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Game Design: 7.735

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Other Aspects: 7.862

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There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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37 days ago
Best of the classic Sterns. Great for beginners and experts. Great for multiplayer action. Targets galore and chasing WOWs with a wing man (other player) calling out missile needed. Only down side is early Stern sounds. I upgraded the speaker. It helped a lot.
5 months ago
Meteor is a fantastic example of an early SS game. This game is based on the movie of the same name and revolves around sending missiles to dismantle incoming meteors .
What I didn’t expect was a fairly deep rule set .
Lots of playfield drop targets to Gita nd bump playfield multipliers. A third flipper to spell meteor to send rockets by ripping the spinner .
Totally fun , totally fast , with very satisfying ball routes and cool rebounds.
Very colorful playfield looks great with LED’s , and once the MPU is replaced it becomes a super reliable game. I am a high school physics teacher and this game sits next to my 1976 Space Mission and I can’t believe what a difference 3 short years made in pinball advances . A classic game as it stands , a real cool hybrid when you add the 2021 Meteor arduino.
10 months ago
I recently picked up a Meteor and what I have heard was true - it is fast and fun, especially for a late 70s pin. Drop targets galore, a spinner but not much else. I like playing it but it has a limited appeal. I think the theme with the movie tie-in is great. Cabinet and glass artwork is superior to much of the era. Major score to get one, should be a lot of fun.
11 months ago
i love Steve Kirk games. I would suggest , if you have the room, to own Meteor for awhile. Meteor is a good starter game. The price is great, for hours of fun. I put the new voice and movie sound board in-- what a kick. $180. Eventually i will sell Meteor and get another Kirk game. My Stars and Swords of Fury are never leaving.
1 year ago
I’ve been wanting to play a Meteor for some time and was lucky enough to get the chance at Pinball Republic.

This is drop target heaven. Some really interesting drop target banks and I thoroughly enjoyed the smaller flipper at the top of the playfield. Unlike many drop-target-tastic pins of this era, especially the Sterns (what is Quicksilver about?), the theme is present and correct here.

I can imagine this would truly shine with the new code. A big thumbs up from me.
1 year ago
With the Update Meteor 2021 a really good Game. Very nice.
1 year ago
This is a pretty good game. The sounds are nothing short of incredible. It's a fun play but the rule set was a bit much for a 12 year old. I mostly just tried to knock down the targets back in the day.
1 year ago
Annoying sound, although it works as a "hurry up" function, as in "Hurry up and hit the needed target so that sound stops!" That said, I enjoy Meteor quite a bit. Hit the drop targets and rip the spinner. Sometimes you can sweep the #2 drops and (rarely) the #3 drops, if you have the the original "hatless" targets and the bank is set up properly. The game is easy, especially with the post between the flippers, so updating to seven digit scoring is highly recommended. In the upper third of early Sterns, for sure.
1 year ago
Great playing early Stern title, although I am partial to this game, because I remember a brand new one being placed on location in a bowling alley when I was 12 years old, and I was completely in awe with it at the time, feeding it multiple quarters every Saturday! Sometimes pinball is all about memories, right? The rocket/bonus animations as they advance are a nice touch. Upgrade the crappy original speaker to improve the audio. New drop targets are a must, as the originals took a beating. A nice early SS to own in a multi game collection, as it is always a fun game to play. Fairly easy to work on, but unfortunately the untreated metal components in all early Sterns are subject to "white powder" oxidization, more messy than harmful.
1 year ago
Drop target game like drop targets you will love this game. I am a drop target guy. 3rd flipper fun. If you do not like drop targets not the game for you.
1 year ago
One of the best classic Sterns; The ball is always in motion and always coming back out you. Drop target nirvana!

Game has great art on the playfield, backglass and cabinet. The only real knock I have is the sound which others have pointed out, its just ok.
2 years ago
Great Stern SS. Plays fast and drop targets are a challenge.
2 years ago
4 drop target banks, 3 flippers, and a spinner that you can rip all day.

Before I restored one with all new cpr parts, the game was fun to get a single meteor drop left standing and keep ripping the spinner till you rolled the score counter. The sound could get on your nerves after a bit.

After I restored it, the game is lightning fast, and the new code adds far greater depth than the original game could handle. Tons of fun and no more annoying droning square wave tones.
3 years ago
Live the drop targets and spinner that are well payed out. Fun gameplay - definitely a shooters game, and the third flipper actually seems useful. Definitely one of the classic old SS Sterns.
3 years ago
One of my favorite games, the sound although loud , can be super intense! Stern drops are so satisfying and this game has plenty. Both better than ripping a Stern spinner either.
3 years ago
Meteor was the second game I ever owned and my first solid state. I didn't have much money for pinball when I started the hobby so this was the most I could hope for at the time. I got it in trade for my first ever game. I was much more interested at the time in playing modern games with multiballs, modes, etc. I still appreciated the space theme, art, and gameplay, just wanted more at the time so got bored pretty quick with it. Now I wish I had this game again as now that I have the best of the modern games, I appreciate the older games more and this one was pretty unique and special. Maybe someday this will come back to my collection. I can't believe I sold mine for $500 and that was a fair price at the time...
3 years ago
The best of the classic sterns. Awesome colors, gameplay, and spinner rips. This game fits in any collection.
4 years ago
Meteor is THE classic Stern. Fantastic ever since it was made, only the terribly obnoxious sounds bring it down a bit in my opinion. They make me laugh now, but hearing them in a room all day it stops being funny.
Layout and gameplay is amazing, especially when outlanes spot a target so people don't just drop 5 targets and rip the spinner all day. Changing it up and making it more difficult makes this game a blast!
4 years ago
Sound is lousy but gameplay grows on you over time
4 years ago
I had this for a few years and ended up trading it away. The game was not very interesting and the sound design was awful. That increasing drone and then the awful counting up of the bonus. I get that some people like it but it drove me crazy. Not a fan of this game. Great backglass though!

The new code update with call-outs and better sound might make this a better game to have around.
4 years ago
Meteor is a really fun game and great bang for your buck. It never gets old ripping the spinner and the ample amount of drop targets give you plenty to shoot for.
4 years ago
Great shooting game with really good rules.
4 years ago
This game is all about the right flipper to knock down the rockets 1,2,3 drop targets and build towards 7000 on each rocket where the score really takes off then go for the meteor drop target which will build the spinner value with the temptation to rip the spinner which seem to rip better with the right flipper then the left but of course if you miss the ball will most likely drain down the centre. Great game that is well layout highly recommend
4 years ago
Great game that keeps me coming back. Simple rules for a novice with some really rewarding shots as skills improve.

The background noise (music) is pretty annoying, but the sounds from hitting targets, etc, are really nice. I consider it something of a wash on sound for that reason.

Deceptively challenging game depending on pitch and overall condition of the table, but one players of multiple skill sets can enjoy.
4 years ago
Fun machine. Great rules and strategy for the era (either going for the spinner or cranking up the bonus) and decent lighting effects. Always though these sterns had the best effects of the era, still agree to an extent. The meteor smart targets are an awesome feature. Overall a great game that is fun to play alone or with friends.
There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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