Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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Game Design: 8.768

Artwork: 8.911

Sounds/Music: 8.601

Other Aspects: 8.707

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Monster Bash (Special Edition)".
The other versions are: Monster Bash (regular version), Monster Bash (Classic Edition), Monster Bash (Limited Edition)

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There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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78 days ago
Unchallenged. Beautiful and so much funny. Love evrything of it, accept its lastability.

To be kept for fun with friends.
89 days ago
Never played the original but I really enjoyed the remake. Lots of toys and cool stuff all over. Beautiful lighting and music is great. A classic!
3 months ago
Awesome, Awesome Game!!!! This is a classic that is only beaten by the greatest Pinballs ever made. Great shots that lead to just awesome overall fun! The Sound in this game is awesome and the the artwork on the playfield and back-glass is just Fantastic. One of the all time greats!
4 months ago
it was good 30 years ago but so boring after 5 minutes
no chance again newer pin what an overated pin!!!
7 months ago
Top !!
Nevertheless, I préfère the finished and options of the LE.
9 months ago
This game is soo much fun , a 10 outta 10 in almost every category! Except 1? Long term last ability .. a decent to good player will not be challenged by the shots and rule set. Other than that , zero complaints.
10 months ago
One of the funnest games ever. Rule set is made for sheer fun and not just ridiculous combinations that are frustrating. Sound scheme is second to none.
10 months ago
I’ve played Monster Bash on iPad and the CGC Special Edition remake in real life.

Monster Bash has a great theme, with catchy music, great toys and some of the best callouts in pinball: “I hope the monster is as studly as you, doctor,” “I love that minty formaldehyde taste” and “IT’S ALIVE!”. The CGC Special Edition remake only improves this visual detailing with a large screen and remastered animations.

The game itself is ‘okay’ IMO. It’s very accessible rules-wise, mostly involving shooting certain shots to ‘assemble members of the band’ and trigger their special modes. However, despite having creative toys, including a vampire who leaps from his coffin and a Frankenstein’s monster who rises from the playfield, the actual shots feel oddly generic and shallow.

So, fun to play on site, but not something I’d like to own (my son may differ, but he is only five years old).
1 year ago
That's the game to own! For me the funniest one of all pinball machines!
1 year ago
Great machine. Lights, and big display are really cool in the SE and LE.
1 year ago
That darn kickout tho!
1 year ago
This game is a blast! All the shots are satisfying and keeps me coming back for more. Not a crazy deep rule set which I love. Tired of the new games with 30 some pages of rules (my memory cells can't handle all of that anymore). My wife and kids love it! The artwork is awesome! The big color display is freaking awesome! Upgraded sound with the speaker lights are really nice. All the toys are fantastic! I love the color changing gi leds. I did add pinstadiums and the uv flasher is nuts with the reactive art/paint. I really can't see this one leaving the house. Will say the music can get a bit repetitive but it's not horrible. Just added an external sub and wow! This thing booms!
Thought it would bnever leave but after a few months it got pretty repetitive and left. Probably would be great in more then a 2 machine collection.
1 year ago
Classic! Just a great pin, great arcade feel. Some people knock it because the code isn’t deep, but you can make adjustments to make the game harder. Just a timeless game and always fun. Everyone gets hooked playing it.
1 year ago
This is the most beautiful pin I own! The callouts are perfect, highly quotable, very fun. The layout is fantastic I love the variety of shots - orbits, ramps, targets, scoops, moving toy to bash, stationary toy to bash, pop bumpers, rollovers for bonus multiplier, and more - it's packed! The CGC remake has incredible lighting, color DMD is huge and gorgeous, the sound is powerful and clear, it really is the ultimate pinball machine. Never leaving my collection.
1 year ago
Always fun to flip, entertaining and attainable, Monster Bash is a great game to drop in on any time. The rules are easy enough to learn immediately and pretty thoroughly in a couple of hours, but it’s challenging enough to keep you coming back. The monsters are funny and the concept is classic and fun—get the band back together and play some shows—it’s just a lighthearted, silly theme done really well, and with some of the best toys in the business—and I’m not really big on toys usually. I want to say it should be a little deeper in the rules, but it’s not like I can routinely accomplish what goals there are, so who am I fooling? The callouts are funny but can get a little repetitive when you play it a lot, as can the music. But the shots are good and tough enough to keep your attention, and it’s pretty much impossible for me to walk by without playing a few games.
1 year ago
Beautiful all the way from the playfield up to the topper (one of the best in pinpinball). Great fluidity and super cool theme! Very nice toys and the ball never seems to bounce to hell no mather how hard you bash them toys! Maybe a little bit repetitive, but I guess that could be said about all games, at least to some degree!
1 year ago
This is a great game and a great mashup of Rock and Roll and Universal Monsters. It has some great art and that play it again feeling. Shallower than modern games, and not first on my list for my collection, but I will play on location every time. Solid George Gomez designed pin.
1 year ago
This machine is just pure fun - great theme, love the sound effects, and the gameplay is fast, but fair
1 year ago
Doesn’t play well. Something off. Not a super deep ruleset. Good for a 90’s game.
1 year ago
Once you get this pin dialed in insofar as proper pitch and side to side leveling it is a most enjoyable game. The toys are true to the theme of the game and the rules are fairly easy to learn. By the time I decided to get a pin all of the Limited Editions were long gone so I got this one (the Special Edition) and have not regretted the purchase. Only niggle is the right ramp wire form will occasionally catch and hold a ball between the top and middle wire, requiring an occasional adjustment to the top wire.
1 year ago
Monster Bash is a fun game to play. It is fast humorous and very accesible.

