Metallica (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2013)

Metallica (Premium/LE)

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10 days ago
There's something just right about Metallica cranked up and playing pinball on this machine with the amazing Dirty Donnie artwork... pinball nirvana - it doesn't get much better!
14 days ago
If the hammer, snake and post leading to the jets worked properly, this would be a much better game than it is. The mini wizard modes save this game.
29 days ago
Not a huge Metallica fan but, I always found myself playing this machine at a local pinball arcade. I liked it so much ,i ended up buying a premium model. The only negative thing that was worrying me was, the air balls coming off of the sparky characters feet. Thanks to pinbits sparky air ball protector, the issue is now fixed! Great machine even if you don’t care for the band!
47 days ago
one of my favorite games ever and can’t wait to have one in my basement.
63 days ago
Pros: Great shots and toys. Starting any of the multiballs is really fun. Building up the items to get to Seek and Destroy is the best part of the rules in this game. All of the crank it ups feel unique and very fun.
Choosing your song at the start is something I wish more games would use.

Cons: The hammer while an awesome toy malfunctions a lot. It can get really annoying having your lock lit four 5 shots in a row and the magnet never catching the ball. Crank it up seems to be so much more valuable than everything else which can make your multiballs just feel like a vessel for getting to crank it up and Seek and Destroy.

Overall: The game is very fun and great to play on location but for home use I would prefer a pro to avoid the hammer.
68 days ago
Amazing art, but also amazing sound, lighting and most importantly, Amazing game play! This is Stern at it's best. One of those every 10 year pins, almost perfect! I played this gem at Scandia right after it came out and it was so loud I couldn't believe it. What a rush!
This was before I played AC/DC, so I had never had an intense music/pinball experience like this in my life! This game, along with AC/DC, takes piball to a new level!!
Been a few years now but I'm finally rating some of my favorites and as y'all know, this is one of the best ever.
PS- Played Maiden. 2 quick games so I won't rate yet, but just didn't feel close to how good Met is.
75 days ago
Are you a Master of Plungers or Trapped under glass? Is it you for Whom the Ball tolls or Do you Ride the Outlane? If you answered yes to any of these questions, buy or play this game immediately.
85 days ago
The game is amazing!!! The best music pin of the bunch. Only AC/DC comes close. Art work is so cool. Game play is great. The game has several multiballs and modes. Recommend!!
3 months ago
I can find very little wrong with this game. Full disclosure I’m a big fan of the band since seeing them in concert for the first time (Riverbend Cincinnati 93’). Pros: metal ramps, hammer through the play field, the fuel thingy that revs like a motor, pistons that pump on display, electrocutions, puking snakes, and some fantastic music. Cons: wish they made more road case and puppets editions for the masses. This one is top on the wish list.
3 months ago
Blows the Pro out of the water if you ask me. That hammer trick is one of those "a-ha" moments in Pinball that get rarer the longer you're in the hobby. This moment happened for me in Buffalo in November 2018.
4 months ago
I love Metallica the band, love music themed pins in general, and wanted to love this. The cartoon look ruins it. Maybe if I see Master of Puppets or the Road Case I'll feel different. The gameplay was better than average, and I love the music, but might as well make a Beavis and Butthead pin with the art. (no offense to the artist, just not my taste. For me, theme and look are critical for owning a machine. Its a big investment of $ and as important, space. Gotta love the whole package.
edit: I found a Road Case so I was able to get around the art I didn't like
This game is fun, and has cool toys. Sparky rocks, the snake is cool, and the coffin! I'm hunt for a good back glass as the one on it now is lame.
5 months ago
This pin for me is a mixed bag of emotions. Although I do love the theming since I love Metallica, the repetitive bashing of certain shots really feels like woodchopping after a while.
This fact breaks the table beyond being great, so it’s a really good pinballers choice, but there are better pins for the home collection.
Besides this, everything else has been commented several times.
6 months ago
Metallica justifiably ranks as one of the truly great pinball machines
Superb selection of interactive toys, lots of fun to play
8 months ago
Not much of a Metallica fan, however I am a pinball fan, so I can't help but like this game. The art is absolutely perfect all over, so that's a plus. Layout is also killer, I wish Stern would embrace metal/wireform ramps over plastic in all of their titles. The rules are pretty simple to grasp but there's also a lot of strategy involved that I won't claim to have mastered yet. Toys are great, hammer is quite the spectacle. The themeing isn't great for me as I don't know their songs, and music themes are harder to get invested in for non-fans, unlike films and tv themes pins which are more accessible.

All in all though, this is a great pinball machine, especially for fans, but also for the Pinball player. This one is a little better than the pro due to the toys, but both play good games.
10 months ago
Definitely very high up on my wanted list. That hammer slamming balls into the!! Awesome game.
10 months ago
I can't fault it. I want one. Great theme, great depth to the rules, and satisfying shots.
11 months ago
It's my favourite Stern pinball machine
11 months ago
Recently picked up Master of Puppets LE after months of playing pro's the extras on the Prem and LE are great and im so happy I went with the full feature game. LE has a gorgeous backglass and side art all combined with the best music package to date (until iron maiden :) for me). We've all played Met and after a ton of games I knew I had to own it and will never regret it!
12 months ago
Easily one of my favorite machines of all time. Played it a bunch on location and was not impressed...this is one where you really need to hear the music and callouts to get into the game.
1 year ago
Great Rules ! Some of the best in pinball. I really like the ramp shots. They are very smooth on my LE. The Geometry of the play field is excellent and all shots feel makeable when needed. This is a game that demands mods (kinda like Tron). The various ones from pinball refinery work really well an external subwoofer is a plus as well.
1 year ago
I don't understand the appeal of this machine other than the music and novelty of band-themed tables. Gameplay is meh at best.
1 year ago
Great game great band great music the theme is super cool wish it had the color change smd s a few cool mods available just a fun game the interaction is funny the voices of the band just make the game even better I really like that you can choose more aggressive words and it always has something different to say
1 year ago
What can you say about Metallica that has not already been said??? This game is top 10 all day long. It truly is a pinball masterpiece. Many great games lack something, whether it be art or sounds, but this pin hits all the high notes in art, animations, music, layout and rules. Simply one of the best games ever created.
1 year ago
It's MET. Duh!
1 year ago
Metallica has everything anyone should want in a pinball machine! Toys, modes, art, shots, music! Not the most challenging but definitely top of the list for lastability!
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