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Game design: 8.807

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Other Aspects: 8.683

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This is "Monster Bash".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Limited Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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3 days ago
I was able to appreciate what makes the original game distinctive from the remake, which I am thankful for. This game has all of the fun of the slightly-smoother remake. The shots are there, the toys are certainly there, and I think I prefer the vintage sounding machine over the remake version to be honest.
24 days ago
This is a classic game from late 90s, you have to complete all modes to get into Monster Bash and Monsters of Rock. I like it, but I would never buy a pinball machine like this for €8000, because you finish it very quickly, thus it gets old. One of my friends, which will participate to Ifpa 2016 world pinball championship, Danny Iuliano, finished it TWICE on the FIRST game he made. I would rather buy a new Stern Pinball Machine like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Aerosmith, because they are much longer to finish, and they are even cheaper!! This review is addressed for people who buy pinball machines to play it and not for collectors, who buy it only for the value
30 days ago
Simply one of the best
35 days ago
One of the few games that was good enough to be remade. I think that when a remake occurs that in itself is testimony to the original. I have not played a remake as yet so don't have a comparison, but MB as an original is a good all round pin. Following on the heals of MM there are some similarities but this game is a great original design.

I can see why they have held their value as there are not many around, a good game for all profiles including the casual player or the more serious one. Pinball almost died soon after this one was launched so a few plus points for being the "end of an era" pin, but a great one to play on.
35 days ago
A very very good package, no weakness.
50 days ago
I played the remake for the first time and enjoyed it so much, I went and bought an original. Big fan of this game. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand what shots to try for at any given time. Love the toys and the ramps. I enjoy the “it’s alive” multi ball feature even though admittedly it is almost too easy to get. I enjoy getting the band back together for the monster bash though shots aren’t so difficult they are super satisfying when you get them. I wish the game was a little harder so maybe I need to up the difficulty settings a bit, but the toys are gimmicks are fun and for my money the replay value is high. Again, just wish it was a little harder because it’s not one of those mysteries that I play over and over and can’t understand. Cabinet art is awesome and lighting is well done. Not so brightly lit that I go blind when I get an extra ball, but distinct enough to know what I need to shoot for. This bad boy is going to stay in my collection for a long time.
69 days ago
Its a classic beloved by many for a reason... not to deep where your lost in the rules but just deep enough to escape into... will never leave my collection!
71 days ago
Very great game, fast layout, excellent animations, great music and funny callouts (i especially love Wolfman et the Mummy), MB is a classic and one of the best games ever created.
Some says it's an easy game, i disagree about that, you must open the outlanes at max, just one extra ball and no ball save, this way it's much more fun and challenging.
Unfortunately, the lastability is low, i don't keep this game because i was bored in a few weeks and the jokes and callouts are not what i prefer in a game. I prefer to play a TWD or Iron Man for the adrenaline rush.
79 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 8 - high

* Fun & easy layout for everyone to enjoy
* Interactive toys all round but Dracula & Frankenstein especially, can bash both
* Rules are easy to learn
* Beautiful machine to look at
* The fact that the targets & Pops play an integral role in the game (Dracula & Mummy)

* The price - it's really expensive
* Phantom Flip isn't needed or that cool of a gimmick
* Somewhat easy for the more advanced player
* Can be like chopping wood to get to modes

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Frank's Table from Mezel Mods
* Cliffy Protector for scoop hole

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear around the scoop & in front of Frankenstein targets
* Damage to the bash toys Frank & Drac
* There is a Drac Bracket under the playfield
3 months ago
Such a cool game getting one delivered can't wait
OK after playing it for only a week I can see what people say about it being easy I don't think it would stay long if it was a stand alone pin but in a collection it stands out it rocks see what happens in a couple of months
3 months ago
I’m a big fan of monster bash, especially on location where you haven’t fully realized the rinse repeat nature of the game. It’s a fun and fast game and the music and the characters blend super well together. Also, the game is beautiful. The multi balls mix things up enough and the energy of the pin ball is top notch. I’m not sure it’s deserving of a number three ranking though.
3 months ago
Great game, but jokes get a little old after a while since they are long and very specific, fun game with good flow but just gets a little old in this day and age when variety and depth seem to rule for home games that you are going to play over and over and invest a lot of money in. Very linear game, but drac as a moving target is a pretty cool aspect, a pretty game to look at for sure, kids love it.
3 months ago
So funny game, but so easy.
Perfect for a location, but for having at home not so sure.
4 months ago
A great theme used very well. Standard layout without much variation but they use this layout very well with the different toys. Drac and The Mummy are awesome and Frankenstein is one of the better bash toys I have seen. Phantom flip is just a better version of thing flips which is really cool.

