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Game design: 8.604

Artwork: 8.522

Sounds/Music: 8.453

Other Aspects: 8.618

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There are 341 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Cool game but after 6 months i prefere don't keep him, gameplay is not so great
After play a crank it up you must begin again and Again the same rules
Not my favorite borg game , i préfère Ironman by à mile
4 years ago
I was slow to warm up to this game, as I dislike Metallica the band, but gave it a chance. Glad I did! Great shots, cool multiball, just a fun game all around. Love the artwork. Bravo Stern.
4 years ago
This is a great table with a nice mix of flow, bash toys and challenging shots.
4 years ago
This game is just pure fun to play. Rules are awesome, shots are nice, artwork and sound kick-ass.
4 years ago
The pin is an absolute blast any way you look at it!
4 years ago
My absolute favorite of all-time! Great compliment to my TZ.
4 years ago
Great to have for any Metallica fan. Sound is great and playing to your favorite Metallica songs is a definite bonus. Artwork is beautiful and game play is fast. I truly like this pin but not sure I'd put it on my wish list.
4 years ago
Im not a Metalica fan, but I like the art of this machine a lot, except for the back glass. I also like the layout, but gameplay is a bit boring.
4 years ago
Top 3 game of all time, maybe higher. Game has it all, only grip is the pop up post that ruins orbit shots.
4 years ago
It's my first pin I've purchased. I went all out and bought it from Steve at Pinball Refinery. I would recommend this pin to everyone. Steve did a bunch of mods for me and it turn out awesome. I really don't think there's a weak part of the game. Sparky is great to hit and the play field is a lot of fun. I do think it belongs in the top 10. I believe its one of Sterns best pins out there.
4 years ago
Great pin, sterns design did a great job on this one. lots to do, love the in line grave marker drops, sparky is cool, the whole playfield is great I sort of prefer the pro over the hammer lock on the premium and le versions, its a great player cant fault it, once you get to crank it up theres big points to be had, without a doubt deserves to be ranked where it is at the moment..
4 years ago
Very fun and entertaining game. Pro doesn't have some of the features that the LE and Pre but still a great game.
4 years ago
Metallica has grown on me quite a bit lately. I wish it was a bit more transparent how to progress in the game right out of the gate, but once you figure it out, it's one of Stern's best efforts. Inline drop targets rule, Sparky is fun but a bit corny, layout is pretty decent and shots flow well. Looks great, sounds great, and plays pretty damn well; if only scoring was a bit more intuitive this could be a top 10 game for me.
4 years ago
Fun game. Love the music. Change the sub, the game rocks
5 years ago
An extremely fun game with terrific design elements. Metallica shines with all the danger on the playfield and intensity of the rule design. The multiballs all have high scoring potential, but require you to hit many dangerous shots to get there. Once you're in multiball you're challenged again with tough dangerous shots to add a ball, start double scoring, and if you're able to time things right, even quadruple scoring. These multiballs make them much more exciting. The other strong point of Metallica lies in the Crank it Up modes. Crank it Up provides one of the most intense single-ball modes in all of pinball.

The one major flaw I see in Metallica is that it often reaches the point where after a game I just don't feel up to playing another. There's a lot of wood-chopping required to get anything started, and without things being stackable, after one thing you can often be left with downtime again before you're able to get anything going. This flaw is redeemed by some degree with how exciting it is to bash away at the dangerous shots, however, and to have that ball flying around in such an exciting manner.
5 years ago
Have the Pro LED model with the plug in subwoofer. This rating is after having it in my home for a couple of weeks and I realize I'm in the honeymoon phase. But WOW. My first modern Stern pin. Love the Music (I am not really a Metallica fan, but I certainly don't dislike there music) Multiball. And of course.....SPARKY!
This is my first modern Stern. If all modern Sterns are this good, its obvious I've been missing out.
5 years ago
I've tried to wait as long as possible to rate this game. I know many people put quite a lot of stock in these ratings. For me personally, I think this might be as close to perfection as you will find in a pinball machine. I like this machine just slightly better than MM.

