Monster Bash (Special Edition)

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Game Design: 8.821

Artwork: 8.902

Sounds/Music: 8.452

Other Aspects: 8.749

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There are 75 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
This is the perfect pinball machine.

The shots are fun, the game progress lends itself well to the theme, and depending on how you approach the game it can play in a variety of different ways. I absolutely love the theme, though I will admit the sound effects could probably get on your nerves hearing them over and over. The lights and colors just pop on this thing, a work of art.

It might be the machine that really got me into the scene and when I first assembled the band, I think my heart was about to explode.
41 days ago
Fun game! Its not for my house but its a good game.
72 days ago
Super fun, but shallow game. Just picked up one of these in a temporary trade for my Elvira House of Horrors. EHOH has miles more to do. However, for what it is Monster Bash is fantastic. The rules are simple to understand. The toys are fun and the humour is campy. It is perfect for pinball, but not for an advanced player. I would put this in the top 5 games for kids right up there next to World Cup Soccer 94. The game is fun don't get me wrong, but I should not be challenging myself as to how many times I can hit the Wizard mode in a game on my first 10 plays with the game. Excellent first pin or as a pin in a part of a collection. If you've been playing pinball for 30 years and this is the only pin in your house it will come up short for you. Really a mixed bag that does everything right... just not enough of everything.
78 days ago
This is a great pinball for families and kids. It is an excellent theme with funny characters and audio call outs. It is fairly easy to play. The multiballs on this game are fantastic and lots of balls. It is fun and crazy! Everyone should try to play to get to the Monster Bash summit crescendo when Dracula says "LETS ROCK"!!! . The game is challenging but for the higher level player it can be played to completion and then it repeats, so the code could be a little more complex if you play it enough and have some ability playing pinball. (Most people will not get to this level where they need more code) The blue/purple/green lighting on this game is super pretty and cool to look at. It's probably one of the best looking playfields in pinball. It has spectacular toys and characters. The ramps are fun to shoot and the Frankenstein toy/multiball is one of the best shots/multiballs in all pinball. You will also love the Dracula moving shot as he moves back and forth. That is a very unique toy/shot in pinball.
86 days ago
This machine always seems to draw me in. The theming and colors of this machine are so fun and vibrant. The Frankenstein multiball is always a blast to start as well. Some of the shots do not have that "satisfying" feeling when hit, but there is still a nice variety of shots to make.
4 months ago
My current favorite. Bought one and love it. Very funny, lots of fun for newcomers but challenging for advanced players as well.
7 months ago
Great game! Definitive a keeper and very iconic.
8 months ago
Start off with my very ~*unbiased*~ review with the following remark: I want to own this pin.
Kudos to Chicago gaming company for these remakes. The game flows nicely. It's just a fun party that anyone could walk up to and enjoy themselves. That's my measuring stick.
10 months ago
My second favorite game of all time (Simpsons Pinball Party is still tops). Just a ton of fun and CGC did a masterful job on the remake. Love the feel of the flippers. Just wish the game was a little deeper and had an upper playfield/additional flippers.
11 months ago
Played this game on location. I enjoyed the game and the theme. It was really fun to play with good flow but I did find that the ball would get stuck fairly frequently (About 4 times in 15ish plays) Not sure if this was an issue with this specific machine or if it is due to the design. The movement of the toys on the play-field was engaging and fun and I loved the animations for the swamp thing.
11 months ago
Finally got one! Super fun and always loved universal monsters! Chicago gaming builds a quality pin!
11 months ago
One of the most fun games of all time. Great theme that's well implemented. Tons to shoot at. Scoring isn't the deepest though.
11 months ago
Wow. MB was amazing in 1998 but the remake is even more incredible. The SE remake has excellent build quality, excellent sound. The visuals are tremendous. The game is incredible and I can't imaging this title going down in value. Ever.
1 year ago
I have a fairly large collection of pins and this is the one that is most played, especially by guests. The theme is top notch and draws people in. What I really love about the game is how approachable it is - a new player can step right up and have a intuitively have an idea of what to do just by looking at it. The toys guide you to the goal - bash Dracula, bash Frankenstein.
1 year ago
This is the best all around machine I own!!! Always makes me laugh. And the Monster Bash / Monsters of Rock intro is just the best. Finally: "Oooh! Do fries come with that stake?".
1 year ago
Unchallenged. Beautiful and so much funny. Love evrything of it, accept its lastability.

To be kept for fun with friends.
1 year ago
Never played the original but I really enjoyed the remake. Lots of toys and cool stuff all over. Beautiful lighting and music is great. A classic!
1 year ago
Awesome, Awesome Game!!!! This is a classic that is only beaten by the greatest Pinballs ever made. Great shots that lead to just awesome overall fun! The Sound in this game is awesome and the the artwork on the playfield and back-glass is just Fantastic. One of the all time greats!
1 year ago
Solid Game! The whole family loves it.
1 year ago
just a great game. Low pressure, lot if fun shots and love the music.
1 year ago
Top !!
Nevertheless, I préfère the finished and options of the LE.
1 year ago
This game is soo much fun , a 10 outta 10 in almost every category! Except 1? Long term last ability .. a decent to good player will not be challenged by the shots and rule set. Other than that , zero complaints.
2 years ago
One of the funnest games ever. Rule set is made for sheer fun and not just ridiculous combinations that are frustrating. Sound scheme is second to none.
2 years ago
I’ve played Monster Bash on iPad and the CGC Special Edition remake in real life.

Monster Bash has a great theme, with catchy music, great toys and some of the best callouts in pinball: “I hope the monster is as studly as you, doctor,” “I love that minty formaldehyde taste” and “IT’S ALIVE!”. The CGC Special Edition remake only improves this visual detailing with a large screen and remastered animations.

The game itself is ‘okay’ IMO. It’s very accessible rules-wise, mostly involving shooting certain shots to ‘assemble members of the band’ and trigger their special modes. However, despite having creative toys, including a vampire who leaps from his coffin and a Frankenstein’s monster who rises from the playfield, the actual shots feel oddly generic and shallow.

So, fun to play on site, but not something I’d like to own (my son may differ, but he is only five years old).
2 years ago
That's the game to own! For me the funniest one of all pinball machines!
There are 75 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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