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This game received 26 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.288 /10


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This game ranks #338 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.64

Artwork: 5.918

Sounds/Music: 6.432

Other Aspects: 6.029

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Rating history

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Found 14 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
If you like a good flash lamp show on an older game this is one worth checking out. I like the 2 ball multi ball on this game. If you screw anything up you can recover and resume rather easily and locks are always lit. The skill shot feature is also unique. It's possible to hit the skill shot targets with the 3rd flipper but it's difficult to do. There is a bit of randomness to the game due to the roulette wheel but it doesn't throw the scores too much. Jackpot scores progress nicely too. An overall solid game and I'd easily say underrated.
1 year ago
Owned one for a year or so. Enjoyed it. Wish it offered a 3 ball on the multi-ball. Music and sounds kinda boring. Makes a great starter game. I'd recommend purchasing one if you can find one in good condition. Great beginner game.
1 year ago
My ratings reflect a re-themed version of Millionaire based on Donald Trump. Details, video & pictures are in thread link.
2 years ago
This game has easy to understand rules so new comers can quickly understand what to do, but it is still satisfying for advanced players and stands the test of time. It is one of the tables that I play the most, and my guests often prefer it to more modern games (with DMDs, etc.).
3 years ago
Millionaire captures the essence of the System 11 era, with the music, art and mechanics everyone has come to enjoy from the alpha-numeric display era. However, the gameplay is a bit lacking beyond all the flash and glitter. There is not much to achieve beyond multi-ball, and replay value is low. This can be said for many games of the System 11 era, however, games like Fire! and Road Kings seem to tighten up rules around achievement of multiball in such a way to make the chase, comparatively, more fun. The roulette wheel is an important part of the gameplay, however it slows down the flow of the game way too much...and is a bear to keep in proper working order. The music is great, the art is fantastic (as a product of the era). A lot of little elements like the rotating topper, reflective cabinet art and glitter material behind the backglass give the impression that someone cared a whole lot about this game before it went out the door into arcades...or perhaps, they were trying to mask the fact that the game offered little gameplay-wise.
3 years ago
Fun game, but does not last long in a small collection. Very shallow, but fun to play in small bursts. A by-product of it's time, and one of the weaker system 11's. It's cheesy, and the callouts leave a lot to be desired. Average at best.
3 years ago
This game gets a bad rep because of the rule set. On location, it would not be that great, but if you own it, you can adjust the rules to make the game very enjoyable. When you crank the settings for awarding extra balls with the roulette wheel, it changes the game completely as its very difficult to get an extra ball via the standup targets. I've had the game for quite a while and have only achieved this twice. Also, if you crank up the angle on this game, the little ramp must be hit perfectly to make it all the way up.

The good:
- Skill shot out lane gate combo - super fun!
- Side flipper - multiplyer shot has more value than you think!
- Roulette wheel - Crank up the rules, and the spins are truly a fun gamble!
- Roulette wheel during multiball is fun
- I find the music quirky and fun
-You're told to "Get a job" when you suck!

The bad:
- The artwork is pretty cheesy, but it fits the 80s millionaire theme
- The roulette wheel will cause unjustified errors on startup at times
- The game is pretty simple when compared to other system 11s

I also have Whirlwind, which is, by far, a better game, but Millionaire is surprisingly fun when tweaked properly. Often when I look at my line of machines, Millionaire successfully draws me to it.

I'm currently converting this machine to Donald Trump's Millionaire as a joke. : )
4 years ago
It isn't as bad as it looks. It appears bad for a game to write a review with that opening sentence but that is the simplest way to explain Millionaire. At first look, it does look like a terribly boring game. In all honesty the worst system 11 might be a fair assessment (a testament to how good system 11s were if this is the worst). The game has a simple rule set with locking both balls for a multiball, re-lock each ball for the jackpot. Then wash, rinse and repeat. The music changes subtly for each advance for the multiball chain and is pleasant to the ears (as is the main theme). The shots are satisfying to make, if you can land them, and there is enough to do in game with the skill shot, stand up targets and of course the roulette wheel. For those seeking depth, sleek and sexy this is not a game for them. If you want a simple game to play for fun and to pass the time, Millionaire does the trick just fine. It isn't as bad as it looks.
4 years ago
6 years ago
It has good music and good flow with 2 ball mutiball. But art package kind of sucks.
7 years ago
Millionaire is an example of a game that had lots of interesting things going for it, but the team just didn't put it all together with the rule set.

The Pros:
Cool shots and a slick art package make this a good start. The sound is ok. The light show at the start of multiball is cool. Right sauccer kickout to upper flipper to inline targets... nice. The oscillating skill shot is hot!

The Cons:
I don't care for "random" games that award specials and extra balls as a "feature". Maybe software can be adjusted on this, but I don't know what options there are for that. Who play tested this table? It's too easy. Maybe I need to have the game set to "balls nasty" with posts removed on the right hand side outlane and the tilt set to "sneezer" settings to be a challenge, but this game is a cakewalk. I roll this thing over every other game. Give me another digit to work with fellas... Calling Mystery Programmer! I can't believe this is a Williams game...

The Takeaway:
A good looking and fun game for the kids... who want to be millionaires.
8 years ago
My local arcade got one of these just a few days ago and I had seen it on CL a few times so I was excited to try it out. Two other friends played first so I got a chance to see their reaction to the game, which was bad. I stepped up and noticed this motorized gate that changes the angle out of the shooter lane and thought that was pretty cool but by the second ball I had the timing down and was able to make the skill shot easily. Not knowing what to do, I shot at flashing things and found the locks. Starting multiball was easy and never got more difficult to achieve so I stuck to that plan. Occasionally I would shoot spin on the left side of the game and activate the roulette wheel, the games main feature. I thought it was a cool gimmick at first but it takes forever and always seemed to land on the same stupid gem! The game went on longer than it needed to and I wound up with a 2nd place high score. I got four free credits for my efforts and left them all on the machine. I came back an hour later and to my surprise all four of them were still there. I think no one noticed because people, looking to spend their tokens, see Millionaire and just keep walking. I've seen this listed for under 800 dollars on CL several times and in my opinion you should probably just save your money.
8 years ago
This machine made me fall in love with pinball, and fall in love all over again. I never thought id find another.
9 years ago
I used to work on this machine regularly in a local Sports Bar. One of my biggest dislikes of this game is it's maintainability (it breaks down easily) and it's not easy to fix.

It's a decent game to play with a good theme. The music is one of the best assets. The art is less then average and not that great.

I have one in my collection currently and I will likely not be keeping it.
There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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