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Game Design: 8.59

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Other Aspects: 8.576

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5 years ago
Near a perfect pin in my opinion, Fast very fun, and difficult in same time.
5 years ago
The original artwork, audio, and shot layout make this game amazing. Metallica can certainly be a challenging game, but stacking playfield multipliers and hitting pics for add-a-ball feels so rewarding it always brings me back for another game.
5 years ago
I like the band but I love the pin. Rewarding shots ramps and ramp-combos rapped in action packed modes make for fun and fast gameplay. Sparky is a great toy and I like how people customize him. This game is a mod-whore with plenty out there to make it your own. The art, the music, the call outs - a nice flow capability and rewarding but challenging scoring makes this game one of my favorites.

Metal ramps and wireforms make the build quality feels like a premium in a pro package.

I enjoy the premium, too - the hammer I think is fun but I know the hammer versus capture ball is a point of divergence in gameplay taste for some.

This might be Stern's best game.
5 years ago
Metallica fans and fanatics could not ask for a better themed pin. It has the band's imagery and dark-comic flare. The rat-fink-like street style artwork is very unique and great to behold. For a rock-pin it has a pretty deep ruleset that is for the most part easy to understand. The game is brutal if you keep missing your shots, and the steep angled ramps can make for a challenge.

Sparky is a cool toy, but a "one trick pony". Watching him get electrocuted time and time again would definitely get old over time. With that said though, whenever I'm in an arcade that has a Metallica pin I have to play it. Great game for a large collection (unless you just absolutely love Metallica). Lots of songs to pick from with the latest code. When it comes to gameplay I believe that the PRO plays better (the hammer just screams add-on and warps the gameplay). The PRO still puts on a great lightshow, and all the white lighting works when the artwork is so colorful. It's a pin that does not take itself too seriously and is just really fun to play again and again.
5 years ago
Holy crap, this is a good game... Definitely the best Stern of all time (sorry LOTR) and worthy of being top 10 all time. Comparible to the very best 90's Bally/Williams DMD's, but with the tech advancements of today (animation, SFX, speed) And I'm taking the LED Pro version! Go get it.
5 years ago
I have a Metallica Pro LED I bought this Spring. It is nothing short of amazing! Very fast and fun. The absolute fun factor over a long time is real with this pin. It will not become dated with the availability to ad more songs down the road to it's already rich line up of 12 great Metallica classics. This is my 1st NIB and I can tell you I am glad that I did not go with some over priced 25 year old relic like the Addams Family for the same coin. Buy a Metallica will not regret it!
5 years ago
Very fun challenging nice looking game , all aorund great package.
5 years ago
Too many death shots on this one. A weak shot at the electric chair, tombstones or left ramp tends to send the ball straight down the middle.
5 years ago
What can I say about this game that others have not already covered? Not much, actually! I bought the game almost two months ago from Classic Game Rooms on EBAY (not trying to plug them, but I had the game within a week and the process went smoothly). My collection had been up until then a ’72 Bally Fireball and a ’76 Williams Space Mission. I love the old machines and keeping them in working order is a nice side hobby, but felt it was time for a solid state/new table.

I’m not a Metallica fan per se. I have respect for the band, but I never listened to them growing up. What caught my eyes were the awesome art and the fast game play. I could not find a Metallica table in my area to try so I watched as many YouTube video as I could find, and read a lot of reviews. I felt it was a game that would not get boring.

Out of the box the setup is a cinch. One thing, the delivery company tried to truck it on the side that clearly was marked as fragile (the back box was on that side). Make sure your delivery person understands this. There are multiple YouTube videos on setting up the game out of the box but it's easy. I had to play around with the menu for the first few days to figure out how to get free games configured, and played around with some of the other menu settings. But, otherwise, I have not had to fiddle with anything. From the first game, the table has been great with no issues mechanically or with the software.

The game rules are still a challenge only because there are so many different CIU’s. I have not hit all of them yet and sometimes I find myself perusing Pinside and other sites to get clarification on both features and rules. I would have liked a more detailed owner’s manual.

