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Game design: 8.656

Artwork: 8.686

Sounds/Music: 8.551

Other Aspects: 8.722

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There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
It's cool.

But it's not iron maiden.
11 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 10 - Very High

* Love how music is different for each multi ball
* Hammer banging the ball into the coffin is fantastic
* Crank it up modes achievable
* Theme tie in is brilliant
* In line drop targets a nice addition in a modern game
* Master of Puppets cabinet art is awesome

* Can just hit Sparky all day to score points
* End of The Line hard to reach
* Hammer can malfunction

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Subwoofer
* Snake fangs and tongue
* Graveyard sign mod
* Sparky airball plastic
* Shooter plate cover (For MOPLE)
* Coffin newton ball
* Sparky wire

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear around all the magnets
* Damage to Sparky’s feet
* Dimples particularly near Sparky
* Snake and hammer mechanisms work as they should
30 days ago
I love the way you can choose difference songs from a Metallica play list, always a great feature,
The extra lighting around the flippers is Awesome,
I love watch the Hammer in the middle of the play field smashing the ball into a coffin below, never get sick of that!
Metallic has a couple of magnetic ball locks that are fun & so many more great toys,
I noticed that Stern has gone back to the Allen's head bolt to lower the back Board when transporting, great move Stern
Final word, Fantastic game !
33 days ago
For me MET is always a game I'll step up and throw some quarters into. I have yet to get as far in the game as I want, so I think it has some great lastability. I really can't imagine I'll ever make it to end of the line. The art is probably my least favorite part of the game, but the music makes up for it. I do sometimes feel like this is a "go for the MB" type of game, and everything else in the rules just tends to fall in line. That can be fun (who doesn't love a good MB), but it also makes it feel a little shallow. Still always a fun flip!
88 days ago
Metallica is my all-time favorite game as of now. We all know that changes over time. Addams was my favorite game for years but the newer Sterns are slowly replacing my old time favorites due to their depth in code. Metallica has great flow, depth in code, and Dirty Donnie did an amazing job on the artwork. I have played this game over a thousand times on 3 different Metallica's I've owned and I don't get tired of the game play. The Crank It Up mode is awesome and I don't understand why Stern doesn't use the in more games like Aerosmith. Time and money I'm guessing. Anyways, most of you out their have played this game and know what its about. One of the best if not the best game over created. Shout out to John Borg. Thanks brother for creating an amazing pin.
3 months ago
A high quality game with high quality sound with good shot play and nice art work worthy of a top 10 machine
3 months ago
Time for an unpopular opinion here. I've had a Metallica Premium in my basement on a temporary trade for a month now (for my STTNG) and... I really don't like this game. I like Metallica, but the rules on this game are not straight forward, even after watching a tutorial.

Music/Sound: Fantastic! Metallica! And a built in headphone jack! I'm not a huge fan of the callouts form the band, but they are passable.

Art: Not a fan of the art style

Layout: Not a fan. I think the hammer is under utilized and blocks too much of the playfield. The game is flowy, but once again I'm really not sure what is going on most of the time. I've played some deep games, but this one isn't really doing anything for me.

Fun Factor: It's not there. I just don't care for the game. I would much rather have my STTNG (which I'll get back in a few months) that this game. I understand that this is a popular game with deep rules, but they are just lost one me.

Long story short. If you want a super deep game and are a Metallic fan, watch a tutorial and play some games before you buy it.
4 months ago
Great game, love the flow and smooth ramps. Would like to own some day.
4 months ago
This game is insane. Being in Canada and a smaller city in really kinda limited to the pins available.... I had played Metallica a few times (pro) and was like this is fun but I don't understand the top rating....I bought it after someone local put a minty huo limited up..... Well, after owning it I can honestly say this is close to the perfect pin. I see what the fuss is about.

First off, the light show is mind blowing. I can't think of another Stern (or pin for that matter, but I've only played JJP very limited) that is even close. 10/10 easily. It's just so great...

The multiballs for each item you need to collect is great. Stacking, fuel, all the modes... Wow just wow. If you want a challenging stern this is one of the best.

Sadly I'm not a huge fan of Metallica and may mod out the songs? I'd that a sin? I do have to admit it goes really well with the gameplay for the most part. Although blackened over unforgiven or sanitarium???? Sanitarium would have got so will with this pin. But that's a small complaint..... I totally forgot Ride the lightning and it's great that it blasts whenever I shock Sparky.

