Monster Bash (Limited Edition)

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Game design: 8.839

Artwork: 8.984

Sounds/Music: 8.512

Other Aspects: 8.877

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (regular version), Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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There are 61 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
cool theme very fun game cool topper
10 days ago
Most Beautiful game we have ever seen. Lighting is awsome cant get any better then this Remake.
40 days ago
A beautiful machine that deserved a refresh, Color display looks beautiful and the figurines really pop. The sound and animations have only gotten better. Overall Chicago pinball has done an excellent job bringing back old machines. Sadly if you owned the original this refresh should not scare you, they are works of art like all pinballs, not pieces to be sold and bought for profit.
49 days ago
I have added this game recently to our home collection and I can just say WOOOW. First of all big big compliments to CGC for the upgrade of this classic and the build quality...SUPER! This top game is now just that bit more fun and stunning. Light, sound, display, topper, vibrant is all there. Me and the family just cannot stop playing it as the gameplay and theme have it all. I never dreamed I would unbox a new and upgraded Monster Bash in my life so it was a big moment. It is a lot of money but it is a fully interactive artwork that you can play with and have fun with for many year to come....unique.
It is not as challenging/frustrating as AFM can be but the overal package is so great that competitive gameplay is always there. Like AFM this will never leave the collection.
50 days ago
Cool game with a lot to shoot for. Artwork is amazing and callouts are awesome. Multiball is fun and to score jackpots in because of the callouts in my opinion.
58 days ago
This is easily the best version of this game. Too shallow to be a keeper even in a large collection, in my opinion, but the light show is superb...behind only WOZ, TNA, and ST in my book.
59 days ago
Newest game in my basement, likely to never leave!
3 months ago
This is the best machine i have played. Either the Frankenstein toy stacking modes with the multi-balls this machine was executed perfectly so in conclusion if not the best i do think that some characters like wolf man deserve toys but other than that the best machine i have played.
3 months ago
The good: Fun. Easy multiball which makes it pretty approachable. You can clearly see why it's one of the classics. Shots flow well and there's a variety of them. All seems accessible from ball 1 which is nice for a party-style game. Pop out dracula is fun. Artwork on LE is top notch and really draws you in.

The bad: I've heard it can get repetitive, which I can see. Shots seem kinda vanilla occasionally.

The overall: Lots of fun. Great party game with it being pretty accessible. The LE is just plain gorgeous as well. I would own one in a smaller collection if given the opportunity at a reasonable price.
3 months ago
CGC has really taken the original pin and elevated the LE version into the 21st century. The fun factor of this pin is great. Whenever guests ask to play pinball the first on they run to is MB. The call outs, graphics and game play are well coordinated and add to the experience making it very immersive.

