Medieval Madness

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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Medieval Madness". The group itself ranks #2 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 9.106

Artwork: 8.724

Sounds/Music: 8.465

Other Aspects: 8.991

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This is "Medieval Madness".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard), Medieval Madness (Remake - Classic Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Special Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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There are 815 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
A classic pinball machine that is as much fun today as back in 1997 when I played it than. A game that will stay in my collection forever.
21 days ago
One of my grail games to own. When you can find one in all working condition, it's just such a treat to play. The theme is so well done here and the whole castle siege design makes for a heck of a simple yet fun game to play. So many toys and gimmicks with the "destruction" really set this one apart and almost all shots you make feel rewarding even with not succeeding at main game modes.
29 days ago
One of my favorite games of all time. This is a step up in many ways from its predecessor Attack From Mars, which I also love. Breaking down the castle door; shooting through the wall for multiball; the castle destruction sequence; the troll popups; it's fantastic.
32 days ago
Do not understand the hype, so many better games out there.
51 days ago
I love this Pinball machine. This one gives me a good pinball buzz!! I have played it in Meriden, CT at the Sanctum.
64 days ago
Have owned this since it first came out. Had it at my arcade and it was a blast to play. Customers kept coming back for it. Bought 2 more for the route and they were great earners. Pulled this one off route and took home for our keeper game. So much fun. Great flow and call outs.
69 days ago
Who doesn't love it? The theme is great for a broad audience, it's clear for beginners what to do but also has a lot of broader things for more experienced players. Music is great, call outs are amazing and funny. An all-round great game. In my opinion the pinnacle of 90's pins.
83 days ago
Very fun game. One of the best games of the 90’s. The castle is one of the best bash toys in pinball history. Not a huge fan of the ramp shots as they tend to drain if you don’t make it up the ramps. Same goes for the castle. If you hit it dead on it will also drain. Rule set is not that deep but what’s there is excellent. I love how simple and straight forward this game is to play.
3 months ago
Still get sucked in every time I find one in decent condition..........such a great shooter
3 months ago
Man, I get it.... it's as close to a Monty Python pin as there will ever be.... but it's not as good as THAT pin would be. STILL... fun as all hell, love playing it. But it's that old "Princess Bride" vs "Holy Grail" thing.... this feels more "Princess Bride" than "Holy Grail" to me, and that's the only reason it's not the best version of this pin I can imagine.
3 months ago
As close to the perfect pinball as has ever been made. Never grows old. Dumbest thing I ever did was sell my original Williams version back in the early 00s.
4 months ago
What can I say. Legendary game. Nitpicking: the shots to the castle drawbridge and portcullis can get a little repetitive. There could be a combo reward for continually hitting alternate ramps.
5 months ago
Certainly in my top five favorites of all time. Challenging, timeless, great theme, really fun to play.
5 months ago
Have always loves this game. It's just plane fun and keeps your interest. you know its good when they keep remaking it.
My brother has it, wish he lived in my state!
5 months ago
An absolute classic! Can't wait to own one one day!
5 months ago
This game deserves the hype. Truly flawless, so I'll focus on the few complaints I have. Wish there was a plunger to give a little more variety to the ball launch, but as I understand it, they opted for the button to save cost (.08 cents, that allowed them to add the dragon to the ramp...nice tradeoff). Merlins hole can be tricky to get the ball to stick, but I do like the fact that it cant be accessed from the backside off a lucky pop bumper bounce. Despite battling for king of the realm multiple times, I've never hit video mode, so I wish it was more accessible. And that's about it. Imagine the perfect game, where you're hard pressed to find a flaw/improvement and there you have it. Medieval madness. 10/10. I'm bolting this one to the floor.
6 months ago
I have owned this game for 10 years. It was my grail game. In my opinion, I think that it is still the greatest pin after playing many others including the new sterns, JJP, Bally, and Williams. Best theme ever!
6 months ago
The one and only Medieval Madness is arguably the greatest Pinball Machine every created. So much fun and a replay value that is second to none. Super great comedy and a fantastic shooting Game, what more could you ask for. You should do everything you can to play this Game.
6 months ago
6 months ago
Best game ever
6 months ago
I think this is a very fun game to play. It is full of things to do.
6 months ago
Doesn't quite live up to it's predecessor (AFM) but not many pins can.
6 months ago
Best pin ever made hands down.
7 months ago
This game is just fantastic - the moving castle, the trolls, the shots and the east to catch on game play are all just great parts of the game that all work really well together!
7 months ago
Super fun to play, love the shots and interactive castles. Always a game I look to play on location
There are 815 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 33.

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