This one's great. I can't see myself getting tired of it for a long long time.
6 months ago
If you are into music pins, this is the best of the bunch. The hammer toy is one of the best in pinball. Great pin!
8 months ago
Hummm.. sorry for my 10/10 but this game has all... Toys, music, rules, lights... Its just an amazing pinball. A must in a collection.
8 months ago
This is a home run - in my top 3 favorite machines. Has it all. I like it so much I invested in the Refinery edition as I do not see this game ever leaving my collection.
9 months ago
MET is an EXCELLENT game (Pro or Prem/LE)! I already wrote a review for the Pro and feel like the Premium is just a touch better with the extra toys. Maybe not enough better to justify the extra cost (the Pro version is still quite blinged out, and personally I'd rather have a color DMD with the extra money than the toys Stern put in), but it's a great game.
9 months ago
I just can't think of anything bad on this machine. One of the pins that are just perfect to me in every way.
9 months ago
My Holy Grail
9 months ago
After owning a pro for 3 years and recently selling, I quickly went through a rather nasty case of withdrawal. The only cure was to pick up a Premium. This is absolutely the benchmark for quality modern Stern games, truly an all time classic... which I apparently will never tire of playing.
9 months ago
Near perfect- the game has great art, great shots, and challenging goals.
10 months ago
Really enjoy this game, lots of mad multi-balls, lots of depth with crank it-up to get the high scores, Lots of cool toys (really like bringing down the hammer on coffin multi-ball).

Great speed. Good Flow, fun hitting the ramps back and forth, both with quick returns to flippers.
10 months ago
This game is pure fun. There is always something to do by having a bash toy in the center. I didn't care for Metallica much when it came out but now I am a big fan because of it. I want to have this game someday but I am an average player and have two top scores put on different machines which concerns me as lastability. The artwork on this is ground breaking and perhaps some day they will release a vault edition with blacklight?
10 months ago
I am no Metallica fan but this game is awesome. Out of every pin I've played to this point, I think I understood Metallica the best and learning it was pretty natural. I feel that most of the games I play are fairly eventful and fun without quick drains etc. The accessories on the playfield are a lot of fun when functioning. I strongly considered getting a premium after playing it several times, which says a lot given I am not a Metallica fan as I said. Definitely give this one a shot if you come across one and haven't played it yet.
11 months ago
There's something just right about Metallica cranked up and playing pinball on this machine with the amazing Dirty Donnie artwork... pinball nirvana - it doesn't get much better!
11 months ago
If the hammer, snake and post leading to the jets worked properly, this would be a much better game than it is. The mini wizard modes save this game.
1 year ago
Not a huge Metallica fan but, I always found myself playing this machine at a local pinball arcade. I liked it so much ,i ended up buying a premium model. The only negative thing that was worrying me was, the air balls coming off of the sparky characters feet. Thanks to pinbits sparky air ball protector, the issue is now fixed! Great machine even if you don’t care for the band!
1 year ago
one of my favorite games ever and can’t wait to have one in my basement.
1 year ago
The good: Fast, furious with lots to aim at. Relatively deep on strategy (stack the lanes but stay out of Seek and Destroy). Tons of multiballs, very easy and forgiving with extra ball as well. I own one, but still end up playing a bunch on location over other pins because it's my style of game. My favorite pinball moment I've yet to find in any pin is the start of the Fade to Black crank it up in a quiet environment. Gives me chills...

The bad: Can feel like chopping wood as many have mentioned, but that's broken up well with the multiballs. I wish it would just play a song all the way through instead of the start/stop thing that it does when you drain or whatever.

The overall: I've owned a premium for about a year now and it's fantastic. It's still my kid's favorite game (over the spider-man I got them specifically because they don't like Metallica music). As I mentioned above, I still migrate back to it quite a bit on location when I find one just due because it's fast and fun. I may trade it for variety sake, but only because it's on location everywhere and I can go play one to get my fix. It's just straight up better than and has similar playstyle to higher ranked pins such as MM and AFM.

**Also of note, as a premium owner who's played a lot of pros, I'd take the stock pro personally over the stock premium only because of the captive ball vs the block. The block just kills the flow. I changed out my block for a captive ball which makes a huge difference. The hammer on the premium is cool.
There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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