Monster Bash (Williams, 1998)

Monster Bash

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Other Aspects: 8.706

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Limited Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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7 days ago
This is a wery fun pinball machine.Wery nice animations on the dmd.A lot of toys,mutch ting to do.And Monsters of rock is amazing.A lot of action,a tru classic.One of the best pinball ever made.!
9 days ago
When I first played Monster Bash, the rules wern't entire clear to me. After a few plays, I began to understand the shots that needed to be made and how each one corresponded with a band member. I really enjoy this layout. Every shot feels satisfying, especially when they flow into combos. Shots aren't too difficult but not super easy either - plays just right for me. Lots of humor in this pin. One of the best pins out there and for good reason.
42 days ago
Monster Bash is one of THE great pinball machines of the later 90's. There are so many cool gimmicks on the playfield, music and shoutouts are fun and playing the game is very rewarding.

The only two cons that I found were: the creature lock on the outer left was giving me a hard time as I didn't figure out how to reach it properly and after 5 or 6 tokens, i had the feeling that I've seen it all as modes started to repeat (might be wrong though).

Definitely a classic! I would love to add this to my collection if it wasn't so expen$$$ive!
50 days ago
A good machine completely ruined by childish, horrible looking aesthetics. The game is also very easy, which detracts a lot on lastability. Fun for a few games, but way overrated.
54 days ago
There is a reason MB is at the top of nearly every pinball rating system out there. It's a great game all the way around. I owned this game and played it a lot. Monsters and rock go hand in hand. It just works. The shots are all rewarding and the game modes coupled with DMD animation, music, and call outs are what really put the pinball machines over the top. Great flow. I highly recommend this one but its expensive. The new release that will one day come out may drop the
57 days ago
The theme is a perfect fit for pinball. This game epitomizes classic pinball it’s the perfect blend of the cheesey humor that makes the machines of this era so great. I both like and dislike how easy this machine is. It’s nice to be able to ‘complete’ this game so easily but it doesn’t make you work as hard for it as others of this era. Music isn’t my favorite but it has some great callouts.
62 days ago
Monster Bash is a relatively simple game that is great fun. I find I am a sucker for fan layout, ramp to ramp games and I love the flow of this game. The rule set is simple and not very challenging which is a minus, but the theme, art, call outs, toys, animations, and pretty much everything else is amazing. My only critique would be that I wish the rules were a bit deeper and some heavier monster rock music would be sweet. This game also benefits from some properly places spotlights.
69 days ago
Monster Bash Review

Summary and First Impressions

Like many pinball machines, my introduction to Monster Bash was on Pinball Arcade. It was there that I learned the ruleset and gained an appreciated for Monster Bash's design. It wasn't until recently that I was able to play the physical machine, and oh boy did it live up to my digital experiences and then some! This game just exudes fun; from the zany theme of a monster rock band to the use of a "phantom" AI controlled shot. It's got a great bash toy in Frankenstein, which is also part of one of the best multiball starts in pinball; I've seen it a million times and I still never skip it. Finally, the rules package that ties everything together has just the right amount of depth, accessibility, and difficulty.

* Theme - Hollywood movie monsters get together and make a rock band, what's not to love? This game doesn't take itself seriously at any point and it pays off with funny callouts and animations and just an all-around fun atmosphere.
* Shots - The Frankenstein shot has a great risk-reward feel and hitting the toy is satisfying. Getting into a groove with the Bride ramp shots is another high point.
* Rules - Being able to stack the monster modes with Frankenstein multiball creates some interesting challenges for the player because you can't start new modes while the multiball is playing and the modes are timed while not in multiball so you have to have Frank ready to go if you hope to stack. And if you do have Frank ready to go you have to make sure you don't accidentally start multiball before you have your other desired modes ready! There's also the challenge of actually completing the modes to collect the instruments so you can work toward the Monsters of Rock wizard mode. Overall, while it doesn't have a large number of activities, the ones that are there are fun and have good depth.

* I could see how serious players could be turned off by the phantom flip mechanic.


