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Game Design: 8.692

Artwork: 8.649

Sounds/Music: 8.531

Other Aspects: 8.731

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Found 334 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 334 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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31 days ago
On my wishlist… love all the fun targets to bash and fairly simple rules to explain to friends!
73 days ago
Have owned this twice. First as a LE which I sold and regretted instantly.

I’ve recently purchased it again but in a road case version and it’s amazing, one of the best machines built.
3 months ago
This and Tron are my two favorite Borg layouts for Stern. Metallica is more basic and easier, but it requires a decent amount of chopping wood to get to Crank it Up, so it's good that it's not too drain-prone. The flow on this is nice, and shots are pretty fair and forgiving, especially for a Borg design. Additionally, the premium adds some fun to the achievements, I especially like the hammer "pounding" the ball through the playfield. Outside of occasionally saying "Shut up, Lars" I find this to be a solid casual and competition game. It doesn't do anything that new, but it's a very good two-flipper game, with a staggered fan design reminiscent of Monster Bash (the progressive play is somewhat similar, too). Additionally, it plays much better than Aerosmith despite being 5 years older.

Pros: Accessible code, balanced challenge, some fun tricks. Scoring is far more based on shots than code, feels like almost everyone likes or really likes it.

Cons: Maybe missing a "wow" element one might find in a more innovative layout, kind of redundant if played alongside other newer two-flipper games. Also, Sparky and the snake will occasionally force an unavoidable drain, but some of that is on operators more than design. This is a B+/A- game to me, very good, but not quite to the level of greatness some other tables have.
3 months ago
Very fun to play, with great artwork and nice toys. Many skill shots with various multi balls. This pinball is a tribute to Metallica live performances, with epic Music perfectly supported by the light effects ; fun to watch the playfield pulsing, lights dimming and strobes flashing at crucial moments of the play, making you feel like the hero of the day. In MYOO, this is one of the best Music themed pinball.
4 months ago
number one favorite pin to play
5 months ago
Metallica WOW! This is undeniably the BEST band pin I have ever played. I'm not a huge metal fan, but everybody likes some Metallica songs if they are a rock fan. The music just seems 'to work for pinball.' The songs add excitement at the right times. Call outs are good. The shots are great, maybe not as great as some modern Sterns, BUT...there is a LOT to do. I haven't really put enough time on this pin YET, but each day it gets more fun. And tonight I found myself singing Metallica songs after playing LOL! Metallica sort of feels like the old school pins I grew up on, but with more toys and mechs. I really like the variety of shots and that a player at my level can have different strategies for each game or even each ball. My pin is an earlier premium with shaker, mirror blades, snake fangs, lit speakers, maybe a few other mods but those are the highlights. I paid the going price for it which is a LOT considering you can get a NEW Stern premium for like $2k+ LESS. BUT, I feel like I am making up for lost time and I simply want to cycle all the greats in and out of my house and spend some quality time with them. Initially I thought Metallica might have been a mistake, but so many people like it that I knew I could trade easily for other pins I've been trying to get for a while. The more I play it, the more I love it. The animations are super cute too, COLOR LCD on mine as that is simply a requirement for any pin in my house. I feel like I will order a pinboard sub out tonight because the audio package is so good on this pin. It's weird to me that audio packages are so important to me when I played for years in loud locations where I couldn't hear a damned thing. Deadpool is my all time favorite pin with Cleland sound mod, Stranger Things Premium with Cleland sound mod is another pin I had to have but never thought would last in my collection but is definitely on the "DO NOT SELL LIST." And, I freakin LOVED Rick and Morty BSE mostly because of the audio package and have been trying to get one back ever since I sold it. So...the audio package is pretty important to me for pins apparently. Undeniably, the shots and flow are MOST important. Metallica is taking some days to dial in the shots. If a pin is just too easy to dial in I lose interest rather quickly. If I can afford to to grow my collection, I would like to get another CCrLE, pretty easy and just so damned campy if you like a western theme, but in my small collection I simply could not justify keeping it just to have a pin easy enough for casual players/guests to immediately LOVE. So, Metallica is just interesting and hard enough to keep my attention, but not so hard I can't play it. I believe it's a SAM system, not liking the maintenance implications of that so much. Yes, I know my expert tech Kyle will be able to do board level repairs on it, but it will be a little harder for me to do the maintenance I will need to do and a new learning curve. I don't like the back box and speaker panel at all, just need to get used to it. The bottom line is how does it feel when I play it? It feels really good. I can't pick a favorite shot. The ramps are a little tough at first and feel good when I hit them. I freakin love hitting Sparky and the fast unpredictable return and finally electrocuting him LOL. At first I thought, what is the appeal of electrocuting a guy? But after you do it a few times, it's pretty great really, a guilty pleasure. Oh yeah, my pin has the electrocution mod too. The inline grave targets are pretty good too, and not too easy at first, satisfying to get the cross multiball. The hammer is pretty cool, drilling the balls under the playfield into the coffin. WOW. The snake is cool eating the balls and the animations. The FUEL lane is cool, especially because of the audio when you hit it and shaker integration and difficulty. Metallica is a player's pin. When I tell pin enthusiasts I bought a Metallica Premium, it's like oh wow, can I play it? Or I like that that pin! Or let me know when you're ready to trade! It's a prize for sure.
5 months ago
This is one of the best games to just walk up and play. Miss my LE. Simple and deep enough to enjoy. Love the call outs.
5 months ago
Best game on the planet.
5 months ago
Metallica is one of my favorite John Borg games.

