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There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
My first pin very fun pin but the score depend on million shoot witch you can do after x number of random target touch ... and the games rules are not enough deep.
1 year ago
I've owned this for about 6 months now. I've owned 13 machines over the years, my current lineup; Fireball Classic, Cyclone, Lightning, Monte Carlo, Hi-Deal (EM) and Motordome. I'd say Monte Carlo is easily the best shooter game of the list. If this had some call outs it would put it over the top. Sure the backglass sucks but I spend most of my time looking at the playfield. With LED the playfield is pretty attractive in person, especially freshly waxed. The ramp shot value is uneven but doesn't take away from the game. Got this cheap and didn't expect much from what I read online. Happy to own it, very cool machine. Lots to shoot at; drop targets, 2x ramps, kick-out holes, multi ball, spinning roulette wheel in the middle of the playfield. System 80b are undervalued.
2 years ago
This game is very underrated. Sounds are amazing and the only thing that realty isn’t good on this machine is the backglass. Put in some leds and an alternate translite and you have a great game

update: after playing this game for i while i have grown to like it even more, the sound and lights are very cool and love the multiball.
2 years ago
I agree with other reviewers that this game does a superb job as a target game and doesn't pretend to be something it's not. Shots are challenging yet achievable, sound effects are great (except the lack of speech), and and it has plenty of features to make things interesting. Love the stargate ramp, roulette wheel, and of course the 10,000,000 point shot. I love the way the ramp lights up when you hit it; especially cool with LEDs.

Will it ever break the top 100? No, probably not. Do cool pins exist outside of the top 100? Yes they do. I think this is one of them.
3 years ago
at first glance this game does not grab your attention like it should. the backglass and GI are plain and boring. I got this pin as a cheap project and with a little work you can really make Monte Carlo an attention grabber! there are a few different translites available and they really help to bring out the best look for this game! also adding some green leds to the GI and a few other choice colors really makes this game POP!! the playfield layout is cool with plenty to shoot at. easy ruleset makes it great for beginners, and there are enough targets/ramps for the more skilled players. multiplayer is fun because you can steal the other players locked balls. keep the playfield waxed so the top ball-lock isn't so hard to hit.

working underneath the playfield is somewhat of a nightmare because they crammed so much into the game that there isn't any room for your hands to work. even changing simple lightbulbs is a big chore on this game. the roulette wheel actually comes off easily and is easy to clean/adjust surprisingly.

playing this game has the typical 'clunky' gottlieb feel to it, but it plays much better when waxed. it reminds me of the old wooden roller coasters at the amusement park that you still love to ride anyways. the roulette wheel provides a break in the action and I can have a good swig of beer while it spins. music is ok for the 80s. overall I think this game gets a bad rep because of 'first looks', but it's more fun than you'd expect and looks great with the right mods!

for its time, it's probably one of the best system 80 games!
3 years ago
a load of fun when set right.
3 years ago
I love this game. It has a little of everything you could want on a pinball machine. Light up your numbers and lock a ball to spin the roulette wheel! It has a Stargate, a random 10 million ramp, and the top light roller you can stop to increase the bumper payout. With a 3-ball multi-ball that is easy to see but hard to get, this machine will constantly test your skills on each ball!
6 years ago
I have owned this game for approx a year. In my opinion it is one of the best target games of its era and possibly to date! When dialed in it is fast and furious! I feel when you rate a game it should be based on a games strengths and weaknesses! This game “IS NOT” trying to be something it isn’t!
IT’S A TARGET GAME!!! Bonus is it has two ramps, three ball multiball, captive/lockball, Bonus $10,000,000 skill shot, extra ball, special, save ball and a roulette wheel! What the hay!!!!??? Stop trying to compare it to whatever! Just enjoy it! A pinball marvel,for its time, and great machine that has stood the test of time of 31+ years! Hope this helps! Mike
6 years ago
Neat game with classic Gottlieb music. Theme works well with this game and wheel is cool. Art isn't the best. It's also got the clunky Gottlieb feel.
6 years ago
Overall, I think this game is a lot of fun. As others have mentioned, underrated! The roulette wheel definitely adds a lot to the game and allows a break in the action. Multiball is fast and the 10,000,000 shot is always challenging. Very fun machine that can be picked up relatively cheap.
6 years ago
What an underrated game it is!!! So much fun to keep trying the 10 Million shot. Pure old fashion FUN, FUN and FUN to play it. Friends keep returning to this oldie, they don't even mind you stealing there locked balls for MULTIBALL. When I take a look at the back glass I want to be there in that cheesy Casino drinking my Martini. Lot's of bad comments on the back glass from people whiteout imagination I guess.

