Metallica (Pro) (Stern, 2013)

Metallica (Pro)

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Game design: 8.59

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1 day ago
To give this short review a little extra depth: I’m not a fan of Metallicas style of heavy metal and I also find that the extreme cartoonlike pop-art that covers the cabinet art and backglass rather ugly.

With these things in mind I’m still very much impressed with this game. This playfield design is challenging, fast and offers lots of different rewarding shots. From the bash toy to those awesome inline-drops and some really neat ramps to name the best spots on this playfield. Real entertaining video modes here as well.

Talking strictly gameplay, leaving annoying music and cosmetics aside, this table in my opinion is more interesting and engaging than many other Stern titles close to that production period; Tron, Iron Man, Star Trek, Kiss and Avatar.

I would not consider it a homepin contender for me because of the music and style of this game (also leaving the high price tag outside the equation). But for someone who doesnt mind heavy metal in general as a pinball theme- this would be a great choice for a small home collection.

To be honest- already if youre able to overlook the music/art to some degree, this would be a top title .

A real fun and demanding game !
16 days ago
Butter Ramps, fun bash toy and a killer sound track. I really enjoy playing Metallica.

Lots of people like Dirty Donny's art, but this version of the band isn't for me. Maybe I'm not rock and roll enough, I'm not sure. I like the play field and cabinet, its just the characters on the field and back glass that creepy me out.
18 days ago
I’ve had a MET Pro for a little over 3 months now and I’d seriously consider a Premium. Very fun/balanced pin with some the best art in pinball. Sparky is wonderful. Snake is mean. Crosses are dangerous. Very well designed game.
18 days ago
I have owned a Metallica for 3 years and it has always been fun, but not the most fun game in my collection. Some additional variation to the CIU->EotL strats would be nice but it resolves that well by creating plenty of multiball opportunities along the way.
35 days ago
I believe the PRO is the way to go vs. the LE; there simply is not a who lot different. Added pin stadium and I don't think I'll ever get rid of this game.
54 days ago
Metallica is definitely one of sterns top 2 pins it's really a toss up between this one and Lord of the Rings. Sparky is the best bash toy that has been made even though it's just a bobble head it makes me smile every time I play it.
61 days ago
My dream
73 days ago
Now I get it. Plays fast and loud. It's Metal. It's ugly but beautiful and obnoxiously loud. The flow is awesome. The game makes me feEl like a pinball wizard. The only downfall is it took me this long to buy one.
79 days ago
Metallica is the perfect location pin. It would be my #1 purchase if I were an operator. Popular theme, great flow layout, fun and reactive bash toy, easy rules, solid mech, the list goes on. To me this pin defines the primary modern Stern business objective - create a large number of reasonably costed machines that are easy to pick up and play quickly with limited mech issues - perfect for operator routes and diverse barcades.

The main problem with Metallica is what some others have said... This game eventually feels like "chopping wood" for pinheads. For home use this game would get old very fast unless you have a lot of home parties or want a straightforward skill-practicing pin to put in the reps. For that reason I am somewhat surprised that Metallica is solidly in the top 10, however, good job to Stern overall.
84 days ago
This is the pinball machine I play the most in my small collection, I really like it. High lastability, thanks to the various multiball modes (4) + Crank it up modes (4) + End of the Line wizard mode. Great music too (I'm a huge fan of Metallica). Never going to sell it.
3 months ago
In my personal Top 5. Play it with my son at the local pub all the time.
3 months ago
I’m in my “honeymoon” period with this game... I *might* score it down at a later date I guess... but right now I just can’t fault it.
Just scored 120,000,000 in about 10 minutes with three multi balls and the pace of the game is just frenetic - just like the music. MET is a perfect foil for my LOTR - short and frenetic and it has me head banging away when I should be concentrating on what to hit next.
Sparky is SUCH a well thought out toy... makes me smile every time you fry him :-D
Will be a permenant feature of my line up.
3 months ago
Love playing this game. I Do like the simplicity of it. Anyone can play and understand the game. Even my young grand kids can start multi ball.
3 months ago
Has to be in my top 3 of all time fun games
3 months ago
Very good trips !
4 months ago
Finally got one of these for my home... I'm a proud owner now. This game has it all... easy to pick up and play just to have fun for friends who come over, but also incredible depth and complexity for someone like me who's going to play over and over again. Metallica rules! Rock on!
4 months ago
Waaay too wood choppy. Especially if you’re trying for End of the Line.

Fun to do hurry ups and seek and destroy, but gets old.

Fun to go for Blankened, but dangerous.

Multiballs are fun but takes too long to get to some of them.

CIU modes are amazing but way to much shooting to get to them.

I’ve had the game for 5-6 months and I’m good with never playing again. Haha
4 months ago
It helps to like Metallica playfield lay out is nothing new but it is a great game not to deep but fun to play
5 months ago
I love Metallica and the music so this game speaks to me. I like the rules. I find it challenging and fun. I like trying to collect the snakes, coffins, etc. and getting crank it up. The call outs and sounds are awesome along with the music. Sparky is a great. Just a badass game!
5 months ago
I'm not a Metallica fan by any means, but I find this game to be pretty fun! There are enough shots to aim for, and even as a new player to this game, it's fairly easy to figure out what I should be aiming for. Multiball is a lot of fun in this game.
6 months ago
Great flow, great music and the light show with sparky is awesome. I own one now and its probably never leaving.
6 months ago
brother owns this pin.. i think its a very cool pin not a mettalica fan.
6 months ago
Great music, best call outs of any music pin, brutal fast action, challenging and pure fun. If I had to recommend a machine for a newcomer to pickup first it would be this or Star Trek Pro.
8 months ago
In my mind by far the coolest of the "rockband-games"! The only real downer with this game is the backbox- and cabinet illustrations which seems out of a lousy comic book!
8 months ago
When I was buying my first pin, I wanted something that would stand the test of time and have a deep ruleset, but also something very approachable and fun for anyone who came over to my house without previous interest or experience in playing pinball. Metallica has shown itself to be a perfect choice. Bashing Sparky, feeding the snake, hitting the grave markers, and flying around the ramps - more than one person has come away from playing it saying they want a pinball machine now. As someone who is still very much a beginner, the game can be extremely challenging, but not unfair, and it always leaves me wanting more. Almost every night I will find myself turning it off, leaving the room, and then coming back just for one more game...or three.
There are 316 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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