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Game Design: 8.594

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Other Aspects: 8.582

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6 years ago
I'm a Metallica fan, but this pin just didn't do it for me. Especially playing it back to back with ACDC. It just seemed lackluster. I haven't played it as much as ACDC, so I may revise this rating as I play it more. I'm also not a big fan of the artwork, the layout or the toys in this one. Not a bad pin, but it doesn't call me to come back and play like some of the others.
6 years ago
I wasn't very impressed with this table. I like Metallica, but I just couldn't get into it.
6 years ago
I've played approximately 100 games in three sittings. I don't seem to score well. Maybe I am not playing recent software. But I find I have long ball times, without scoring too well. The table I play on has a replay value of 36,400,000. Seems onerous. Anyhow, I enjoy the ramps, and shooting for the headstones. The one I have access to requires 18 hits for the captured balls next to the snake head. Seems like quite a few. Fun pin.
6 years ago
Solid pinball with a huge fun factor. The Premium and LE models are better versions of Metallica, thus I wouldn't buy the Pro model.
6 years ago
I think some of the shots are a bit too hard, and I lose a lot of balls SDTM. Glad I don't have to pay to play it. Our unit in the office gets beat up and is breaking a lot, sad to see.
6 years ago

I guess I really didn't understand the rules too well, because I've discovered a different way to play the game that reduces the amount of center playfield bashing required (other than the captive ball) to get to the CIU modes. It makes it more of a shooters game too. This wasn't obvious to me (I've had the game for 1-2/3rd years, and just figured it out), so I wanted to detail it here.

There is red arrow in front of each major shot; Left orbit, inline drop targets, left ramp, right ramp and right orbit. Shooting each of these shots lights the arrow and activates the lane. There are lights under the arrow for the electric chair, the snake, and the cross. While the red arrow is lit on any lane, hitting the chair, snake or cross lane will light that insert. Get them all lit, and all four lights will start flashing. Hitting that flashing lane will start the casket hurry up. Complete the hurry up by hitting the captive ball, and the row of lights will stay on. You will be rewarded 1 each snake hit, cross hit, and electric chair hit each time you hit that lane. Once completed, that lane will stay spotted on all remaining balls. If you complete all of the lanes, you start Seek and Destroy mode.
It is possible to set up the table so that each orbit and ramp spots you 1 hit each on the snake, cross and chair. This makes getting to CIU mode much quicker with safer shots that don't require smashing the hell out of the middle of the game (other than the captive ball, which still needs to be bashed - but if you hit it following the left in-lane, at least you get credit for 2 hits.
Playing the game like this has made it much more fun to me. Setting up the lanes to spot the feature hits is quite entertaining.


As I've found myself chasing high scores, I notice something that I don't care about this game. Despite its awesome flow and cool ramps, a majority of the game is spent smashing the ball into the middle of the playfield, with some very minimal shots to the loops and ramps. I like playing the CIU modes, but you have to bash the hell out of the middle of the playfield to get to them. I'm still playing the hell out of it trying to connect, It's still a rush to play, but sometimes when I get done playing it, I feel like I've been at work rather than having fun. Committed to stick with it until spring to try to connect!!!


My first (and maybe only) NIB pin.

I don't really care for the band or their music - but I've always had a good time when playing this game at shows or on location - so when it came time to think about my first NIB, this was one of two titles I considered.

The artwork is great, the layout is great, lighting effects are stunning at times, the choreography of the mechanical/musical and visual elements is cool, and rules are deep and make sense.

The game is built quite cheaply for a 5000 dollar item. Habitrails are made from smaller gauge wires than games of an earlier vintage, switches and solenoids are kept to a minimum and the game just has a feel to it that is less solid than what pinball people are used to from the heyday of the 90's.

I will give Stern a pass on this, as they're doing a good job of 1) keeping pinball alive and 2) keeping it being manufactured in the US. There are some things that have to give to keep it going, I suppose.

With all that being said, the design team did an amazing job with the somewhat limited resources they were given. This game is flat out fun to play. I am not unhappy with my decision to make this my NIB purchase.

The one shot I'm kind of pissy about is the left orbit when the post is engaged. This almost never works as intended. I guess the post is intended to stop the ball, and then force it into the pops. This almost never happens, as a solid shot to that orbit with the post deployed results in a kickback directly back out of the orbit. This is sloppy, and should have been addressed. Would a solenoid driven gate here been too much, Stern?

