Monster Bash (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 8.798

Artwork: 8.846

Sounds/Music: 8.342

Other Aspects: 8.702

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Found 130 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 130 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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36 days ago
Pretty shallow shots, though I love playing it over and over
69 days ago
Great game! It is a bit overwhelming at first, because there is a lot to do. However the goal is clear: bash some monsters! The layout is top with nice shots. I like it when the main ramps end at the flipper, because it improves the flow.
89 days ago
Just a fun, all round game! Simple rules, amazing toys, beautiful to look at, simple, but fun old school.shots. love it, the only thing that is missing is a really cool callout for when you put it into danger when's just a boring danger sign..... your life should be threatened by a monster.. Lol!..... another simple kick back to 90s where you can turn off your brain and flip happily.
3 months ago
A well polished machine. You can feel the quality from the moment to start a game, the best machine by Chicago gaming
5 months ago
This is one of my top three Machines
5 months ago
Wow Monster Bash Remake Limited is a gorgeous pin. I owned a remake classic edition sort of by accident when I was new to pinball and just needed something else to play and the price was right on MBr classic but when I found out about all the extras on the special and limited, I just wanted the rgb lights and all the extras so I finally sold it hoping to get an upgraded model later. Finally got a limited and it far surpasses my expectations. I love the theme, the music, the artwork, and it's just plain FUN. It is an easier pin so not sure how long it will stay in my collection because I like to change it up frequently...BUT, the LIMITED is one of the most beautiful pins I've ever seen. Like wow! It seems to shoot a LOT better than my classic did. The light show is awesome. The blue powder coat is beautiful, lit speakers and great audio quality. And I've fallen in love with game play again. It's so quirky. George Gomez is absolutely brilliant. If I do trade this pin it will be for a Bond LE, the newest Gomez.
5 months ago
Monster Bash is a fun shooter. Not too difficult of shots but plenty of them. Toys on it make it fun along with the call outs. Topper is a nice addition on the LE version.

Rules are nothing complex. Hit the center spinner a few times, go up the ramps to start objectives. Rinse, repeat. Monster mosh pit is fun as you can add a ball by going up the center. Stack objectives with multiball for good points.

Easy to keep playing as you want to beat your last score. Not complex enough to deter you to spend an hour playing to beat the game. You can get a good score quick on this if you bang combos.
6 months ago
This is the best game to add to your collection if your goal is to make a non initiated person fall in love with pinball. I mean, what's not to like ? It's gorgeous, it's loaded with fun toys, theme appeal to everyone, light show is great, rules are easy to understand.

Built quality is top notch, on par with JJP.

For a more experienced/talented player, this one get old very fast and is sadly, not a keeper. Beat it in less than a week and the guy I sold it to kept it less than 3 months. The honeymoon doesn't last long with this one.

I don't recommend it for HUO if you're an experienced player who likes deep games. The rules are shallow to be honest, it's a great choice for a beginner who would be able to "accomplish" something but not so for experienced players.
6 months ago
Monster Bash is my all time favorite pin so far…after Indy500 of course. But it is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a pinball machine. I love bashing big Frank, hitting flying Dracula, seeing little creature from the black lagoon show his cute face, making the bride blow her crazy head off or whatever she does up there in the corner, and getting the party started at the monster disco. If you’re out and see this machine, play it. Play it and you’ll dream of classic Hollywood movie monsters coming to life!
8 months ago
Still the ultimate pinball machine, any version will do as long as the maintenance keeps up. Game design is flawless, the playfield is perfectly balanced with enough room to make satisfying shots, the code is very polished and can keep up even with the latest 2023 Sterns (plus Lyman's Lament mode easter egg, deal with that !). Hard to beat even now for a 1998 pinball. Now add the theme and you end up with a timeless pinball machine.
8 months ago
To be fair, this was the first machine we owned. I doubt I will ever sell it, but who knows. We did a lot of research, playing, etc and decided on this one early on during the COVID hiatus! We narrowed it down to AFM or MB. (Although my spouse still wants an AFM). To me this is just a classic. It has great colors/art, call outs are entertaining, easy to understand rules with basic fan layout, and anyone can play it and have fun (which was, at the time, what we were looking for). Of course, there's the bash toys:)....which are probably my favorite part! I would assume it's not deep enough and too easy for really good players, but it's great for us.
11 months ago
Everything about this game and remake of the limited edition is incredible. From the theme, artwork, music, and playability. Can’t love this machine enough!
1 year ago
This game is a classic.
I still think its a bit shallow in the rules and code department
Its still fun to shoot though. and its funny.
1 year ago
It’s fun, hard for me to get into, just not my favorite theming, would rather play most others in my collection. The theme doesn’t pull me in enough to want to commit to learning the shots and combos. But the game looks great!
1 year ago
What a nice game!

It look so so good, one of my favorite playfield with its toys.

The new big color screen is amazing.

Lightning, music and call-out are excellent.

The flow is great.

However, I get bored quickly with it as the code is a bit shallow.

Can not imagine owning one for the reason above as I am a one pin a time man.

Overall, nice looking and top notch theme but not deep enough to keep my interest a long time.
1 year ago
Fun game but do not see it lasting in a collection (way better than MM, not as good as AFM)...
1 year ago
Almost a perfect score for me. I knocked one point off for fun since it is s relentless pinball. It will eat you and gobble you up with a little mistake, totally unforgiving.
1 year ago
Beautiful looking game with tons of toys. Unfortunately this game falls flat due to a limited rule set which affects lastability. OK game in a large collection but I got board of this game quickly and would not want to own one in my home.
1 year ago
Pure pinball fun... monsters, pinball and rock and roll. What do you want?!
1 year ago
Just not a fan of the play, the lighting and artwork is above average but play is not fluid and difficult with balls directed towards outlanes and center. Played a dozen times and could not get in a groove.
1 year ago
The first few times I played this I was not a huge fan. But boy oh boy was I wrong!!!! One of the funnest games I have ever played. Great theming and lots of great shots and Fun!!!!
1 year ago
This game is just pure fun to play. The call outs. The sarcasm. The challenging shots. The integration. Great pin!
1 year ago
I am a collector that has over 20 machines. I didn’t get the hype about this game. However, After about 10-12 games at an arcade I wanted an LE of my own to complete my Chicago Gaming collection. I now own the Midlevel LE, Attack Le, and the Monster Bash LE. I believe this this the most beautiful of all 3 game. In fact it is one of the prettiest games in my collection. The more I play it the more o love this game. I look forward to seeing more from Chicago Gaming!
Can’t wait to see the cactus canyon:)
Thank you CHC
1 year ago
Recent pinball in remake, complete and sublime !!
(Board, lights, topper, screen, sound, finishes … and play ;)
1 year ago
Quite simply an amazing causal pin. Beautiful, comical, and straight forward. This is a top machine at my home with anyone that walks in the door. The game has a lot of energy and with the Dracula and Frankenstein bash toys its challenging but simple. Sure it takes hitting shots multiple times, but what game doesn't? Offers great animations for all modes and characters. Easily an all time top 5 IMHO.
There are 130 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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