Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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Game design: 9.046

Artwork: 8.834

Sounds/Music: 8.619

Other Aspects: 8.996

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (regular version), Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard), Medieval Madness (Remake - Classic Edition), Medieval Madness (Remake - Special Edition)

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2 days ago
Amazing! The large color dmd makes a huge difference and the topper was perfectly designed for this game. Gameplay is easy to understand yet challenging and the sound bytes are funny. It has it all, a dragon, ogres, a chicken being catapulted..

I could sell it for nearly double what I paid for it and yet I like it so much, I can’t bring myself to sell.
11 days ago
My family and friends have previously owned and/or currently own many of the top 100 machines on pinside. These machines get lots and lots and lots of playtime! Medieval Madness, is a huge favorite and second only to MB in games played. CG RM edition is in the family and absolutely the creme de la creme of all machines released to date. Deserves no less than the number 1 spot all time on this ranking site. The machine speaks for itself, Nuff Said.
11 days ago
13 days ago
Medieval Madness is my favorite game. There's a reason it's always in the top 3 of games on Pinside.
13 days ago
The XL DMD, the topper, the trim, and the addressable lighting takes this machine to the next level. Certainly and improvement in what was already the best game possibly ever
45 days ago
Best non-IP themed game.
51 days ago
This is a game where entry level folks can play and have a great time, and more skilled players have defeating the King of Payne to shoot for. The theme is universal and the more you play, the more fun it is. Bashing the castle and the trolls never gets old for me. Can be a little unbalanced (hit the castle over and over), but along with AFM and the Shadow, this Brian Eddy pin still holds up as one of the GOAT.
53 days ago
Traded my HUO MM for this 6 months ago and I'm not disappointed. After 20 years of playing the original, i love the LED's and light show. If you got the chance to grab one do it!
58 days ago
This was the Pin that made me truly fall in love with pinball. I grew up in bowling alleys playing pinball, but it wasn't until I played this pin about ten years ago that really made me just excited to play. I have wanted this pin ever since and finally acquired it.

It is great for any level. My daughter and wife both love to play it and its simple enough to understand the objective. Sure the ruleset isn't the deepest and people say hit the castle and repeat. I enjoy getting off work and beating the hell out of the castle and destroying all the kings men. My new thing is trying to the master of the other objectives. The call outs are fun and never get old. The Damsel call outs are funny and sometimes catch my off guard.

This pin probably will never leave my collection. It's crazy to think that in 1997 this pin came out with as much as it did. It's loaded. Chicago gaming took the bar and raised it with the remake.
71 days ago
There is a reason why the game places Number 1 most of the weeks of the year and the CGC version Royal is perhaps the ultimate pinball masterpiece.
75 days ago
Got to play number 001 and wow what a great game........he also has the LE in his collection and there is no comparison playing the two side by side. Royal for the win, coolest game and light show I’ve ever seen.
78 days ago
In a home collection this game becomes a little too repetitive great for location or friends to play but die hard pinheads will get bored if collection was small it’s a swap to machine only so many times you run the ramps break the castle.....
82 days ago
This machine gives the feeling of being an instant classic to which others should be judged. Its simple and easy to follow for new pinball players, however it is also a bit on the basic side when it comes to call outs, knowing what to shoot, etc. The castle is definitely the most fun part of the game in shooting it and destroying it, etc. Its a great option to have in your stable for variety and maybe to develop & hone your skills.
3 months ago
Perfection in every way! Glad I got one :)
3 months ago
I liked it. I think I only played it once or twice. I don't know if all the machines are like this one, but it was really dark and I felt it needed more lighting on the play field. Maybe this machine had a problem? It was fun. I hit the castle a bunch and eventually the trolls popped up. For some reason I couldn't hit the trolls and they eventually went back down. The machine had Monty Python type people talking to me, at least that's what it reminded me of.
3 months ago
I just added the royal to my row.It looks and plays as advertised.I am happy to have it and will edit my rating as I play a bit longer.not sure its more fun than my IRON MAIDEN yet but I will update as i get some more plays in.I am happy I picked this game up already
3 months ago
fun pin
3 months ago
Love the ramp shots . The flow from one ramp to the other feels great. The theme and rules that allow a fairly ew user to understand makes it an instant favorite . The call outs are funny and the castle blowing up is i fee the best effect of any pinball game. Every time i play im in battle to conquer the kingdom! To me the top machine designation is well deserved.
4 months ago
Great game made better. Still not a fan of cgc quality. Friends had a gash in righ side cabinet from factory and many board errors. That said power coat abs display awesome. Best pinball period!
4 months ago
i don't see this game in the top 30ies. this game is predictable and very one-dimensional. after 50-100 games there is no further surprise in gameplay. i think nobody has ever seen the videogame?!? always the same, hit the castle and shoot ramps. game is overrated. yes, no doubt, it is a very nice title from the the 90'. but there are so many new machines that play much better and make much more fun.
royal edition is expensive, has no plaque, no numbering; nobody knows how many games have been built. very nice lightshow. greater display is nice too. topper is a little bit unimaginativ (AFM topper rules!)
to all those MM owners who push the game permanently; stay fair! and give the new machines a fair chance!
4 months ago
MM is one of the best pins ever made. It will never leave my collection. It’s an all time classic.
5 months ago
Well I sold my original MM after having it for many years.
While to some the game gets old, to me it does not. Especially in a line-up with more games this one has an easy rule-set and is challenging enough to get me back every time. When I want a quick game, I play this or Monster Bash.
So I had to get it back and went for the Royal Edition.

