Monster Bash (Limited Edition)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Monster Bash". The group itself ranks #6 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.804

Artwork: 8.84

Sounds/Music: 8.45

Other Aspects: 8.736

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (regular version), Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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64 days ago
Super fun game. Easy to understand rules. Favorite of friends and family. My 77 year old aunt even loves to play this one. Is a keeper in our house.
3 months ago
I absolutely love everything about this remake table! I thought the theme would be lame, but the campy horror style works well. The game is mostly forgiving, flows, has fun toys, and just never gets old! Hall of fame worthy game in my opinion.
3 months ago
Amazing game that is challenging, but easy to play and collect creatures and instruments. Easy game to play for hours at a time.
3 months ago
It is criminally over rated. I bought a remake and was bored with it in 2 days. Game is a top 50- to 40 title at best. It is also kind of juvenile. Great game if you are teaching your 7 year old how to play pinball. I dunno, confused as to why it is rated over a bunch of the top 50.
3 months ago
A gorgeous pin that was a great intro to home ownership. Fun shots, rewarding, straightforward rules. Sound package is excellent and the original tunes are catchy af. But once we added MM this one had to go - just too similar imo to justify both, but will always drop coins on location. It's a classic for a reason.
3 months ago
This is a fun game for sure but I have no clue why it's rated so high. For me attack from Mars is 5x the game, and I'd easily take 10+ games in the top 50 if not more over Monster bash.

Admittedly I've never owned it but my pinball bff has it, and even for him it's meh and one of his least played games.

If the choice is Monster bash or nothing, well of course take it but I'd easily take Deadpool, lots, Metallica, Guardians, Batman, walking dead, etc etc etc over MB. It shouldn't be rated as high as it is at all
3 months ago
When you think of fun, varied shots, nice learning curve, and replayability, it's hard to top Monster Bash. So much fun.

Pros: The independent progression of 6 different monsters is done perfectly. The shots are all different, the monster modes (especially Dracula) are funny and the goals are pretty clear. The instrument bonuses are a smart add, and while collecting all six monsters isn't something I've done too many times, it's not like there's one that I never get, so it feels doable. I also think the hit-detection is pretty solid.

Cons: The side draining on this game is brutal. With so many things to hit, the ball changes directions a lot, and you can hit things perfectly and still drain. I don't like to nudge too much when playing, but this game demands it. Also, the center scoop seems to get out of whack really easily, and that impacts game play a lot.
4 months ago
Great fun game, with plenty of toys and family friendly.
4 months ago
one of my favorite themes , very fun game for all.
4 months ago
My whole family loves this game. Beautiful playfield and lighting. Only complaint i have is the knocker award is not loud as it should be, even after the code update yo correct it.
4 months ago
This is a hard one because MB is one of my favorite games that I would never own! There's is so much charm in this game its unbelievable. I love this game, but everytime I play it, I finished the whole game at least once. The game sounds are so cool and the call outs are so great it kind of hurts to take any credit away from this game, it's just that the code is not there. I wish they could improve the code and add something new to it. Having said that, it's still a great shooter with excellent flow. If you haven't play MB before, do yourself a favor and go play it and if you are decent at pinball, you will finished and see what I mean.
5 months ago
Besides Medieval Madness, Monster Bash is second only to MM in games played. CG LE is the creme de la creme of all machines released to date. Deserves no less than the second spot to MM on this ranking site. The machine speaks for itself, Nuff Said.
6 months ago
The remake takes the best pinball ever and makes it even better with the LE. The topper is super cool, the blue rails and legs are gorgeous, and the huge screen makes all the animations pop (the swimming creature is stunning). The game has something for everyone - fairly easy to collect the monsters, but very tough to get every instrument. Stacking monsters in the right order can lead to huge scores, and a lot of good humor. Compared to other LEs (MM and JJP POTC) it is a relative bargain since so many (1500) were built.
6 months ago
I am going to be hated for this review, but I don't see why the massive WANT for this pin. It just isn't for me. When I play it I can't wait for the game to be over so I can go play my other pins. I think there are better pins CG should remake.

There is a lot to do in this pin, but for some reason I just can't get into it. It will go up for sale soon to make room for hopefully a more exciting pin.
6 months ago
I always wanted a beautiful fully restored original but never the cash. Bought the LE remake and wow they did such a great job on this game. It’s gorgeous! Did everything I had hoped for..... it didn’t keep me coming back for more. Too easy ruleset, not sure but didn’t keep it long even though I loved looking at it.
7 months ago
Classic and fun game, though is easy and I imagine would get boring quickly if owned.
7 months ago
This is a great game and a great mashup of Rock and Roll and Universal Monsters. It has some great art and that play it again feeling. Shallower than modern games, and not first on my list for my collection, but I will play on location every time. Solid George Gomez designed pin.
7 months ago
It was always one of the greatest pinball machines ever but Chicago Gaming's LE has completely blown away the original Bally/Williams in every conceivable way. The interactive topper equals CGC's topper for Attack from Mars too.
8 months ago
Monster Bash is a fun game to play. It is fast humorous and very accesible.

