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Mousin' Around!

Pinside rating

This game received 136 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.602 /10


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This game ranks #137 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.817

Artwork: 7.312

Sounds/Music: 7.017

Other Aspects: 7.747

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Found 70 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Mouse traps on a pinball playfield? Yes, please!

It has a nice cartoonist touch to the artwork if your into that sort of thing.

The playfield has the usual features of pops, top lanes, and some targets. But there are plenty of unique features such as the two ball locks, a challenging jackpot shot that brings the ball up high and around back of the playfield. Finally front and center is a motorized target bank revealing a half pipe ramp. If you've played Who Dunnit? this will feel familiar but on a smaller scale.
4 months ago
Has some interesting shots and a nice flow to it. Skill shot is a plus and the ball locks (mouse traps) are integrated well. Jackpot shot is pretty cool. Aside from that, it's just missing something extra for me to consider it a top level pin from the System 11 era.

I'm not too crazy about ramp shots located in the center of the playfield. Cosmetically it just looks out of place and I really feel like the design could have been different in that regard. I dont really dig the theme but the artwork is good. Typical late 80s cool cartoon stuff. Sounds and music suit the game well.

A hard to find System 11 that is definitely worth playing. Not the greatest but not the worst either.
6 months ago
I've owned Mousin' for about two months, and I feel ready to provide a rating.

Mousin' Around is very fast playing when setup right, and will make you a better player. Has good flow, but the outer left and especially outer right shots can be frustrating to make at times. The theme-integration is great--I love the mouse-trap ball locks, and the mouse hole in the back of the playfield. Shooting the locks or mouse-hole always feels good. The center-visor is a drain monster, as is the game in general. It's very fast and brutal, but also very fun. Rules are good, but probably too simple, and the jackpot is hard-to-attain. Would probably work better in a larger collection, rather than a small one. Has lots of nice ramps and plastics everywhere. Has a lot of charm.

Must-Have Mod: Remove the end-of-ramp gates to increase the speed and flow of the game. At first you'll barely make shots that come off the ramps, but after a while you'll get used to the speed and it will feel normal. Game is definitely more fun for me without the ramp gates.

EDIT: Forgot to add that it has a good skill shot. You have to actually change how you plunge to get it, depending on which lane is lit. Far left lane=full hard plunge, Middle lane=standard strength plunge, Far right lane=soft plunge.
1 year ago
Mousin’ Around is one of those games that seems like it shouldn’t have made it off of the drawing board. It has a very bare bones theme featuring three hip mice and a crusty fat dude that wants to kill them… “Those darn mice!”. That’s all you get. There’s no plot or hidden story… no meaning or thought provoking lesson. But I think because there’s no complexity in the theme/story, it’s the simplicity that makes it so charming and fun. It’s not overthought nor does it take itself seriously whatsoever. Trap the mice, get the cheese, send them home.

I love the simple yet challenging goals and I love this game. Shots to the trap locks are unbelievably satisfying. The ramps are smooth, the shots have a purpose, and most important, it’s fun! It even looks fun with the halftone “Sunday Funnies” aesthetics and bright primary colors. The music actually has a lot to contribute as well. It's very upbeat and adds to the excitement when you get the ball speeding through loops and ramps. This definitely stands out among the quirky Sys11 games of the late 80’s. If you want a game with a deep ruleset that could rival the likes of ‘Inception’, this ain’t it. If you want to simply laugh and clap your hands, Mousin’ Around is a game to check out! “YEAH BABY!”
1 year ago
A fun game for a family young and old.
1 year ago
Great game when dialed in correctly.
Plenty of ramps to shoot for and of course the ball lock should be a Mouse Trap.
The artwork leaves a bit to be desired but the gameplay makes up for that.
1 year ago
Great game, alot of fun for the family. Must have strong flippers, freshly waxed.playfield, and dialed into be fun. When I first got it the game was terrible. After some tweaks and new flipper rebuild kits she plays like a champ. Will get old in a smaller collection like I have but the kids love it and rules are easy to learn. I'd give it a 7.6. the only think it lacks is modes
1 year ago
Fun shots... intuitive rules.
2 years ago
Fast game with a fair amount of flow and variation for a sys 11-game. The playfield toys and ramps are really good.
Biggest drawback is the art - which looks terrible.

If not a keeper- then at least a good Sys11 that deserves attention if youre into late eighties-machines from Bally/WMS.
2 years ago
Longest owned pin in my collection. Always a good one to go back to.
2 years ago
less is more. really, really fun, simple game that will last forever. right in the sweet spot between too old and too modern.
2 years ago
Decent game. Center shot is too easy. Scoring a big jackpot is fun. Overall doesn't get me too excited.
2 years ago
I enjoy shooting this game, too bad the sound is so lo-fi and the art belongs in a Chuck E. Cheese. Probably my best bet for a re-theme since I like the layout but don't care for the aesthetics.
2 years ago
The mouse traps are an incredible idea for a ball lock. The music sounds like the Beach Boys put it together and what a great Jackpot that's one of the tougher System 11's to accomplish.
2 years ago
Really fun game. Great art and great sounds and music. It’s really fun to hit the center shot over and over and multiball is really fun. Just make sure your flippers are strong enough to hit it up the ramps.
2 years ago
High Level Players might get tired of the ruleset, but for mid level and below, the multiball is one of the more difficult Sys11s out there. Center ramp needs to be nerfed with extra thick rubber to make this a fun shooter, but the mouse hole integration is great! Get that Cheese yo!
2 years ago
I've played several of these in wild, and a common issue is that the flippers lack the power to make the middle ramp and the right ramp (to the top to collect the cheese). It is still a popular favorite in the places near me even though these shots can't be made. Collecting the letters, cheese and multiball is fun enough by itself. Very family and kid friendly theme.
3 years ago
I’ve owned a couple system11 classics like whirlwind and cyclone and mousin around may be my favorite of all. Definitely a sleeper game. I fully restored mine and it is brutal fast. The gimmicks in the game play perfectly into the theme and while the rules are not hard to figure out, the game is hard to master since it requires quick reflexes and pretty precise hits. And on top of all that, it flows incredibly well. I see this game sticking around in the collection for a while!
3 years ago
under rated system 11. good flow and great rules with a lot of options in the menus. Don't forget Pemberton (fathom's creator) made this game. ^^
3 years ago
Recently purchased. Great game with a smooth playing play field, really like the cheezy music that plays along with the game. After losing, the music is an 80's reggae song. The clear ramps make it easy to see everything. Objectives are somewhat easy to figure out. Make it into the mouse hole! I think the hardest part is getting the right mouse trap. Very well lit if bulbs are replaced with LED's. The knocker is very loud, it scares everyone. Solid game!
3 years ago
One of the better system 11.....great flow...somewhat brutal...jus all around fun....
4 years ago
I played this game at a local bowling alley, I was surprised with how much fun I had. The center ramp was cool and the mouse theme works. Solid game.
4 years ago
Played it at a meet. Not a fan of the theme or the sound. Not a bad game
4 years ago
Played on location... fun game. Sounds and theme are great! Cute artwork and bold cabinet.
4 years ago
Great game, really easy to pick up and play but also hard to master.
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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