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Game design: 9.104

Artwork: 8.736

Sounds/Music: 8.451

Other Aspects: 8.99

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This is "Medieval Madness".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard), Medieval Madness (Remake - Classic Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Special Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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24 days ago
This is definitely a wonderful game and the #1 rating is certainly debatable, but probably deserved (what other game should be #1?). I look at these ratings to help me decide what game to purchase or spend time playing. I have fortunately spent a lot of time playing MM- two of my pinball club buddies have 'em and I also was reintroduced to pinball playing a virtual version several years ago.

Does MM deserve the #1 rating for so long? Who knows and who really cares (many do!) and I am certainly not going to troll this excellent game. Callouts, music, flow, and play are truly exceptional.

However, I have noticed that when a group of us get together to play in our home caves (smallest collection is 10 games), MM is usually pretty lonely. Is it because we have spent so much time playing this? Are we more interested in the newer games with deeper codes and LCD screens? Are we tired of castle bashing?

If you are lucky enough to find a decent MM (remake or otherwise), you will be looking at $8K+ and I would argue that most would find more value and fun with a NIB modern game, as stated by many others on this site. So I took off a point for lastability, fun, game rules, playfield, and gimmicks.

MM is one of the best for sure, but I think most would be happy buying something different unless they have an endless budget.

27 days ago
It's Medieval Madness, absolute classic game. The flow on the game is one of the best of all time, hitting consecutive ramp shots and orbits is very satisfying. Sound and callouts are awesome and funny! Not a huge fan of the play field artwork.
38 days ago
Great game and if I could afford it I would have it in my lineup immediately.
41 days ago
We have it in the association, the members are one of the pinballs they play the least, when you have played for a long time it ends up becoming repetitive, that does not mean that it is fun, it is a very fun pinball especially for novices, but for many people the rules make that we leave it when we have played a lot. I would like to be able to try the one from Chicago Gaming to see the differences, since according to what I have been told with the remake that does not happen.
48 days ago
One of the all-time greats! So much fun to play and destroying that castle never gets old!
70 days ago
The best of the 90’s fan layout BW games by far. Tremendous flow, great rules / code, hilarious callouts / animations. This is the magic of pinball on full display and a true world under glass. That being said... There are limitations of what 90’s classics can offer standing up against modern pins mainly in the realm of code, sound, animations, depth of rules. MM wins on charm but I can see EHOH, being a similarly styled game to MM eventually surpassing it as the goat.
3 months ago
This is one of the most fun machines out there and no matter how much I play, still keeps me coming back for more. In some aspects, this is the best game out there. But in other categories, especially in the light of much newer games, it is absolutely not even close to the top. Overall, still one of the best packages in a machine and a highly recommended machine to own or even just play.
3 months ago
Timeless classic. Long nights at Billy Ray's bar in Portland, OR back in the day. Good times.
4 months ago
Medieval Madness is probably the best pinball machine of it's era.
5 months ago
I'm sure if you spend time on this game it will really kick butt! Very fun right off the bat but didn't get too much out of it. Definitely fun and the theme was great. Monty Python is obviously the target here and it really is great all the way around. The sound is eh, mediocre. The lighting on the one I played was dim. The animations are average/decent. But the game is definitely cool and fun.
6 months ago
This game is great. I can remember the first few times playing this in the local movie theater. Always lots of fun. I dont fully understand all of the aspects of the artwork. Honestly I love the shots although they seem to get bit repetitive.
6 months ago
This machine just hits on all levels. Flawless theme, artwork, call outs, rule set and shots. Only perfect rating I’ve ever given
6 months ago
Best game I ever played!!
6 months ago
J Youssi art is as usual, awesome!!
The call outs and comments are hilarious.
The flow is alright, The castle really kind of slows things down throughout for me...
It is however a really fun game to play and everyone seems to find that to be the case!
6 months ago
All time classic that draws a crowd. The trolls, drawbridge, portcullis and exploding castle have got to be the best pinball toys. Brilliantly themed, with fun call outs and awesome artwork - the translite, PF and cabinet artwork are the complete package.
7 months ago
One of the only classic games i MUST own someday
7 months ago
Enough has been said about Medieval Madness over the years, but it's my favorite all-around table -- one of the few I'll play every time wherever I find it. This game nails its theme and does so in a fun, creative, and humorous way that never seems to get old. It's the highest on my wishlist and my answer to the desert island scenario "if you could only have one" question. I'm sure the theme isn't for everyone, but I'm not sure I want to meet the person that can't have fun playing this machine.
7 months ago
The castle! Who can say it isn't amazing to destroy the castle! The game is just a blast to play and always will be. I owned one for a while back when they were insanely priced. We're fortunate to have options now to own this title a little easier. The humor, the call-outs and easy to follow rules just make it fun for everyone. Some of my favorite flowing ramps of any game too.
7 months ago
A great game but has flaws. I find the gameplay pretty shallow in terms of the number of shots. It’s basically ramp ramp ramp ramp and center shots. The trolls are cool but they are just two static targets that are kind of easy to hit. A great game but the most overrated of the “big 3”
7 months ago
Yes it's fun. Yes it is Monty Python. Yes it is one of the top games for a reason: Exploding Castle!

I do find it fun and had been wanting one for years. Now I know why it is in top demand as it is enjoyable time after time.

Layout similar to AFM, but different. I can play both and shoot up the middle or go for that Damsel ramp, so it's enough variation for me.
9 months ago
This game is #1 for a reason. Played it on vpx for years then in bars and finally had an opportunity to own my own. I was nervous about the longterm reliability on the remakes and am confident in my ability to fix issues on the wpc95 platform so I went with the original. Simple enough for new players to have a blast. Possibly the best toys in pinball. Most games last about a year in my 5 to 6 game lineup so well see if it ends up getting old but for now I can't stop playing it!
9 months ago
For most people it's a grail pin. For me it's okay, solid game and fun but not something I run back to time and again or have any desire to own.
9 months ago
I honestly don’t find this game to be very good at all. I think the ruleset is the worst thing about this game as you really need to do is go for the castle. Although the artwork and callouts are great but when comparing the ruleset to games like Addams Family or twilight zone it just doesn’t compare.
9 months ago
Timeless classic. Theres not much not to love about this game. Everything about it oozes personality and fits the theme perfectly. One of the all time best toys and great humour in the call outs as well.
10 months ago
Not worthy of my quarters.... not sure how this makes it in the top 100 even.
There are 757 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 31.

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