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Game Design: 8.588

Artwork: 8.47

Sounds/Music: 8.428

Other Aspects: 8.577

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8 years ago
top game
8 years ago
Edit: now updated. Finally played a game with mature code

Artwork : a step in the right direction for Stern, but I am not a big fan of the style.
Music integration is far from reaching my personal ACDC nirvana.
Animation : Sparky's multiball is cool !
PF layout : I like it ! I love in line drop targets, but couldn't fully enjoy these ones. Can't say exactly why.
GI : cool but the (not-so) Mystery award white insert is too bright.

Conclusion : Cool pin. The Pro version seems a decent choice.
8 years ago
I was expecting so much more out of this game. Outside of the music which is clearly great, the game left something to be desired. Poor lighting and lack of features was disappointing.
8 years ago
Pretty cool game but sitting next to a WOZ it does not compare

Update: Game is way better than I originally thought. Thumbs-up and had to have one.
8 years ago
This Metallica pinnie is bordering on brilliant. The guitar-slide as you launch the ball is the 1st cool thing you notice. Then a beastie Metallica song comes on ... one from the days before they got short haircuts and white singlets. Then there's the steel ramps and the choice of shots. Can get some decent ball speed up in a couple of places. The Snake and the Mystery hole seem a bit close to the flippers but work ok.

Lots of lights, lots of colour and some good variation in the gameplay and ball speed form the various shots. This is one of my favourite Stern's. Multi-ball is outrageous! I think it was 5 balls and they kept coming even after loss.

I prefer the cartoon-stlye backglass on the Monsters version. But i like the cabinet art on the Road case version. The photo is good but there is too much glare coming of Lars's head :) Nah it's very cool too. Both great looking cabinets. Monsters version could have been more Metallica-like ... maybe some albumn cover art. Some of the lights under the right ramp are hard to see but its no biggie. Great machine.
8 years ago
nice game
8 years ago
This game ROCKS! Great music, playfield design, artwork, cabinet. Best money spent and it keeps getting better with the new codes. Many multi ball opportunities.. Rock on
8 years ago
Metallica Sux - the pro version even more so... This needed an software update urgently, now it's got one - eventually. I'll re-rate once I've played a game with updated software, unfortunately the arcade operators here in the UK don't update software...
Updated my rating now I have played a game with updated software, liking it a bit better now...
8 years ago
Have played LE and PRO a lot, in fact I even bought a PRO after all the test plays . I think this pin is a lot of fun, excellent artwork on the playfield and back box. It has the indescribable again-again feeling after a game is finished. Just push the start button and have fun without a lot of strategy planning is my mindset. The firmware updates made it awesome. Is now at rel 1.64 and can only get better.

I am not a Metallica fan at all but the rock music really pumps you up for fun. Enjoy !
8 years ago
I like this pin. I played the "pro" model about a dozen times so take this review as "a dude walks up to a pin and plays a few times" reaction. Don't hold me to this as a stand alone pin in a collection. I found the lighting and artwork very "early Ramones" - like they used in the old "sniffin glue" magazines in the early 80's. This game is hard. You have to take great shots and "fuel" is darn near impossible off the right flipper. You risk SDTM shots constantly so be prepared to give this game some convincing bumps. NOT as good as ac/dc only in terms of flow but I like speedy games.
8 years ago
Rules are not complete yet and the flow suffers from it. Sparky toy is ok but not exceptional. I get blinded by the flashers when he goes off and it's kinda annoying. Could have picked way better songs. ACDC flows so much better but this game is definitely worth playing.
UPDATE: since latest code release this pin has become really deep and more fun! Add a ball feature, stacking multiballs, crank it up single ball modes have really improved the play. Can't wait to get the LED pro in my collection and I'll change some songs and change some of the insert lighting colors but plan to have in my collection for a long time.
8 years ago
Metallica is a lot of fun, and obviously one of Stern's best efforts. Maybe I'm a bit biased, because I really enjoy the band's music, but, who cares, it's still a great design!
8 years ago
This is an excelent choice if the premium is not an option. Nothing really negative about this except the code could use an update to make it excellent. Lighting is ok, but the lighting on the premium/LE really draws you in a lot more. Could also use a few more kick-ass call-outs.
8 years ago
Man, I like their music but Hetfield's voice is so annoying. Ruins the game for me. Flow would be real good except for the rear orbit post which stops the ball. Ramp entrances look tight but I had no issues getting good combos going. Probably an illusion because they are made of metal. Same lame two lane non-skill shot as in Iron Man. Light show was decent, and dots were cool. Rules still need polish as I feel with the current code it is too much of a hit this same shot over and over to start MB. At least that is what it felt like to me.
8 years ago
It grew on me
8 years ago
Game has a lot of good things going for it. Nice open playfield with smooth ramp shots. Like the inline targets. Snake still has his fangs and was fun to shoot. I also like the placement of the mystery shot further off to the side (felt better than where Xmen / IJ4 / others are). Sparky is great when you fry him. Fast flowing game. Solid dots and callouts were good.

What I did not like was the pop up diverter on the loop shots and how it worked. Killed the flow. Rules still need a fair bit of work on the one I played. Pro has great features and did not feel overly stripped down. Except for the hammer lock. Without the hammer, the coffin shot seems really lame. Otherwise I would not miss the snake jaw and the up and down cross.
8 years ago
It's Metallica. Anyone rating it better give the music a six.
8 years ago
Very average game. I would love to play an LE and see/feel the differences. I like the ability to choose the song to begin the game. Sparkey and the tombstones are a nice touch. Nice open long shots to be made if you like that type of playfield. The artwork and Hetfield shout outs didn't do much for me.
I could still spend hours playing it. Just wouldn't drop the $$ for it to be in my collection.
8 years ago
I dint mind the pro, but found it just to be a bit of a basher.........waiting to try the premium or Le models with the extra playfield add ons
8 years ago
I know it's a pro model but one magnet and a few inline drops and that is it. Seriously?
8 years ago
Awesome... just awesome!
8 years ago
Oustanding game. With a LED conversion and a shaker motor, this machine is truly exceptional.
8 years ago
Find the lighting lacking and the callouts sound forced not naturally spoken but it is a absolute blast to play,sparky is the coolest toy on a pin that I have ever seen.
8 years ago
Ill adjust my rating after I get in my home for a while..
8 years ago
played this machine a ton at San Diego Comic Con. It was a blast
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