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Game design: 8.608

Artwork: 8.524

Sounds/Music: 8.462

Other Aspects: 8.62

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There are 341 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
I bought the game with lots of custom mods and pinstadium lighting, shaker, 12 inch sub woofer and upgraded speaker system. Fantastic fun playing every day by wife and myself and friends.
1 year ago
Challenging and punishing at times, but keeps you coming back for more. A modern day classic with a solid playfield layout. Addictive
1 year ago
Just a great all around game.
1 year ago
Ive had this game for LED model over a year and have over 3000 plays on it. I could really write a lengthy review on this.

First I really enjoy the game. I love the layout, theme and ruleset. It has a lot of different things going on and is great for home use because it takes awhile to master all the different ways you can approach play.

My only con is the quality of the stern machine itself. I bought it brand new and had a few things go wrong with it and I felt the playfield pitted fast and the magnet mushroomed fast which caused playability problems. I have talked to a few people about the pitting and everyone seems to think this is a normal thing. Well I dont think so. I have played games in the 90s like my Judge Dredd or Popeye both of which I have in my collection with a ton of plays on them with no pitting. Stern is not trying to make their games better they are trying to make them cheaper. This was also my first machine so I was expecting a little more out of it I guess as far as quality goes. Im not sure I will buy another brand new stern machine.

The game itself is awesome and everything other than quality of the machine I cant complain about at all. It can be a drain machine at times (I have it set pretty steep and its a fast game already) and hard to get consistently get high scores. Even though I have the game I always dread being put on it in tournaments because of the consistency problems and because in my opinion only plays well when its maintained correctly. Having weak flippers or a mushroomed magnet that the ball jumps over all the time can be very frustrating. I think it is a great game to have in a personal collection though because once you finally get a run of good balls in one game and get everything stacked up it can be a very adrenaline filled intense game
1 year ago
Excellent pin, was our favorite at the arcade of 30 pins. Very cool theme, music and play. Has it all
1 year ago
Love the theme, but there could be more song choices. I like the gimmicks and toys, but was disappointed in the coffin on the pro. It seems a bit thin. Picked up the Lermods coffin mod, and it improved drastically. We've definitely played this one a ton, and it is going to stick around a while. If you like the band, this is a good machine. I'd have a hard time believing non-fans would enjoy it.
1 year ago
I really couldn’t get into this pin. Felt very repetitive and just not a lot of fun. Felt like a bad mmorpg quest where you collect items and turn them.

I wish they would’ve made the music affect the gameplay in some way and included more songs.
2 years ago
I am a fan of the band, which is probably why I find this marginally more tolerable than its nearly identical Stern brethren. That said, on location it's hella hard to hear the songs so, meh, what's the point?

Stern formula:

(1) license a band prominent in the 70's, or the 80's if you're really modern, or a super hero move
(2) clone the fan-out playfield
(3) put a cheap toy in the middle
(4) add seemingly layered rules that come down to basically bash the hell out of the toy until you get to multiball, which lasts forever with add-a-ball

Family Guy (and its clone, Shrek), Ripley's, Simpsons, and to some extent Star Trek '13 are the main exceptions; even Ripley's (Lawlor) and ST (Ritchie) are throwback designs similar to their designers' milestone pins from the 80's and 90's.
2 years ago
I'm not a huge Metallica music fan, but I do like some of their songs. I ignored this pin for years, before finally trying it out in a bar. I was hooked immediately by the wide open, fan layout with so many shots and a butter-smooth orbit. I had to own one. We really enjoyed this pin and I only agreed to part with it because a Tron became available and I wanted the challenge of Tron. I miss it already and it's still in my basement waiting for the Tron swap! I may own this pin again someday. I would recommend this pin to anyone and it certainly deserves it's top 10 ranking. So much to do, yet, so easy to understand and follow. Just a fun, fun game. Great use of space. There are like 10 shots across the entire fan layout, yet, it's not crowded. The gold standard for rock pins, IMHO.
2 years ago
I love this pin. I am a fan of the band, so full disclosure, I was probably going to like it no matter what but this is the perfect example of a music pin done right. They only used Metallica's best songs and the songs make sense. For example, the crank it up mini wizard modes are played during a song and when the song is over (time limit) the mode is over. The one reason I didn't buy this pin years ago was that I wasn't a fan of the artwork but I must say that it has grown on me and is not a positive feature not a negative. Shots are perfect, light show is amazing, and definitely my favorite overall pin right now.
2 years ago
I tried playing this game on more than one occasion (5). Sorry but I just didn't like it at all. One place I play it was set on free play, after game three I had enough. Don't know why it's in the top 10. I'll look for it to get pushed down in ranking. 30ish before years end. (2018) updated 4-17-2019. I'll admit I was wrong about this game. It maybe because of the code update. But I doubt it. I played multiple game and understand the rules now. Yes I purchased the game used and I'm now thinking of getting a NIB because I'm liking this game. Shots are smooth, I like the shaker I installed , I feel it's a must. Can't wait to get back to it. Gotta go play now. Game just keep calling me back for one more game, Work can wait!
2 years ago
I don't understand the appeal of this machine other than the music and novelty of band-themed tables. Gameplay is meh at best.
2 years ago
I am not a metallica fan but I am a fan of this pin. Shots, artwork, sounds, music. Great package.
2 years ago
This is a really fun game. I played it in a crowded arcade and so couldn't enjoy the music as much as I would have liked. The layout and rules are similar to the top machines of all time. No doubt it is a winning combination.
2 years ago
Great great game.
I regret selling my first Pro and bought an other one. Metallica have a great layout, fast and flowy, great rules, great sounds, great animations. It's a winner on all points.
Callouts are great, especially James and Robert who did a great job. Lars callouts are a bit annoying but hey... It's Lars.
A better cab speaker is a must have, because i find the stock sound too high/sharp, that's the only negative.
Definitely a keeper next to my TWD and IM.
Borg + Lyman best combo ever
2 years ago
Might be safe to say that I prefer this game to ANY wms/bly out there, or it is at least equal to their best. Except maybe for build quality of course but I've come to accept that for what it is.
MET now holds the honor of being the first game I've owned twice, & I've been through quite a few. I think i prematurely sold my first MET thinking I might prefer games with themes I liked more, since I'm really not a bit fan of the band. Grass isn't always greener. There are tons of great games out there that are good for different reasons, but in terms of speed, flow, crazy visuals & just getting the adrenaline pumping... nothing quite does it like this game.

