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Game design: 8.844

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Sounds/Music: 8.379

Other Aspects: 8.715

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This is "Monster Bash".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Limited Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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18 days ago
In my opinion, one of the best of the oldies
very very cool. not a lot of modes, but so fun !
55 days ago
Rock and roll and monsters. They go together like Elvis and pomade, UFOs and mad scientists, and fries and ketchup at 2 AM at the diner. There are a ton of rock and roll themes, almost as many monster theme machines, and even a couple of others than combine the two, but none quite captured the goofiness and fun of making a complete rock and roll band out of the classic monsters.

The reason this machine is still so grand is it's the epitome of the classic Bally/Williams era, as deep a rule set as the original DMD generation got without being overhwelmingly complex, with a simple to understand wizard mode that is just as much fun to get the 100th time as it is the first. The shots aren't horribly innovative, but they're a reasonable combination of ramp-happiness of the era, a little bit of fan, and some odd short shots necessary to get the whole band together.

I've only played the remake once so can't comment with a depth of experience as to how it compares to original era machines, but the one I played felt much closer to the original Monster Bashes than the MM or AFM remakes have (both of which feel a bit off to me). That said as the grand triumvirate of late golden era games, it's quite a set, and Monster Bash plays quite a it differently than AFM does from MM or vice versa.
86 days ago
My favorite game
89 days ago
In my eyes this is a perfect game.

Great art, amazing sound design, balanced scoring, great toys, fun ramps, easy to pickup but difficult to master.

I play this game whenever I get the chance.

I'm sure if I owned one it would be easier to pick up on its flaws, but I have yet to generate any criticism for this machine. I'm pretty sure this is the only pinball game I can say that about.
3 months ago
I own this game and I feel it’s one of the best in pinball. There are so many great toys and it never gets old. The artwork and gameplay is terrific and it’s great for all ages. Whether you are old or young this is a classic game that everyone loves.
4 months ago
"It's a graveyard smash!"
5 months ago
Everything about this game is fun, it checks all the boxes for a good flippin' time. Monster Bash and Deadpool are George Gomez's best playfield layouts so far.
6 months ago
My favorite hands down. Table jam packed with toys that interact with the gamplay. Graphically looks amazing the way all the colors and sound work thatvgo together. Rules arn't dificult to follow. Has a halloween theme to it in a way. Fun factor is a 10 which is most important. Give it a try!
6 months ago
Fun,fun,fun, the perfect pinball for me. A keeper.
6 months ago
Great game for the time era but not cup of tea. The theme however is second to none.
7 months ago
Amazingly fun game, especially for novice pinball players. I never get tired of hearing, "Its...ALIVE!". That being said once you get familiar with this table, its a bit too easy to get extra balls, and multiballs, and just blow up this pin. Not a deep ruleset either. For me, I wouldn't want to own it unless I had a big collection, because once you've mastered getting the Monster Bash and super Monster Bash, there isn't much to keep coming back for long term. Very fun location-pin though!
8 months ago
Played the original dozens of times on location, but only recently. I’ve never seen this pin before in my area. Or I just passed it by. I didn’t know anything about it, but really like it. Love the toys, music, and theme overall. I was looking for a new pin and I purchased a remake limited edition for home use. I haven’t played that one yet because it’s a family members gift still in the box. But had I not played the original, I wouldn’t have known what I was missing. Fun for all players, any skill level.
8 months ago
Monster Bash is a fun game and purchasing the pin I now understand why it’s number 3 in the top 100 list. It’s a pin that is incredible fun to play with a lot going on to keep you entertained. I highly recommend adding it to your collection you will not be disappointed .
9 months ago
Monster Bash is just a classic, and I'm not sure why it is always behind MM and AFM in the ratings. I think the playfield is much more fun to shoot, the animations and callouts are better, and it's just overall more fun. It has great flow and nothing seems too repetitive (like MM and AFM to me). Also if you haven't played in the "secret" trash talking mode, you have to do that!
10 months ago
Had this game in our collections for almost twenty years, the kids played the heck out of it and it took far more abuse than our TZ over the years. It's a very fun game, though it's not particularly challenging. If you got it and played it heavily you'd beat it in a few days. Even now I can step up to it in line and get monsters of rock in a handful of games. The ramps are easy and going ramp to ramp over and over becomes almost habit. The artwork and theming is excellent. We bought it NIB and though at times I regret we sold it when the new remakes came out, I was tempted but opted for IM instead and I'm glad for that choice after having IM for a couple of weeks now. Not even close to cracking that game open. Played this again last weekend, revising my ratings a bit. I liked this machine better than I remembered, even after owning it for 18 years :)
10 months ago
Great pinball game. This is the one good example where everything in the mix- sound, gameplay, looks etc- just make a perfect flavour. There are many games that are faster, deeper and more of a challenge than this one. But few of these games are as enjoyable and entertaining as MB.