From the top, the art and music package is incredible. The game play is fast and scoring is very balanced. The multiball is the best I've ever seen, with the ability to add a ball and stack as well.

I've never rated a game a 10 until today.

This game keeps me coming back for more and more and has kept me up past my bed time nearly every night :)

Simply amazing.

EDIT: After owning Metallica for a very long time, I decided to sell and try other pins. It’s a phenomenal pin, especially if you like the band. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to own it again sometime down the road.
5 years ago
First of all, Sparky is great. Know that coming out the door.

I love that this game relies so heavily on your aim. This is a very deliberate pin. Make a plan and then attack. In a sense, it is similar to Monster Bash but without as many toys. Each location on the board has a purpose. Execute against that purpose to score.
5 years ago
Wow what a fast game play BUT it gets bored after a short while...
Music is top and gameplay fast but quite boring shots.
5 years ago
Love the theme, love the band, love the game. Played it on site extensively, and can't wait to bring one home. Will be my first NIB.
5 years ago
This game doesn't count because it's a pro, therefore it's not the full game. It's 1/2 a game, stripped of extra options, since they made 1/2 effort for full price, they're getting 1/2 my appreciation on this one and all other pros.
5 years ago
What a great game. I always want to play one more game. I love the Sparky toy and the flow of the game. A great job from Stern.
5 years ago
Great game. Fun modes. Addictive
5 years ago
Great pin. I've probably put 30 games on it on route at various locations so far. I absolutely love the playfield artwork. The gameplay is lots of fun.

This is definitely a pin I hope to own it one day.

Update about a year later: I now own a premium. MET is a great game.
5 years ago
Metallica is one of the biggest bands in the world. Their music has reached millions of people and from Kill'em All to Justice, has some strongly lyrical taboos. It only made sense that sooner or later, a pinball machine would be made on a mass scale (not to undermine the one-off made from an Earthshaker prior to Stern's release). Let's get right to it: the good and the bad.

First, the goods:

1. Absolutely gorgeous artwork design. Stern made a very wise decision abandoning phototshop artwork and going with an all natural hand-drawn setup. Just beautiful, and a huge breath of fresh air.

2. Light shows are outstanding, especially when the electric chair goes off. LE light shows take it to a whole new level incorporating the light shows with the rulesets, but the Pro does an admirable job here as well.

3. Metal ramps. That is all. Metal ramps.

4. Sparky is a well integrated toy. It may be just a solenoid going back and forth, but the gimmick is strong and looks great when electric chair multiball is started.

5. Song package is just superb. They picked a strong and solid set of songs from Metallica's album collection.

6. Great number of multiball modes, and boy is it exciting to stack them!!!

7. Love the mini-wizard modes. This game has a LOT of depth. Not as much as LOTR, but that's a high bar set.

8. Lots of mods out there for this game, and most of them are done very well. Snake tongue decal and teeth are a must right out of the gate.

Now the bads:

1. Sound package. Yes, the songs are great, but the speakers - yeesh. Do yourself a favor, at the minimum get yourself an external subwoofer - holy cow - the bass will be 10x better.

2. Bash, bash, bash. This is not strictly on Metallica, but a lot of games lately just seem like bash fests. What happened to interactive toys like the JM hand, or things that inspired like TZ's gumball machine or BSD's mist ball. I miss things like that. Metallica just doesn't have anything that makes you go "ooo....ah!" when it comes to toys.

Overall, what a package deal here. This is easily one of Stern's best in the last 10 years when it was released. The fun factor is definitely up there, and while it may not be super friendly to non-pinheads, show them how to at least start electric chair multiball, and you have a game that can get addicting quickly. Metallica is definitely a case of justice for all!
There are 341 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 14.

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