Mousin' Around! (Bally, 1989)

Mousin' Around!

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Game design: 7.893

Artwork: 7.37

Sounds/Music: 7.151

Other Aspects: 7.826

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Found 59 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Decent game. Center shot is too easy. Scoring a big jackpot is fun. Overall doesn't get me too excited.
5 months ago
I enjoy shooting this game, too bad the sound is so lo-fi and the art belongs in a Chuck E. Cheese. Probably my best bet for a re-theme since I like the layout but don't care for the aesthetics.
6 months ago
Really fun game. Great art and great sounds and music. It’s really fun to hit the center shot over and over and multiball is really fun. Just make sure your flippers are strong enough to hit it up the ramps.
7 months ago
High Level Players might get tired of the ruleset, but for mid level and below, the multiball is one of the more difficult Sys11s out there. Center ramp needs to be nerfed with extra thick rubber to make this a fun shooter, but the mouse hole integration is great! Get that Cheese yo!
9 months ago
I've played several of these in wild, and a common issue is that the flippers lack the power to make the middle ramp and the right ramp (to the top to collect the cheese). It is still a popular favorite in the places near me even though these shots can't be made. Collecting the letters, cheese and multiball is fun enough by itself. Very family and kid friendly theme.
12 months ago
I’ve owned a couple system11 classics like whirlwind and cyclone and mousin around may be my favorite of all. Definitely a sleeper game. I fully restored mine and it is brutal fast. The gimmicks in the game play perfectly into the theme and while the rules are not hard to figure out, the game is hard to master since it requires quick reflexes and pretty precise hits. And on top of all that, it flows incredibly well. I see this game sticking around in the collection for a while!
1 year ago
Love this game! Super fast and brutal at times, yet I find myself going back to it again and again. How much do I love this game? I'm buying one tomorrow!

Also has the added benefit of being a family friendly game. Nothing too shocking (minus the enormous jugs on the mouse on the backglass), my kids love it as well. This game is a must play!
1 year ago
under rated system 11. good flow and great rules with a lot of options in the menus. Don't forget Pemberton (fathom's creator) made this game. ^^
1 year ago
Recently purchased. Great game with a smooth playing play field, really like the cheezy music that plays along with the game. After losing, the music is an 80's reggae song. The clear ramps make it easy to see everything. Objectives are somewhat easy to figure out. Make it into the mouse hole! I think the hardest part is getting the right mouse trap. Very well lit if bulbs are replaced with LED's. The knocker is very loud, it scares everyone. Solid game!
1 year ago
One of the better system 11.....great flow...somewhat brutal...jus all around fun....
1 year ago
Brutal Sys11 title. This game can play nasty but it is very addictive!
2 years ago
I played this game at a local bowling alley, I was surprised with how much fun I had. The center ramp was cool and the mouse theme works. Solid game.
2 years ago
Played it at a meet. Not a fan of the theme or the sound. Not a bad game
2 years ago
Played on location... fun game. Sounds and theme are great! Cute artwork and bold cabinet.
2 years ago
Great game, really easy to pick up and play but also hard to master.
2 years ago
very fun game, nice art, bright colorful pin, it reminds me of jokerz or taxi, im glad i got to play it during its release and got to play it again bout a yr ago...still fun after all these yrs, simple game play, lock the balls shoot for jack pot not much too it !! a keeper in a bigger collection...not many out there so play it if u see it !!! ...truely a great systemn 11 game !!
2 years ago
Love this game.   Challenging when set up correctly.  Putting on standard flippers (instead of segmented) makes a difference.  Game can play really fast...the ball doesn't skip a beat when arriving from a ramp return.  Blink and it's in the drain.   Cheese trap ball locks and mouse hole are ridiculously great and integrate perfectly with the theme. Great music, varied, some of the best on a System 11.  Bright and vibrant colours and characters in the art package.  Probably in my Top 5 System 11 games.
2 years ago
Great game, fun to play.

Good game for new players because it is a fun theme with easy to understand rules and the music/sound package is fun. The game has easy shots for new players yet is also challenging for more serious players do to the jackpot build up and difficult collect. The mouse trap ball locks are great also, nothing better than ball locks that actually lock the balls. It's fast, smooth and not many shots other than the middle drop/ramp send the ball screaming down the middle.

Again it's just a fun pin that is great for a family.
2 years ago
another under rated system 11 game. I think the biggest issue with mousin around is few have played it due to low production numbers.
find one when and where you can and play it.
2 years ago
Love Mousin' Around and finally got the chance to own one. Like other Sys 11 games, this definitely has that "one more game" appeal in a way that modern games can't touch. When dialed in, Mousin' is fast and furious and balls can be over before you can blink (ball save, that's for sissies). Not a very deep game by any means, but difficult to master. Ramp shots are in somewhat squirrelly areas of the play field and can be hard to hit. The center ramp, which is integral to big scores, is risky. Ball locks are on opposing far sides of the play field - also hard to hit, particularly when you're trying to relock for the jackpot. The million shot is fun to hit, but not an overly large payout, so scoring seems balanced. Though you can technically rape the center ramp... why? Doing so repeatedly can be tough and there's more to the game than that.

Overall, a fun theme with simple, yet rewarding play. Everyone understands the concept of locking the balls in the traps and then releasing them again!
3 years ago
Picked this gem up in a old warehouse find and had never played it before. It was a great find for sure. Everybody loves this pin including my wife. Good luck finding one for the Pinside estimated price of $1200 or so. They seem to be VERY rare and not many people let them go.
3 years ago
This game just feels cheep.
3 years ago
Sorta fun. Doesnt offer alot of lastability. Just ok game. Wish I had the chance to play one in good condition.
3 years ago
Mousin around was the first sys11 game that I have played. I have repaired it for a nearby guy and I was hooked. Great artwork, catchy music and nice ball locks in form of mouse traps. Nice and simple game with addictive gameplay. I occasionally play this game and try to beat its owners score, but I ve got no luck so far.
3 years ago
Fun little system 11 from Bally, a friend had one for a while which I got to play and I did enjoy it for a short while but his was very much a project game so I probably didn't get to experience the game for all it is, will change my rating accordingly when I play a nicer one. Fun theme and good music but like most sys 11 games, not much staying power.
There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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