Heavily Underrated Game
6 years ago
Unique game and I like the three ball locks for multiball. However, if the game isn't shooting well, it will be hard to make the upper right lock. It is a pretty good System 80, but overall, I'm not a fan of those games. Maintenance can really suck, especially if there are any issues with boards, transistors, etc.
6 years ago
The playfield is REALLY heavy to lift and components are stacked on top of each other. Would not suggest buying this game for a home but it is REALLY fun to play. The wheel and ramps make it great once you learn the rules. Has a lot of action, is fun to play, and people love all the extras.
7 years ago
Not fun at all! Turrible!
7 years ago
I feel like this game is getting a bad rep on here yes the backglass is god awful but overall it is a really fun playing game with a good theme and pretty Catchy sound track.
7 years ago
I like it. It's fun. Got nice gimmicks and keeps you playing. You can steal the multi ball from the other player. So that's pretty fun too. The only thing that kinda throws the scoring off, is the 10 million shot. It's only on for a hot couple seconds, but if you make that, you are a pinball GOD on this machine. The lighting is good, but if you LED it, it is amaze-balls. Music is catchy. Backglass, as everyone hsa said, it bad. Period. lol.
I think its a good game, and the GF loves it even more than me--She has the high score and is the QUEEN of the 10 Million shot.
I say pick one up if you can for a decent price. I paid $600, and I am more than happy for my money spent!!!
8 years ago
That 10,000,000 shot is only available for a super short time....ugh! But I've hit it!
8 years ago
This was my first pinball purchase. As many others first pin I paid to much. Didn't even work when I got it but I liked the theme. The artwork on the cab and playfield is pretty basic but suits the theme of the game. Backglass was so ugly and faded I had to change that out. Wife actually picked out the new translite. I found the lighting poor and modified my playfield to brighten it up. Doesn't have a lot of wow factor but have to consider the year. My wife and I play a couple games on it together every night and enjoy it.
10 years ago
Gottlieb threw everything into this machine at the time. It is a wonderful multiplayer game. You can steal the other persons locked balls which makes for a good time. The roulette wheel is cool and I don't think it takes away from the game at all. The playfield is very well layed out and the music is kinda catchy. Backglass is bad but we always make jokes about it so it has its charms. Overall a very nice effort from Gottlieb. Get one cheap, you won't regret it.
10 years ago

- Amazing sound design that could be up to par with TX-Sector.
- Roulette toy is fun.

- 10 million shot scores more than anything during normal play, and it turns on randomly.
- Terrible inlane / outlane layout that is extremely tough to get out of.
- Backglass is horrendous and gives me nightmares.
10 years ago
For an older game this one is a lot of fun. You will enjoy the multi-ball and 2 ramps.
11 years ago
Was not a fan of this game. Maybe its because I paid way too much for this game when I first got into pinball. The flippers were terrible and struggled to make any shots. My review is probably based on the fact that my experience with mine was so bad. Bought for 600, sold for 200 haha
12 years ago
The ugliest backglass, I´ve ever seen... But PF and gameplay is OK, the music too. This mchine has unbelievable good, deep bass.
13 years ago
Af far as casino style games, this one is not at the top of my list. Every time I see the back glass it makes me think of a cheazy version of "Speak Easy".
14 years ago
This game Is fun to play. Would have been a better game if the backglass just had been better. The topper that flashes "winner" when you hit a jackpot is cool. Gives the game some of that casino atmosphere.
There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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