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This game received 102 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.410 /10


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This game ranks #184 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.675

Artwork: 7.462

Sounds/Music: 5.906

Other Aspects: 7.687

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Found 52 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 52 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
One of my favorite games, the sound although loud , can be super intense! Stern drops are so satisfying and this game has plenty. Both better than ripping a Stern spinner either.
55 days ago
Meteor was the second game I ever owned and my first solid state. I didn't have much money for pinball when I started the hobby so this was the most I could hope for at the time. I got it in trade for my first ever game. I was much more interested at the time in playing modern games with multiballs, modes, etc. I still appreciated the space theme, art, and gameplay, just wanted more at the time so got bored pretty quick with it. Now I wish I had this game again as now that I have the best of the modern games, I appreciate the older games more and this one was pretty unique and special. Maybe someday this will come back to my collection. I can't believe I sold mine for $500 and that was a fair price at the time...
78 days ago
The best of the classic sterns. Awesome colors, gameplay, and spinner rips. This game fits in any collection.
10 months ago
Meteor is THE classic Stern. Fantastic ever since it was made, only the terribly obnoxious sounds bring it down a bit in my opinion. They make me laugh now, but hearing them in a room all day it stops being funny.
Layout and gameplay is amazing, especially when outlanes spot a target so people don't just drop 5 targets and rip the spinner all day. Changing it up and making it more difficult makes this game a blast!
11 months ago
Sound is lousy but gameplay grows on you over time
1 year ago
Meteor is a really fun game and great bang for your buck. It never gets old ripping the spinner and the ample amount of drop targets give you plenty to shoot for.
1 year ago
Great shooting game with really good rules.
1 year ago
This game is all about the right flipper to knock down the rockets 1,2,3 drop targets and build towards 7000 on each rocket where the score really takes off then go for the meteor drop target which will build the spinner value with the temptation to rip the spinner which seem to rip better with the right flipper then the left but of course if you miss the ball will most likely drain down the centre. Great game that is well layout highly recommend
1 year ago
Great game that keeps me coming back. Simple rules for a novice with some really rewarding shots as skills improve.

The background noise (music) is pretty annoying, but the sounds from hitting targets, etc, are really nice. I consider it something of a wash on sound for that reason.

Deceptively challenging game depending on pitch and overall condition of the table, but one players of multiple skill sets can enjoy.
1 year ago
Fun machine. Great rules and strategy for the era (either going for the spinner or cranking up the bonus) and decent lighting effects. Always though these sterns had the best effects of the era, still agree to an extent. The meteor smart targets are an awesome feature. Overall a great game that is fun to play alone or with friends.
1 year ago
Very fun to rip the spinner at a good value. I enjoy the game and the art. Music and sounds are a little rough. Good rules for the time.
1 year ago
One of my favourite games. Beautiful flow when setup well. No gimmicks. Just lots of drop target fun
1 year ago
The first pin I played growing up. My dad brought this home and it stayed with him until the day he died as it was his favorite. Loosely based on the movie (Sean Connery), the sounds go higher in octave as you progress. Lots of drop targets. I managed to turn the score over twice in one game and still recorded the high score. Have fond memories of this game.
1 year ago
Early solid states can be as much fun as the modern games. With modern games, you can spend hours trying to complete the modes, but with solid state games, you keep coming back for more to try to beat your score.
1 year ago
I really like this game for the spinner and drop targets. Nothing like a good spinner rip and hitting this one right is very rewarding. With 15 drop targets there is plenty to aim for, what I like is the potential for sweepability. Proper aim with the right lower flipper can take out all of the "2" targets and carry over to take out all of the Meteor targets. I have my game set up fast. . . and I like it.

My dislikes are the sound/noise that comes out of the speaker. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if I am hearing the game, if my tinnitus is acting up, or if the Emergency Broadcast Network is doing one of their tests. That's an easy fix though -- just put some tunes on the radio and keep playing.
2 years ago
This is my favorite Stern from this era. Original layout, drop target shooters dream, and a lot to work with. I understand the complaints on the sound - it doesn't bug me, and you can always turn it down. If you're looking for a machine from this era for your collection you could do a lot worse.
2 years ago
This game has such a cool rule set. Knock down as many drops as possible, but not all of them, then rip the spinner. Also, we're going to add a bunch of switches that trigger drops to screw you (or help you... maybe). It's absolutely brilliant. There's nothing like ripping the spinner, then picking off a few drop targets to increase the value while it's still spinning. Or on the other hand, no greater woe then getting that perfect spinner hit and immediately triggering a drop from the inlane!

Seriously, how many games PUNISH you for hitting an inlane? I'm not a big fan of most Sterns of this era but Meteor is a huge exception.
2 years ago
Meteor is a fantastic game, simply put. While so many will focus on the oddball sound package, the gameplay and experience of playing the game should really trump all else. This game is amazing for either casual or competitive play, and few games will really test your ability to keep a game away from the dreaded outlanes like Meteor will.

