Medieval Madness

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Medieval Madness". The group itself ranks #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 9.097

Artwork: 8.719

Sounds/Music: 8.389

Other Aspects: 8.966

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Found 846 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 846 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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47 hours ago
Destroying the castle never gets old. A very solid solid classic that consistently provides an enjoyable playing experience. I personally enjoy AFM better than this pin, but its one I'll also come back to at my local arcade.
2 days ago
Very nice old school game.
4 days ago
Come detto per la versione remake penso che questo pin non meriti la posizione che ha in una classifica dove sono presenti macchine più recenti con le quali non può reggere il confronto in gameplay ,complessità e durabilità.. quantomeno l originale mantiene un fascino nostalgico rispetto al remake ma non è di questo che si dovrebbe tener conto in questa ho giocati entrambi e mi è piaciuto ma dopo 2 partite scappavo verso il lato della sala dove c erano 10 degli ultimi stern le..10 anni fa magari non mi sarei mosso da lì.questi titoloni anni 90 sono macchine favolose ma devono fare i conti con il progresso.
11 days ago
Medieval Madness is an absolutely unique classic.

The layout is very similar to Attack from Mars with a bit less emphasis on flow. All of the shots are very satisfying. The lock shot and the Damsel shot are by far the most beautiful ones.

The gameplay is a bit stop-and-go based which isn't that bad but the moat disables the flow of the ball. But considering the medieval theme there had to me a castle and a moat. The castle by the way is one of the best toys that will ever appear in any pinball machine.

The game code is the best on any WPC-95 game, it is the most complete and competitive. I adore stacking all the madnesses together and then having the King of Payne (who by the way is an awesome villain like the Black Knight) scream "Multiball Madness!" at you. And destroying the castles is a lot of fun since Midway actually came up with very good ideas for the King's minions. The game also has easily understandable basic rules which enables beginners to have fun and yet it has enough code depth to ensure an advanced player will have fun.

The artwork on the entire game is excellent, nothing about it could be any better and it fits perfectly with the medieval theme.

The game can get a bit repetitive after a while but there are many moments within the gamecode that you want to witness again and again.

Overall Medieval Madness is a beautiful and creative game which will entertain beginners as well as advanced players. I do think Attack from Mars is slightly better but just because of the extra flow that is missing here. It is an all time classic just like Attack from Mars and Monster Bash and just like those games it can still keep up with more modern games.
19 days ago
Fascination, fun, adrenaline, art.
Best Pinball Ever
29 days ago
Still one of the best! And THE best game from the 90s. Just a blast to play! On my (and probably everybody elses) wishlist
58 days ago
The best classic pinball from the Williams 90s era. Just so much fun! Rules are quite simple but the game is still challenging enough and deceivingly simple to master
71 days ago
Game play and the flow is excellent. Chart topper for sure.
77 days ago
Excellent machine which alone represents the pinball industry and its ingenuity. How not to be amazed by this fortified castle which resists the attacks of the ball! Atmosphere of madness, humor, epic moments! Perfectly balanced rules. Everything is there to make you have a good time! Machine without real defects except for its price
3 months ago
The game is fun but I feel it suffers from too much going on. I always felt like it was chaotic and I never get to play it enough to really figure out if I enjoy it. This game either seems to break down a lot or have some fans who are a little too obsessed and never stop playing it. I'd like to learn more about the game because it does look fun but it's hard to find and so overplayed it can be difficult to get a few plays in before some obsessed fan gets argumentative with you about playing 2 games after they play 20.
3 months ago
A real classic. I was surprised how much I liked this machine. The drawbridge is a great find. The destroying of the castle reminds me of AFM, but it is far more fun because of the bridge and the door. For the rest good shots and if I come across it again, it will most certainly get my attention again.
3 months ago
Super fun game. Would like to own one someday. Smashing the castle is such a great feature.
3 months ago
Hands down best pinball machine ever made.
3 months ago
Such a fun game, love the castle and trolls. Cant wait to play the remake. It deserves its rating. I do believe Pinside might have to create an independent top 100 for older games. I feel like this game should always be in the top 5 but at the level stern is releasing games The older games might not hold up well on the score board.
4 months ago
Trade with AFM plus money from my side butt it is Worth. Gona make a Gold one
4 months ago
Classic pinball fun. The castle and trolls just don’t get old. Fun callouts. The theme doesn’t do anything in particular for me but is a nice break from all the licensed themes.
4 months ago
Really fun pin. remembered it from back ion the day and held off rating it until i could play it again. Finally i have and after 30+ games it doesnt feel any worse than it did many, many years ago. it's just fun. it's not the deepest ruleset in the world ESPECIALLY compared to modern games but how you approach the game is flexible and enjoyable. Plenty of ways to score and enough modes that are very well balanced that you dont feel lik eyou're just hitting the same thing over and over. yes, you CAN just aim for the castle but you miss so much other potential, fun and scoring oppertunity.

Like Monster Bash and Attack From Mars this just keeps me hooked to one more credit. You don't ever seem to get burnt out playing this. The mark of a great pin. NOTE revew is of the original as that's what I've played. I'm sure the bigger display and such on the remake is a minor uplift to this.
4 months ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
5 months ago
The castles drawbridge lowering down and the gate rising, not to mention the castle moving like its exploding still looks great to this day!
5 months ago
I've pumped so many quarters into this this pin I ought to own it by proxy. Found one in a dive karaoke bar and would put up with some of the worst singing just to play.this pin.
Loved everything about it. Great playing game, just can't get enough of this one.
6 months ago
This is a really fun game to play. I probably would've rated it higher if I was able to hear all the call-outs because I understand it is pretty funny, especially in the "adult mode". It's a game I'd like to own someday, but I'm not willing to pay the prices it currently demands on the market. There are just better options out there, IMO.
6 months ago
I've had this game since 2009, it's a high end restoration. Game has been really reliable despite all the toys present there. Difficult to imagine a better theme integration. Shots are numerous and very fluid. Castle takes a lot of space but has more than one purpose. It gets a little old when you destroy it but what game hasn't some repetitiveness in it ?

It is challenging, it is funny as hell. The trolls sculptures are great to shoot at and are not overuse. The code is one of the best of the late 90's when the game came out. It's still quite good even by today's standard but cannot hold a candle to the deepness of Godzilla or Willy Wonka.

Since I have the original Williams version, I cannot talk about the CGC remake but from what I've seen they're really impressive. If you're a casual player or are more experienced, you can't go wrong by having it in your collection. It's a must.
6 months ago
I actually dont like this as much as a lot of other pins. I never thought this added the level of challenge needed to be fun. Or perhaps it is just the way I play this game? Overrated is my general feeling.
6 months ago
This pin has all the things you want in a game; pop ups, game play, theme, fun playing, beautiful artwork, etc.
6 months ago
I fell in love with the call outs first, then the gameplay, then the replayability!
There are 846 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 34.

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