Money wasn't too much of an object for my getting MET, & I could have gotten a premium. I made the choice to get a pro, but just to get one pimped out. I too am not a big fan of the hammer on the premium, & I'm fine with how the snake is on the Pro. All the other pemium stuff is cool but through mods you can add all of the premium features & then some, minus the hammer & snake.

Upon release I was & still am thrilled that the art would be all hand drawn & colorful, because at the time there wasn't much of that from Stern. There is a little more today. So that gives the game more of an old school feel to me, as do the inline drop targets! I really can't say much about the game that hasn't been said already. It is a proven winner. I'd never talk anybody out of buying this game.
& even if a part with it (AGAIN!), its nice to know I'll be able to get it again. Stern is still doing runs on these suckers in 2018.
2 years ago
Great game...needs to be updated to include songs from Hardwired
2 years ago
This is not the pinball machine you bring home to mother. It cusses, hisses, spits, vomits and even electrocutes a poor little SOB. While some pins are designed to say “Come and Play” this pin is designed to say “Go Away!” First impressions were of industrial metal ramps, gnarly Dirty Donny artwork with flames and crucifixes. I thought, “WTF is this thing? What is all the fuss about?” Then I hit the start button and Metallica’s “Blackened” started chugging through the speakers. I plunged the ball and the little freaky dude in the electric chair said “Let’s GO!’ I said, “Hell yeah!’ Then a member of Metallica said, “Hell yeah!”….and we were off! Ripping lightning, revving engines, church bells, arcing electricity, strobing lights!! Bash, ramp, loop!! Inline drop targets? Hello! Nice to see you again! The rules are deep, the modes are killer and there is plenty to do here! DMD animations are probably the best around. A great John Borg machine with insane artwork by Dirty Donny. Rock N Roll and Pinball go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no wonder why Stern continues to fuse this combination. Loved the pin so much that I bought one for my home.
2 years ago
Best music pin out there! Very fast and fun table. You can't go wrong with this purchase. The only complaint is the cabinet and backglass art. The cabinet looks like someone wrote Metallica on their and just started throwing paint all over it. The backglass sucks with the stupid cartoon characters. Metallica is a cool band and it looks like they mailed it in on this one. Just look at some of their band t-shirts from the past. You really had a cool theme to work with and this is what we get? They should have incorporated some of the album covers from the past in the artwork ( Lady Justice, electric chair, grave yard with puppet strings etc ) . Nope, just throw splatter paint all over it and put some dumb caricatures on it!
2 years ago
This game is awesomely outrageous! The shots are fun, it’s challenging, the artwork and music are the best. I could play this game forever
2 years ago
This is probably my favorite music-themed pinball. I really enjoy the layout of this pin. Great shots and plays fast, which is always a plus for me. Artwork is decent. Theme is cool - it really captures the concept of the band. Not much into their music like I was when I was a teen, yet I still find some of their music to really add to the experience of playing this pin. I almost always select 'Ride the Lightning'. Perfect song to play along with. My only gripe is some of the callouts can be a little annoying. Otherwise, great all around pinball machine.
2 years ago
Almost as good as the premium/LE version. The main detractor is the missing hammer and blank coffin area on the playfield. It's glaringly obvious that something is missing, especially considering that it is front and center. It's the main reason for the reduced rating compared to the premium/LE.

Otherwise, the other missing features don't affect gameplay too much, other than the missing spinners.
2 years ago
From all the music themed pinball machines, this one is the best by far....
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite "just one more" game. The combination of shots and layout are very good and punishing, so if you want to become a better player this is one of the games for you.
2 years ago
For a home environment this pin has it all. Attach a sub to it and u are done... great music , challenging pin with great artwork .... the rules are simple enough to understand and challenging enough to keep u coming for more... love it
There are 341 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 14.

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