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Game Design: 8.593

Artwork: 8.463

Sounds/Music: 8.448

Other Aspects: 8.581

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This is "Metallica (Pro)".
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6 years ago
Great flow, Great art and Great music, inline drop targets, dual ramps and orbits = great flow.

It's the rules that really make this game a winner.
6 years ago
Metallica Pro is the gold standard for Stern pros. It doesn't feel stripped down like many pros do, this game has FEATURES. Inline drop targets, 2 magnets, metal ramps, captive balls, a snake kickout, animated Sparky, this game is packed! Lots of shots on the playfield, unique inserts all over to light things to collect, good rules that give you a variety of options on scoring depending on what you're trying to do. Trying to nail the pesky pick targets to add a ball in multiball is an exciting way to start it off rather than flailing for a few jackpots then trapping up like I do in most games. The mini-wizard modes are fantastic. There aren't enough big payoff single ball modes in pinball and this game completely highlights them.

The art package overall is one of Stern's best and really one of the best of all time. This game is a looker.
6 years ago
I enjoy the shot variety in this game. Most of the shots are not safe...good risk/reward however. The pro in an excellent buy for sure, but I would love some improved (color changing) lighting - It would dramatically add to the experience. The call outs are good, but not great (especially the Hetfield ones)

Overall an excellent all around package.
6 years ago
What a great game! This machine is a lot of fun to play, it has a great light show with the LEDs, excellent artwork, a good PF layout with plenty to do (which is saying something for a Pro model) and some cool toys. I think even a non Metallica fan would enjoy this Pin for it's game flow and play. I wish this one was in my budget!
6 years ago
I really did not care for this game at first. I used to be a fan of Metallica, they were huge in the Late 80's and early 90's. After playing a dozen games I started to understand the strategy and which shots to prioritize. It is awesome once the multiball shots become mastered. Also an excellent return from the ramps for continuous shots! Plenty of songs to choose from, although it should not be long until Stern updates with more. Stern?? Trying to master the CIU takes some time. Plenty more there after the code upgrade. Reaching end of the line takes some extreme focus and extra balls! Mods are neat for this game. Colored LEDS really enhance. Adrenaline-fueled awesomeness!
6 years ago
This game is mandatory if you are a Metallica fan. Get a ColorDMD! Good layout, good deep rules (with final software revisions). Only 12 songs, though, which can get repetitive. The Pro version has the better captive ball assembly. If you have a Premium or LE, get the Pro captive ball. Then, you can make the fun shot where you hit the captive ball and combo it into the Snake! You can't do that on the Premium or LE by default, because the captive ball has this large cube thing in front of it, which doesn't need to be there, and blocks the Snake combo. Many editions were produced. Premium Monsters has the best backglass artwork. Premium Road Case has the best cabinet artwork. Pro LED has the best speaker panel artwork. Somebody should combine all of these!
6 years ago
Probably the best band-centric pinball table I've played to this point, even though I'm not the hugest Metallica fan. Really love the art on this table, and it also happens to play very well, too.
6 years ago
When I fist played this game, I did not really like it. But once I learned what I needed to shoot at and how to put up good scores, I grew to really like it. Its a tough game to put up big points. And missing shots can doom you quickly. Glad I stuck with it and learned how to play this game.
UPDATE- I now own this game. And it is a great game.
6 years ago
One of the best ever. Amazing rule set. Stackability that makes for great strategy decisions
6 years ago
Cool game but after 6 months i prefere don't keep him, gameplay is not so great
After play a crank it up you must begin again and Again the same rules
Not my favorite borg game , i préfère Ironman by à mile
6 years ago
I was slow to warm up to this game, as I dislike Metallica the band, but gave it a chance. Glad I did! Great shots, cool multiball, just a fun game all around. Love the artwork. Bravo Stern.
6 years ago
This is a great table with a nice mix of flow, bash toys and challenging shots.
6 years ago
This game is just pure fun to play. Rules are awesome, shots are nice, artwork and sound kick-ass.
6 years ago
The pin is an absolute blast any way you look at it!
6 years ago
My absolute favorite of all-time! Great compliment to my TZ.
6 years ago
This machine does not belong in the top 100. Is Stern stuffing the results?
Just terrible, repetitive music, uneven game play, boring, not fun.
6 years ago
Great to have for any Metallica fan. Sound is great and playing to your favorite Metallica songs is a definite bonus. Artwork is beautiful and game play is fast. I truly like this pin but not sure I'd put it on my wish list.
6 years ago
Im not a Metalica fan, but I like the art of this machine a lot, except for the back glass. I also like the layout, but gameplay is a bit boring.
6 years ago
Metallica is a band I have listened to since the early days. The fact that these two passions cross likely makes my review slightly biased, but I tried to be fair. I do wish it was a feature to change some of the songs out, I would put a few different metallica songs on. My two favorite toys on this game are the gavel and the cross rising out of the playfield, Stern was smart to only make these available on the premium version. Very enticing!
6 years ago
Top 3 game of all time, maybe higher. Game has it all, only grip is the pop up post that ruins orbit shots.
6 years ago
It's my first pin I've purchased. I went all out and bought it from Steve at Pinball Refinery. I would recommend this pin to everyone. Steve did a bunch of mods for me and it turn out awesome. I really don't think there's a weak part of the game. Sparky is great to hit and the play field is a lot of fun. I do think it belongs in the top 10. I believe its one of Sterns best pins out there.
6 years ago
Great pin, sterns design did a great job on this one. lots to do, love the in line grave marker drops, sparky is cool, the whole playfield is great I sort of prefer the pro over the hammer lock on the premium and le versions, its a great player cant fault it, once you get to crank it up theres big points to be had, without a doubt deserves to be ranked where it is at the moment..
6 years ago
Very fun and entertaining game. Pro doesn't have some of the features that the LE and Pre but still a great game.
6 years ago
Metallica has grown on me quite a bit lately. I wish it was a bit more transparent how to progress in the game right out of the gate, but once you figure it out, it's one of Stern's best efforts. Inline drop targets rule, Sparky is fun but a bit corny, layout is pretty decent and shots flow well. Looks great, sounds great, and plays pretty damn well; if only scoring was a bit more intuitive this could be a top 10 game for me.
6 years ago
Fun game. Love the music. Change the sub, the game rocks
There are 368 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 15.

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