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This game received 25 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 5.958 /10


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This game ranks #341 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.366

Artwork: 6.352

Sounds/Music: 4.771

Other Aspects: 5.911

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Found 12 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
This would be a serviceable and otherwise forgettable game but for possibly my personal selection for mist satisfying shot in all of pinball. It's not that the rest of the machine is bad or anything. It's actually pretty good and would be at least the equal of Vector or Cybernaut or D&D. But that one shot..... Right side drop target on a timer, up the ramp, then flipped upward at the ramp convergence is difficult but not impossible and oh so satisfying to hit. Wish this machine was somewhere near me to practice this shot. It's a low demand machine and reasonably priced. Unfortunately space and money are two things I have in short supply.
2 years ago
Really hard game with annoying's not an awful game but decent at can be found cheap but you get what you pay for.I have no plans to sell mine anytime soon but it's the only game in my collection I would sell if I had a decent offer.I do play it when I'm looking for a quick game.
2 years ago
This game gets a bad rap, but it is a really good bang for your buck machine. You don't need to watch a video or read a book to figure out the gameplay. Hit the ball where the arrows are lit, and light the "MILLION" lights to get the jackpot. Being able to choose difficulty levels is also a plus on this game, and not found on many other games of this era.
2 years ago
Stumbled on this purchase by accident and am really glad I did.
I've had a few Bally games from this era and couldn't get rid of them fast enough usually they have bland soumd and boring game play. Motor Dome will be in my collection for a while.
The ramp is huge and fun to work with the mini flipper. The glass and playfield art is nice to look at and looks great between my High Speed and Black Knight. Music and sound are pretty good for the era. It speeds up with game play. I imagine this pin in a Judas Priest video, it is pure METAL!
I only wish it had a multiball.
3 years ago
So much fun! Great four player game. Unique rule set for scoring.
3 years ago
This machine looks pretty good but the music and sounds are absolutely TERRIBLE. There could easily have been multi ball too...

The upper flipper shot is pretty cool, though.
4 years ago
For a first machine or starter it's ok. It's the second time i have owned this machine only because my wife likes it. I find it clunky and strange. The shots are not laid out in a flow. Lack of multi ball and a ramp that has one shot. Overall, backglass is nice looking but cab is plain.The sounds are average for the age of the pin. I Rated Lower middle of the road for a cheap pin.
6 years ago
If you are looking fo spacer filler this is inexpensive and has nice BG art and PF.Picking your start level is cool,MAJOR ramp shots and a lot of color make it ok for the price.The music could be better.
Good starter pin for the money.
6 years ago
Average game from Bally Midway. The ramps look great here, but if I wanted a game that really relied on them for scoring, I'd play Whitewater. The goal of the game is to make Turbo shots to collect MILLION letters and eventually collect a million points. Peter Gunn can get quite annoying, I don't know who decided to use that as the theme. Play it just to say you've played it, and then move on.
7 years ago
Motordome has a few interesting things going for it. However it is a 1 trick pony. I usually loathe games like this, but this is a heck of a 1 trick pony.

The Pros:
You get to choose your difficulty level at the start of the game. Pretty cool, but the rules are pretty much the same and the scores are what is affected. I do believe that this changes the way the gates in the outlanes work as well, but I'm not positive. The ramps on this game are INSANE! The colors and the art package on this game are vibrant, contrasted with the standard Bally cabinet of the time... And to the focus of the game: The Turbo Booster Station shot is one of the most intimidating in all of pinball design. Do you have the skills and balls of steel?

The Cons:
After the Turbo Booster, what is there? The lower pf is crowded to the point of being claustrophobic. Don't crack your plastic ramp, I'm serious.

The Takeaway:
Take care of this game for it to perform as it should... For a 1 shot game, this is a really tough shot and very rewarding. If you can get by with the rest, go for it.
9 years ago
Firstly let me say that my rating was based on several games at a show. It was in a quiet spot though so I did get a chance to explain the game pretty much. It is certainly challenging which is good and I would certainly rather own this title than none at all. Having said that there are many other better looking and better playing games out there from that time period. Worth a play but not worth searching out.
9 years ago
The Next Trend begins with Motordome

i picked up a Motordome because it was inexpensive and I wanted to see what a Solid State was all about, and it turns out that it is challenging, and it has good classic appeal.

The game allows the player to choose their level of difficulty prior to launching the first ball. These difficulties are good in thier own ways, but add a nice complexity to the play if you choose a harder level.

To be honest, the music in this game is not very good, yet for its time, I assume it was borderline on the cutting edge. I will say that as I collect each letter for the million point shot, the slow durge that accompanies your play picks up tempo and goes thoughs several key changes. This ramps up my anxiety for that million point shot. So while the music isn't anything to remember or cherish, it does it's job for distracting you for that all important dual ramp saucer shot.

The ramps cover a great deal of this playfield, and this was the major reason i picked this game up. The ramps do not disappoint. Successfully navigating up to the top shot is a big challenge and that is what makes this game fun. It is hard, and you have to work for those points.

The playfield art is ok and captures the fun of the 80's, but I personally am not really into the apocalyptic motorcycling "mad max" genre. I really do love the mirrored look on the backglass with the silver balls and lightening bolts framing the art. The backglass is lit internally with a flourescent ring and it shines brighter and better than any of my other machines.

Speaking of lights, there is a boat load of them on and under the playfield giving great illumination and a packing a good punch. The downside of this is that replacing lights is a bit more complex as most everything is hard wired and stapled to the playfield underneath.

Overall, it is good game for it's era and it could be right up your ally if you prefer challenging shots and uber ramps. If the music really bugs you that much, you can always turn the volume down and crank up some Tina Turners "Thunder Dome" ^_^

There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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