Most of the shots are not complicated and the only SDTM’s I have are occasionally on direct and hard hits to Sparky and weak shots up the ramps when the ball does not have the juice to make it all the way up, and then comes down and into the drain. Nudging the table is often effective. I do not find the play repetitive or even remotely boring. I’ve logged lots of games and each night look forward to playing more. The multi-ball is fast and if you can get another going, then you can have four in play at the same time. The “tombstones” are a bitch because even when you get all three down, you then have to hit the cross multiple times to start the multi-ball. If you lose the ball then the “tombstones” reset. If you do succeed, then you get a single multi-ball. Sparky gives you three and he’s a lot less work. It is also easy to light up the extra ball feature by hitting the trapped balls above the “coffin.”

The game does a good job of telling you where you need to send the ball for the most points, but I frequently shoot for the ramps to light up “Metallica” and of course Sparky for the multi-ball. Zapping Sparky never gets old.

I did consider the new STERN KISS pin because I thought the lighting was beautiful and I liked the concert theme. And unlike Metallica, I did listen to KISS as an adolescent in the 1970’s. In the end I just felt the Metallica theme was more rocking and the game play somewhat more entertaining and challenging. All in all I'm really happy with this pin.
5 years ago
I have owned the premium/le and the pro. I got the pro in a trade for a good deal. The pro I was sure I would not like the game due to not liking the premium/le. Premium le hammer is the problem. It takes away from the game flow and speed. This is a very fast pinball and hard. The artwork is great. Only issue is the stern quality as the game is a few months old and already issues with decals. It is a easy fix but on a new game should not happen. The more I played the more that I begin to like and was determined to get a high score. This made me begin to like the game more and more. Sometimes simple is better and that is the case with Metallica pro.
5 years ago
Metallica is a GREAT game. It is well deserving of it's spot in the Top 20. Obviously, you're going to need to least somewhat like Metallica's music, but IMO it's the perfect pinball soundtrack. Unfortunately, you have to listen to Lars do callouts, which is pretty lame. Get past that though, cause this is a killer game!

The light show is bar none. Two different colored lights in some spots make the game pop! The gimmicks are awesome (the snake that eats your ball, the hammer that drops the ball into the playfield, the electric chair, etc) and make the game very inviting to non-pinheads. The flow is absolutely non-stop and it just feels FUN!

As a non-Stern fan overall, this may be their best game ever. The artwork is second-to-none (how many Stern games can really claim that?) and the theme is absolutely perfect. It's juvenile fun at it's best: pinball!
5 years ago
I think you need to buy the premium with all the toys to appreciate this pin. Still good though.
5 years ago
This has become my favorite game. With the finished rules and awesome layout it is a true classic.

I own this game. Waited about 2 years after it was released to pick one up so all of the code issues could be ironed out and I can honestly say that it rocks!

Gameplay is amazing, shots feel great, rules are awesome, callouts are great.
I just think Stern nailed this one. It's their best pro package to date and other than Ghost Busters, it has their best Plainfield art of any modern Stern game.

There are a few different ways to play it in terms of strategy. It's easy enough for new players to grasp (shoot Sparky!!!) while at the same time being difficult for real players. This makes it have real long legs in a home environment.

Buy a used pro. You will not regret it.
5 years ago
Well. it's a music game based on metallica, so the music department is awesome. Also, the playfield artwork is reeeally nice and it has a nice color theme. But the rules are kind of boring and there's really not that much to do. Maybe I didn't play it enough? Bash Sparky for multiball.
5 years ago

For a change not this cheap look of photoshop on the playfield and cabinet. Really well done
It's a nice and varied pin to play actually


Stern makes cheap quality and you feel it in every single pin they make. Rusty balls, floppy flippers and it just doesnt feel solid.

Also it is not an original pin, just another music pin.
5 years ago
and undoubtedly one of the best machines I've ever played. I loved the pro version. I not yet played the premium and most certainly a case apart. metallica pro and a machine that makes me play a whole day without seasick.
5 years ago
I feel like I rated this too high but it really does have amazing art, music and gameplay.

