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Game Design: 8.584

Artwork: 8.452

Sounds/Music: 8.464

Other Aspects: 8.568

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1 day ago
So ugly artwork, and not at all representative of Metallica.
Quite a shame.
Metallica deserved a way more beautiful artwork....
Besides that, the game is great.
( And yes, am a big Metallica fan since 1989 )
23 days ago
For me this is my favorite layout in pinball. You combine that with excellent Lyman code and Metallica is a winner from the start. The shots have a great variation with good risk/challenge associated with each. It is a great pin to practice your pinball shots and reactions. I am a Metallica fan so that also helps with the theme and music choices. Many people comment they wish the songs were integrated into the game like AC/DC but for me it is better this way to just pick the song to listen to during gameplay. The reason for me is if there is one strat that you always do and the song associated with it, you listen to that one song over and over. With the songs just basically being a jukebox at the start you don't have that problem.

The crank it up feature is great for risk/reward and is fun. You need to get past the first layer of "chopping wood" for the game to really open up. The Sparky animation does get a bit old I do wish you could skip it. This game to me is special, we all know Elwin is killing it right now but give our boy Borg credit for a great layout on this one!
23 days ago
This one made both Borg and Lyman pinball legends. Although the pf is very close to Austin powers it just feels SO much better. I think a lot of that is because of Lymans great code, but also it just shoots a lot better. The bash toy is ok. The snake is cool too but neither is great toys in pinball. I think the genius of the game is that it essentially starts out as a strait forward 90's style game with a few different mbs to go for. But then as you progress you get into multiple mini-wizard modes that keeps the gameplay fresh. In typical late Lyman style there's plenty of risk/reward with trying to increase multipliers for immediate shots and decisions to make for cashing out.
The music isn't as integrated as well as other rock pins like acdc and lz, but is better than some with the use of the toys and drops. Ball play times are about perfect with you never getting board and often feeling that you want to try one more game to get that one thing you were so close to. Overall a great game.
49 days ago
Great game with a lot of depth.
79 days ago
This is one of the better John Borg games. A little brutal at times like most of his designs. The electric chair toy is weird and not a great centerpiece. The snake spit animation is also a little off-putting. Some of the shots are fun, but it's not a machine that gives you that one more game vibe.
6 months ago
I played a lot on this machine in really good condition.
It looks great and musics are awesome. But I find that all the toys and entry of the ramps are far away from the flip, so it's quite hard to go through. The captiv balls in the middle are boring and be carreful when you hit the electric chair, the ball come back frequently between the flip.
The art is fun, but, in my opinion it' not enough serious and dark.
7 months ago
Very good music pin and Sparky is the highlight of the game!
7 months ago
AC/DC much better than this, very average game in terms of layout, flow, shots, tried to give it a chance. No interest whatsoever in replaying it. Don't know where all the credit for this game is coming from.
7 months ago
Always a cornerstone. It is a benchmark when I play new stern games and I always ask myself, “is it better than Metallica?”
7 months ago
One of the best pins I've owned keeps me coming back for more
8 months ago
Not sure if it was the location I was at, but this game was slow and floaty with little feeling of any accomplishment. I just couldn't get in to it after several games.
11 months ago
Great game, fast layout, good shots and great music. Love Dirty Donnies Art work, looks awesome.
1 year ago
I just love it. Nothing like cranking up Enter Sandman, or the solo on Unforgiven !!!
1 year ago
Playing a pro repeatedly on location. It’s the first game I start with the last few weeks. Not a huge Metallica fan so that doesn’t speak to me, but the shots do.

The ramps are fun but not easy, orbits are great and the three interesting shots to the far left lock, grave marker, and Sparky are fun. I do like that the far right mystery and left locks are shootable.

It’s easy to understand, and progress through a few songs or MB’s. It’s an unexpectedly fun pin to play, and one I would own without loving the band.
1 year ago
I’ve owned a JJP GNR for 6 months, and just pickup up a loaded Metallica Pro. While they are very different games, Metallica definitely holds its own. Must-have mods are a colorDMD, flipper Fidelity replacement speakers, custom back box lighting, and PinStadium lights. These add a ton to the experience. The game art is gorgeous, has amazing toys/shots and a fun factor that is through the roof. Awesome music and sound to get your heart pumping, and great animations as well. It compliments my longer-play games well in that it is fast and difficult. Really like it in my three game lineup! It is a game that will stick around for a long while.
1 year ago
Excellent flow and some of the best sound effects ever put into a pinball game. The fact that the 4 band members' voices were heavily integrated into the callouts (many of which are gloriously R-rated) makes Metallica an absolute standout table.

Each of the 12 song selections are awesome, and the Crank It Up modes are a blast once encountered. Sparky is my favorite bash toy in pinball. Only weak spots are the somewhat uninspired backglass and cabinet artwork which is just above-average.

Adding a shaker motor and color DMD turns this great table into an outstanding one, plus there's lots of options for mods. I can't wait to put this baby in my collection some day.

"The snake owes me money!"
1 year ago
fun game!
1 year ago
Great machine
1 year ago
Sign me up for another pinball based on a band I have no use for! I could name the number of Metallica songs on less than one hand before owning this game. I had left the pinball hobby for about 10 years or so after starting my family and I found my way back in through Virtual Pinball. One of the great reproductions was a Metallica and I really liked it so when I finally convinced myself a Virtual Pin was never going to satisfy my pinball itch I sold it and picked up a Metallica and I've ever looked back. This game is the total package for me, love Dirty Donny's artwork, the animations on the game are great, the sound and music on it just belong together and the rules are top notch. I bought a pro and if I had it back I'd go Premium for sure. I think the snake locking mech is really awesome as well as the coffin lock mech... though I suspect I'd get irritated after a while with the interruption to flow both add I still would like to try them. I've always been a sucker for in-line drop targets and they are implemented well here... the game is just great all around, I'd highly recommend to anyone... Borg and Lyman know how to make a game!
1 year ago
this is the best music pin it plays fun n fast.excellent song list never gets good or better than zepp and maiden.If you enjoy music pins get one of these
1 year ago
Could not get into this game for some reason. Good theme but just plays and feels like a cheap to toy.
1 year ago
Excellent rock pin, love the call outs from the actual band. Very fast and fun to play. Artwork is awesome!
1 year ago
my first machine bought new and follow me for something it will be, spectacular game sound t rules what else can be said
1 year ago
Great game, very fun and fast. As a Metallica and pinball fan I enjoy this game a lot!
1 year ago
Not a huge fan of this one. Found it drains a lot. If your not shaking the heck out of it your game is over quickly. I don't feel a machine should have to be shaken to be played properly. Love the ramps and rules. Rock band themes are not my favorite. Just don't understand doing a pin after a rock band and making the band members animation characters. Why not just theme it after a cartoon in the first place?
There are 366 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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