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3 months ago
Monopoly is a lot of fun packed into a regular sized playfield. Lots to do, lots to shoot for. If you enjoy the boardgame, you will really enjoy the pinball machine too. At the start it seems like almost too much packed onto the playfield, but once you get to understand the rules and what to shoot for and when, it flows wonderfully and is a treat to play. I love it!
5 months ago
Monopoly is a solid, family friendly game. 6 pop bumpers!, challenging multi ball, and a universally liked theme. I have enjoyed monopoly quite a bit. The idea of the board game brought to pinball is quite fun if you have been a fan.
The left and right ramp shots are satisfying to hit, and not easy to repeat over and over. The bank toy is also a unique addition to game play. Having the door open and close is provides a nice visual effect. My only complaint is I do get more air balls than most machines. It can be annoying but having the extra lexan sheets for the ramps does help.
I try to overlook the flying balls and focus on enjoying the call outs and dmd animations.
Its a reasonably priced machine, and does provide allot of entertainment.
10 months ago
Fun game for sure. I like the unique rules and layout. Some neat innovation with this pin.
11 months ago
I have this in my collection and family loves it. Stern did a good job turning board game into pinball. Pat has a certain feel to his designs and this one has the same feel to it. I like the game play and will keep this around to break up some of my other titles
1 year ago
My only issue with this machine is the "cheap" feel and look of:
The playfield artwork has many blank spots in the back, the wiring and plastic ramps.
Even the pixels on the back box side artwork.
1 year ago
I wanted to like this a lot. I'm a huge fan of the board game, but this machine just didn't have much that stands out for me. There's not much to keep me coming back. Not a terrible game, and I'll toss in a few quarters once in a while, but there's just no "wow" factor on this one.
1 year ago
This underrated game depends a lot on your feelings about Pat Lawlor designs. Lots of ramps and odd angle shots. Pretty good theme integration, actually. I enjoy playing this one on location, but would it get boring owning it? I love the board game, and I love most Pat Lawlor designs. So this game just speaks to me. The 4 ramps are fun, even the short little railroad ramp in front. Decent little game. Perpetually spinning short flipper is silly tho. In a larger collection, this is a nice addition.
1 year ago
Monopoly is a well loved game in my home. It's a family favorite and I enjoy it as well. The layout is a great lawlor layout not burdened by being stuck in a wide body. For your money, you'd be hard pressed to find a game with more toys and gadgets stuffed into such an inexpensive package. It certainly suffers from being a 2001 Stern. A bdget title for sure. Visible wires along the ramps might make the ramps easier to pull for cleaning once every few month, but I'm stuck staring at wiring looms every game.

Still the layout makes the game fun to shoot, and even if the rules are a little too easy and repetitive for me, it's part of why it is so enjoyed by my wife, kid, and just about every guest who plays it.
1 year ago
Monopoly is a pretty fun game with a great theme. Who doesn't like Monopoly?? The shots are pretty satisfying and the rules arent the worst. There are not too many modes but there are a few multiballs and the gameplay is fun. Overall a pretty decent game.
2 years ago
This is a simple (no deep rules), fast, and fun game. A Lawlor layout with some of his usual shots (3rd flipper jackpot shot). The game really does well to embrace the theme of monopoly. The call outs are quite good. It's a fun game to play and has lasted a long time at my parent's house. I enjoy playing it when I go to visit (we live in the same town). Not sure about how long it would last in a small collection, but would add good variety to a medium to large collection.
2 years ago
Enjoyable game. Those who say it's cluttered obviously don't like ahot making. I like the fact there are plenty of shots, some easy, some difficult to make. This is why I like the challenge of the game. You can't just bang the ball on Monopoly and expect good scores. You need to know what to shot at, when and be able to execute the shot.

Theme is good and the gameplay goes well with the overall monopoly theme. Cash grab and RR multiple are fun. Chance has good variety but does create some imbalanced scoring. Extra balls are straight forward. Making the outer loop increases your bonus and really makes for some decent scoring as you can earn an extra ball each ball played.

I've owned this twice, one time a well routed machine that was fun but needed work all the time. The most recent one I picked up is a HUO and really shines from condition to game play.
2 years ago
Not too bad a game. Not for those who have one game but would do well in a 3+ collection. Shorter ball times with lots to shoot at. Not too much pause but not speed like IM or Tron.
2 years ago
This was the the first ever pinball purchase of my now growing collection.

It is themed extraordinarily!

The Game Board is awesome for longevity of play, it really makes you strive to own all the properties as each one lights up. The Railroad is really fun and requires a short narrow shot has an awesome rail. Extra ball and Multi-ball is really fun to get and is generated by trapping 2 to 3 and lock is lit. If I had to be objective, the only aspect that is not fun is the Bumpers, I feel they are a bit too sensitive and cause most of your lost balls. Breaking the Jail is fun, Multi-ball is especially fun and overall this game should be climbing the ranks. It should be going up in ratings and value in my opinion.