Unfortunately while this game is great in every aspect, the wizard modes are just far too valuable. They are worth so much more that every other multiball and mode that it feels like the only thing you should do in your multiballs is work on modes.

If this game is set up tough it is great, but if the wizard mode is within reach, it’s hardley worth playing, so if you own one make sure the tilt is tight and slings are sensitive.
4 months ago
Truly great pinball machine. Love all the toys. Great shots. Not a hard game to play. Well balanced for beginner to expert.
Lots to do. Everyone that comes over. Has to play it.
4 months ago
This is an all-time great. I love the artwork and theme. The toys are amongst the best on any machine ever. This game has tons of shots and stellar gameplay. No weaknesses here. Perfect for home or on location.
5 months ago
Not my cup of tea.. Very overated Falls into the failed category of Creature and Tales of the Arabian Nights, beautiful pins, hence their popularity, they look good in the game room.
6 months ago
Killer theme and very clear objectives. Backglass has outstanding art, and must be seen up close in person to pick up on the detailed drawing. Voice callouts get annoying fast, and it bugs me that the light inserts beneath the faces illuminate a rectangle within but not covering the entire face.
6 months ago
This is a wery fun pinball machine.Wery nice animations on the dmd.A lot of toys,mutch ting to do.And Monsters of rock is amazing.A lot of action,a tru classic.One of the best pinball ever made.!
6 months ago
When I first played Monster Bash, the rules wern't entire clear to me. After a few plays, I began to understand the shots that needed to be made and how each one corresponded with a band member. I really enjoy this layout. Every shot feels satisfying, especially when they flow into combos. Shots aren't too difficult but not super easy either - plays just right for me. Lots of humor in this pin. One of the best pins out there and for good reason.
6 months ago
Honestly, this game was good in its day, but now it is like saying buying an old 20 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!! MBr is a very simple game and grows old quick. Boring 2 ramp shots over and over, or blast the Franky and drac. That’s it!!
7 months ago
Monster Bash is one of THE great pinball machines of the later 90's. There are so many cool gimmicks on the playfield, music and shoutouts are fun and playing the game is very rewarding.

The only two cons that I found were: the creature lock on the outer left was giving me a hard time as I didn't figure out how to reach it properly and after 5 or 6 tokens, i had the feeling that I've seen it all as modes started to repeat (might be wrong though).

Definitely a classic! I would love to add this to my collection if it wasn't so expen$$$ive!
8 months ago
There is a reason MB is at the top of nearly every pinball rating system out there. It's a great game all the way around. I owned this game and played it a lot. Monsters and rock go hand in hand. It just works. The shots are all rewarding and the game modes coupled with DMD animation, music, and call outs are what really put the pinball machines over the top. Great flow. I highly recommend this one but its expensive. The new release that will one day come out may drop the
8 months ago
The theme is a perfect fit for pinball. This game epitomizes classic pinball it’s the perfect blend of the cheesey humor that makes the machines of this era so great. I both like and dislike how easy this machine is. It’s nice to be able to ‘complete’ this game so easily but it doesn’t make you work as hard for it as others of this era. Music isn’t my favorite but it has some great callouts.
8 months ago
Monster Bash is a relatively simple game that is great fun. I find I am a sucker for fan layout, ramp to ramp games and I love the flow of this game. The rule set is simple and not very challenging which is a minus, but the theme, art, call outs, toys, animations, and pretty much everything else is amazing. My only critique would be that I wish the rules were a bit deeper and some heavier monster rock music would be sweet. This game also benefits from some properly places spotlights.
There are 496 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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