The fun factor is sky high and the game itself a beauty to watch, both in terms of colour and lighting. Although seemingly cramped with toys, the playfield manages to give you a variety of cool and rewarding shots. I am particularly pleased with this style of high quality"figures" on the playfield. These gadgets actually look like they are the result of fine design and a few extra dollars spent in production, rather than the typical cheap and ugly Happy-Meal-style toys that Stern uses on their playfields.
On top of that;Frankenstein happens to be one of the coolest bash toys ever.

The callouts are hilarious and way more entertaining than Scared Stiff for instance.

Many better players complain about this game not beeing deep enough. I cannot judge that properly. But IMHO this is a blast of a game. A superfun playing experience in the arcades and damn sure a fine candidate for a small home collection.

Sidenote: I was lucky enough to play a MB with colour-DMD. This certainly added another level of awesomeness to the game.
11 months ago
This table is in my top 3 best pinball tables ever, it is very fair and the outlanes are not bad at all. The ball won't drain as much as other tables of the same year. The theme is even better than Scared Stiff, and it is almost the same fair with difficulty. The machine grants you some good ammount of extra balls, even the multi ball is incredibly funny and the balls won't drain so much like other tables.
11 months ago
I've owned this game for 6 years. It's an original, meticulously restored game. Probably the best humor I've seen in a pinball game and the toys are great. Generally, the goal is to start each monster mode (Creature, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula. Once a monster mode is started, you make the shots to collect the monster's musical instrument. The monsters are "getting the band back together". It's essentially a fan-style layout with a lot of smooth, satisfying shots.
1 year ago
I was able to appreciate what makes the original game distinctive from the remake, which I am thankful for. This game has all of the fun of the slightly-smoother remake. The shots are there, the toys are certainly there, and I think I prefer the vintage sounding machine over the remake version to be honest.
1 year ago
This is a classic game from late 90s, you have to complete all modes to get into Monster Bash and Monsters of Rock. I like it, but I would never buy a pinball machine like this for €8000, because you finish it very quickly, thus it gets old. One of my friends, which will participate to Ifpa 16 world pinball championship, Danny Iuliano, finished it TWICE on the FIRST game he made. I would rather buy a new Stern Pinball Machine like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Aerosmith, because they are much longer to finish, and they are even cheaper!! This review is addressed for people who buy pinball machines to play it and not for collectors, who buy it only for the value
1 year ago
Simply one of the best
1 year ago
One of the few games that was good enough to be remade. I think that when a remake occurs that in itself is testimony to the original. I have not played a remake as yet so don't have a comparison, but MB as an original is a good all round pin. Following on the heals of MM there are some similarities but this game is a great original design.

I can see why they have held their value as there are not many around, a good game for all profiles including the casual player or the more serious one. Pinball almost died soon after this one was launched so a few plus points for being the "end of an era" pin, but a great one to play on.
1 year ago
A very very good package, no weakness.
1 year ago
I played the remake for the first time and enjoyed it so much, I went and bought an original. Big fan of this game. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand what shots to try for at any given time. Love the toys and the ramps. I enjoy the “it’s alive” multi ball feature even though admittedly it is almost too easy to get. I enjoy getting the band back together for the monster bash though shots aren’t so difficult they are super satisfying when you get them. I wish the game was a little harder so maybe I need to up the difficulty settings a bit, but the toys are gimmicks are fun and for my money the replay value is high. Again, just wish it was a little harder because it’s not one of those mysteries that I play over and over and can’t understand. Cabinet art is awesome and lighting is well done. Not so brightly lit that I go blind when I get an extra ball, but distinct enough to know what I need to shoot for. This bad boy is going to stay in my collection for a long time.
1 year ago
Its a classic beloved by many for a reason... not to deep where your lost in the rules but just deep enough to escape into... will never leave my collection!
There are 509 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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