aspects: 6.577

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Found 27 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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69 days ago
Its a game that can't decide if it's a video game or pinball game and failed at both. Cool skill shot though.
4 months ago
Its fun first one I owned.
8 months ago
The game play and theme of this game is awesome. The pac maze was innovative for the time period. I enjoy the flow, shots, sounds, theme, and artwork. The only thing I can find wrong with the game is the cabinet is cheaply made and the back box is not the greatest. Love this game its a keeper.
8 months ago
Great theme, but not executed well. Not good flow and games are uneven. Could have been better.
1 year ago
Pac-Man fever. It was really a thing and as a kid I had a lot of Pac-Man collectibles.
Bally-Midway attempted to milk this cash cow to its fullest and good for them that they did! If Namco had their way, there would be no Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man plus, junior, or Baby. And no pinball. Namco didn’t like sequels or spin-offs, at least not ones they hadn’t created. It was, after all, their IP.
In 1982 the Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man pinball machine arrived. (I didn’t actually see one until the Summer of 1983) and it was very popular.. When the crowds died down, I was finally able to play it. It was incredibly hard for a 10 year old me! I loved Pac-Man, but for pinball I would rather play that cool Black Knight machine, at least on that I had mastered getting multiball. So it went in the local Arcade and Roller skating rink in 1983.
Several times over the years I have nearly bought one of these machines. I have played it many times and, although simple with lots of targets, it has a challenging set of objectives.
Looks like Pac-Man, that’s all that really needs to be said. It looks like everything else Pac-Man from the 1980’s.
This falls somewhere in between basic SS machines of the era and cutting edge. The playfield appears rather standard, but they attempted to make a maze game in the middle. There is good flow and shots are fun, the only downside is the light maze breaking up the gameplay. A neat idea way ahead of its time or the technology to execute it properly.Imagine this redone on a WPS system though.
Sounds like Pac-Man. Need I say more? Okay, impressive quality. Probably the best and most varied sounds from a Bally machine at the time.
Fun factor:
This is where the problems are. It’s fun in small doses. It doesn’t make you want to play it every time you see it, mostly because the frustration levels are pretty low. For comparison sake, I play Jokerz! both in the wild or in our game room. Wherever I am, if I see a Jokerz!, I will play it. The game ticks you off, drains the ball, laughs at you, and you know you can get the high score if the machine would just cooperate!!! Furthermore, it has so many feel good shots. Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man doesn’t really evoke that desire or urge.
When I go into our game room, I play every machine at least once. I know that if I owned a Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, I would probably only play it a couple times a month at most. I would love to have it, but it just wouldn’t get used enough.
It’s a good game, don’t get me wrong, but I’d much rather play the upright Ms. Pac-Man machine downstairs.
1 year ago
The theme is the best part of the game the right outlane variation is OK. Overall it is just a decent game nostalgia points for the theme.
2 years ago
I had very low expectations of this game. Unfortunately there are very few of these on location in new England and the ones that are were never in working condition so i pre-judged this game and a complete turd. after spending some time playing a good copy i've learned to appreciate. Its a fun game once you learn the rules.
2 years ago
Grid is a cool feature. Other than that not much going on in this game. Art is typical Pac Man graphics. The shots are clunky and not well laid out. Interesting design!
2 years ago
Fun for competition. An ok pinball, but something feels wrong about it.
2 years ago
A good pinball for this period with an excellent theme. The maze is a pretty unique feature and ahead of its time. Music and sound effects are the most enjoyable aspects of this game. As soon as I hear these sounds, I cannot resist and smile like a child :-) Nostalgia and decent gameplay make this game an excellent pinball to have at home in a larger collection. As an unique pinball, lastability is the weak point.
3 years ago
If you understand how to get moves and play the center maze you will probably like the game. The hardest skill shot I have ever seen on a pinball... more like luck. Cool theme if you are in to Pac-Man. Easy for kids to understand. Sounds can get repetitive. I still go back and play mine all the time. Usually they can be had for a fair price. Good entry level pin.
4 years ago
This was my first pinball. I've always been a pacman fan, so I like it. The pac-maze adds something a little different, without it, this game wouldn't be that great, but it gives you something to shoot for. It's fun for it's age and what it is and given that it's usually not that expensive, it's worth owning, but there are definitley better pins to be had. The music gets really annoying with the wacka-wacka sounds, so I chose to turn those off.
5 years ago
Very neat and unique game to combat the video game craze at the time!
6 years ago
Good if you like Pac-Man but not much cop if you don't. Early 80's with not a huge amount to do and the Pac-Maze is very primitive but that's what you get with a game of this age. Also I think has the most impossible skill shot in all of pinball, played this a lot as it seems to be a favorite of people where I live and never hit it!
6 years ago
A really fun game to play. Making sure to have enough moves to complete the maze and making sure to not get caught by the monster are all parts of the game that make it enticing to play over and over.
7 years ago
I think this game is largely misunderstood because of the "Pac-Maze," a feature which essentially amounts to a very early video mode. While video modes can be a polarizing feature, what better theme to incorporate a video mode than Pac-Man, an early hit of the classic video game cannon. The controls on this primative video mode can be challenging to understand at first, but I liken it to the Johnny Mnemonic vid mode; difficult to master, but fun when understood. It's a 3 flipper game, one of the hardest skill shots in all of pinball, and an enjoyable single ball game (no multiball).
7 years ago
Artwork is great, love the BG. playfield also implements the video game as well. The lighted playfield in the middle is a good idea, but the execution is sub par. Hard to "pick up and play", takes awhile to learn the rules on how the hell that thing works and what it actually does.

