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8 years ago
I got the pro version of this table, as it didnt seem that the premium / LE added too much extra to the machine.
The pro is outstanding. I love it. Sparky is the best toy in a pinball since the ship in Pirates. The music is loud and the art is incredible. I have no regrets at all about sticking down the money for this machine.
8 years ago
Metallica has shaped up to be a must have music pin. Fan layout has long shots to keep gameplay smooth. The mouth to the awesome metal-etched ramps are very tight, similar to Borg's own Tron Legacy. Overall clean design with little clutter. Very fast orbits, combo-able ramps, along with Snake/Mystery kickers firing back pinballs like missiles; makes for a very fast playing pin. Code since release has had several improvements, with game being primarily a multiball fest. Game rules ask for a requisite amount of specific shots to qualify for "Crank it Up". In "Crank it Up" the game rules will ask for certain fun things, themed around four songs; completing them all will let you go for the wizard mode based around Death Magnetic's "End of the Line" song. Cool light show & amazing dot matrix animation! The art package is outstanding! Dirty Donny's entire package: from the cabinet, playfield, and version translites; to the actual design for Sparky (who you electrocute via repeated shots), is nothing short of incredible. The mentioned Sparky bobble-head toy is awesome, as is the drop-target covered Puppets grave marker. Hetfield and company provide some entertaining sound clips, while music volume is lowered when triggered (in order to not trip over songs). The Metallica Pro model must be commended, as similar to Tron Legacy Pro, gameplay remains relatively unchanged from the Premium/LE (the removal of the Hammer of Justice premium toy allows for better view of the playfield to boot). Metallica's biggest sin is the implementation of the music itself. While AC/DC chose to innovate music license pins by having song choices alter game rules (each song has its own high scores listings), Metallica uses all 12 hit songs as simple soundtrack fodder; which you can do already with your gameroom iPod/stereo/etc. The game has more in common with Guns n Roses than anything in some ways too, with certain songs starting up during modes (Master of Puppets for Grave Marker Multiball, Sad But True for Snake Multiball, or End of the Line for the wizard mode). Metallica code updates clearly went a long way to improving the experience and game now comes close to Borg's best title Tron Legacy. Overall, pin is now favored by general pinheads & metalheads (who already liked the game before). You'll have fun with Metallica. Highly recommended game especially if your into saving some money, by going with the Pro Model line from Stern on this one!
8 years ago
Very addicting game! Great flow and smooth shots.
8 years ago
Super nice game fun for all great sound and fast fast fast game play!!!!!!!
8 years ago
New code made this game a big winner. Very colorful artwork, sparky multiball is fun.
8 years ago
MET Pro is a great bang for the buck pin. It has a few less mods than the premium/le, but for the cost difference in the models, this is the way to go if you have a budget.

The hand-drawn artwork pretty much sold a large handful of these games before the game was even played....many would like Stern to go back to this type of art package moving forward. Dirty Donny, the artist, did a bang up job.

As a fan layout game, there are many shots to hit, my favorite, and maybe most deadly are the inline drop targets. I am so glad Stern dug this feature from the grave to use in the game, pun intended. With several toys in the game, there was no way this game wouldn't be a blast to play....

....and then the code featuring the CRANK IT UP modes came along and pushed the game to a new level. You aren't trying to rinse and repeat the same shot over and over again, like defeating castles in MM. I know it is still basically the same as now you are going for 4 different toys to progress, but with earning credit through orbits and other shots, it really makes you think about the risk and reward for hitting every shot the further you go along.

Having to hit the "Mystery" hole on the far right is no easy task when you have the added pressure of it being lit for CRANK IT UP. Mr. Sheets really out did himself when setting the rules for this machine.
8 years ago
Looks can be deceiving, and when it comes to Metallica, this couldn't ring more true. I admit, I am not a huge Metallica fan, though I do occasionally listen to some of their older material and have attended a few of their concerts. However, when I first saw the initial playfield and layout pictures, I felt that the game was uninspiring and lacked creativity. I couldn't have been more wrong.

This review is based on the 1.13 FW rule set. While the software is far from complete, the game is still very fun to play. There are several different strategies to playing Metallica which lends to a lot of variety in each play. My current favorite play style with Metallica is to play a little game I like to call “Chase the Spider.”