The Good: Monsters are lots of fun and this game makes sure to stay true to the enjoyment of the theme. The Wolfman playing the drums is perfect and the replay siren makes me smile. Stack your modes with Frankenstein for a good score. This makes you play the entire PF and go from there. K O'C did a great job with the PF graphics. One of my favorite match sequences ever starting with a siren and showcasing Drac imitating Pete Townshend' guitar smash just in time for the "WHACK" of the replay knocker.

The Bad: Scoring is utterly unbalancing with the multiball and wiz modes being worth so much that everything else doesn't matter. Still a blast to play these modes. The Monster Bash song seems to get stuck in your head.

The Takeaway: George Gomez (earned his nickname "Fan-Man" and kept it on every design he created after this pin-table) and crew did a great job of making this deck accessible to someone just walkingup to it and still a challenge for most players. Now there are a number of games that feel like this and for that reason I did not give it the score that many others have regarding this table. Not my favorite BG. It's all over with the colors and your eye loses focus on the images of the characters in the game. When maintained as it should be, it's a blazingly fast game to play. With the rules being so heavily weighted on the multiball wizard modes... the scoring for this game is heavily weighted in this direction as well. Between low production numbers and the fact that it still makes money on locations, it's expensive. I've seen museum pieces of this deck in five figures. If you want to just enjoy a fun game or work on your multiball skills, this is a fantastic way to go. A fun game... A really good game... but not a great game for the ages in my opinion.

After playing this game some more, I have to say that this game has a bit more strategy to it than I originally gave it credit for. Going through the modes and (strategically) adding multiball on top of them means that every shot is something to consider before being made. Be careful with Frank, as a direct shot can mean an instant drain! The spinner is a much better shot than most people play for points as well as 6 shots gets you to a multiball award from the scoop. That and it is your Monster Bash award collect as well. The rulesheet for this game isn't that long, but the nuances and secondary considerations for the long game on this deck make up for it. The audio calls are great and Lyman's Lament is a great little easter egg that can make this game even more entertaining when you get bored with the standard issue game rules. My initial issue with the game was that MB and MOR are heavily unbalancing on this table, and they are. However, you must EARN these awards and that isn't always easy. One of the things that I have really learned to appreciate about this game is the "scalability" of difficulty that depends on how the software and the physical adjustments to the game. This can make a huge difference in gameplay. Monster Bash is very much like WCS '94 in the sense that some people think this game is too easy. And it can be. Some people curse this deck in the qualifying A bank at PAPA. And it can be that too! Scores updated accordingly.

Respect (Lyman/Gomez) the architect!

Update v2:
If you can get all the modes running and THEN start Frankie's multiball, well played. For me, that is the ultimate challenge of this game. One thing this game has down is that it is FUN! No wonder the ops love it. People love to play this deck. Is it a game I'd like in my collection, for the money, probably not. But I still love to play it on location. The copy at Lyons Classic Pinball has a black light LED near the flipper making the whole area of the PF glow with green slime creepy goodness!

This game is a perfect example of why I pay attention to the programmer as much or even more than the game designer. Consider the bodies of work by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Keith Johnson and Lyman Sheats Jr.

Chicago coin addendum:
I like what they have added to the game color changing LED’s and a larger screen with updated animations look good and add to the theater of the experience. The layout is nearly identical and the rules are the same. While the show might have been upgraded, gameplay is the same.
8 months ago
Chicago gaming did a fantastic job with the remake. MB is right up there in the top 5 with IJ, MM and AFM. This game has it all and is a blast to shoot.
9 months ago
This is a top 10 machine that always keeps me interested. You get hooked on it . To me the rules are easy enough to learn so you feel motivated to hit certain shots knowing what the rewards will be. I like actually understanding the pay off when you hit your shots. One complaint is draculas feet hit the ball coming down causing a drain more than id like .
9 months ago
Chicago Gaming did a great job of remaking this game. Next to it too cousins (Med Madness and Attack From Mars), the LE is certainly the prettiest of the bunch. I would even say it might win a beauty contest, or come in second and the $10 that goest with that!

However, for myself and my arcade patrons it is also the least popular of the three. So when COVID hit and someone needed to be retired, Monster Bash did not make the cut.

Is this a fun and beautiful game? Yes. Does it deserve a place in the top 10? Not in my book.
9 months ago
very nice machine. this is a game for every day. much better than the original.
10 months ago
I went to put a deposit on a JJP GnR LE. My dealer had one on the showroom (no he won't sell it...yet). I took my wife, because she loves GnR and I though she might like to play a few games. She played it. She liked it. She didn't love while I was giving it a go, she found her way to a Monster Bash SE. I couldn't pry her away from it. We have some really cool pinballs in our collection, but with an hour of playing MBr, she proclaimed it to be her all time favorite. I was disheartened because I really thought I was going leave the dealer with an order placed for JJP GnR. Then I started playing MBr. I was shocked at how quickly, and how excitedly I began to get into playing MB. It is now no surprise it was brought back from the dead (pun intended). It's also no surprise why this game has consistently been ranked in the top 5 all time pinballs. There is so much to this game. Great toys, amazing flow, awesome combos, exciting and attainable multi balls, funny call outs, and fantastic lighting (MBr). This is a game everyone can enjoy. Players of all skill levels will have a blast shooting this pin.
10 months ago
MB LE is a super fun pin. Keeps me coming back for just one more play. The lighting and call outs are awesome. This one is not leaving my collection.
There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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