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Game Design: 8.59

Artwork: 8.461

Sounds/Music: 8.439

Other Aspects: 8.576

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This is "Metallica (Pro)".
The other version is: Metallica (Premium/LE)

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There are 368 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
similar layout to Ironman, but the rules and how the game is played are completely different. Not as hard as iron man, but just as fun, maybe more. Lots of toys, even on the pro, rule set is good and game is crazy fast.
4 years ago
I get why folks love this game. I do come back to it pretty regularly because I'm ok at it and it is a good warm up game. But it is cheap looking even in the LE and the pro is just cheesy. I don't know why anybody thinks this is a good investment but maybe it is because I don't love Metallica enough to enjoy that part of it. The magnet is its only truly redeeming feature.
4 years ago
This is one of best newer pro model sterns in my opinion .very popular game that lots of people enjoy cool shots nice metal ramps good music art work and fast with good flow . Sparky shot is very cool and different .so many ways to mod this game .some of the coolest art !!
4 years ago
The Pro version of Metallica holds up very well and you do not really miss the "hammer of justice" after a bit, it frees up the view that it blocks in the Premium so in some ways it is better. A great game with great artwork and animations, Stern has come a long way from the photoshop days of Elvis and Rolling Stones!
4 years ago
Good game and art
5 years ago
I love this pin
5 years ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

I played Metallica at the Pacific Pinball Museum. I was a little skeptical at first but I read the instructions and started playing. It's a fast pin with 5 "goals". Really easy to understand and has a great flow. I can easily play this for hours.
5 years ago
This game is decent to play, and it has a pretty good layout and excellent sound. However, I do struggle with this being even in the top 20 of all time. It has pretty much only one toy of any value, which is sparky, a simple bash toy. It's a fast Richie-like table with good ramps etc., but that's it. It's good, but not THAT good. To rate this above TOTAN, TOM, SS, STTNG, CV, and WW is just insane. Each one of those old machines destroy Metallica, especially in toys (creativity) and lastability. The good things in this machine are standard rehashings of things done a million times in pinball.

I think this pin reflects one of the unfortunate problems with Pinside's top 100: most newer pinheads haven't had a chance to play a wide variety of the older pins, and those who buy a NIB pin never seem to recognise flaws, always rating their coveted purchase above a 9, just like the two guys above me. Thanks for proving my point!
5 years ago
John Borg nailed this one. Great pin, very challenging as it makes you make all the shots on the playfield. FAST, FAST, FAST
5 years ago
This has to Sterns Best to date !!
Fast Game Great music !
5 years ago
I bought this game without playing it, but watched a ton of videos. I'm a Metallica fan and again, I own it, so this review may have slight bias. I own a TZ and Cyclone machines. Both are fun, the TZ is incredible, but this is a whole different game. Speed and adrenaline are what it's about. You also have to be very aware of your shots and how to slow it down when necessary. Obviously I love the theme. The music and the call outs are great, but if you don't like music pins, or Metallica I'm sure this will be a problem (I couldn't stand a country music themed pin). I hope Stern (and the other pin companies out there) keep using original art for their pins. The real photos of some of the newer pins ruin the beauty of the machine, and distract from the game play IMO. The only pin out there that comes close to this art work (both cab and playfield) is ghostbusters. Game play for the occasional player is a blast (although drains can be ruthless), but for the avid player it's incredible! Stern has revised the code to 1.70...this many code updates is virtually unheard of and they have done a great job dialing in a game with a very deep rule set that makes sense and is a blast to play. I looked at the pro, premium, and ghostbusters premium. Ghostbusters is too new...although I hear the code is good, I didn't want to have an early machine that I felt I was beta testing (although in a couple years this may be my next pin). I went with the Pinball Refinery edition, it blows a stock pro out of the water. I can't say enough how worth it it was to have a custom pin, and the additions make playing it that much more enjoyable. I will probably never buy a stock pin again. There are a few companies out there that do this, but the quality of build, and the ease of communication made this a great decision. I will never sell this game. I don't see getting bored with it with the deep rule set, and the custom mods put this over the short, this is MY game, how I specified it. The Metallica run is almost done. If you miss this, many will regret it, but there's always used. I can't stress enough how I think original, drawn artwork is the way to go for future pins. AC/DC is suppose to be an incredible pin (I admit, I haven't played it), but there is no way I could own it with the artwork (although the Luci cab is good, but the playfield art is annoying IMO).
5 years ago
This machine is the real deal. It just gets everything right and it all comes together perfectly. Rules are terrific but easily followed and understood. Metal ramps and habitrails feel and sound great. Art is second to none, sound is amazing, and dots are up there with the best. Modders paradise. Easily Stern's best Pro Model if not best title ego date (TWD Premium/LE and LOTR are up there too).
5 years ago
A really good pin that's fun to play. My ratings are based on a "stock" pinball machine as it would come loaded (at the Pro level) from Stern. The mono-color DMD is boring and not to clear to see what some of the images are for the first few times you see them. This game REALLY needs a color DMD upgrade to enjoy it better. The shot targets are pretty cool. The game code/rules do not seem to be very deep and is ok if you want a game that is not too complex. My wife & I like the game and make sure to play it in our rotation when we go to a arcade or pin expo. Played it many, many times. The more mods the better as they spruce things up and add to some of the entertainment. The premium is a little more fun with the extra "hammer" and such, but haven't played that one enough to really be a good judge of how much better it is (to us at least). I'll review the premium at a later date.
5 years ago
Metallica is a really good players pinball. Lot of shots and many effects. fast and lound - this pin rocks