Chasing the spider involves making any of the fan layout spider shots, which will lite the spider for that lane (red arrow). Once the spider is lit you want to complete a shot to beloved Sparky (center shot) and a shot to the Graveyard. This will light two of the indicators under that spider, but you will find once you make the Graveyard shot, the spider has now jumped to the Graveyard. While we still have one more light to complete, the Snake, the spiders location has no impact on where the snake will light up.

When you shoot the snake, the three of his indicators will light up. This indicators play two roles. One is to light a lane that will now activate the Snake again, and the second is part of completing the spiders to start a hurry up shot to the coffin. Once you complete the coffin shot, the spider is now considered collected for the rest of the game, and moves you one step closer to “Seek and Destroy” mode, which occurs when all the spiders are collected.

Playing “Chase the Spider” will award you with every multiball that is currently in the game, and this is one of the beauties of this excellent pinball machine. No made shot is ever a waste. Every switch you hit progresses you towards completing many of the different tasks in the game. Just playing “Chase the Spider” you will complete Coffin Multiball, Snake Multiball, Sparky Multiball and Graveyard Multiball. You will even find yourself starting Justice mode and fuel will end up completing on its own during your multiball play.

Metallica has a wide variety of classic tunes to be heard, and while you do select a song at the beginning of the game, the real enjoyment is starting each of the songs independently during your play. Each mode has a song tied to it, and the music is so Pinball friendly, that when the song starts playing, its hard not to be excited. Unless of course its “Seek and Destroy” mode, which for me seems to only mean “Collect Bonus.” I really need to get better at keeping that mode going, which awards progressive points for completing any of the spider lanes.

The factory lighting is ok, but this game really does well with an LED kit upgrade. Many of the light shows are quite good, and nothing gets people more pumped than when Sparky gets started with Ride the Lightning playing in the background. The light show for this mode alone makes hitting Sparky over and over again worth it.

Overall, this is one of the best Stern games that has released in the past 5 years, and is a must own if you enjoy games like Attack from Mars and / or Medieval Madness. The layout is very efficient, great flow opportunities, excellent sounds and animations and creative gameplay elements that will keep you coming back for one more game.
8 years ago
This game should get better as the code matures. Flow on the pro is better to me and you really don't miss some of the gadgets from the LE.
8 years ago
Great playing machine,I don't care for the theme.electric chair multiball is cool!
8 years ago
Solid game. Rules still need some work and those ramps are steep. The pro and the LE both have their pluses; obviously the lighting is better on the LE but the flow is better on the pro.

Edit: So, I've had more time on this machine now and played a pro that was pimped out with LED lighting a shaker motor. Wow, I really like the pro version of this machine a lot. It is better than the premium or LE in my view (I'm not an owner of either). It doesn't have the hammer blocking your view or the hammer mechanism hurting the shot on Sparky. The game just plays better as a pro and with the LED's you just don't miss the color changing LED's as much as I was expecting. The pro Metallica is one of the funnest games I have played and the code still needs will only get better from here.
8 years ago
Average, game code not even complete so how can everyone be rating this?
8 years ago
I played Metallica at a local comic store with my wife and 2 other friends. None of us enjoyed it that much. After all of the hype here on Pinside, I was really expecting something more fun.
8 years ago
I've put off rating this game until now because I didn't feel I'd had sufficient time on it, but after playing quite a few games on it tonight in an environment where I could really evaluate it, I've come to a conclusion, MEH! Nothing inherently bad about it, but nothing really good either. This game feels recycled to me, just more of the same old thing again, repackaged and re-themed. The playfield is completely predictable and at this point so is the play, the music itself is OK, but the callouts are horrendous, some of the worst I have ever heard on a game. I won't go into the quality of Stern's sound system, that's a generic problem, but it really is emphasized in a music pin.

