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Game design: 8.604

Artwork: 8.522

Sounds/Music: 8.453

Other Aspects: 8.618

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This is "Metallica (Pro)".
The other version is: Metallica (Premium/LE)

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3 years ago
this one was a crowd favorite..comes and goes
3 years ago
One of the Sterns where the Pro loses nothing to the LE/Premium.
3 years ago
- artwork is outstanding. i love the hand-drawn stuff.
- love the metal ramps.
- great flow. very smooth.
- nice rules. lots to do. game does not get stale fast.

- not a fan of the band. i know this is subjective, but hey that's what rating a game is about. sorry.
- very cheap in terms of toys and mechs. a pin needs more than just a bobble head.
- shot layout is as vanilla as a layout can be. no weird or original shots at all. i feel like if there was ever a "default" to start from when designing a game, this would be it. cmon, add some flavor!

one of Stern's best, and a very fun game, but not quite a top tier pin because of the pedestrian shot layout and the lack of interactive toys.
3 years ago
3 years ago
If you're a fan of Metallica's music, then look no further for a game that exemplifies the "band pinball" theme. I would rate it right up there with AC/DC as far as games that are as fun to listen to as they are to play.

The song selection is right out of Metallica's wheelhouse; no garbage from "Re-load" here!

The game flows very fast, and has a great wide-open playfield. Getting to the minor wizards modes isn't a tremendous challenge, but getting to End of the Line is no joke; just as a game should be in my opinion.

Obviously the center stage toy is Sparky, and seeing the toy get electrocuted along with the hilarious callouts is always a delight.

If you have small children playing in the arcade, I would make sure that the "Adult" mode is turned off or make sure to tell your kids to earmuff whenever Lars starts F-bombing you!
3 years ago
There are so many fun shots on Metallica Pro, yet, it seems difficult to really bring a game together. The more I play this metal-loving champ, the more convinced I am that it belongs in tournament play beside GoT and other games with complex, progressive rule sets. Even if there aren't a lot of shots to fall in love with on this table, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to play - and, I'm a sucker for in-line drops, so bonus points there.

There aren't many band games that I'd like to have in a personal collection, but Metallica is the first on the list. Great fun to play!
3 years ago
I LOVE Metallica as a band so I might be a little biased. I've been listening to them since I was a freshman in high school (1992). I have the MET Pro LED version. The MET pinball machine is near perfection IMO. Like others have said over and over the ruleset is just amazing on this game and probably Sterns most polished game in terms of code and depth. Its loud, it plays extremely fast and is amazing to look at! Me and my friends cant get enough of it. I plan on never getting rid of it.
3 years ago
Excellent pin! Keeps you coming back.
3 years ago
Very fun machine. I found the shot variety low and gameplay almost too easy. But, you can't beat listening to Metallica while playing pinball. I wouldn't mind owning this machine.
3 years ago
There's no more highly over-rated pin than this. The music gets old really, really fast.
3 years ago
Best recent Stern game! Loads of fun
3 years ago
Stern's BEST Pro model. I sold my LE I was so happy with the Pro.
3 years ago
After a week of playing my new machine MET Led , What a awesome machine. When i played it in the arcade a few times i never got into it. But after spending a little time , can't say anything bad about the machine. Flow and play , Looks, all great. I would like the songs to have play with the code of the machine IE: Kiss Stern but that is just a small thing.
3 years ago
incredible pinball
3 years ago
Its flat out the best pinball machine of all time. Fantastic shots, art and rules. Amazing!
3 years ago
Awesome layout complimented with some of the greatest rules for a pinball machine ever. I remember watching PAPA videos before playing it and seeing all the guys going for Sparky multiball but it's not until you're actually standing in front of the machine that you realise how tight that shot is. That goes for all of the shots, it is a tough game but when you get your shots flowing and you're collecting items lighting crank-it-up is an awesome feeling. Having to put that much work in just to light a "mode" is inspired coding! The only thing which lets the pro down is the light show compared to the premium/LE but the 'Total Light Show' mod more than makes up for this. Best pro Stern has produced and glad to hear they've extended the license. Apparently there may be one more code update to come! Will hopefully be the next game added to my collection.
3 years ago
similar layout to Ironman, but the rules and how the game is played are completely different. Not as hard as iron man, but just as fun, maybe more. Lots of toys, even on the pro, rule set is good and game is crazy fast.
3 years ago
I get why folks love this game. I do come back to it pretty regularly because I'm ok at it and it is a good warm up game. But it is cheap looking even in the LE and the pro is just cheesy. I don't know why anybody thinks this is a good investment but maybe it is because I don't love Metallica enough to enjoy that part of it. The magnet is its only truly redeeming feature.
3 years ago
This is one of best newer pro model sterns in my opinion .very popular game that lots of people enjoy cool shots nice metal ramps good music art work and fast with good flow . Sparky shot is very cool and different .so many ways to mod this game .some of the coolest art !!
3 years ago
The Pro version of Metallica holds up very well and you do not really miss the "hammer of justice" after a bit, it frees up the view that it blocks in the Premium so in some ways it is better. A great game with great artwork and animations, Stern has come a long way from the photoshop days of Elvis and Rolling Stones!
3 years ago
Good game and art
3 years ago
I love this pin
3 years ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

I played Metallica at the Pacific Pinball Museum. I was a little skeptical at first but I read the instructions and started playing. It's a fast pin with 5 "goals". Really easy to understand and has a great flow. I can easily play this for hours.
3 years ago
This game is decent to play, and it has a pretty good layout and excellent sound. However, I do struggle with this being even in the top 20 of all time. It has pretty much only one toy of any value, which is sparky, a simple bash toy. It's a fast Richie-like table with good ramps etc., but that's it. It's good, but not THAT good. To rate this above TOTAN, TOM, SS, STTNG, CV, and WW is just insane. Each one of those old machines destroy Metallica, especially in toys (creativity) and lastability. The good things in this machine are standard rehashings of things done a million times in pinball.

I think this pin reflects one of the unfortunate problems with Pinside's top 100: most newer pinheads haven't had a chance to play a wide variety of the older pins, and those who buy a NIB pin never seem to recognise flaws, always rating their coveted purchase above a 9, just like the two guys above me. Thanks for proving my point!
3 years ago
John Borg nailed this one. Great pin, very challenging as it makes you make all the shots on the playfield. FAST, FAST, FAST
There are 341 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 14.

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