The layout consists of many shots. Not all of them feel great to hit but the Graveyard, Sparky and Fuel Lane shots are by far the most smooth ones. There can be some flow on this game which is nice. The hammer with the physical lock is a nice addition on this version although I think it obscures the playfield a bit because of its size.

The gamecode is amazing. In general it seems very straight forward, it will appeal to beginners and more casual players. But for advanced players there is the incentive to finish all Crank It Ups and reach the End of the Line, which is an awesome wizard mode. In that mode, depending on how well you did during the Crank It Ups, you can potentially earn billions of points. Another masterpiece by Lyman Sheats (RIP).

The artwork is perfect. Especially the playfield is great to look at. And I love the animations on the DMD, they've really put much effort into them. This game has set artwork-standards for further Stern games to come.

Every game on this is fun, hitting Sparky is very rewarding and the Graveyard shot is one of my favorite shots of all time.

Overall Metallica is a very good and fun game which will appeal to beginners and casual players as well as to advanced players
5 months ago
Finally was able to add this to my collection. Just an action packed fast paced game with an amazing ruleset and plenty to work on all over the playfield. Metallica and pinball are a match made in heaven. Love the callouts from all the band members and the trash talking! Love the toys on the playfield and they hold up great even compared to the more modern sterns. The only negative is the art package in my opinion.
6 months ago
Both a solid, fun game, and a hugely overrated kinda dull layout. I do dig the inline drops, and the ramps feel good. The toys on the premium don't add much to gameplay, but they do make for a more interesting pin than the pro.
7 months ago
I will own one of these... someday. This was one of the first pins I found myself just losing time and money into in the modern era. In fact, it might be the first "modern era" pin (post 2010) that I really said goddamn at. The artwork is glorious, the music selection is glorious and this feels like a Metallica pin, not a pin that is masquerading as a music theme. The thing I love most about this pin is simply that its fun, and never stops being fun. The shots, the geometry are barebones, solid pinball. Layer in the art, theme, call outs and music and this is a classic in my opinion.

In contrast, Guardians of the Galaxy shares the same playfield and geometry and that pin feels vapid, hollow and void of any personality or life. I love the GOTG movies but sometimes when you take a developed IP and try and turn it into something else it requires craftsmanship to really nail the little things. Metallica is a top 20 pin for me, me want one.
7 months ago
Ever since this game joined my collection its been a standout piece its art in its purest form. Its great it is all I want from a pinball simple, challenging and fun the theme is wonderful and the software integration is outstanding Borg and Sheets knocked this outta the park.This pin is definitely a keeper.
11 months ago
I love my Metallica Premium. It's definitely bolted to the floor. I'm really lucky that Metallica is the first machine I've ever owned.
There are many articulate opinions on Pinside relating to Metallica's layout, shots and modes. I don't know how much I can add to the discussion that hasn't been said by this point. Suffice to say that I really like how the open layout of the major shots allows you to get a great shot flow going, whilst always making all the shots feel satisfying. Even after owning it for 6 years now, Metallica can still very easily make me feel like a pinball hero. When I'm not close to being a great player.
I'm a massive metalhead, so, Metallica's theme really gets me in the feels. And, their music really fits soo well with pinball. I in fact purchased Metallica NIB, sight unseen because I just couldn't believe that the theme could possibly be a miss. Even my non metalhead family and friends really like the theme and music after playing.
Then there's something that seems to get glossed over by many comments. Metallica is a fantastic game to mod. Even now, nearly 7 years after the last production run, I'm still finding mods out in the wild that I just have to get. Metallica is a game that you can truly turn into something uniquely your own. And I just love that. I'm yet to find another modded Premium that looks to similar to mine (I've seen 4 other modded premiums).
11 months ago
Well, I had some games on some MET pros around town, but when I finally picked up a premium I realized why the game is so highly rated.