The Good: Monsters are lots of fun and this game makes sure to stay true to the enjoyment of the theme. The Wolfman playing the drums is perfect and the replay siren makes me smile. Stack your modes with Frankenstein for a good score. This makes you play the entire PF and go from there. K O'C did a great job with the PF graphics. One of my favorite match sequences ever starting with a siren and showcasing Drac imitating Pete Townshend' guitar smash just in time for the "WHACK" of the replay knocker.

The Bad: Scoring is utterly unbalancing with the multiball and wiz modes being worth so much that everything else doesn't matter. Still a blast to play these modes. The Monster Bash song seems to get stuck in your head.

The Takeaway: George Gomez (earned his nickname "Fan-Man" and kept it on every design he created after this pin-table) and crew did a great job of making this deck accessible to someone just walkingup to it and still a challenge for most players. Now there are a number of games that feel like this and for that reason I did not give it the score that many others have regarding this table. Not my favorite BG. It's all over with the colors and your eye loses focus on the images of the characters in the game. When maintained as it should be, it's a blazingly fast game to play. With the rules being so heavily weighted on the multiball wizard modes... the scoring for this game is heavily weighted in this direction as well. Between low production numbers and the fact that it still makes money on locations, it's expensive. I've seen museum pieces of this deck in five figures. If you want to just enjoy a fun game or work on your multiball skills, this is a fantastic way to go. A fun game... A really good game... but not a great game for the ages in my opinion.

After playing this game some more, I have to say that this game has a bit more strategy to it than I originally gave it credit for. Going through the modes and (strategically) adding multiball on top of them means that every shot is something to consider before being made. Be careful with Frank, as a direct shot can mean an instant drain! The spinner is a much better shot than most people play for points as well as 6 shots gets you to a multiball award from the scoop. That and it is your Monster Bash award collect as well. The rulesheet for this game isn't that long, but the nuances and secondary considerations for the long game on this deck make up for it. The audio calls are great and Lyman's Lament is a great little easter egg that can make this game even more entertaining when you get bored with the standard issue game rules. My initial issue with the game was that MB and MOR are heavily unbalancing on this table, and they are. However, you must EARN these awards and that isn't always easy. One of the things that I have really learned to appreciate about this game is the "scalability" of difficulty that depends on how the software and the physical adjustments to the game. This can make a huge difference in gameplay. Monster Bash is very much like WCS '94 in the sense that some people think this game is too easy. And it can be. Some people curse this deck in the qualifying A bank at PAPA. And it can be that too! Scores updated accordingly.

Respect (Lyman/Gomez) the architect!

Update v2:
If you can get all the modes running and THEN start Frankie's multiball, well played. For me, that is the ultimate challenge of this game. One thing this game has down is that it is FUN! No wonder the ops love it. People love to play this deck. Is it a game I'd like in my collection, for the money, probably not. But I still love to play it on location. The copy at Lyons Classic Pinball has a black light LED near the flipper making the whole area of the PF glow with green slime creepy goodness!

This game is a perfect example of why I pay attention to the programmer as much or even more than the game designer. Consider the bodies of work by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Keith Johnson and Lyman Sheats Jr.

Chicago coin addendum:
I like what they have added to the game color changing LED’s and a larger screen with updated animations look good and add to the theater of the experience. The layout is nearly identical and the rules are the same. While the show might have been upgraded, gameplay is the same.
1 year ago
I love this game, but i installed a shaker motor, and the game play, for me, improved dramatically.
1 year ago
just love this game
1 year ago
This game is literally a theme in a box. Every shot seems to be valid so long as you're not draining, and the art/sound/music/lighting and animations are all top notch. CGC absolutely elevated this game in the best possible way and it's just plain fun to shoot and experience. I'm not sure I'd ever let it leave....
1 year ago
Such a fun game. Played an original a few years back and I did love it but didn’t have LED lighting and seemed very dark and hard to see. But once I played a remake wow what a difference! Game is fun and one you always come back for more. Is challenging, at least at my skill level, but interesting and fun enough to make you want to play more. A must have in my opinion and I love all the old Universal Movies!
There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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