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The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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21 days ago
There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this pin. I’ll try to summarize.

-The castle is a great toy.
-The call outs are hilarious.
-Great flow, fast, lots to shoot for.
-Code is solid.

-Cabinet art is very uninspired, and basic.

This game goes great in any lineup regardless of size.
It’s a top 10 pin for me and will never leave my collection.
24 days ago
There’s a reason MM is #1 and it’s the fun factor. Bashing the trolls is definitely one of my favorite things to do in pinball. Shots are intuitive and fun to make. While the theme and music aren’t my favorite, everything else is.
29 days ago
Love playing this at the pbhof in Vegas. Always my go to game.
51 days ago
The first time I played Medieval Madness I knew it was special, I dont know why specifically, as a list of ratings but I can say that the formula works. Not many pins get remade but this one has and this must be in recognition of it being a classic. As I type, this game is over 20 years old, I am lucky as I own one of these pins as an original. So good they remade it, how often do you hear that.

The only negative I can think of is the back glass being a bit dull on the lighting front. Apart from that, everything else is the pinnacle of pinball. This truly is a great game, easy to play on for the novice, low scoring at times, but when you get into the game it is really good. I am not an expert at pins, take a more positive view than negative (glass half full rather than half empty) and my formative years were spent playing pins in the 70's, 80's and 90's so this game is the king of pins from a point in time as I experienced the evolution of this .

I am sure that as time goes by pins and pin technology will become more complex and maybe even more wonderful. Some of the JJP machines clearly take the game into a new direction. But from a fun and wow perspective Medieval Madness 1997 is a fantastic game. As for anyone who has purchased a remake, I cant fault them and good for them and the team that decided to make even more of these special machines.

I don't profess to be a pinball expert of any kind, but I was lucky enough to see pinball's evolution over 5 decades, so I feel I can say that Medieval Madness has stood the test of time and truly is a classic machine.
52 days ago
This game is the beginning of my end. This is the game that firmly set the hook in my brain that I had to get into pinball.
What a wonderful and comical game. I own a remake now thanks to the first one / old one, that I played.
64 days ago
I entered my first encounter with this table slightly irritated about the extreme hype around it and the fact that some idiots actually said "You haven't played pinball until you´ve played MM".

I will make this short; the game is every bit as awesome as described by people in general. This is the way a modern style pinball machine should look (seduction capacity), sound and of course; play.

Insanely engaging and with a perfect playfield layout, beautiful in style, that includes one of the best bash toys ever and two hidden trolls that emerge from under the playfield with a bit of attitude…

Another positive factor is that many of the playfield gadgets seem to be well-made regarding design and material, unlike some more "cheap"-looking efforts from later Stern games for example

There really isnt many - if any - square inches on this playfield that feel like "fillers". Every little spot appears to have a clear purpose and ties in well with the general theme.

The only possible negative vote from me, and this is highly subjective, is that I would have preferred more aggressive and intimidating call-outs - rather than the comedy style lines her. Maybe with exception for the trolls and their comments….
The music itself is perfect and matches the dramatic and promising art on the backglass.

Straight up one of the best 90's games.
72 days ago
In my opinion, the best playing game ever made. Good depth to the game but very easy to figure out what to do and when to do it. The GOAT!
3 months ago
I just love this game. My favorite classic for sure.
3 months ago
Really enjoyed playing this game -- will never forget the first time destroying the castle. Hope to own one someday!
3 months ago
Man this is one of the best pinballs for a reason! I absolutely love this game and always pump coins into it and play until my finger hurt. Such a great game and totally worthy of the top 1-3 spot.
4 months ago
The trolls are fun and so is the castle..... Unfortunatly that’s really it.

Rules need a lot of work. Castle is just to valuable. You get a multiball and you should just keep hitting the castle. Merlin seems to be very poorly designed in that the majority of the time you hit it, it just lips out. Layout is very standard and is simmaler to Afm but just worse.

This game is not good and should not be in the top five, not even the top 100. Just buy an Afm I can’t think of a single way MM is better.
4 months ago
I really do love MM but did get burned out on it after a year or so and I think the ramps are too wide to be a serious challenge for a good player. Very fun, just not hard enough and too much money to keep forever with so many cheaper great pins out there. Sold mine and honestly don't miss it, I'm an EM wedgehead dude anyway.
5 months ago
Best of all.
5 months ago
So disappointed I was wanting this machine in my collection but hated it when I played it right beside it was a afm and it shat all over it
5 months ago
this is the reason i love pinball..We had one at the CiCi's pizza and I spent roughly 3 years in there 2-3 times a week beating other peoples scores..or attempting too..this is the game that I would recommend to any's captivating and fast and fun..all you can ask for from a pin
5 months ago
My second best one !
6 months ago
One of my favorite games of all time. There are no flaws to it...except the cost.
6 months ago
This is my favorite machine of all time. The overall cohesiveness of the objectives in the game, the difficulty but fun nature of the shots, celebrity voice appearances by Tina Fey and Scott Adsitt, incredible sound, great toys and gimmicks make this a must-play for ANY pinball fanatic and a must-have for any diehard collector!
6 months ago
One of the top machines around and right away or obvious why. Fun shots. Fun theme made perfect with great humour. Masterpiece of enjoyment
6 months ago
TO me its an overated game. Its a fun game but you can get bored of it pretty quick. Attack from Mars and Monster Bash re-makes are way more fun!
6 months ago
Honestly, this game was good in its day, but now it is like saying buying an old 20 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!!
7 months ago
I like this game. Castle toy is great and the shots are satisfying. Something is preventing me from liking it more. Maybe it is the bashing the castle over and over again to get a high score. Maybe the music. I have fun with this game but can't play too many games on it before I want to move on to something else.
7 months ago
I don't know why this game is #2, but I do enjoy it. Perfect entry level, beginner game. Not super deep, but fun toys and easy to grasp. This is the game that got my daughter into pinball, so for that I give it an A+.
8 months ago
Medieval Madness seriosuly catapults it out of the park. Love the modes, and strategy / gamble to stack up madness multiballs, and the feeling of accomplishment to here them all read out, and attempting Royal madness.

Humour is great, art both digital and on the table is fabulous, and the toys cannot be beat.
8 months ago
Yep, its up here for a reason.
There are 728 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 30.

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