It shoots incredibly well, it's a good mix between long ball times and short but sweet games. Even the worst games have something fun happen in them. My wife got GC (100m) on our machine while the speakers were disconnected and had a blast without any Metallica even playing, and then came back and beat it by double with the music and sounds.

Dangerous, but manageable shots, multiballs everywhere, amazing effects and callouts, and a great rulesheet.

This one is going to stay around a while
1 year ago
At start, not a fan of Metallica, but sounds, lights, ab game fit perfectly.
I miss a lot this pinball (owned twice).
One of the best ever!!
1 year ago
I have tried several times to play it but I can't get into it, I think it's mostly because of the theme. I have to admit, I am also not familiar with the rule set. I do like some music pins even though I'm not a fan of the bands, but not this one so much. I love Rush and IM for various reason, and I like GNR but mainly for its light shows and some of its cool playfield features on the CE or LE. I find myself am puzzled by my feelings toward this pin as I really enjoy playing GOTG which is essentially the same layout. Makes me realize that sometimes theme is more important that I would have imagined. The gap between the top 100 ratings of this machine and GOTG is huge as of this date (11 versus 51) and is also puzzling? Is it the rules, the theme, perhaps more people have access to Metalllica, not sure? Such is the subjective nature of any review:) I probably won't play again is there are so many other awesome games to play.
1 year ago
Played a lot of Metallica over the holidays and it's good. I'm not a huge Metallica fan but they are fine and the music suits pinball for sure. Light show was good and game shoots well, typical Borg creation.

It seems like you get a lot of STM drains which takes away from the fun. Maybe I just suck, code is probably what makes this game score so high but honestly I enjoyed shooting Aerosmith more.
1 year ago
Probably my favorite in my collection! Love all the different multi balls!!
1 year ago
I’ve owned a Metallica pro twice in the past and loved it. Never played a premium but recently bought one and wow. Lots say the pro is the better of the two but I strongly disagree. You are missing A LOT with just the pro. The premium has the spinners and is used in a lot of the modes for switch hits. The snake makes way more sense on the premium. You need the colored inserts for the premium. The rising cross is really cool. The hammer lock is one of the coolest ball locks in pinball. This might be my #1 of all time.
1 year ago
Metallica is a unique machine; the flow, layout, rule set, lighting, interaction level and sound are very well done. The software and rule set that Lyman Sheets put together are well integrated, comprehensive and mesh incredibly well with the playfield hardware. The Borg design is straight forward and works very well to create a good flowing game that is challenging and keeps me coming back for more.

I'm not a huge Metallica fan...this machine really integrates the music, modes and really draws you in when you play it. Overall, a well put together pinball that is very enjoyable to play.
1 year ago
Great shooter, some tough shots, love the theme. I tend to be a band theme fan, so probably overly kind here given I'm a large fan of Metallica. Great integration with their music and art on display in this shooter.
1 year ago
Excellent game. My second favorite music pin after IM. All shots flow. Toys are fun especially Sparky. I'd love to own this one day.
1 year ago
Very good pin, not the best I have ever played but defiantly worth owning if you are a Metallica fan.
1 year ago
Excellent Stern pin. Finally played one yesterday after seeking one out for ages, and it completely satisfied. Not a huge Metallica fan but like them well enough... their music is prefect for pinball, they absolutely deserve a good pin, and they got one.
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