+ excellent code
+ great artwork
+ cool toys (sparky, snake, cross)
+ callouts
+ funny dmd animations
+ plays extremly fast

- need to add leds
- need to add shaker
5 years ago
This is the only game I can say with certainty that I will never sell. I love the band to begin with. The artwork is awesome and well complemented by the rules and layout. This is my desert island pin.
5 years ago
Great layout, not sure how they crammed so many great shots into a non widebody! One of the few machines I doubt will ever leave my collection.
5 years ago
Nice game to play, but I would have picked a different soundtrack from Metallica discography, a number of songs I do not really like and I would expect other ones in the list. But that is really more of personal opinion, and others may love the musics picked for this game. Despite of that, it is an awesome game to play, the electric chair is really cool!
5 years ago
What can you say about it? Imo one of the best Sterns build so far. Its fun, the artwork is epic, the sound rocks and there is a lot to do. I think this is one of the Pro models out there. Premium is nice, but you are missing nothing with the pro. Maybe ghostbusters pro is on the same level. The gameplay is challenging and rewarding.
For me, it's a keeper and I never got sad I sold my AFM for Metallica.
5 years ago
This is a great pinball machine! It's got everything I like. Fun ramps to hit, metal ramps not plastic. It has inline drop targets, I wish more games had them. I don't really care for the sparky bash toy all that much, but I don't hate it. The music pumps you up, gets the adrenaline going. I strongly urge Stern to quit stripping out the spinners out of the Pro models, how much can those really cost?
5 years ago
Love the game overall even if the band is not one of my favorites. Top notch art, layout, toys, dots and fun. The only trouble with the game is that Sparky all day is the only logical strategy and that makes all games feel a bit repetitive. If only grave or snake or coffin or RAMPS would have been made more valuable to at least tempt players to go for them.
5 years ago
So much fun to play. So many shots and the music is great.
5 years ago
clearly not my favorite...
5 years ago
Sparky is a great toy. Nice flowing shots. Too easy to get multiballs causing long game times. Will own one of these one day
5 years ago
Cool pin but I don't get how it is in the top 10
5 years ago
Good game. Not a huge fan of the theme, but they make it work. If I could change one thing, it would be to have some more stuff lower on the playfield-- everything seems to be at the top.
There are 368 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 15.

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