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Game Design: 8.59

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Other Aspects: 8.576

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8 years ago
Fast & furious like a Jason Newsted bass solo. Love the electric chair. Left ramp shot is very steep. I blame this on the op setup. PF & Cab art are solid. BG art is a little childish. Wish I could afford one.
8 years ago
after several games with this machine I begin to love it game play and I change my rating ....
8 years ago
its fun. the layout is a typical fan layout. the toys are cool. the shots are fun. the dots are cool. the art package is nicely done. the lighting is very well done. the music...........duh, it rocks.
overall a good game that should do well on location as well as sell well to home collectors. nice work stern. keep em coming.
8 years ago
I played Pro.

ART is a 10 on the playfield translite and plastics.
Playfield layout is a 9.5
Music integrated very well. You want to hear a new song? Just start a MB or a mode!
Replay value 9.5.
Rules 9.5 STACKING, HURRY UPS, COMBOS, 4 MB. LYMAN rocks at rules.

Its fast and VERY addictive even with early code. So much to shoot for! Serious decisions. The playfield was more open then I expected which is a good thing. (Similar to AFM but not as open as AFM).

THE RIGHT RAMP IS EASILY backhandable. Much like ACDCs right ramp. The left ramp was surprisingly easy to hit also. Its in the sweet spot of the right flipper.

Loved shooting off the tip of the flipper for the Mystery/EB scoop and Fuel. The flipper layout is VERY forgiving for hack players like me. The scoop and fuel help stop the side to side drains. Shots were very satisfying.

The upper playfield is balanced between challenging shots and easy. This pin will appeal to novices and sharp shooters.

I like the Snake and Sparky callouts more then I expected. Had me laughing a bit. I wanted to FRY Sparky and the snake even more. They should tone down the Mother F... er bombs for the kids.

Minor negatives.
- Pro NEEDs LEDs in the inserts.
- The orbit up post code seems incomplete. Would rollback the way it came.
- I dont have one!

Good job Stern and Metallica design team. \m/
8 years ago
Had the chance to play Metallica at Enchanted Castle in Lombard, IL. It's a good theme with some great shots. It seems like it's a "shooter's" game with a lot of the points coming from combos and being able to complete modes on a single ball (drop targets, ect).
8 years ago
Have played this pin on two occasions - about 15 plays each time. Code is still early - only played the PRO model. Seemed fun - but nothing too special (yet)
8 years ago
Took me a good 3 weeks before I could finally play this in a public location. I must say, growing up with metallica makes this theme much more applicable to someone like me. This is very unlike AC/DC and rolling stones which I was aware of both but still mostly before my time. The theme goes along very nicely with the band icons (the cross, the ride the lightening bobblehead, the fuel meter, the snake). Very glad to see Stern going back to metal wireform ramps while maintaining the solid metal ramps with cutouts for the "M" logo. The game is tough, but lets you win just enough to keep wanting to play. I found that at first the bobblehead was a bad middle drain much like AC/DC, but found if I shot it slightly at an angle instead of straight on, the ball would bounce to one side and avoid that. Even if I did find myself shooting straight on, there is enough playfield space to nudge it off to one direction. On the game I played at enchanted castle, I found the right slingshot too strong. Twice while playing it launched the ball so hard it hit the glass, once draining in the far left lane. Also the left flipper button pushed all the way through while playing, which is yet another Stern quality issue. Overall this is a fun game that should have long lasting enjoyment. Even if you conquer it, it's still fun playing along to rocking music.
8 years ago
I haven't had too much time on this game, but I will say the layout is nothing special. Very similar to T3, although I do like that game. I liked Metallica, but I think, like ACDC, it relies heavily on the music. I'm not diehard Metallica fan so I looked at this from a Pinball standpoint. Cool shots, re-used, but fun layout, great art package. Fun pin to play, but I can see how it wouldn't last for a while.

EDIT: Got even more time on the game and definitely liked the rulset and gameplay even more. Art is still great, it hasn't changed sine I last played lol. Bumped up a couple slots and bump down a couple slots. Holy cow the slingshots are insanely fast. They seem to be close and angled a pinch differently possibly. If not, then well they are just plain fast and can lead to some really annoying drains on the outlanes without any chance to nudge.