Layout is nice, lots of targets to knock down and they are important. I can see why this is usually a cheap game. It gets old quickly.
7 years ago
All around good game. After playing one dozens of times, it's grown on me. Well made for the times, especially the sound. Few annoying features. Fast to learn, long to master. Girls love it. Skill shot is one of the best made. Great theme. Pink cabinet art is probably the worst part. The two part head makes it hard to work on.
8 years ago
Pac-Man is the best selling video game ever. With the pin selling over 10k, the pin didn't do too badly either.

The Pros:
A fantastic skillshot and a very simple and well integrated chase game are the notable points of this deck. Standups behind drops are always a big plus in my book. Margaret Hudson did a bang-up job on the art pax. Asymmetrical inlanes/ outlanes are always great to see as well.

The Cons:
This game is so heavily biased on the video game aspect of the table, that it seems to forget the "pinball" inside of it. Even when properly tuned and taken care of, this game seems too complex to understand without many plays and at the same time rather boring. NOT a good sign. Big scores are dependent of how well you play the quasi video game. Pssst... Hey... This is a pinball game!

The Takeaway:
George Christian creates another lackuster game based on a massive video game license. I guess it could be worse, it could be Gold Ball...
8 years ago
On first glance the game looks interesting, with drop targets, & the maze in the middle. The pac-maze is cool the first few times but grows old quickly & slows down actual pinball play. Problem is that high scores depend on your skills at negotiating the damn maze.
9 years ago
The pac maze being the focal point is extremely unique, and making shots to add moves is also interesting, but it does add some stop-go nature. Aside from the Pac-Maze, it is a pretty basic machine, but there is still decent amount of stuff to shoot for considering the time period. Drop targets and stand-ups behind them and spelling PAC-MAN for added bonuses is fun. Sounds are great, as is the voice, but the background "music" sound is pretty annoying.

Upper flipper is a little disappointing and clunky, as it doesn't do much other than allow the three upper drop targets to be hit and occasionally you can keep banking shots off the rebound and even shoot the ball up into the Pac-Maze saucer. Linear flipper design makes for poor flipper action.

Playfield art and backglass is fun, and the theme is great. I restored one of these, and if you can find one for $400 or less, it is totally worth owning. Under appreciated and under rated in my opinion. And the toughest skill shot in all of pinball! It is unique.
10 years ago
Once you figure out the pac maze the game gets really interesting. It is the first pre-dmd machine i have really liked. Some may not like the maze but i find it a new challenge, The machine i played on had a flipper alignment issue but not too serious. a rare one but a good one
10 years ago
Not a fan. The Pac-maze kills the flow of the game. Very easy overall so not much to keep coming back for. The sound gets WAY annoying as well. Reliability a factor as well.
11 years ago
Very hard to complete the maze but fun trying. Very original. Definitely one to play if you get the chance.
11 years ago
My buddy owns one with a great shape except for the cabinet which needs a repaint. Not a bad looking game. Game play is average, not particularly fast or slow. Several different shots to make. The skill shot is impossible IMO. Sounds get annoying. The dot game takes a few times to figure out but quickly loses its appeal as it stops the flow of the game. Play it a few for its rarity.
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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