Medieval Madness

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Game Design: 9.088

Artwork: 8.705

Sounds/Music: 8.437

Other Aspects: 8.964

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Medieval Madness".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard), Medieval Madness (Remake - Classic Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Special Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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6 days ago
This pin is perfect. Troll popups are hilariously fun. The callouts for everything are awesome and never get tired of them. Bashing the castle is simple yet endlessly playable. Merlin's Magic adds just the right "what will I get next" element. The original feels different from the remakes, especially the castle, but plays very similar.
21 days ago
Great machine. Wish I could afford one.
35 days ago
What more need be said? This was the first pin I ever wanted to keep playing, first replay, etc.

Pros: Too many to name, but a good condition machine is fair, has great flow, has lots of varied shots and the game generally rewards good shots and punishes bad ones. The sound/script is beyond outstanding, it's funny, clever, and immersive. The achievements are all visually enjoyable and clear, the castle destruction, trolls, damsel's a blast.

Cons: The castle shot, while a good one (and thankfully doable with both flippers), can get repetitive, as you need to hit it literally dozens of times in a longer game. The flippers have to be pretty lively to get up the steeper ramps (and to avoid draining down the middle on gate shots), and the hit detection is often imperfect even on well-maintained games.

Overall, a classic, and a true top-5 all-timer
46 days ago
absolutely one of the better machines i've played on
58 days ago
Perfect game in so many respects.

My only minor gripe with artwork is - I wish the mad king didn't look so violent. Could've toned it down just a little bit to make it more family friendly and approachable instead of legit "psychotic and murdery" looking.

For me, the castle shots just simply never get boring and always feel rewarding every time a castle is destroyed. It may be that I haven't put in enough time on this machine (currently at a few dozen plays) or effort in better understanding the rules, but unfortunately, the rest of the toys and shots are invisible to me. I am simply always going for the castle with the exception of Merlin's Magic (for the extra ball) and clearing out the trolls whenever I have to. The main toy being "too fun" is not a bad problem for this game to have though and this machine really does deserve its spot in the top slot.
75 days ago
Understandably the greatest for a reason.

Looks great, sounds great, awesome toy with the castle, definite one-more-go feel after playing. I am so close to getting all 6 castles(!). Good strategy options with multiball madness modes or mainly going for castles. Is it better than AFM & MB? Can't really pick between them, but this may take it for the coolest toy.

Slightly irritated it's only two-flippers as I would prefer another, but this keeps the gameplay suspenseful as you don't often feel 'safe' - even the kickout from the castle can be wild.
78 days ago
MM is perfect. Stunning game for Eveyone!
85 days ago
MM is a classic for a reason—the flow is fast and the shots feel great, and most importantly, it’s funny! I’m a huge fan of silly, and this game has it in spades. Every shot you hit makes you giggle. To me, the shots become a little boring over time, the callouts a little stale, but that doesn’t take away from the game as a whole—I still love stepping up to it. I just don’t want to play it for hours. It’s more fun to come back to after a few weeks or months away, like it creates its own nostalgia. Wonderful for an hour or two, but then it gets repetitive for me and I need a little time away before I am excited to play it again.
88 days ago
Fun game. Rinse and repeat shots, but it's still a solid classic
3 months ago
My favorite pin. Hard to find any flaws.
3 months ago
Meh, IMO it's not as great as everyone else seems to think it is. Its fun but not my cup of tea. Creature is a better game.
3 months ago
Have played hundreds of games on MM over the years, it never gets old. Every time I see it in a collection or out on location I have to play it. There's the nostalgia factor, but it's also a very fun game. The rules are easy to understand, some of the shots are challenging - but they are also pretty fair. The theme is timeless, and the callouts are still probably my favorite game callouts of all time. The castle destruction element is very satisfying (when it's not broken). Love this game, hope there's never a world where it doesn't exist!
4 months ago
For years one of the best, but against the likes of GnR its just an ok game. Even comparing to the some of the latest sterns, it doesnt stack up for lastabilty. Great shots of course, the castle is magnificent and nothing compared to it for years. Great ramps and modes but lacks the depth of the latest games. This an AFM, great games, but they're old now.
I love it, but more so on nostalgia. Did never get to BFTK ... perhaps ill own again one day.
4 months ago
Greatest of all time, nothing else can touch it, even decades later. The Williams team crafted a near-perfect pinball experience, offering the player a wonderful adventure packed with crowd-pleasing multiballs, very easy rules, and fun characters that are wildly entertaining to listen to.