Having owned it since December 2016..I wouldn't let it go for less than $6,200.00 it's a great game that needs more credit.
2 years ago
Just OK. Not very memorable, inspiring, or groundbreaking. As a contrast I actually enjoy the small ramp on the lower playfield.
2 years ago
The good aspects of this game unfortunately don't come close to overcoming the not-so-good aspects. As much as I want to like the playfield (as I strongly favor multi-direction, multi-flipper layouts over simple fan layouts), and as much as I love ramps and interesting shots, I think Pat and team went overboard here for a narrow body. I imagine that this layout could be mind-blowing in a wide-body but is too cluttered here. I also agree with the comments that ding the game for theme. There was some potential for this theme, but I think it ends up being just a contrivance here -- almost as if the theme was fitted to the layout and shots afterward, rather than the layout and shots having been designed to suit the theme. (I know that this comment could apply to a LOT of games; I get that. I'm just saying that on this game the issue seems to me to be pronounced enough to affect my rating.) Overall, I've had a little fun playing this game sometimes on location, but I think that's where the game's value begins and ends.
2 years ago
Love the theme, totally love the theme. I really enjoy the ramps, and the need to open the Bank just to start hitting the centre ramp. I love the idea of the short RR ramp, but I feel it's a bit in the way, if there was something else missing on the left side and RR ramp was set back a bit I might like it a bit more. The Mr Monopoly guy call outs are great, overall, it's a hit in our home. My family gravitates to this title the most and probably will for a long time.
3 years ago
I really didn't like it at all. It was hard to get things going. I felt you had to hit things in serial. Felt like Tron without the more interesting theme and components.
3 years ago
I have to admit I just don't like the way Stern machines looks, feels and play. But this one has a promising "Lawlor/Youssi" label, interesting ideas in its ruleset, and a clever way to use the Monopoly theme.

So I played it in a bar, enough to become Grand Champion, but the cheapness and poor build quality killed the fun. As other pinball like Ripley's, it would be a great machine if it had been designed and made in the 90's, by Bally or Williams.
3 years ago
very fun and deep game... a lot of modes and things to do
3 years ago
Very nice game. The children also love it. The layout is by the hand of Pat Lawlor. There are some similarities with TAF. I don't understand why this game is not in the top one hundred. It's a keeper!
3 years ago
Played several times. Overrated this game is just not for me.
3 years ago
Quite fun game to play against others.
3 years ago
Owned it for a month. It has a good skill shot for plunge is only thing I enjoyed. Its hard to get excited about a board game pinball machine. Got one at a auction for $1600 and sunk a few hundred fixing it. Lost 200 on sale. You must be a fan of the board game to enjoy this table, I was not, but I tried to like it.
3 years ago
I was surprised by the reviews on this game, abundantly negative. After watching a lot of vids, I believed I had a good idea of the game, which seemed pretty decent. I bought a HUO version, and have given it a lot of time to see how I liked it. All in all, this is a pretty good machine, and a fantastic PF layout.

The comments people have about the layout are astonishing. It seems people simply want another fan layout with a bash toy and a magnet, and anything else is crammed, or too busy, etc. This is a freakin’ awesome layout: 4, read it - 4 ramps ( and the small double jackpot shot which is sort of like a mini ramp leading to a saucer as well), a bash toy that opens up to one of the ramps, drop target blocking the inner mode start shot, 6 pop bumpers, spinner, scoop, rotating flipper that blocks your right orbit shots, and is a neat toy for attempting to points in the saucer in that area, a mini LED display, an interesting ball lock system, multiple skill shots, multiple upper flipper shots, this layout is great!

The lower mini railroad ramp is quite genius. It takes a small area that would otherwise see a target or scoop, and adds something different, but yet challenging, which is used in different ways, and returns the ball lightning fast. All in all, the PF design and layout is very well done, and the inserts with the mock board is a perfect theme implementation.

I was worried about the rules at first, given everyone’s comments, but there are quite a few modes, all fun to play, and many multiballs. The two of the mini multiballs, such as Free parking, could have been done better, and are more or less the same as the main MB, with upper ramp shots being jackpots. It would have been nice to see some more variance there.

My machine came with the outlanes on hard, and this machine needs them there IMO. It makes you really hold, and play cautiously, especially in MB, as you need to hold on the left, and work the right flippers. The wizard mode is cool too, as the better you do, and select you shots, you can add time, and really jack that up, but it’s hard to figure out the strategy, and it’s hard to try and focus on upper PF shots, when you want to flail and mash like it’s a LITZ type finale.

The bad is in a couple things. The rotating flipper can catch the ball, and get stuck, with no ability to ball search out of it. The opto boards, in their placement from factory, appear to be misaligned, and have no wiggle room to move to line up right. I could see for a location game, both of these issues being a pain. The ball also seems to get airborne in many areas, and I'm surprised I haven't broken any plastics.... yet.

Really fun theme, great implementation, and a fantastic layout. I wasn’t sure if this machine would be a long term stay, but even in a crunch time space issue as is my gameroom, I won’t be letting it go.
3 years ago
this does not feel like a pat lawlor game,no flow,felt clutterd ,i hate the spining flipper, i quit after three games.. i will never waste my time on it, i have seen some other reviews and some to most others like it. out of respect for other raters opinions i will try it again if i see one....monopoly does seem to b fair priced but im sure i still wont buy one because it takes to or three games for me to know i want one !!!!
the board game is better !!!
There are 106 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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