Metallica (Pro)


Metallica (Pro)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Metallica". The group itself ranks #17 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.578

Artwork: 8.404

Sounds/Music: 8.454

Other Aspects: 8.581

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Found 388 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 388 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
4 months ago
THIS is the game that truly hooked me on pinball ...and even more hooked on Metallica (old-school Metallica at least)! Hard and fast, but once you get your timing and shots down WOW this game is fun. Rule set, game design, shot flow, music and sound package ...all works together perfectly. This is an absolute dream pin for me, but holding off a buying a bit longer in hopes Stern will remake with IC. ...just hoping they don't cheapen the product or change the game in the process (HA! Yeah right, I know I'm dreaming on that one). As for Pro vs Premium, this and IM are two pins where the pro version is just stellar and premium just isn't worth it. I daydream about playing this pin FAR more than a grown-ass man should :)
4 months ago
This is prob in the top 5 games ever made and is proof you dont need to jam 10 pounds of crap into a 5lb bag to make a good game. shots are clear and clean, rules are easy enough to understand but deep enough to keep you locked in for hours. I love how they used the best tracks from Metallica but only play short burst of it and put it in the background. So its not in your face the entire time you play. Perfect integration for a band themed pin.
5 months ago
Metallica is, to my mind at least, the perfect pinball table. Sparky is one of most iconic bash toys in pinball and always brings a smile to my face. Lyman Sheats code is deep and perfectly suited to the theme. Final wizard mode End of the Line (after obtaining previous 4 mini-wizard 'Crank it Up' modes) is hard to get to but so rewarding when you do! Hence a perfect amount of depth in the code and shots. Artwork and sound complete the package for me. Can never see it leaving my collection!
7 months ago
This game plays better than it looks to me. I know art and theming is a personal thing and many love it, but much like Rush artwork is polarizing, so it Metallica. Beyond that though the game is awesome! So many shots to hit and the old school stack drop targets are great. The only feature I truly dislike is the lower right scoop, as the eject can drain you without cause. There should be a temp ball save there. (NOTE: There might be but I play it in a tourney setup, so optional ball saves are always off) The game is really fun though and it makes me want to play it again and again, which is always the mark of an excellent pin.
8 months ago
Metallica is one of my favorite John Borg games.

The layout consists of many shots. Not all of them feel great to hit but the Graveyard, Sparky and Fuel Lane shots are by far the most smooth ones. There can be some flow on this game which is nice.

The gamecode is amazing. In general it seems very straight forward, it will appeal to beginners and more casual players. But for advanced players there is the incentive to finish all Crank It Ups and reach the End of the Line, which is an awesome wizard mode. In that mode, depending on how well you did during the Crank It Ups, you can potentially earn billions of points. Another masterpiece by Lyman Sheats (RIP).

The artwork is perfect. Especially the playfield is great to look at. And I love the animations on the DMD, they've really put much effort into them. This game has set artwork-standards for further Stern games to come.

Every game on this is fun, hitting Sparky is very rewarding and the Graveyard shot is one of my favorite shots of all time.

Overall Metallica is a very good and fun game which will appeal to beginners and casual players as well as to advanced players.
8 months ago
Everything about this rules, and I will revisit this comment when I know more about how to describe what’s going on.
9 months ago
My favourite music pinball machine, I wish I had room for one, luckily my friend owns one which I love to play when I’m over.
10 months ago
The sound is awesome. I have a subwoofer hooked up, which I highly recommend. The lighting effects are awesome. It is very easily to get totally submersed in the gameplay. It's very fast playing. When you get multi balls and modes going it's easy to just get totally sucked into the gameplay. The sounds and music are alway fitting. I do like Metallica's music, so that may bias me a bit.
1 year ago
It can be too fast at times if anyone counts that as a negative, I don't. The total integration is amazing and it's a great shooter to boot, never gets old and is always challenging.
1 year ago
Metallica is an excellent machine, certainly in the top 3 music pins of all time. The game looks great although I am not a huge fan of the cartoon art, especially the translite art. Band callouts are excellent, although I wish the game remembered where you were in a song like newer band machines.
1 year ago
A great game that just is brought down by a mediocre presentation. Not a fan of the goofy graffiti like artwork, the theme of it all kinda doesn't feel like Metallica enough, and the whole thing lacks oomph with lacking lighting and animations all around. The music is great, and it plays so well, just they kind of dropped the ball on the presentation.
1 year ago
This is one of the best games I’ve played, doesn’t hurt that Metallica is awesome!
1 year ago
on location this is my fav game. The two ramps are fun. Sparky is good. Snake mouth is cool. Fun to get all the multiballs.
1 year ago
I just got this pin, and this is based on 3 days , 40 plays or so. So far I love it. Fun game , with silly humorous call outs and fun shots , while enjoying the music of metallica