The rules on Meteor are simple, yet deceptively challenging. Knowing when to focus on the spinner versus drop targets or pops can make a huge difference in your final score.

A lot of these are being bought up to be converted into Star Gazer, but I hope that before people push forward with that too eagerly that they give Meteor a fair shot. Stern Electronics put out some special games, and Meteor is one of the best of its era.
2 years ago
Meteor is one of the best machines in the short design career of Steve Kirk, who was a pioneer in pinball tournament play. Meteor is quite possibly the first machine ever designed specifically with multiplayer balance -- "tournament mode" -- in mind as a result. While similar thematically and in terms of layout to the equally excellent "Stars" Kirk designed just before this, Meteor's got a cleverness factor to it that takes it just a step beyond, with the subtle control of the M E T E O R targets in what is essentially an upper playfield, but with the targets controlled from three different locations -- drop downs, standups, and rollovers. Yes, a lot of the shots are basically left flipper to the right spinner - but there's actual ball control required with the single upper flipper. You can build bonus instead by going for the drop targets, and the scoring is a bit balanced between the occasionally frustrating and ever-changing spinner values, based on all the METEOR resets and how well you've set up the scoring there, but the drop targets don't return the ball as reliably and a smart-money game tends to avoid them.

The theme is based on a kind of lovably cheesy late 70s science fiction movie of the same name, although you wouldn't know it from looking at the artwork, which shows none of the characters. It's just missiles getting launched to blow the Meteor up. (Wouldn't an Asteroid pinball be a great idea? If they didn't get sued. Who cares about a meteor hitting the earth? Astronomy and exogeology wasn't exactly a long suit of 1970's screenwriters. I digress.) It's a nice touch having the fiery path of the meteor end at the jet bumper, where the streaking missiles of the three lit bonus banks are heading to meet it -- but the bumper cap is just a star, not some hulking rock or explosion, which sort of mutes the effect, and in turn the bumper is pretty minor in scoring, so the big shot isn't the "big shot" of the movie theme. A lost opportunity. Still, I think this game was one really great gimmick or shot away from being among the all-time greats of the 70s, and it's still just an excellent player's game. The look of this machine, I have to say, is really improved with glaring LEDs, and I don't say that about every game.

As for the allegedly annoying sound...this was very, very early in chip sounds, and having the pitch increase steadily as the urgency of the scoring/shot levels is effectively a call-out. You may go insane, but it's a decent use of the technology they had at the time to make the sound useful to the player. So give them props for that, if you are still sane.
2 years ago
A good example on how poor sound can detract from otherwise sound game play... every pun intended.
3 years ago
I wanted so much more from this game.

The Good:
-plenty of drops!
-fun to rip the spinner
-a decent set of rules for the time (hint: don't knock down all the METEOR targets! Always leave 1 standing!)
-nice artwork as with all the vintage Sterns.
-lots to shoot at. Truly a sniper's dream.

The Bad:
-The SOUND. Quite possibly the most annoying sound in all of pinball. When you get the game singing, it's awful. Such a loud, high-pitched sound. Reminds me the "most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber.
-I may be alone in saying this but I just do not like the bottom half of most of the old Sterns. The way they positioned many of their slingshots just Not sure what it is, but I don't like it.
-Just not that fun of a game overall IMO. I really wanted it to be good, as it was Stern's best selling game back in the day (of all time?) but it just didn't have that "one more game" factor for me. Maybe it was the sound?
3 years ago
We loved this game when it was released. Like most Sterns of this era lots of character and fun.
3 years ago
This game has lots of replay value for me :)
3 years ago
I bought a Meteor mostly because it was a Classic Stern. I am pleasantly surprised at just how great of an actual player this game is. Set up steep, with the p/f cleaned and waxed this table plays very fast. A drop target lovers dream, it also has cool art and the background sounds fit the theme. A good ball can bring out the slightly annoying high pitched sound but hey that means you're playing well. Ripping the spinner when fully lit is a very satisfying shot. I thought I might play it a year or so and rotate it out but it's been nearly two years now and I have no intentions of selling it anytime soon. Great game that everyone loves to play when visitors come by.
3 years ago
Great tournament game. Simple rules with enough variation to keep it interesting. People seem to either love the sound or hate it. I feel under the LOVE camp. I love the early 4 bit sounds of early solid state pinball and video games. The use of the increasing-pitch drone is brilliant. It really amps up the stress factor when playing; similar to the Gorgar heartbeat. While she won't win any beauty contests; the gameplay is where this pin shines. I still feel that had the regular bumpers at the top? of the playfield been? pop bumpers, it would've? elevated this pin from "classic" status to "must-own" early solid state.
There are 52 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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