Anyway, for this moment, this is the best game in my arsenal. It really does make every one of my other pins seem 10 years old. I'll update this review after I've had a month to play it.
6 years ago
This is my first nib pin,I have the L.E.D version from the stern factory and it is awesome, I don't think I will ever get bored playing this pin
6 years ago
Great new Stern game to play. Was disappointed about playing the old code, but I can always enjoy seeing other players take it down with the newer code updates.
6 years ago
playfield is not whaw, fast game!
7 years ago
This is the first new pin I have purchased. My wife and I have loved this band since we were in high school. My ratings are high not because of that though, it's just a blast to play every single time. I have a whole line up of choices and I have been captivated by this one. I really can't imagine this game getting old. Fun period!
7 years ago
Can't think of anything that I would change on this game. The rules are awesome. The shots feel great. The artwork is great. I love everything about this game.
7 years ago
pour moi dans le top 3 des sterns
7 years ago
Such a great pin. Not a huge Metallica fan, but I love this game. Great artwork, brutally tough but rewarding gameplay. Played both premium and pro versions and prefer the pro. Don't like how the hammer on the premium blocks a lot of the playfield.
7 years ago
Very cool game. Great colors, cool layout and great music. A solid pin great for a collection and a must have for a Metallica fan. The best music pin Stern has put out IMO. Very happy to add to my collection
7 years ago
Love the electric chair. Many different combos to shoot for. Great music. An all around fun and fast PIN. Music never gets old. Crazy multiballs. My number one PIN I own. Great Flow.
7 years ago
Played this pin at the Michigan Pinball Expo, this is a pin I honestly believed I would absolutely hate but on the contrary can't get enough of it, my one complaint while playing was how sensitive the tilt sensors were, which obviously has nothing to do with the game, I would gladly own one someday, its a great pin
7 years ago
Theme: I haven't been much of a Metallica fan for the better part of 20 years, but this machine made me revisit their music and remember how many great, early songs they did have. The custom callouts by the band members are well done and there is plenty of variation. Playfield artwork is great (translite not as much), very bold with lots of black to make it stand out. The only downside to the theme is that it might seem dated for the next generation.

Game play: Fast and wide open with quick returns, particularly with the upper post disabled. Bricked shots off the pick targets can come back painfully quick, and the left outlane does drain, but not overly so. FUEL and Mystery Hole are both challenging shots to make when you need them most (while in multiball or when trying to start CIU or claim jackpot) - honestly they're so low they're both a little aggravating. The game progression can be a little bit of a grindfest as you collect the four main items (coffin, gravemarker, snake and electric chair), but you can collect these items while in multiball, which makes multiball seem much more productive than in most games where you're just seeking jackpots. Besides the four main CIU modes, there are several additional modes to keep you busy including Fuel, Seek & Destroy, And Justice for All, and Four Horsemen. Some multiballs can also be stacked.

Toys: A little weak on the Pro imo. Sparky is cool, but really just a bobblehead. Several magnets and the snake kickout, but that's about it. The Premium hammer lock would really round this out toy-wise, but you won't miss it for the price of the Pro.

Pros: Great theme, fast play, well priced for what you get.
Cons: After awhile it becomes very, very grindy. The low placement of the mystery hole and piston target makes hitting them consistently too difficult. Boring mystery hole awards.
7 years ago
At first look I thought COOL! Then I played it, Not So Cool! The premium is better but not by much. Not worth the 75 cents for 3 balls not to mention 7 grand to buy a new one.
7 years ago
7 years ago
What a great pin this turned out to be.! I did not buy one for awhile, because of the code not being updated for so long. But now that the code is 95% done, this game is really, really good, and when code is finished 100%, should be top 5 game for sure. Has one of the best Toy's in history (Sparky), love the in-line drop targets, metal ramps, IMO, the Pro is the way to go ,
for best bang for the buck. Doesn't detor from the prem/Le with game play.
7 years ago
Awesome game, one of my favourites, bang for buck over the LE, really got into this game now what a sensational machine... 10/10
7 years ago
Great game.. Really good flow and fast. Open playfield..just the right amount of toys with out being overdone
7 years ago
Had a pro in the house for a couple of months and was blow away by it. Lots to shoot for, nice integration of toys and magnets, four multiball modes, good ramps, excellent lighting and light effects, and, well, the music is good if you like Metallica. Fortunately, I went through a Metallica phase in my youth and the music strikes a nostalgic cord. My general strategy was to shoot sparky, get multiball. Take down the grave markers for another multiball. The try to shoot for the coffin/snake for their multiballs. Occasionally shoot a ramp if it was lit. I like the magnet/hammer toy in the premium, but don't miss it in the pro. Game flow was excellent. Could hit many shots on the fly, capture ball as needed to make a specific shot, and had no problem passing. As the code has improved, so has my love for this game. Many strategies to use which may be changed in the middle of a ball depending on what shots you are making. Also, I love the strategy that some multiballs can be stacked, while others cannot. The only complaint that I have is that it takes a while for the game to "get going" (takes an incredible amount of hits to get any multiball going), but when I have a great game, I want to play again immediately to repeat the feeling. A lot of fun, but sometimes it feels like it is too much work to get the fun started again.

While I like the premium version more, I can't justify the cost difference and would get a pro if I was in the market.
7 years ago
For me the Best Pinball Machine ever!!!!!
7 years ago
Really fun 1 st played at a show then had to have the pro ! Idid not like the le as well
There are 367 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 15.

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