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Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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This game received 193 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.782 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 4th in the game group "Medieval Madness". The group itself ranks #1 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.016

Artwork: 8.71

Sounds/Music: 8.506

Other Aspects: 8.767

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (regular version), Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Classic Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Special Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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Found 86 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
This is a game where entry level folks can play and have a great time, and more skilled players have defeating the King of Payne to shoot for. The theme is universal and the more you play, the more fun it is. Bashing the castle and the trolls never gets old for me. Can be a little unbalanced (hit the castle over and over), but along with AFM and the Shadow, this Brian Eddy pin still holds up as one of the GOAT.
52 days ago
One of the all-time classics, this pin has it all. The callouts are top notch, the castle is a fantastic gimmick, the trolls are great, throw a color dmd on it and this is a beaut! I know the game can be a bit repetitive and isn't the deepest, but it sure is fun to play.
56 days ago
Awesome game. Corny but fun with lots of options to progress
84 days ago
A great game that's just plain fun to play. Nice design, rules that I could grasp fairly fast, and callouts to add to the experience. Destroying the castle several times is always fun, and I enjoyed the varied shots needed (not that I made many) to succeed. An excellent machine that even as a low-medium skilled player was enjoyable and has me looking forward to my next chance to play
87 days ago
The gold standard!
3 months ago
This game is near the top in every list for a reason, it's always a favorite of guest or family alike.
The shots are satisfying, the castle toy and mechs are brilliant, and the theme is perfectly integrated. If you just want to get on a machine and have fun, this is it. If you want to try and do something other than bash the castle, you have many other options and objectives to try and stack, and it's a pleasure to do it.
4 months ago
The rules are straight forward, but still deep enough to keep me coming back to this one. The callouts are varied and funny. Music is good, but gets a bit annoying after a long game. Most shots feels rewarding, especially when destroying castles or shooting that narrow multiball shot next to it for super jackpots. I would imagine this game would pretty quickly get repetitive if I would own it, but for a few games every now and then on location it's perfect.
4 months ago
This is one of the greatest games ever and Chicago Gaming did a great job with the remakes. As an arcade owner this is consistently a top earner. As a collector, this game deserves a place in most collections. This games earns a spot in the top ten as it rightly deserves. Is this my favorite game of all time? NO! But it certainly ranks up there with the best.

Pros - Fun Game, great humor and callouts (Tina Fey!), layout is oft repeated (which is a sign of greatness), destroying the castle is fun, lots of toys,

Cons - Can get a little repetitive, scoring competively (i.e. destroying castles) can get a little boring, game is a bit on the easy side (I have completed King of the Realm multiple times - so this didn't stay in my collection, but did at my arcade).
5 months ago
Fun is the best description I can think of for this game. I always have fun when I play it. There are tons of shots, tons of toys, good callouts, lots of multiballs and a layout that can flow or be more stop and go, depending how you play it. The artwork is great and when the castle collapses it's fun to watch the destruction. This game is often rated number one of all time and I can see the appeal, but like all pins - that's subjective. It is a mid-90s pin masterpiece, whether I consider it number one would depend on my mood and particular day - but I would think it would be towards the top for most. The code is not as deep as the modern games, but it is deep enough to keep interest. It is a great game for both casual players and those more advanced. I am stuck somewhere in the middle.
6 months ago
Nice update to the original. Love this game like the 2019 remake even more
8 months ago
SO much fun to play! I will forever put money into this game in order to defeat it.
8 months ago
I don't think it's the best game ever, but it is a blast to play. Would love to own it someday. Fun game, great call outs, love the trolls.
9 months ago
As far as fan layouts go, this is a classic. I have difficulty hitting the catapult shot sometimes though. The castle not returning via wireform makes it a little less flow compared to AFM.
1 year ago
Really the perfect game. There are no flaws other than the high price. If you can put one in your collection...do it.
1 year ago
Really an excellent pinball game. Although I do not own one, it frequently eats my quarters @ Wizards World. The game plays smooth and fast. Although a few tricky shots will flush SDTM, the more you work at this game, the better it gets. Great callouts, fun toys, a really great table!
1 year ago
Medieval Madness to me is the best pinball machine ever. Attack from Mars is right here as well, basically a toss up. I choose medieval though for the trolls, my kids really love those. I only took points off for the quality of the sounds on CGC's remake. The music doesn't stick in my head, so I said it was only decent. I also think in a pure point based mindset, the castles are to easy and would make the game boring and one-dimensional if points is all you wanted.

Otherwise, this game is a masterpiece. The final wizard mode is so challenging to get to, and so hard once you do get there! I've put probably 1000 games on mine, gotten to the wizard mode twice, beat the game once. The shots in this game are perfect, there is a reason Stern and others have continued to use the fan layout. The castle toy on this is IMO the best toy ever. Love this game
1 year ago
Good game. Only lasted about a month at my house. Not deep enough. Jjp pirates of the Caribbean makes this game look weak. Top 20 game not the #1.
1 year ago
Incredible, perfect pinball. Exactly like the original
1 year ago
Definitely a fun game, not in my top 10 ten but still fun. Center ramp can be a drain monster, along with the right ramp being on the steep side.
1 year ago
What an amazing game MM is. From how it looks, how it plays, it's implementation of toys, callouts, and animation this game is amazing. Also has really nice rule set as well.
The first thing I generally like to talk about is the art. The backglass has to be an all time great backglass. It's sense of energy is amazing and it fits lots of the jokes and characters in the game on the backglass. While it is busy, it doesn't feel cluttered, it has a nice sense of composition. It works both if you study it deeply or if you just casually glance at it.
The cab art is good, but for my tastes a bit boring. However, I think that does contrast nicely with how busy the backglass is, so it works. And the cab art still looks nice.
The playfield art... Lots and lots of inserts on this game, but they don't feel cluttered and actually they get a lot of big characters still on the playfield. So I think it has great art on the playfield, and it tells you and shows you all that you need/want to see as well.