EDIT with 1.51 Code in it: Before the game was good, really solid game. Now, it really is a top game. The flow, rules and art just make this game so much fun. Lyman has outdone himself on this one compared to some of the past sterns especially. He is starting to contend with the deeper and more thought out games like MM and AFM levels, which he also did. I highly recommend folks update their ratings after playing code 1.51 for some times. It is a massive improvement!
8 years ago
Real early, so Ill update my review when the game gets finished, but I was overall unimpressed with the game. Not really much in music integrating with the game that I could tell, which would seem like a no brainer after how well ACDC did it. The art looks amazing, but I think everything else is just overhyped right now.
8 years ago
*rating on the pre-release Pro at Mortimer's*

Game is fun, but nothing too great right out of the gates. Machine is tough, and will make you feel like a chit player with how many shots you will brick (even if you aren't the best, videos of Lyman playing the pin show lots of bricked shots) - this 'can' be a knock on the game, but at the same time, could keep you coming back for "one more game" to try and better your previous showing.

The voice callouts are great and horrible at the same time. James' callouts are awesome, Lars' are f'ing horrible and should be removed (the delivery of his quotes sound and feel forced and stick out like a sore thumb when playing).

Playfield artwork, plain and simple, kicks ass!

Some flow, but not the best - hopefully updated rules will fix this.

I will defintely re-rate the game once code really starts to take shape, but as it sits right now, the game has the potential to kick ass!
8 years ago
Metallica is a grand slam! I never listened to the group, but my kid was a fan. I'm a fan of Dirty Donny's artwork, so I took a chance on our first NIB since LOTR. Instead of gushing about how great it is, I'll mention the few things that aren't. The snake shot is a bit too hard on mine, and Sparky's voice can be a little grating at times (like Fran Drescher on speed). The rules are already great at v1.06, and most people aren't aware of half the rules in the game. It took me a while to work out what's going on with the inserts (see "Metallica Owner's Thread"). I highly recommend a PinPac and good set of headphones. Party on!
8 years ago
I finally got to see it and play it in person and was impressed right off the bat! Usually the Pro version still has a lot to be desired but this is pretty darn good in its early stages. Of course a little room for improvement but IMO heads and shoulders above most early Pros I've seen recently from Stern. I'm not a Metallica fan and hopefully a few of the songs grow on me but as far as play its fun! Looking forward to the LE!
8 years ago
Meh Recycled everything that works well on this one :)
8 years ago
I've had a chance to play the Metallica Pro several times now and I can say, like many others have, that it is pretty solid overall, but lacking just a little at the moment to propel it into greatness. The artwork on the playfield is amazing and the toys are well designed and add a lot to the game. It has a decent flow and the layout of the ramps and targets is good too.

Negatively speaking, you can tell that there's been some stuff held back from the Pro model that will be in the LE/Premiums because the game feels slightly empty after a few plays and kind of left me wanted more. I love what they've done so far, but it just feels incomplete. It's a good start but just not a finished, well polished product. I'm hoping the extra toys and modes that will come in the future will beef it up and put this pin over the top.
8 years ago
I liked the pro more than I thought I would. Not a big fan of the band but the game is really fun already. Bought mople on the spot. I bet this code gets great like acdc. Great art!
8 years ago
PLayed the Pro last night and WOW I was blown away with how much Stern put into this Pro model. I cannot wait till the Premium & LE arrive to really get a feel for the cadillac versions with all the added game features, code and led's.
8 years ago
If your into Metallica this is a good game. The game is similar to AC/DC where you can pick a song at the start of the game. But it seems different in that there's no goals to the songs. (like the bell in AC/DC for Hells Bells) Basically your shooting for coffins, tombstones, the chair and the snake. If you knock down three tombstones, you can get a 2 ball multiball via the magnet capturing the ball (similar to Spider-Man) Hit the chair a few times (similar the to smacking the ark in Indiana Jones) will get you another multiball with a light show. I like the metal ramps, but to me the game seem lacking in modes and is very simple as far as the structure of the game. The music and sound system is the best part of the game. Overall a game that could be better.
8 years ago
It's refreshing to see a pin with hand-drawn artwork, instead of composites of photos like earlier pins. Sure, X-Men had it, but that is a comic book theme, so it doesn't count.

The voice callouts can be a bit strange, with band members complimenting your shots or egging you on. Among the corniest one(but most amusing) is James singing "JACK PAAAHT".

Now what about the music? Some personal bias here. With most music I like, early Metallica = best Metallica. Songs like "One" & "Sad But True" are too slow of a tempo to be enjoyed in a fast game. But thankfully there are some older songs available such as Seek & Destroy, and the choice, like AC/DC is always up to you.

There's more going on with the playfield than Avengers ever did, without crowding it . The standard fan layout, while getting a bit tiresome, is saved with some PF objects. Besides the Sparky mascot, there's a column(not a row) of drop targets. Get past those & you hit the crucifix. I haven't seen that since 8-Ball Deluxe, and was happy to see it again.
There are 368 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 15 of 15.

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