Brian Eddie's one-two punch of MM and AFM have a very simple formula that works perfectly: create a single story (a Kings kingdom, invading Martians), have all features and modes all contribute to the main story, and have a big toy to shoot at.

The King of Payne shall rule forever!
4 months ago
This is a game where entry level folks can play and have a great time, and more skilled players have defeating the King of Payne to shoot for. The theme is universal and the more you play, the more fun it is. Bashing the castle and the trolls never gets old for me. Can be a little unbalanced (hit the castle over and over), but along with AFM and the Shadow, this Brian Eddy pin still holds up as one of the GOAT.
4 months ago
Top theme ever on the top pinball ever, stop
5 months ago
Probably the funnest pinball ever made. Easy to get into, well made. It should be rated number. It can be argued that Monster Bash or Attack From Mars are better and those are amazing games as well and I put those in my top three. I can't think of a game that is funner to play and easier to get into.
5 months ago
This is definitely a wonderful game and the #1 rating is certainly debatable, but probably deserved (what other game should be #1?). I look at these ratings to help me decide what game to purchase or spend time playing. I have fortunately spent a lot of time playing MM- two of my pinball club buddies have 'em and I also was reintroduced to pinball playing a virtual version several years ago.

Does MM deserve the #1 rating for so long? Who knows and who really cares (many do!) and I am certainly not going to troll this excellent game. Callouts, music, flow, and play are truly exceptional.

However, I have noticed that when a group of us get together to play in our home caves (smallest collection is 10 games), MM is usually pretty lonely. Is it because we have spent so much time playing this? Are we more interested in the newer games with deeper codes and LCD screens? Are we tired of castle bashing?

If you are lucky enough to find a decent MM (remake or otherwise), you will be looking at $8K+ and I would argue that most would find more value and fun with a NIB modern game, as stated by many others on this site. So I took off a point for lastability, fun, game rules, playfield, and gimmicks.

MM is one of the best for sure, but I think most would be happy buying something different unless they have an endless budget.

6 months ago
It's Medieval Madness, absolute classic game. The flow on the game is one of the best of all time, hitting consecutive ramp shots and orbits is very satisfying. Sound and callouts are awesome and funny! Not a huge fan of the play field artwork.
6 months ago
Great game and if I could afford it I would have it in my lineup immediately.
6 months ago
We have it in the association, the members are one of the pinballs they play the least, when you have played for a long time it ends up becoming repetitive, that does not mean that it is fun, it is a very fun pinball especially for novices, but for many people the rules make that we leave it when we have played a lot. I would like to be able to try the one from Chicago Gaming to see the differences, since according to what I have been told with the remake that does not happen.
6 months ago
One of the all-time greats! So much fun to play and destroying that castle never gets old!
7 months ago
The best of the 90’s fan layout BW games by far. Tremendous flow, great rules / code, hilarious callouts / animations. This is the magic of pinball on full display and a true world under glass. That being said... There are limitations of what 90’s classics can offer standing up against modern pins mainly in the realm of code, sound, animations, depth of rules. MM wins on charm but I can see EHOH, being a similarly styled game to MM eventually surpassing it as the goat.
8 months ago
This is one of the most fun machines out there and no matter how much I play, still keeps me coming back for more. In some aspects, this is the best game out there. But in other categories, especially in the light of much newer games, it is absolutely not even close to the top. Overall, still one of the best packages in a machine and a highly recommended machine to own or even just play.
9 months ago
Timeless classic. Long nights at Billy Ray's bar in Portland, OR back in the day. Good times.
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