Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard) (Chicago Gaming Co., 2015)

Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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Game design: 9.157

Artwork: 8.861

Sounds/Music: 8.559

Other Aspects: 8.872

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This is "Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (regular version), Medieval Madness (Remake - LE)

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11 days ago
Classic game.

Remake doesn't play as nice as the original though. Flipper lag and doesn't feel as solid.
21 days ago
This is the game that got me in to pinball. I played it for hours throughout college and bought the remake when I had enough scratch. It's always fun, there's a simple to understand ruleset, it can be enjoyed by experts and novices, it's just a great game.
49 days ago
This Game Is for sure a top 3!! I just love it. But monster bash will be in soon. Iron Maiden is my #1 pick of my games.
51 days ago
Love the pop ups and shooting the castle...this one is a lot of fun
81 days ago
Honestly, this game was good in its day, but now it is like saying buying an old 20 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!!
3 months ago
I have owned this pin for awhile and have played hundreds of games. I love it. I also own AFMr, and while they share some similarities (fan layout, destruction of a key item with a shaker, etc.), they feel so different and I can play them back to back forever.

It is one of the funniest games out there. I like the strategy of stacking multiball eligibility so that more super jackpots are lit. The castle blowing up is one of the best things in any pinball.

My only beef is that it is a really dark game. I solved that with Pinstadium lights.

Deserves to be one of the classics of pinball.
4 months ago
a pinball classic to say the least.. no wonder its number 1 ranked lots of fun
4 months ago
A classic game that’s not to deep. It’s a game that seems approachable by anyone of any skill level. Cheesy humor and call outs , good simple score, Pin Stadiums a must in my book. I like having a classic with today’s technology, I will consider all of the Remakes after a great experience with this game.
6 months ago
I like the theme, artwork, lighting, and bash targets.
The trolls are great and the castle is really satisfying to hit.
Awesome game.
Will stay in my collection for sure !
6 months ago
It's a fun game that I get tired of after only a few plays. I understand it is the all time number 1 on this site but I just can't get into it. I really wish the music was better. The falling down castle has got to be the greatest toy of all time, but I really want something better than the default merlin on the machine. Additionally, I have yet to see a medieval madness in the wild where the castle fully works. The trolls are cool. All in all a cool machine but not my all time number 1.
6 months ago
it took a while for me to like this game, but once i learned the rules, it became as perfect as its rating has been foretold
7 months ago
Rules are the weakness of this game. The game needs more diverse strategies to attack it. Only lasted six months in our collection.
7 months ago
This rated as the top machine of all time for a reason. I didn’t play this growing up so there is no nostalgia factor in my rating. This is just a great designed, classic game with great toys (castle, trolls, etc) and theme.

A color DMD on the remake is a must. It just adds a ton to the game. The call outs and humor in the game are great as well. Some of the valley girl damsel stuff is very 90’s and dated but still fun nonetheless.

I have heard some say the remake doesn’t play as well as the original but I’ve played the original a few different places and there isn’t much difference. The remake has newer parts and is probably more reliable, though. Where I think Chicago Gaming could have (and should have) done a better job is on the speakers. The voices at times are a bit muffled and higher quality speakers would have been nice, particularly at this price point.
7 months ago
I just bought this game and I can see why it stays in the top 2 for such a long time. The game makes you want more and more the longer you play it.
8 months ago
Love this game so much we added it to our collection. Plays just like the original. Looks sensational.
8 months ago
Love the variability of this game. It only took a couple of plays to understand some of the main goals -- hit/destroy the castle being the most fun (for me). Trolls popping out of the playfield, Merlin's kickout hole, I think I even shot a cow out of the catapult at one point -- love it. Didn't think twice about 50 cents a play -- kept putting my quarters in.
8 months ago
Fun game I’ve played it here and there and recently decided to add one to my collection it’s a very challenging game and sure it will be fun for a long time to come
8 months ago
The remake plays like the original, including places the ball catches. As with AFM, this one has replayability beyond, with so many shots, and combinations of modes. The variety of soundbytes find me hearing something new about every third play. My only gripe on this machine is the straight drain possibility when hitting the castle. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it can be frustrating. All in all, one of my favorites in my game room!
8 months ago
I finally had a chance to play this pin at a convention and I can see why it is so popular. I'm looking forward to playing it again if I can find one near me. One weakness I noticed is it's hard to see the dragon, he needs a spotlight on him.
9 months ago
This game is so much fun. The first few times I played, I didn't know about the trolls in the playfield and it was quite a surprise when they popped up. Trying to destroy the castle makes for a lot of fun too and once you do, it's pretty cool watching it move around. I could play this pin non stop for days. It's that much fun!
10 months ago
Game is deeper than you first realize. Great theme, callouts, artwork, etc everything others have said. A keeper for sure
10 months ago
I have waited a long time to own one, was definitely worth the wait.Just Awesomeness
11 months ago
If you can only have 1 pin, this or IJ (Williams) will do the job.
11 months ago
Fun shots, great layout, some of the best callouts in pinball. The castle is one of my favorite toys of all time. This game lacks in code depth for me.
1 year ago
Was gonna get mm orig . Got a good deal on this standard and way happy with this remake . Never played orig mm and don’t need to. Great game
There are 54 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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