Monster Bash (Classic Edition)

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This game ranks 4th in the game group "Monster Bash". The group itself ranks #7 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.474

Artwork: 8.499

Sounds/Music: 8.324

Other Aspects: 8.25

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash (Classic Edition)".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (regular version), Monster Bash (Limited Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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57 days ago
Monster Bash Classic remake is a great pin. It's fun for everyone and I enjoy the monster theme and music and campy call outs. I recently sold this pin. CGC pins seem to be very well made and play great. If I can afford to get another one, I will surely get the special model with the rgb lighting and additional toys.
6 months ago
This game is way too easy IMO. While the theme is great, the game itself gets old fast, Fun to play it when you see it but after owning one for sometime in the past (it was the first pinball machine I ever bought), I would never own one again.
7 months ago
i think this pinball will always on my top 10.
8 months ago
We have a monster bash Classic remake. With updated color dmd led speaker kit and it is awesome. Monster bash is top two for sure. Medieval madness and Monster bash, and if I’m being honest I think I like MB a tiny bit more.
11 months ago
I'm always ready to mash on the Monster Bash!
1 year ago
I really looked out for this game, since so many people are so enthousiastic about it. A month ago my pinballsupplier gave me the opportunity to test this pinballmachine. After only 10 gameplays I already had Monster rock once and Monster Bash five times That was about it! It turned out to be a very simple game. I just don't like pinballmachines with so little variety in gameplay, sound. I also don't like it when I loose balls because of wrong design (the Dracularail). It's just comparable with MM, TAF or AF.
1 year ago
This is a great game and a great mashup of Rock and Roll and Universal Monsters. It has some great art and that play it again feeling. Shallower than modern games, and not first on my list for my collection, but I will play on location every time. Solid George Gomez designed pin.
1 year ago
An accessible now classic that's great for new players and still fun for veterans now and then. It really lays out what to do and getting to the concert isn't that difficult. It always gets a few games out of me whenever I see it!
1 year ago
great bang for buck on the classic. $6k for one of the best ever.

had this one in the gameroom for about week and I updated my ratings. The playfield is absolutely gorgeous. CGC did a fantastic job on this remake. Plays super smooth.
2 years ago
Monster Bash is the classiest game of all time. The rules aren’t super deep, but they are so elegant, it’s all right in front of you, but the stacking keeps you thinking the whole time. Amazing flow and combo opportunities, two of the best bash toys of all time with frank and drac. Nice variety in multi balls. In a small collection however this game WILL get old. There just isnt a lot of variety to the code and you will see everything there is to see within a week of ownership.
2 years ago
Not as deep as the AFM and MM. Played a lot initially, but got bored and repetitive without making me want to come back and play just a little bit better. Bride shots are the worst offender and dreaded work for me. Drac is fun to shoot at though.
2 years ago
Definitely deserving of being in the all-time greats conversation. The callouts from all of the monsters are fantastic. Definitely favors a high-skill player that can hit multiple precise targets repetitively in a short time period. The theme of "getting the band together" is fun, but the music that they end up making is meh. The animations are somewhat cheesy but well executed and fun. Currently in my collection and will never be traded or sold.
2 years ago
Perfect game for the price. I like the fact that it is the "newer" version, so it should equate to fewer issues than an original.
At the price point, it is amazing.
2 years ago
Fun game, only real difference between games is color dmd, better speakers and figures. none of that affects game play so this version is great
3 years ago
I think this is an amazing game. The color animations are extremely strong.
3 years ago
I was excited to play this based on high ratings, but I just can’t get into this one. Only moderately fun to play. Decent layout and cool toys.
3 years ago
This is the best of the CGC remakes so far, although the flippers still feel a little weird compared to the original ones I’ve played. This one less so than MM or AFM. The PF looks great here, in terms of the production quality. As for the gameplay, I think I’m just out of step with George Gomez; all of his shots feel “off” to me and I get a lot of clunking more often than not with his games, and this one is no exception. Maybe it’s my fault? The drac and Frankenstein toys are very cool, and I enjoy the multiball modes in the game and I dig the simple ruleset. A fun location game, but it leaves me wondering why the original demanded such high prices.
3 years ago
Owning a new version of an original classic has all the positives of having a classic pinball without the worries of owning an old pin. Construction is great and so pretty. Works perfectly out of the box. This game plays fantastic. The call outs vary and are funny. One of the best use of toys ever on a pinball with classic Universal Studios Monsters! This game is just as fun for novice and skilled players alike. Some new pins are all about the rules,shots,etc and are meant for serious pinball players and collectors. This pin is for anyone! It’s just fun. Another reason why it’s a permanent resident in my collection.
3 years ago
Beautiful classic.
There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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