The game does have room for improvement with the added toys on the LE, but it's only real hope is that Lyman can weave some of his magic with the code, both in game rules and sound bites, perhaps he can turn a very mediocre game into something worthy of it's artwork.
8 years ago
beautiful , awesome music and band , but i prefer the AC/DC flow and lastability
8 years ago
Above average Stern that would be excellent if it included missing features from the premium - hammer & snake lock rock. Suggest people consider upgrading to more full feature model.
8 years ago
I like the band Metallica and the pinball machine Metallica I think the shots are very organized and John Borg has designed something unique here. I like the electric chair with sparky on it and also really like the narrator Dirty Donny who does the art on this game he's funny and says stuff like OH THATS NASTY or I've NEVER SEEN A SNAKE PUKE BEFORE very fun game and I hope I can play it more often.
8 years ago
I Got to play one at Ace's Break Away and play in Pittsburgh. I was blown away I got one on order. Shame aboot the fangs but i am sure their will be a mod released for it within the month that fixes the fang issue. Pinball people are pretty resourceful.
8 years ago
I have been waiting for this game! Not because it is Metallica but because it is just plain kick ass fun. It alreadfy blows ACDC away and I can say that because I bought ACDC premium new in box and it is not even close to Metallica. I think this game is destined to be top 5 overall and still has so much potential in both rules and mods. I Love This Game!
8 years ago
I have had a lot of fun playing this game. Not a fan of the band itself, so only hearing 1 song instead of changing the song for modes/scoring, is actually a good thing for me.
Layout is cool, inline drops are nice, like the diff'rent multiballs., and the animations are above par for recent Sterns. Playfield artwork is for sure a welcome addition from the cut & pastes recently.

Weak spots are the call outs, music, backglass & cabinet looks pretty cheesy, and of course rules aren't complete yada yada.

Anyway, much better than I was expecting.
8 years ago
I like older Metallica but not a fan of band pins, I would rather they made a cool sci fi or horror based game but I guess some people really like the music pins. It plays well but I just couldn't get into it. Good but not great.............................ZOD
8 years ago
Metallica Pro review on May 16, 2013.

A Pinball Machine is like art...Either you love it or you hate it. Sometimes, you appreciate it a little more when you find out how, why, and when an artist created a masterpiece. Sometimes, you don't.

Metallica is Monet or Van Gogh to me. Rather, it's 2 Monet's or Van Gogh's sitting in the middle of Enchanted Castle in Lombard, IL.

Here is why:

Game Design:

Playfield layout: I am a huge proponent of the fan layout and this game does not disappoint. The two ramps are nicely placed and are smooth as glass. In about 20 games, I hit 4-6 ramp combos at least 5 times. The game is very fast. There are NO breaks except when you start a multiball. My hands and fingers were sore holding the steering wheel in my Jeep on my way home. There are at least 10 shots in the fan and all of them send the ball screaming back to your flippers. The ramps, snake, mystery and targets next to the ramps send the ball back to you very fast. My only complaints are that the initial skill shot is too easy and the "up-post" in back kills some flow. I am certain these will change as the code progresses. Playfield layout is a 9/10.

Game Rules: For a first version of code, these rules are solid. I mentioned the skill shot and post. The only other improvement worth mentioning is the stackability of multiballs. I also feel the ability to change the music on each ball and have music related to various modes will change. The scoring is well-balanced from what I could tell. As usual, jackpots on multiballs is the way to get big scores. It's also worth mentioning that the Mystery Award seems to be 500K every time. At least, it was for me on 40-50 shots made. Game rules are a 6/10 (so far).

Toys and Gimmicks: First, I have to talk about Sparky. There is nothing special about having a toy in the middle of a playfield. It's been done over 100 times, right? WRONG! Sparky is special. He is special because he looks way cool and is so well integrated to the theme. He is as important as the Castle in MM or the saucer in AFM. They are all basically a "stand-up" target in the middle of a playfield. Shooting Sparky is extremely satisfying. I think 10 shots to him started a 3-ball multi that is as much fun as any early achievement multiball in any game. The three inline targets with the grave marker are also awesome and lead to another multiball in just 5 shots, but it resets with every ball. The snake spits the ball back at you at High Speed so be ready. Fuel has been done before, but it is another well integrated part of the game. Toys are not like they were in the old days, but I would still give them an 8/10.


Playfield: There are a lot of beautiful playfields, but this is the finest one ever created by Stern. Please, take your time and look at all of the details that Donny put into this. Again, it is art and it won't appeal to everyone, but it is very well done. Take a look between the flippers; take a look at the inserts; take a look at the apron; take a look at the eyeballs in the outlanes. This playfield art is a 10/10.

Backglass: Again, it is a matter of taste, but I would give it a 10/10. It beautifully matches the cabinet and playfield and it was not a "cut and paste" from a movie poster.

