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Game Design: 8.714

Artwork: 8.665

Sounds/Music: 8.539

Other Aspects: 8.735

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Metallica (Premium)".
The other versions are: Metallica (Pro) (regular version), Metallica Master of Puppets (LE)

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There are 317 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
At start, not a fan of Metallica, but sounds, lights, ab game fit perfectly.
I miss a lot this pinball (owned twice).
One of the best ever!!
26 days ago
I have tried several times to play it but I can't get into it, I think it's mostly because of the theme. I have to admit, I am also not familiar with the rule set. I do like some music pins even though I'm not a fan of the bands, but not this one so much. I love Rush and IM for various reason, and I like GNR but mainly for its light shows and some of its cool playfield features on the CE or LE. I find myself am puzzled by my feelings toward this pin as I really enjoy playing GOTG which is essentially the same layout. Makes me realize that sometimes theme is more important that I would have imagined. The gap between the top 100 ratings of this machine and GOTG is huge as of this date (11 versus 51) and is also puzzling? Is it the rules, the theme, perhaps more people have access to Metalllica, not sure? Such is the subjective nature of any review:) I probably won't play again is there are so many other awesome games to play.
34 days ago
Played a lot of Metallica over the holidays and it's good. I'm not a huge Metallica fan but they are fine and the music suits pinball for sure. Light show was good and game shoots well, typical Borg creation.

It seems like you get a lot of STM drains which takes away from the fun. Maybe I just suck, code is probably what makes this game score so high but honestly I enjoyed shooting Aerosmith more.
49 days ago
Probably my favorite in my collection! Love all the different multi balls!!
83 days ago
I’ve owned a Metallica pro twice in the past and loved it. Never played a premium but recently bought one and wow. Lots say the pro is the better of the two but I strongly disagree. You are missing A LOT with just the pro. The premium has the spinners and is used in a lot of the modes for switch hits. The snake makes way more sense on the premium. You need the colored inserts for the premium. The rising cross is really cool. The hammer lock is one of the coolest ball locks in pinball. This might be my #1 of all time.
4 months ago
Great shooter, some tough shots, love the theme. I tend to be a band theme fan, so probably overly kind here given I'm a large fan of Metallica. Great integration with their music and art on display in this shooter.
4 months ago
Excellent game. My second favorite music pin after IM. All shots flow. Toys are fun especially Sparky. I'd love to own this one day.
5 months ago
Very good pin, not the best I have ever played but defiantly worth owning if you are a Metallica fan.
8 months ago
Excellent Stern pin. Finally played one yesterday after seeking one out for ages, and it completely satisfied. Not a huge Metallica fan but like them well enough... their music is prefect for pinball, they absolutely deserve a good pin, and they got one.
9 months ago
Metallica LE/Prem is a brilliant pin for people who prefer Bally/Williams era pins (because it strongly resembles one), but like to play something more up to date.

The hammer, snake and electricity toys are brilliant and I absolutely LOVE the inline drop targets. Why don’t more modern pins have them? It (obviously) has great music too.

The real genius of this pin is that it feels somehow familiar, yet modern, at the same time. Really great pin.
11 months ago
Bolted to the floor. Owned for many years and it’s a crowd favorite at the house. Flow, art work, gameplay, music is a winner.
1 year ago
The only thing this machine needs is a quality speaker upgrade to complement the awesome songs and call outs. Other than that, Metallica Premium/LE is a true master pieces that will age like a fine wine! Hard title to find. I'd give my soul to own this pin. Maybe one day...
1 year ago
This is an incredible game the missing aspect is the cgi is below average and the big miss was not having a color screen. This would be the game to vault with modern screen and clips of the band
1 year ago
Fun game with interesting rule set. The music is a bonus.
1 year ago
a fast and furious pin with great toys (the hammer, the snake, the grave..) and the rules made by lyman are excellent
this pinball has a good fun factor and a one more game feeling inside but it is packed with a fan layout not really innovative
overall, a new acdc with a better artwork !
1 year ago
North / South pinball at its very best ! No wonder they rarely come up for sale .Welded to the floor :)
1 year ago
Great Game
1 year ago
Took a while to really "get" this game and I found it hard to really start modes. However, once it clicks it's a lot of fun, challenging and quite interesting to play. Music and flow are good, shots and modes are fun and scoring is interesting. Let down by learning curve (and lack of signposting) and the voices and speech... I felt the band members were SUPER BORED when doing the voices for this cab, doesnt flow at all...Also, the snake... nope, dont get the joke....
1 year ago
Just a fast playing fun game. Its not particularly deep or technologically advanced, however the music, theme integration and bash toy make up for it. For me, this is the game that drew me into pinball and I'd say its a guest favorite, alongside MM & AFM. There is no real story to the theme here besides the game play doing its best to match the songs, however when you start doing well, the songs during the mode starts do a great job pulling you in even deeper. And its ass kicking speed will having you trying to do better and better on each new game. But mostly it just kicks my ass. The theme and coding are its weakest points probably, but the bash toy, electrocuting Sparky and having lightening and thunder with every jackpot will have you hooked.
1 year ago
Flat out love this game. Only bad thing is that the hammer function broke rather quickly out of the box. Even with it not functioning it is still a great game. The electric chair in combination with the shaker motor is one of my favorite features. Challenging, fun and Metallica playing in the background.
1 year ago
Decent game coupled with a terrible theme. Haphazard design and toys integrated with music as fresh and edgy as... 80's hair metal.
1 year ago
Probably the best machine Stern ever made!!!!
1 year ago
Color DMD mod and it’s 100%! Ramps are awesome. It is close in design to Avatar on left/ right sides. Better music pin than AS and Ledzep for the price point. If shopping for music pin this is up there. Not as packed as AC/DC or KISS in terms of toys and ramps but sparky is a blast to beat up.
1 year ago
Fun game. Great layout. Snake and coffin lock are cool, graveyard is very nicely done on the premium/LE's and Sparky is always fun to shoot. Left outlane can be a killer. A little simple and the rule set is not super deep but the game feels great when your hitting your shots.
1 year ago
The best game ever made.
Sparky is the coolest pinball toy i know.
Snake is the sixth guy.
It deserves a better sound as flipper fidelity and a shaker motor.
Better stop writting.... too many great points.
There are 317 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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