CGC MB LE is a "home run". Professionally done and very well built. Non-stop fun, a keeper.
4 months ago
This machine has it all and kept me coming back to play over and over again.
4 months ago
CGC knocked it out of the park with this re-make. The objectives are clear (no you tube necessary) and achievable, but not easily achievable. The lighting, topper, sound quality and upgraded characters make this a material step up from the original.
4 months ago
One of the best looking games out. A shallow rule set is the only knock I can think of all other aspects are a home run. They did a great job on the LE just great.
4 months ago
CGC knocked it out of the ball park. The limited is a thing of beauty and build like a tank. This is Gomez masterpiece it’s just so darn fun to play. Thank you Chicago Gaming Company for making these great games available to us.
5 months ago
Some of best toys of any pin I've played. It's missing a werewolf figure, but still close to perfection. A universal theme, fun call outs, and with the new lighting in this remake, I think this is one of the best. Not the hardest game, but hard enough, and is basically the gold standard in how to make a pin that is always fun to play. I like the upgrades of the LE, especially the topper. It's heavy and constructed very well. The entire pin is like a tank, and the colors combined with lighting effects are superior.
5 months ago
Another great game by Chicago gaming. They took an all time classic and made it better. Like most B/W games it has a simple rule set compared to todays games but was designed so well that it holds its own in todays market. Great in a bigger pinball collection. The topper is so cool. Maybe the best!! These hold their value very well so don't be afraid of resale. You can own this for a few years and sell it for more then you paid because it will always be in demand.
6 months ago
Greatest bash toy game ever. Possibly the greatest figures ever implemented on a toy as well. There are really no flaws. Great game!
6 months ago
Always the guest’s favorite
7 months ago
My favorite machine at the local arcade, mostly because I like the theme and all of the interactive pieces. With so many ultra-difficult (at least for me) games out there, it's nice to play one that's difficult but with attainable goals for the average player. Compared to some of the newer games it does feel a bit dated, but that's not usually a bad thing when it comes to pinball.
7 months ago
My all time favorite. So many detailed toys gives this such a 3 dimensional look. The remake limited edition is the GOLD standard. Make sure to get the frankenstein LED mod that lights up his eyes.. Super cool.
7 months ago
I never really had too much time on an original MB, but I’ve recently spent a lot of time of the CGC remakes. The LE is beautiful. I absolutely love the topper, lighting effects, powder coating among other things. It plays great and I really feel it’s going to be a long term keeper for me. 2 year warranty on all electronics on LE is a nice bonus too!
Can’t go wrong with this game! Love it!
7 months ago
It’s a playable piece of art.
8 months ago
I think Monster Bash is one of the best looking pins ever, from how the theme comes together and is integrated to the toy placement and artwork on cab, translite, and playfield. Now I love art and to me great art is important in my pins in my collection. And I think the art is top notch for monster bash, but I wouldn't say its the best ever. Translite is fun, and it fits the theme, and looks good. But, I can't help but think it could have been a bit better... Cab art is a bit abstract but cool, and the playfield art is limited, but I think works as it doesn't clutter up the playfield, and tells/shows you what you need to be shooting for.
And I don't want anyone to think that I am not a fan of the art by me rating them one off perfect score... As I really think the cohesiveness of the art, and the fact that it looks good upclose and from a distance, means that I don't think that the sum of the parts don't make it one of the best all around art packages. And although the playfield art is a bit sparse for my liking, as I said, it reads well and you can easily tell your progress on all the shots and modes. The toys make up for the lack of art on the playfield, as these toys are some of the best ever. The frankie toy, the drac attack toy, and even the mummy coming out and saying hi is cool. And the sculpted Eegore adds to it, and again... This adds to this pin just looking so pretty. Game plays amazing too. Great layout. Lots of shots and the code is simple and fun. Not a deep game, but I think its deep enough and its fun and you can have a few different strategies with this game. One of my all time favorite pins. Personally I think Attack From Mars is my favorite of the MM and AFM and MB trio. But, really really love this game. And the animations are now some of the best ever.
The game is a bit shallow and I don't think it even has the strategy of Attack from Mars where you can stack certain MB modes together. But, I don't think that is the point of the code. As this game only has a few MB modes. Frankie, Mosh Pit, Monster Bash, and Monsters of Rock. That's it. I think they wanted to have a Grand Wizard mode that was attainable. And Frankie is the only mode that is harder to attain the second time. Otherwise you just hit the same shots or complete the same goals to unlock the other peoples modes. Mosh Pit of course is harder to unlock as you need more spins, but really I meant the main goals of the game. And you can stack modes with either Frankie mb or even Monster Bash wizard mode. So if you need instruments to unlock. One of the ways to do that is to start the monsters mode and then go into the MB mode. That can really help you out collection instruments. So really no wood chopping and while the modes are straight forward. I like that in this game. As straight forward doesn't mean simple. And this game really shoots well, and has a nice sense of humor, with good music, and lots of variations in callouts. And I think the theme integration is some of the best ever and the lighting is just amazing and totally fits the pin as well.
8 months ago
I've played the one at the local arcade. Always malfunctioning. Seems like a poor quality build. Too bad . Fun theme and fun game when working. It would be my favorite if the quality was there.
8 months ago
One of my greatest pinball regrets was selling my original Monster Bash Pinball. We are so happy to have this game back in my collection. This game has been in my collection for most of the last 20 years! The overall playability of Monster Bash is the best of all time. Even after nearly 20 years, this game still presents challenges that other games just don't compare to!
There are 61 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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