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Metallica (Pro)

Pinside rating

This game received 654 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.613 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Metallica". The group itself ranks #12 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.61

Artwork: 8.516

Sounds/Music: 8.5

Other Aspects: 8.613

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 7 of us have rated this game.


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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Metallica (Pro)".
The other version is: Metallica (Premium/LE)

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Found 348 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 348 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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55 days ago
Games played: ~20

A good layout with some nice use of known mechs like the in-line drops and the snake scoop.
Sparky is pretty cool.
The scoop on the right is a bit clunky tho.

Very unique.
Collecting the different items is so different from regular mode based games that it is just plain fun to do.
There are also 4 different multiballs each of which takes a reasonable amount of work to get to.
Besides that there is not much else going on.

Animation stays within the artstyle of the game and looks pretty good.
There are some awesome moments in lightshow and animation such as multiball start on sparky and cross.

It takes a lot of hits to sparky to start that multiball so shooting that shot over and over can get a bit annoying.
There aren't really any worthwile timed modes so there is no pressure to do something quicky which leads to a much more controlled gameplay.

Awesome art package. The sparky sculpt also looks good.

It plays Metallica songs so that's something that won't get boring.
The announcers are ok, but they never say something important or memorable.
Sound effects on the other hand are good.

Generic rock band theme. Therefore not that much cohesion and in this game there is also no focus on the music.

Good game to play every now and then because of the different ruleset.
But not something for constant play because there isn't really anything to do outside of either being in or working towards a multiball.
This also influences the individual game, since the decision making comes down to looking for which of the multiballs is the one with the least amount of shots left and then shooting either that or just shooting something randomly and they will happen eventually.
78 days ago
Incredibly fun to play, good rules, goos music, great art, Replay value is high, I always seem to not want to walk away at the end of a game,
3 months ago
Another solid machine from Stern. As someone who enjoys the music it's easier to be a little bias for this game. A great game for flow and ramp/loop combos, stacking modes, and the inline drop targets are always fun to jam on. The shot is reminiscent of Eight Ball Deluxe.
4 months ago
My 2nd pin.

Like all of the rock group pins that are out there, you have to really be a fan of the band to really keep coming back to them. While I really enjoyed the game, the family, not so much and since I only owned 2 pins at the time, it didn't get too much play at all.

The music is phenomenal, the call outs were ok, the toys, especially Sparky and his foul mouth. Wizard mode is great. Make sure you upgrade to the ColorDMD, I went with the LED one.
4 months ago
This game leaves me wanting more and also scratching my head to the theming. It is a fun pin but I wish the theming was more revolved around their older albums.
4 months ago
Fast, great looking, well lit game. The rules are deep enough to keep you coming back no matter how far you've gotten in the past and they are still easy enough to figure out without much trouble. Even if you are not a Metallica fan, you will still enjoy this game. My wife and kids couldn't care less about the band, but all love this machine.
5 months ago
For a long time this was my most wanted pin. I eventually tracked down a nice HUO machine that was loaded. Total light show, shaker, speakers etc. Art wise I'm a little mixed. The play field is pretty awesome. Like some crazy 90's colourful design. The side art and translite I can take or leave. For a fan layout it shoots well but I find the orbit being blocked unless part of a combo frustrating. I know you can switch off the diverter in the menu but I felt this wasn't how the game was meant to be played. It can be a flow killer though. The game isn't mode based as such and really revolves around collecting items with or without multiballs and working toward Crank it Up mini Wizard modes. These modes are awesome for the risk reward lovers out there and there is nothing more satisfying than collecting a jackpot with a multplier enabled. Some of the theatre of this game is amazing, Grave marker multiball start up will have you rocking out. The ability to lock in items on shots for ease of collection to work towards the wizard modes is where the code really excels. Love the music, the call outs are bad. I think this game needs to be part of a bigger lineup but is great fun and well worth your time.
5 months ago
What a great game. The sparky toy is great and the callouts are spectacular. The artwork is great. I don’t miss the hammer on the premium so I would say that the pro is the way to go when it comes to Metallica.
7 months ago
Top ten for sure
7 months ago
I'm a Metallica fan and currently own this pin. Music is pretty great with the exception of some of the newer songs. The gameplay is a little erratic and chaotic and favors beginner and novice players. The callouts from the band members are fairly weak and repetitive. Somewhat surprised honestly that this game is rated so high. Of the five pins I own, if one had to go, this would be on the chop block for trade or sell.
7 months ago
I have owned my Met Pro for almost two years. My first NIB purchase. The pro plays much differently than the Prem/LE versions. I feel that it's much faster. This isn't my favorite game in the house, but it is the one I play the most. As soon as you get mad, you want to try again for payback. The new code 1.8 does a nice job at balancing the scoring and gives options in the menu to make it easier or harder to play for extra balls and CIU modes. The game looks great with tasteful mods (to each their own) and the animations are pretty damn good overall. This is by far the most popular game in the basement for most guests and some family. It's super fast play can make a novice cringe with delight or frustration depending on their taste. Crank it up and play it loud for the best experience.
8 months ago
One of the best Sterns in the last decade. This is another pro that I simply always wish I were playing the LE when I play it. It's a great game, and I don't want to take anything away from it, but it pales in comparison to the premium version.
8 months ago
I keep trying to like the music more..... I like the play, I think the theme will eventually get old unless you’re a diehard Metallica fan IMO of course. Therefore passing on a buy.
10 months ago
Just picked up a Metallica pro and it is awesome!!! One of the best games I have ever played. It's hard to walk away once you start playing, definitely has that one more game feeling. Very fast and exciting to play.
10 months ago
Fan layout, bash toy in the center, great theme, great music, rules deep enough to not be easy but achievable.
Stacking of modes

