Monster Bash (Limited Edition)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Monster Bash". The group itself ranks #7 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.78

Artwork: 8.865

Sounds/Music: 8.471

Other Aspects: 8.708

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (regular version), Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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57 days ago
It’s fun, hard for me to get into, just not my favorite theming, would rather play most others in my collection. The theme doesn’t pull me in enough to want to commit to learning the shots and combos. But the game looks great!
72 days ago
What a nice game!

It look so so good, one of my favorite playfield with its toys.

The new big color screen is amazing.

Lightning, music and call-out are excellent.

The flow is great.

However, I get bored quickly with it as the code is a bit shallow.

Can not imagine owning one for the reason above as I am a one pin a time man.

Overall, nice looking and top notch theme but not deep enough to keep my interest a long time.
82 days ago
Fun game but do not see it lasting in a collection (way better than MM, not as good as AFM)...
3 months ago
Almost a perfect score for me. I knocked one point off for fun since it is s relentless pinball. It will eat you and gobble you up with a little mistake, totally unforgiving.
4 months ago
Always fun to flip. I have owned a restored original and the latest LE from CGC. The LE from CGC is absolutely stunning in person. They did an amazing job modernizing this classic.
MB is not that deep and not that tough but, it sure is fun bashing them monsters. I feel like this game does better at home in large collections. In a small collection like I can have it just loses the "One more Time" vibe too fast imo.
IS it a Great game? YES it is.
Great shots
Easy to walk up to for everyone
Great ramps
One of the best multiball intro's IGOR FLIP THE SWITCH, along with those lights and sounds is spectacular.
a fantastic theme integration for sure.
4 months ago
Beautiful looking game with tons of toys. Unfortunately this game falls flat due to a limited rule set which affects lastability. OK game in a large collection but I got board of this game quickly and would not want to own one in my home.
4 months ago
Pure pinball fun... monsters, pinball and rock and roll. What do you want?!
5 months ago
Just not a fan of the play, the lighting and artwork is above average but play is not fluid and difficult with balls directed towards outlanes and center. Played a dozen times and could not get in a groove.
5 months ago
The first few times I played this I was not a huge fan. But boy oh boy was I wrong!!!! One of the funnest games I have ever played. Great theming and lots of great shots and Fun!!!!
6 months ago
This game is just pure fun to play. The call outs. The sarcasm. The challenging shots. The integration. Great pin!
6 months ago
I am a collector that has over 20 machines. I didn’t get the hype about this game. However, After about 10-12 games at an arcade I wanted an LE of my own to complete my Chicago Gaming collection. I now own the Midlevel LE, Attack Le, and the Monster Bash LE. I believe this this the most beautiful of all 3 game. In fact it is one of the prettiest games in my collection. The more I play it the more o love this game. I look forward to seeing more from Chicago Gaming!
Can’t wait to see the cactus canyon:)
Thank you CHC
7 months ago
Recent pinball in remake, complete and sublime !!
(Board, lights, topper, screen, sound, finishes … and play ;)
8 months ago
Quite simply an amazing causal pin. Beautiful, comical, and straight forward. This is a top machine at my home with anyone that walks in the door. The game has a lot of energy and with the Dracula and Frankenstein bash toys its challenging but simple. Sure it takes hitting shots multiple times, but what game doesn't? Offers great animations for all modes and characters. Easily an all time top 5 IMHO.
8 months ago
Great game with a lot of great energy. I’ve only played it probably 20 times and it seems conceptually very simple in terms of hitting each shot multiple times. If I had this in the home I could see this being a mega hit among casual players. I could also see myself getting really good at and seeing all it has to offer on a frequent basis. Which isn’t a bad thing cause it’s a great experience.
8 months ago
It does t get any better than this perfect game on every level
8 months ago
This game is amazing- it is beautiful, it has several moving parts, it’s easy to understand the gameplay - a friend of mine owns it, I have played well over 100 games on it and I still always look forward to playing it.
9 months ago
Second Pin in my collection. It really is a great game overall and the theme is really fun.
11 months ago
wont play it without Pinstadiums, if wife didnt play it , it would be gone
1 year ago
Super fun game. Easy to understand rules. Favorite of friends and family. My 77 year old aunt even loves to play this one. Is a keeper in our house.
1 year ago
i really don’t understand why its so high in ranking yes its beautiful with topper but only fun 5min
1 year ago
I absolutely love everything about this remake table! I thought the theme would be lame, but the campy horror style works well. The game is mostly forgiving, flows, has fun toys, and just never gets old! Hall of fame worthy game in my opinion.

The Frankenstein toy is one of the best bash toys in pinball. The rules in the game are straightforward and keep me coming back for more.
1 year ago
Amazing game that is challenging, but easy to play and collect creatures and instruments. Easy game to play for hours at a time.
1 year ago
It is criminally over rated. I bought a remake and was bored with it in 2 days. Game is a top 50- to 40 title at best. It is also kind of juvenile. Great game if you are teaching your 7 year old how to play pinball. I dunno, confused as to why it is rated over a bunch of the top 50.
1 year ago
A gorgeous pin that was a great intro to home ownership. Fun shots, rewarding, straightforward rules. Sound package is excellent and the original tunes are catchy af. But once we added MM this one had to go - just too similar imo to justify both, but will always drop coins on location. It's a classic for a reason.
1 year ago
This is a fun game for sure but I have no clue why it's rated so high. For me attack from Mars is 5x the game, and I'd easily take 10+ games in the top 50 if not more over Monster bash.

Admittedly I've never owned it but my pinball bff has it, and even for him it's meh and one of his least played games.

If the choice is Monster bash or nothing, well of course take it but I'd easily take Deadpool, lots, Metallica, Guardians, Batman, walking dead, etc etc etc over MB. It shouldn't be rated as high as it is at all
There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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