The Royal is fantastic with the big screen and the GI RGB; the topper finishes it off.
5 months ago
Many pinheads believe that Medieval Madness has it all. I think it has charm and a great sense of theater, but it is not the best pinball game ever made. Not by a long shot. MM looks and sounds fantastic, but it is not the highes end player's game that many people put it up on a pedestal for. The re-make feels like the original, plays like the original and has some updated animations.

The Pros:
Good game play and goals that are reachable, but so hard to achieve... most of the time. Always a challenge. Novice players get into it and have a great time as well. One of the few games to offer fun to all levels. The theme is executed, perfectly. Stack your hurry ups and score HUGE points. A perfect example of getting the balance right so that new players can step up to it and enjoy it enough to get hooked. Deep enough to give higher end players something to aspire to. No wonder why ops won't sell their games. This game looks and sounds fantastic.

The Cons:
In tournament mode, the unbalancing strategy is to hit the castle over and over with glancing shots for bigger scores. Strong flippers are a must for the right ramp. The price these games go for are silly expensive! This is a pinball game, not a museum piece! Out of Eddy's 3 designs... this one is the one I like the least.

The Takeaway:
Get one if you can and leave it in your will to someone who will love it as much as you do. Now I'm going to go out on a limb here... but MM is the lesser of the 3 games designed by Brian Eddy. Playing this game over and over in tourneys, bashing the castle over and over... not that there are not other things to do, there is a whole lot more to do... but points is points! Medieval Madness is a good game... but out of Brian Eddy's 3 tables, this is the least of the 3 and not what I would call a truly great game or even an "A" lister. For the entertainment offered, The Shadow and AFM are both better players. Gameplay suffers from "Bash the gate" syndrome for good scores. IMHO, this game is a top 50 game, but not anywhere near the top 10 and with absolute certainty... not #1. A perfect game for rich dudes that like to be entertained by their museum pieces. I'm sure it'll look great next to their Big Bang Bar.

The reason I am rating this game so low is because it is "exploitable" and has a scoring imbalance in the ruleset that takes away from the brilliant gem that this game should be. The game may look like, but it does not PLAY like a true "A" title. That is just how I feel about this deck. This is my opinion and only that. Take it for what it is.


The more and more I play this game, the more and more the unbalanced nature of the scoring becomes apparent. All that would need to happen to make a huge difference in this game is to reduce the scoring on the castle (by half? 1,2,3,4,5,10 million a pop and KOP hits to 250k, heck, a quarter of it's current value may be an even better way to do this. .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 5= 12.5 million instead of 80!) to make this game much more balanced and bring out the rest of the layout and strategies that this game should provide to the skilled player. MYSTERY PROGRAMMER?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? You think they could have found someone to do this for the remake. At this point, I walk by this game now, when I used to line up to play it. Scores reduced accordingly.

Ah innocence, Those were the days...

Austin, this review is in your memory.

Update #2:
I go to this game in a tourney when I am looking for a relatively easy win. After you defeat the King of Payne what do you do? Well you keep on banging on that castle for 750k a hit. This never stops for the rest of the game. That is all there is to do on this game when you are looking for the big win. Rinse and repeat up and down the middle to the win.

6 months ago
Favorite game i have owned or played, royal edition is on another level
6 months ago
I have a Royal edition and the RGB LED light show is phenomenal. Topper is awesome. Plays great but does seem to drain pretty easy. Backhanding ramps is impossible.
Otherwise a true classic. It’s all been said before in the reviews. The game that really got me into pinball.
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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