Cabinet art: It is good, but not great. I doubt very much that this was created by Donny. It appears to have been done in-house by Stern. It is colorful and fits with the theme, but that's it. It could have been so much more. Donny has an incredible repertoire of painting guitars, monsters, snakes, shrunken heads, bands, etc... and these cabinets could have set a new standard in cabinet art, but unfortunately, they are average. 5/10

Animations: These are top of the line. They are especially well done when entering into a multiball. Stern is continuing to push the limits of animation on a DMD screen. Stick around to watch the "match" animation with the snake. It is better than being mooned in AC/DC. I would love to see this redone in color, but even in red it is a 9/10. Oh yeah, and there's a COW! Enough said!

Sound and Music:

Sound Effects: The sound effects are excellent. The call outs are mixed. The buzzing of the electric chair and roaring engines are all top notch. Sparky and the Snake are appropriate and emotional. You WANT to hit Sparky. The band needed a little more emotion in their work. If I were Stern, I would try to get them back into the studio; I think they would do it because they truly understand that this game will be around forever, and they take pride in everything. It is not unplayable, it is uninspired. It also could use a couple of more jokes. I would give this area a 5/10.

Music: I know everyone wanted some different songs. I wanted Dirty Deeds and Big Balls on my AC/DC. As Mick Jagger once said "You can't always get what you want," but I am quite happy with the music. There is something for everyone, and, after all, it is Metallica. 10/10

Sound Quality: It needs a better subwoofer. Period. You put one in and it is a 9/10. Without it, it is a 6 or a 7.

Other Aspects:

Game lighting: This is the best lighting package to come on a Stern Pro pinball machine EVER. The light show around Sparky is unmatched. The playfield, inserts, and spotlights work extremely well together. The light show at the Grave Marker is equally well done. AC/DC premium is the only better lighting I have ever seen from Stern. This is easily a 9/10.

Lastability: This game is timeless. The fan layout is classic. The music and lighting are great. The rules need some improvement. This is a solid 8/10 and I will reserve the right to upgrade it as the code is updated.

Theming: Perfectly integrated. Metallica music. Dirty Donny art. Fast play. Great toys. As described above. 10/10

Fun: This is the most important ranking factor in every rating I have ever given. This game is Fun with a capital F. This is more fun than going to Wallyworld with Chevy Chase. I went Tuesday. I went Wednesday. I am going back to play it again today. I have NEVER done that since TSPP. Normally, one play and I can wait until I get one. I can't wait and I am having so much fun that I am questioning if I really need a premium/LE. I am actually starting to think about having both a pro and an LE. I am struggling to think about anything else at work. Here, it gets a 10/10 from me.

I like Monet and Van Gogh and I like Metallica...a lot!


8 years ago
I was never really into the new Stern games, all licensed themes and artwork taken from photographs, and flow never really stood out...until I played this game. Personally, the smoothness of gameplay is better than any other Stern out there--John Borg nailed it! I am a fan of the early and mid 80's Williams and Bally games, and that is what Metallica feels like. In addition, it has original artwork! FINALLY! I hope this trend continues--a Stern pinball game that doesn't blatantly look like an advertisement.
The drop target trough, the long loop, the Sparky Mod, all shots are clean and fun to go for. can't wait to play it again!
8 years ago
Metallica is the new pinball from Stern and it's another title that gets released and then the software is finished as time marches on. With this in mind, I am writing this review with the "earliest" version of S/W to hit the streets on the pro model.

The Pros:
Some The toys on this game have functionality built in mind. I never thought I'd see a more righteous electric chair multiball show, but Stern may have beat TAF at it's own game. The ramps and orbits feel great. I can't remember the last time I saw a game with INLINE DROP TARGETS! Whoooo-Hoooo! I love inline drops! the left MB-Creech lane is a tough shot.

The Cons:
Half-baked software is the standard issue in pinball these days. I guess I can't be too disappointed (to hell with that, on-site testing and QC should be done BEFORE the game hits the streets!) and should be grateful that new pinball games are coming out at all. 10 shots and a bank of standups that would make any Fan-Man proud. You get to choose 1 song for your entire game. I guess it would be cool in a 4 player game to use it as a queue to who plays next... unless everybody loves to listen to Master of Puppets. The snake toy is cool, let's hope it can take a pounding on location. It's right in the middle of the table and is going to bet bonked all day long. The mystery kicker is accessed more easily through the slings than it is by an aimed shot.