Your experience will be greatly determined by the firmware version and setup.

I have played the new and old firmwares, both machines setup for tournament style play (high tilt, wide lanes).

This is a very challenging machine, it really tests your skills and it's not a good machine for beginners. All the shots are risky, the right ramp is pretty tight. It drains fairly often if the out lanes are wide and the ball has a lot of speed.

I can usually get into a pretty good flow with this machine. Since all the shots are risky, I try to play multi balls and add-a-ball mainly. From the left flipper, kick it up to the electric chair until you get multiball. Then hit the guitar picks for add a ball. The left ramp is very easy to hit, the right ramp takes a little dialing in.

Overall this is a great pin that I keep coming back to because it is so challenging. Ball control with an emphasis on dead bounce passes and post passes is important.

I can't wait to find one of these with tight lanes and some relaxed tilt so I can really enjoy the music.
5 years ago
I will start by saying I am not a Metallica fan at all and that's why I was hesitant about buying this machine. I was wrong in doing so, because this is a top 10 pin for sure. Fast and fun, tons of shots, great rule set and art is very good.
5 years ago
Pro model is a fun game, quite challenging. Music gets annoying quickly even if you're a Metallica fan.
5 years ago
My favorite pin of all time, with a ruleset that is deep without being complex. The playfield is a simple fan with criss cross ramps.

Four multiballs, all with a distinct feel. Gravestone requires the fewest shots, but resets after each ball. Coffin is too difficult to go for directly, but partial progress during other multiballs and stackability make it valuable. Snake is probably the weakest, but the shot doubles as the add-a-ball (after collecting the standups), so the shot is far from unused. Electric chair is the easiest multiball and the best for starting a game.

The key feature of Metallica's ruleset are the hurryups. Hitting a shot activates it with a red arrow. Hitting the three main features lights that feature on the active shot. Complete all three symbols, hit the shot again, and then hit the coffin to collect the hurryup and lock in the symbols.

Hitting the three main features progresses you towards a mini wizard mode, but hitting a collected hurry up awards all three symbols at once. Most games of Metallica start with electric chair, but during that multiball you can progress towards hurryups and coffin. The randomness here causes each game to branch out. The mini wizard modes give the game depth, and there are plenty of other bonuses like seek and destroy and scales of justice.

Very few things are as satisfying as caching in a doubled crank it up or a quadruple super jackpot.
5 years ago
great game dnt care for metalica much but love the game play electric chair is awsome if they could make it smoke while sparky is getting electrified would realy be awsome and new but probly not possible,toys r great, great lay out not a keeper for me but will play on location wen i get a chance if nothing better is there,if i liked metalica would b a keeper for me,acdc would b a keeper for me but i find i get tierd of the same songs over and over on these sound track machines i seem to prefer the made up tracks that stay in my head like f.h,fire,w.w and many others but la granage on hs2 is cool too not the original track but cool,all in all i do love the fun factor on metalica nothing bad about this one at all
5 years ago
Good action, good music, good back glass, good game flow and a fair amount of toys make this a very enjoyable pinball to play. It's not the best in any particular category but it is well above average in all categories. I still like the ACDC a bit better but Metallic is an awesome machine by any measure.
5 years ago
Pretty overrated, played better than most sterns, same look and feel though. Seemed to get old after a bit.
5 years ago
One of the better stern games. Has a really fun multiball.
5 years ago
This is a great pin that plays even better than it looks. I was a big Metallica fan in my younger days, so I can appreciate the music and theme of this machine even more. Even if you're not a fan of the band, the music compliments the gameplay nicely. The dot animations on this machine are some of the best I've seen and the quantity and quality of them don't disappoint.

From a gameplay perspective, this machine hits it out of the park with a great playfield layout, super deep rules, satisfying shots, and fun toys. Compared to the Premium/LE models, this machine loses very little. The Pro plays great and it's easily one of the best machines out there, IMHO.
There are 368 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 15.

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