Brutal, I'm used to missed shots turn to sdtm but even when you make them (graveyard, Sparky and coffin) there is a probability of the ball to come back hot and sdtm. The coffin is easy enough to nudge or to hit indirectly, but graveyard and Sparky are instantaneous, no time to react
A bit repetitive, is kind of a AFM / MM with rock theme and deeper ruleset
More air balls than I think is acceptable but mods can mitigate this

As I also have IMDN that's the best comparison that I can make:
IMDN, deep ruleset, longer ball times, you feel you are accomplishing something, feel the game progressing and each time you get further, usually the ball is lost because of wrong decisions from the player and not because you actually made the shot.
MET, shallower ruleset, brutal, one game finishes in 5 minutes with low scoring and the next you get to GC, can get you pissed or euphoric, sometimes both.

I love both machines but only MET can get me really pissed when I align everything for stacking and Sparky shoots STDM without a chance to react.
11 months ago
All around fun game and solid performer. I'm always happy to play one on location but the theme isn't one I need in my home. I'd like to see how it would fair in a rockin' cage match with ACDC, KISS, GNR, and Aerosmith.
11 months ago
A very fast playing game. I'd love to play a premium or LE and see if it improves the game play at all.
11 months ago
Metallica is one of the many music pins. Choose a song and flip your way to rock 'n roll hall of fame. Playfield is great. Backglass not specifically with the cartoony band mates. I like the choices of song when you start(I'm a fan of the band by the way). Skill shot is fairly easy. Super skill shot is ok. It's my best music pin, hands down.
1 year ago
Casual Metallica fan, but not a fan of them as a theme.

That being said, this is a fun machine with some great toys. I enjoy the flow and love Sparky.

They did a nice job with the theme..
1 year ago
I knew the game was highly rated, but not being a Metallica fan I didn't give it much thought. But, once I got one, wow! It is a fast and brutal game, lightning fast - but super fun. Thought it may be a pin I would just rotate out after a year, but seems it may be a keeper. The songs grow on you, and match the game well. Great pin.
1 year ago
One of Stern's greatest! The software package along with John Borg's design makes this one special. This was one of John's first fan layout design I believe. It has been so successful that he has used it in many other games (GOTG for example). The Crank It Up mode is so fun. I don't understand why Stern hasn't used this on other new games. To me this sets Metallica apart from all other Pinball machines. I game within a game. The flow is amazing and I love the music. I highly recommend this game. I've owned it twice and only sold it because I want the premium.
1 year ago
I love the theme. You either like or hate the band. This game just never clicked with me. I know how many people love this game. The second time that I have gotten a game only to be disappointed. I really wanted a MET and I got a near-perfect HUO machine. There was almost no honeymoon period for me. I heard others talk about a game feeling like chopping wood and never understood until I had this in the house. It just never felt fun. It was always a chore. One of the quickest games to leave and I don't miss it. For some reason, I still want to like it. I feel like the guy who just doesn't "get it" with this title.
1 year ago
What can I say about Metallica that hasn't been said? Not much. Great pin, loads of fun. Pro might be better than the premium in my opinion, especially with the bell problems the premium is supposed to have. Love the band (some great songs are absent though), love the pin.... Fun for anyone at any skill level, I want this for home one day.

Electrocuting Sparky is such a great way to start a multi ball!

Artwork is meh not my thing, the only drawback. Wish there was a version that was a little dialed down.... Its just so busy everywhere.

Edit:. I bought a premium of this one and it's so epic. I'm not a huge Metallica fan even
1 year ago
Maybe a little biased as this is my first pinball machine owned and that I have put a considerable amount of time on compared to any other machine.

Toys - A+ (Sparky)
Music - A+
Shots - A
Rules - B (Feel like I keep doing the same thing over and over, but it still is fun)
Art - B
Theme - A (one of my favorite bands)
1 year ago
Facelift version of the game (With factory led and new SAM backbox) looks very good. Old whitestar version looks really cheap.
Big respect for the band members for the effort of doing the custom callouts and comments.

Art and music is a matter of taste, but I think they did very well. One of the best playfield layouts there is.

"Only" one toy (sparky), but man is it well made.
There are 348 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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