Now how does it shoot. Its a classic fan layout. Perhaps the layout to rule all fan layouts. It shoots really well. There are 8 main shots in the game. 10 if you count the trolls. Merlins magic targets and the troll qualifying targets do not count as main shots as you shouldn't be shooting for those, get those on the recovery or bounces. Game shoots smooth with the orbits and ramps. It can play fast, or you can slow it down for controlled play.
The danger in these games comes from not enough power to get it up the ramp(especially the right one), or hitting the castle gate, or hitting the trolls.

The game has what I would consider 3 main toys. The biggest and coolest is the huge castle on the playfield with the working drawbridge and gate. Has a little moat or ditch in it for the ball to fall into. This ditch makes the lock shot a wee bit tougher than it normally would be, but still a make-able shot. What is really cool is the ball lock area. Its a fake wall in the castle itself that you shoot the ball into. Then a cool animation will appear showing a catapult breaking a hole into the wall. Once three balls are locked you get another cool animation to start the mb.

The mb rules I think are really nice, and coupled with once again great animations and callouts. You hit a ramp(either one) and that takes out one of the bad guys knights. You take them all out, that unlocks the super. The super is lock shot itself. Great rules and great callouts.

The other two toys are the trolls and catapult. The trolls are two bash toys hidden beneath the playfield that pop up. These can block you from hitting the castle. But, you can thread the needle and still hit it as well. As I said before, this is where it gets tricky and if you aim for them it can result in a drain sdtm. It's best to try to take out the castle gate and trolls while in mb if you can accomplish that. Otherwise, be prepared to nudge and shake or slap the game to save your ball.

The catapult is just really a coil that shoots the ball up a wireform really fast. But, its integrated into the code and you can hit your flippers to choose what you fire at the castle. A nice cool effect, that adds to your immersion in the game and also adds to the sense of humor as well.

Speaking of its sense of humor that is found everywhere, from the art, to the callouts, to animations. Lots of humor in this game. Won't spoil it, but its great. As you go about destroying castles, and thanks to the cool toy you really do get to destroy them, you meet so many weird and quirky characters. The callouts are as varied as any game I've ever played, and really are just fun to hear. I don't know how many princesses you can rescue, but those are always fun to hear. And Tina Fey was the voice of one of them(before she got famous).

I even like that the inserts for the bottom lanes matter. You can spell fire which unlocks stuff like a video mode... The video mode is about the only bad thing in this game. First its a bit hard to get to, and that is alright, because its really not that good. I like video modes, but I don't like this one. AFM has one of the best all time video modes and it fits the theme perfectly. This one... Again... Its the only real wart on this game. Better if it didnt' have one. But, since its a quick and hard to reach thing... Not that big of a deal.

I would say while this game doesn't have a lot of modes. You basically shoot for a few things. Completing orbits gets you the jousting madness. Completing catapults the same. Left ramp is peasant madness, and right ramp you rescue princesses. Collect all those and trolls and you get into one of the madness wizard modes. You also can get a mode before you collect all of them that gives you a mb and adds a ball for each of the madnesses you achieved so far.

The main focus however is destroying castles. You hit the shot to lower the gate. Once the gate is lowered, you hit the gate to open it. Once that is lowered you shot into the castle and a cool effect happens and you see the castle destroyed. Receiving also a cool bit of callouts and animation. The only issue is. I think just shooting for castles can be pretty easy... Maybe to some boring. As it can be played pretty safe.

Once you get castles that require more hits to open the gate. Its best to start a mb once the gate is down. And really the lock shot is pretty safe. So if you get dialed in, you can really limit your risky shots.
I know from the above you might think I am a great player. I am not. But, I still can get nice scores in this game. Generally good enough for a replay on the machines.

I really like this machine. Think its almost as perfect of a pinball machine you could ever hope for. Fun to shoot, looks great, and I think while not a lot of modes. Its pretty hard to destroy all the castles, and also qualify for the ultimate wizard mode. Which you need to complete all the madness modes like 5 times each or something like that... That is tough. I've never come close to that. But, it is attainable. Just not by me.

Could I see myself owning one of these. I really hope so. Yes. I really do. Till then I shall always play it whenever I get the chance.
1 year ago
The game is near perfect.
1 year ago
Played the Williams original and own this one now. I'm not going to compare the differences between the two, simply base my rating on this remake. The shots are very fun, fast paced, and the toys are great. Out of all the pinball machines I've played and owned, this will most likely always be in my top 5 favorite. The humor, the simple learning the rules, and general fun is what tangle me up in this game. I've always been a huge fan of machines with shaker motors, so that adds a bit of icing on the cake. Could the lighting be better? Sure, but I have pin stadium in it, so that solves that issue.

Really can't go wrong with MMR.
1 year ago
This is a very fun game. Love the pop up trolls. The shots to make the castle explode are great. The ramps are fun. The rule set is easy to understand. My girlfriend plays pinball and this is one of her 2 favorite games.
2 years ago
I enjoy this game a lot and can understand why it's rated at the top of the top 100 (not that the top 100 on the list is the best way of determining what is good versus what isn't). I have gotten a chance to play this more since my initial review, and I had more fun than I thought I would and therefore I'm updating my review to a better score. The game really grows on you and the castle is a great toy. The shots flow well and the game plays at a nice speed - something that less experienced pinballers could handle, but good enough that people that like a challenge (such as myself) still are easily amused. I can see this game finding its way into my gameroom someday.
2 years ago
Got to play the pro remake several times and the color lcd is a great addition. Definitely on my wish list with lasting playability for the entire family.
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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