Unlike my other music pins (Led Zeppelin and GNR by JJP), I think this game is fun regardless of wether you like Metallica or not. But of course you’ll enjoy it more if you do like the band.
1 year ago
I love Metallica. I also love the song they chose for this machine. The bash toy is great and the electrocution effect from it is really well done. This definitely isn’t an easy pinball machine, and I’m not a big fan of the art style. It is one that I always like to play on location.
1 year ago
it's a game that interested me a lot and I was happy to play it at the bar and when I could I bought it and after going around I was disappointed nothing more to discover the game does not have a code so deep that its and when and since he left I never said to myself that I would take him back if I had the chance
1 year ago
Love Metallica and happy they have their own PIN. Wish the cabinet artwork had more variations. Their history has a lot of great artwork that could’ve been used. Modern music PINs should have the option to purchase additional tracks for the game(if only that band). As a Pinball and Metallica fan, I would like to own one. Even though I believe it could get old quickly. Ideally, I would love to swap some of the tunes and would prefer to swap Iron Maiden’s playfield for this one. But great game for newbies and Pinheads.
1 year ago
So ugly artwork, and not at all representative of Metallica.
Quite a shame.
Metallica deserved a way more beautiful artwork....
Besides that, the game is great.
( And yes, am a big Metallica fan since 1989 )
1 year ago
For me this is my favorite layout in pinball. You combine that with excellent Lyman code and Metallica is a winner from the start. The shots have a great variation with good risk/challenge associated with each. It is a great pin to practice your pinball shots and reactions. I am a Metallica fan so that also helps with the theme and music choices. Many people comment they wish the songs were integrated into the game like AC/DC but for me it is better this way to just pick the song to listen to during gameplay. The reason for me is if there is one strat that you always do and the song associated with it, you listen to that one song over and over. With the songs just basically being a jukebox at the start you don't have that problem.

The crank it up feature is great for risk/reward and is fun. You need to get past the first layer of "chopping wood" for the game to really open up. The Sparky animation does get a bit old I do wish you could skip it. This game to me is special, we all know Elwin is killing it right now but give our boy Borg credit for a great layout on this one!
1 year ago
This one made both Borg and Lyman pinball legends. Although the pf is very close to Austin powers it just feels SO much better. I think a lot of that is because of Lymans great code, but also it just shoots a lot better. The bash toy is ok. The snake is cool too but neither is great toys in pinball. I think the genius of the game is that it essentially starts out as a strait forward 90's style game with a few different mbs to go for. But then as you progress you get into multiple mini-wizard modes that keeps the gameplay fresh. In typical late Lyman style there's plenty of risk/reward with trying to increase multipliers for immediate shots and decisions to make for cashing out.
The music isn't as integrated as well as other rock pins like acdc and lz, but is better than some with the use of the toys and drops. Ball play times are about perfect with you never getting board and often feeling that you want to try one more game to get that one thing you were so close to. Overall a great game.
1 year ago
Great game with a lot of depth.
1 year ago
This is one of the better John Borg games. A little brutal at times like most of his designs. The electric chair toy is weird and not a great centerpiece. The snake spit animation is also a little off-putting. Some of the shots are fun, but it's not a machine that gives you that one more game vibe.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I played a lot on this machine in really good condition.
It looks great and musics are awesome. But I find that all the toys and entry of the ramps are far away from the flip, so it's quite hard to go through. The captiv balls in the middle are boring and be carreful when you hit the electric chair, the ball come back frequently between the flip.
The art is fun, but, in my opinion it' not enough serious and dark.
There are 388 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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