The Takeaway:
I have a nickname for this game. Metallica, I dub thee: "AC/DC Lite". We shall see how time, S/W updates and mileage fare for this table.

"Hey Shawn, that's a nice Metallica T-Shirt you're wearing."
"Thanks man, I borrowed it from a friend."

Update - 7-26-13:
The more I play this game, the more I like it. This game is a bit of a throwback as far as not being as deep as other games from Stern as of late... but so what! This game is fun! Rules still are being worked out, but this is alright with me. I'm just gonna let my 'Tallica wine age real fine! Scores for gameplay updated accordingly.

Update: 9-12-13 I think that the Pro plays as well if not better than the LE/Premium. Both games play better with updated code.

Update v3: With the new code, this game plays much better than it did before. Tourney play still dictates lots of Sparky before anything else, but the inclusion of the Crank it up modes makes a HUGE difference in the playability and strategies involved in this deck. The Longevity of this deck went through the roof. A great game to have at home. Scores upgraded accordingly. Not so hot on this table. The Hammer. I see these things break down and stop a game dead in the water on location ALL THE TIME and adds no game to the game other than the novelty of "oooooh... Lookit that hammmaahh!". This is the reason why I like the Pro better than the LE by a mile. Compare this to the lower PF on AC/DC (which almost never breaks) and is a big part of the gameplay. I also have to say that the lighting package on this deck with the strings of LED's on the sides of the game make you feel like you are at a rock concert. My advice, put the LED kit on your Pro.

After watching "Some kind of Monster" I'm gonna try really hard to forget what whiny sniveling douchnozzles made this music. When does the Motorhead pinball game come out?

Update v4:
This game is a great playing game. The ruleset is incredibly well done and requires skills to collect the big scores. Crank It UP can be an all or nothing affair, and at the same time also means that you can come back from almost ANY deficit! The animations are great and while you don't always have to know the rules to have a great game, it certainly helps. After a while I have to admit, the art package is really great. Dirty Donny knocked this one out f the park. Stern should consider hiring him for more projects! A really solid game that has a few flaws that are minor in comparison to how well this plays and stays true to the theme. I still don't like the band... so what. I'll play this great game with headphones on listening to whatever I damn well please!

Update v5:
This has to be my most "updated" review now. The more I play with people who know this game, the more the nuances and strategies become more apparent and learning how to make Crank it up a real priority. One of the things I am really beginning to like about this game is that you are never "out" If you can get to crank it up and play it well, you have a very good chance of you making the game a winning score. Getting all 4 to The end of the line... yeesh. That's a lot of work. Learning how to maximize your lit shots to get to CIU as quickly as you can is an imperative. This also means that you have to utilize the entire PF and always have your doublers in mind for the big whammy scores. I am starting to really love this deck. I still see people "lucking" their way into big scores, but the knowledge of game rules on this table will definitely increase your baseline results. This is always a good thing. Thank you John Borg and your team of merry men!
8 years ago
Played it and was able to start almost every mode/multiball.

I don't think the game was as much flow as it was quick. A lot of shots coming back to the players quickly with flow coming from orbit shots and ramps. I really like how the left ramp is buried in the back making it a more difficult shot. While the music was good it didn't integrate into gameplay but the code is still early as of this review.

One thing about Metallica compared to recent Sterns is that it is not as punishing for bad shots. After played 3 games on Metallica i went to play Tron and it kicked my ass. I think it is a good change as an "easier" shooting playfield allows more casual players to enjoy it and experienced players to have longer ball times even if they mess up a shot or two.

Toys were good quality and showed good detail.

I saw some early playfield damage. Scratch under the sparky magnet (which you could see under playfield light coming though) and a pronounced scratch going to the Mystery scoop. Hopefully this is just a one off.

I did not think the DMD animaterions were very good compared to more recent Sterns (Tron to present). Cabinet and playfield looked very nice but the translite looked "meh' in person.

Overall a fun game with a lot of potential in the rulesets.
8 years ago
Honestly, It wasn't my favorite pin. I have not been able to play it enough.
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