Monster Bash is a highly ranked game and it deserves every bit of that rank. Checks all the wants: great toy, fun layout, accessible but deep rules, and great theme implementation. It's a great game!
78 days ago
Only bad thing I have to say about this machine is sometimes it feels repetitive and maybe a little easy, but otherwise great flow, great theme, fun shots, funny call outs, great theme/game/design blend. Love this game!!
80 days ago
Probably my favorite game of all-time. It is impossible for me to think of a negative. Game is so much fun. All the classic monster playfield toys in one game. Unbeatable.
3 months ago
A classic no doubt about it. Beautiful art, great call outs and some nice toys. Only problem for me is the code is lacking, unless you get everything stacked you’re kind of in jail. Hopefully this might be sorted with the remake if the rumors are true...
3 months ago
Took me a while to appreciate MB for what it is, and after thinking of it being overrated for a while, now is in my top 10 all time. Really good game.
4 months ago
I'm fortunate enough to have played three different examples of this machine in the wild. On every occasion they've been maintained in tip-top shape. People who own them and play them apparently respect this machine for the paramount achievement that it is.

What else can be said about this game that hasn't already been said?

The monster toys are some of the best in pinball. The flow around the wolfman orbits or alternate bride of Frankenstein ramps is awesome. And whoever threw out the theme idea at the planning stages for "hey, let's have all of the classic movie monsters get together and start a band!" needs more props than I can possibly give out.

It's a family friendly theme and game (not too punishing), that my kids always gravitate too as well. I only hope that this game can get the remake treatment so that mere mortals might be able to get one of these machines new in their own home.
4 months ago
Nice game to play. Not the hardest but is fun
4 months ago
Very, very fun, the only problem it is very easy.
5 months ago
What can I say, one of the best pinball machines of his time, I'm looking forward to a remake
5 months ago
What needs to be said that hasn’t already?! One of the very best efforts from Williams, a timeless classic and a true display of talent from George Gomez. Along with MM absolutely smashes the coin drop on location even after 20 years. A keeper
5 months ago
One of my personal favorites that definitely has lastability. Love the toys in this game and the overall theming. There is nothing like getting to Monsters Of Rock and jamming!! Very rewarding. Just a great family pin that never gets old.
5 months ago
Its super campy but it has a lot of toys and stuff. As a fan of Universal Monsters this isn't the game I would want... these aren't even the Universal Monsters. Wouldn't it be cool to see JJ do a pinball based on the Universal Monsters to have Dracula modes to Frankenstein, to Wolfman and so on. No monsters playing the drums. LOL

The game is fun but its not the 5th best pinball game ever. Please. Its one of the better ones but nothing close to one of the 10 best.
6 months ago
Simply, one of the greatest pinball machines ever.
6 months ago
Finally got to play this machine and i did enjoy it.
6 months ago
A really fantastic, great playing game. I don’t care for the theme, but I love it at the same time. It is funny and very approachable. Music and call outs are exceptional and so is the code. If I had the money, this game would come before AFM and MM.
6 months ago
Monster Bash, much like Road Show, is one of those "kitchen sink" games made during pinball's golden years. This game is a well-organized toy box that only suffers from being too easy.


-- The six monsters around the playfield are awesome!
-- The major toys (Frank and Drac) are designed to enter and exit to help with flow
-- The scoops and ramps are classic shots
-- The game utilizes the playfield and values both flippers equally


-- The theme is a stacked monster theme, with constant references to the classic monsters
-- The idea of the completing the modes for Monsters of Rock is a cool goal
-- The lighting is great and typical for the time period
-- The sounds, call-outs and music are great for this pin


-- This game successfully forces you to play all shots and areas in the game, including bumpers
-- It's great that you can stack the modes
-- The code for this game is clean enough for tournament play


-- This game, like TOM and Creature, suffers from being too easy, even when set up to be difficult
-- Monster Bash is really easy to achieve, and Monsters of Rock is not crazy difficult either
-- With it being so easy, its lastability is rather low to me, but the toys and action help here

In the end, Monster Bash is a highly rated pin for very good reason: it is absolutely loaded with great toys, has good flow, has a great ruleset, and the theme and sound are wonderful. If it was a little more difficult, I would own one for sure.
6 months ago
One of the holy trinity of the late 90s, the best time for pinball.
7 months ago
Another classic! A fun machine to play with a great theme and lots of toys. This would be a keeper in my collection.
There are 481 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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