Medieval Madness (Remake - Royal Edition)

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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Medieval Madness". The group itself ranks #2 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 9.045

Artwork: 8.718

Sounds/Music: 8.557

Other Aspects: 8.951

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There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
Feel like these games are fun and have funny call outs based on the era they are from. Just don’t feel like they can compare to a modern Stern like Godzilla, Deadpool, FOO or Maiden.

Probably the most overrated game on Pinside in my opinion.
26 days ago
Fun game but waaaaaay overrated, attack from mars, cactus canyon and monster bash are way deeper games from the same era.
55 days ago
How in the world did a non - franchised game from the 9o’s become the game that inspired all modern games since….. ( ramp left ramp right large toy playfield pop ups)….

Simple: let Brian Eddy pull in a second rate comedy troupe to do funny call outs and invent one of the most novel playfield toys… ever. The shaking castle and moat are pinball legend and still stand up today. The variety of shots forced modern pins to go bigger. The trolls added an element of play that is still used today ( TS, GB, etc).
I don’t buy the purists that say the game is too easy and the modes are not deep enough. The game is a perfect mix of castle strategy and troll evasion that sits timeless. Proof ? Of every Stern , Spooky , CGC, JJP , brothers pin…..of ALLLLL the new games , new code, new tech …..
It istill out ranks every single new game made ( except GZ…. Because it is the king). Long live MM!!
69 days ago
A brilliant game with one of the best mechs in pinball. The sounds and music haven't aged as well as the castle which still is probably the best mech in pinball. very fun theme and gameplay with toys everywhere. The trolls popping up is a very nice touch and adds to an already stacked game. The code is brilliant, although not close to a modern pin for variety and or longevity (which is expected).
77 days ago
After playing more modern games this just isn't that deep and looses it's fun for me compared to a Godzilla or FF. Only so many times I want to shoot the castle. It is campy and humorous and the theme is a blast, certainly can see the Monty Python roots. Over the course of a year I found I rarely played a game vs. the other machines sitting next to it.
86 days ago
One of the first games I beat. This game is a blast. The speed of the table is great, the shots available are fun and doable. It's a fantastic game. Only complaint is that the game is a touch shallow rules wise.
3 months ago
This is all Time Classic!!!!!! So Good in Every way!!!!
4 months ago
Classic. Has stood the test of time and is fun to play. The callouts are the best. The castle mech is legend. But the new pins coming from Stern and Jersey Jack are different league. The older layouts are aging less well these last exciting years in the hobby.
4 months ago
This is the game that got me into pinball and definitely my favorite.

Moving through the castles and blowing it up each time just never gets old for me. The humor is a really nice touch.

As a new player maybe the simpler rules appeal more to me than the likes of GZ for better players. As I progress it may change

I hope to own it someday.
4 months ago
Great fun game; victim of its own success in the sense that it is absolutely overrated by default. Let's be real - it's a boring overused layout, saved by the fact that the castle IS a really cool toy. I hate the pop nests that are impossible to see on all the Williams games of this area too. The rules are pretty simple, though I do like the multiball stacking. It's too damn easy too.

But heck, all that aside it's one of the most FUN games ever, and hilarious to boot. There are a dozen games I'd rather own and play regularly, but I'll always pop a credit or two when I see one.
5 months ago
I regularly frequent a venue that has a lot of LE's etc. on site. This version of Medieval Madness is amongst them. Thursday $20 all day games means that I would easily have put 50 plus games on MM in the last 2 months.
I remember back in the late '90's when the original version became the pinball with a queue in all the arcades, it was that good. So, when I first approached MMRRE, the question was, does the remake stack up?
Short answer, yes. It was MM, but just a bit better. The colour DMD is easy to watch and forget about your ball. The lights have had an improve on the original, and add to the spectacle well. And to my ears, the sound pumps out at you more than it used to.
The core gameplay of hitting the castle is still soo satisfying and addictive. The Trolls are still fantastic, and probably the best use of pop up field targets in pinball. And the ramps flow well and feel good every time you shoot them. The rest is just cream. This game is a classic for a really good reason. It's one of the best pinball machines of all time.
6 months ago
A near perfect pin. I honestly don't know where you could improve it. The theme is great and universal, the shots are fast, but approachable. The castle coming down is one of the greatest mechs in pinball history....its so packed it stands up to even the most modern pins. The remake is amazing build quality...just top notch with modern updates and elements. I LOVE the color DMD. The only real drawback is the era in which it reigned...the rules can seem somewhat shallow in comparison to recent games like JP of GZ...but if you are looking for a fun shooter with reasonable ball times that everyone will cannot go wrong here.
7 months ago
MM is fun. Sure, Gameplay and stuff is nice. More a collectors item for me.
7 months ago
Best game ever, I've had this game for 20 years and it's bolted to the floor, my wife loves it too it's her top 1.
the perfect balance between speed and rules to get to the finals. the design, fun and creativity is the perfect pinball model
8 months ago
A fantastic remake of an all ready fantastic game. The remake stays true to the original. It just improves on tech and makes the game even more enjoyable. A must own pin.
8 months ago
Always a Fun play would like to own one someday
9 months ago
Amazing game only lost a few points for me in that when compared to the modern games it does feel a little simple on the code and rules which also pulls its lastability down a touch.
10 months ago
I might be in the minority here, but I've had this machine in my garage for three months and I was surprised at how little desire I ended up having to ever play it. I've probably turned it on and played it 10 times in the past 3 months... the game just does not make me come back for more. The machine is beautiful; Beautiful theme, lighting, sound and technologically awesome... it has the recipe for a perfect game.... but when it comes to actually playing the game, it is a different story. This was really a bit of a shock to me, because I expected to really enjoy playing this game.
1 year ago
Awesome game, great ruleset and toys. The newer large screen and color LEDS are nice compared to the original. Everything flows great and just an overall great classic game.
1 year ago
Awesome, entertaining and funny game. I hear something new almost every time I play it. Objectives are straightforward yet challenging.

Well deserving of its reputation as one of the greatest pins of all time!
1 year ago
MM is a great game - fast and flowing, but not brutal. The castle is one of the best toys in pinball and the theme is a classic. On default settings, it's difficult to reach the wizard mode - so it keeps you coming back for more.

2021 Update - the ruleset would now be considered shallow compared to modern pins. Still a top 5 game, but probably not #1.

I used to favor originals over remakes, but the Royal edition with the 2x DMD, topper, powdercoat, RGB lighting etc is a huge upgrade and tips the scales in the remake's favor.
1 year ago
I think I like this one even better than the original due to the shaker motor and other improvements made. It's a fun pin, but I'd probably prefer a MB if I had the money to blow.
1 year ago
This machine is one of the best pinball machines to play. I would like to own this one someday.
1 year ago
this pin is incredible! my top 2 of all time with Monster Bash! Loving this theme and the remake royal edition is just WILD! This is one we would love to add to the home collection but hard to obtain in this price market for this edition of the remake.
1 year ago
the best pinball forever
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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