Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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This game received 255 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.826 /10


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This game ranks 4th in the game group "Medieval Madness". The group itself ranks #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 9.058

Artwork: 8.697

Sounds/Music: 8.427

Other Aspects: 8.903

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Found 115 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 115 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
This is one of my favorite pins to play. It has very simple rules, but it is varied enough to be addicting. I really appreciate the quality that CGC put into this game, and I hope to own it one day.
58 days ago
Classic for a reason, but one you can certainly get burnt out on. Can only hear the beginning of that same song so many times, can only grind castles for points so many times. A great game though and the gold standard for theme integration with toys.
4 months ago
This game is awesome, but I have to say I doesn't deserve the rating its at. I would rather play godzilla or jurassic park any day. Yes it's the best in its day. It can't stand up to some off these new pins that just suck you in and keep you hitting the start button. I find myself playing it the same way after all these years, where these other games give so much variation. I'm not afraid to say it. I gave a ton off thought on this gem off a game in its time. It's time to drop this game down a peg or two and stop living in the past!
7 months ago
This one is the game that made me fall in love with CGC remakes. Fantastic game, fun theme, the Trolls are so fun to deal with and the castle element is a fun challenge. Another challenging game that punishes you for taking bad shots. Lots of fun and addicting to play...
7 months ago
Great remake..ramp to ramp to damsel, sweet smooth ramps destroy the castle, trolls, has it all... much fun..feels so easy to it the complexity of the newer games?? All in alll would love to have for home use...but .since I can easily find it on location I will pass on many new great games to play it's hard to go to just one...
9 months ago
One of the best. Never tire of the game. Always go back to it
10 months ago
The biggest and most appriciated upgrade (in my opinion), is definetly the display with more dots to the animations and a Color-DMD!
11 months ago
I finally acquired a MM, and it is certainly living up to the hype. Sure, the rules are simple compared to modern games that may need an excel sheet to figure out, but that's ok. The theme, music, and toys all come together to give you that "one more game". Easy enough for beginners to follow yet challenging for more advanced players to master.
1 year ago
Game is hilarious and fun on top of it hitting shots feels great and its just a plain good time that has very good replayability
1 year ago
MM must be rated in the context with which it was manufactured . Eddy decided to go with a theme and NOT a licensed commodity. Every idea, call out , scheme and comedic effect came from great design instincts. The castle was a landmark effect . The trolls were the first pop up bash toy. The ball disappearing behind the playfield a first (Damsel shot). A Chicago comedy troupe doing the call outs! Genius (Tina Fey any one?).
I disagree with all the modern pundits claiming the rule set is too shallow. All games do not need an Excel spreadsheet to be amazing. This is the best GAME of Williams design and will stand the test of time based on theme, revolutionary ideas , comedy , and fun.
Long live the King of Payne !!
1 year ago
Great game. The theme is fine. But the extras are wonderful. The bridge, the castle, the trolls and more. I really enjoy this, but it definitely has a feel of an older game.
1 year ago
This is the game that start it all for me.
1 year ago
I got this game in 2019, i was having big expectation as this has always beeing highly rated however, i was very disapointed.
Shots get very old very quick specially clmpared to newer machines with deeper rules like modern sterns or jjps.
The tactic are simple and repetitives.
The art and disign are good, the theme is fun but didnt liked the music.
The build quality is over the top, cg does a great job this is no questions asked.
In my opinion, this is a nostalgia game or a collector piece, but for a player like myself, it gets old quick and any newer pin does a better job at keeping me entertained.
2 years ago
This is simply the best pinball machine ever made for both the average / casual player as well as the experienced player IMHO. I've always wanted this pin and I finally found one I could justify. The XL color DMD, upgraded speakers and sub plus the RGB lighting simply brings this machine up to the standards of new pins being released today. Destroying the castle just never gets old. The animations and voices/commentary is sometimes just hilarious. The troll's popping and troll multiball with them alternating is another great feature. The game offers a lot but is also simple for casual players to understand and enjoy. Medieval Madness (as with Attack from Mars) are perfect examples of how pinball can be successful without all the expensive licensing.

Sure the rule-set is considered a bit shallow compared to modern pins today... but some like AIQ are just to deep. This is still a great title, and deserves it's ranking as one of the best pins ever made. If you have played this game.... do it.

Note: My ratings on the game lighting and sound is based on the Royal Upgrades.
2 years ago
MM is a great game - fast and flowing, but not brutal. The castle is one of the best toys in pinball and the theme is a classic. On default settings, it's difficult to reach the wizard mode - so it keeps you coming back for more.

2021 Update - the ruleset would now be considered shallow compared to modern pins. Still a great title, but probably not the *best* game. Most people rated this game LONG ago and haven’t updated their rankings.
2 years ago
The classic machine that all others seem to be judged against.
2 years ago
One of the most classic of classics you can get in pinball.
2 years ago
Played the original and a re-make. The latter plays quite differently to the original. To my mind, it does not play as well.
2 years ago
This was a grail game for me. Once I finally owned it, I became tired of it quickly and sold it after a month.
2 years ago
Very fun game. Callouts are excellent. Trolls, castle, catapults, princess all great. Music and sounds are good. A couple of sort of fun hidden surprises. Only knock might be its not extremely deep from a rules perspective but maybe its just deep enough.
2 years ago
This was a game that getting into the hobby a few years ago (pre remakes) I never thought i would own because of the pricing. I had a chance to play it a game on location and my initial thought on this game was it is extremely cool to shoot at the castle and to blow it up but man that would get boring with the rinse and repeat on it. Well enter owning it now and really getting a chance to see how cool the code is in this game. Yes there is a top level simple way to approach this game and also a deeper more thought/skill based way to shoot it. Add that with the awesome theme and great toys and I totally understand why this game has been #1 for so long. I am really glad I decided to take a chance on this and see what all they Hype was about on it. This is a game that will not be going anywhere anytime soon, and kudos to CGC for allowing us to upgrade our games to the Royal package, while the color changing GI is not my favorite thing (I think it is a little darker and hard to see than the standard white) the new XL display and sound package is where its at! Also one of the cooler toppers designed in the last 5+ years.
2 years ago
I can see why this game is rated so highly. The castle mech with bridge was fun and the pop up trolls really packed a lot in for a small space. Ramp and loop shots feel like butter. Wish I got more time to play it.

I'm not sure I think this is the BEST pinball machine ever made but it certainly is good
2 years ago
Top-rated for a reason. Even when it seems simple and like you should be killing it, the tension of hurry-ups or trying to stack more Madness kicks in to add pressure. Hilarious, masterfully coded and flow for days when you spam the ramps. Wows new players and doesn't get old for experienced ones.
2 years ago
THE one and only. This highly original game arrived a couple years after AFM and somehow improved on it with more to do and even better humor. Probably the funniest pin ever, and the music, art and theme are well integrated. The 2 ramps are a blast to shoot. The catapult is genius, and makes even better use of the ramp. The castle might be the best toy ever made, with a drawbridge AND a gate to defeat, plus you can blast thru the wall with a solid shot. All that would be plenty, plus you get two pop-up trolls who make life difficult. I always liked this game and respected it, but now I see this game for the masterpiece it is. I let it go once. Never again.
2 years ago
Several pins in the collection, this one gets a lot of "I like that one the most" comments from newbie friends and family.
There are 115 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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