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The other versions are: Medieval Madness (regular version), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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22 days ago
Medieval Madness, as represented years ago in The Pinball Arcade app, was the table that got me into pinball. My only experience playing one was in a virtual setting. A couple years after, I finally got to play the original real deal at a bowling alley and I was immediately hooked. Now I could see why this game was so popular. Of course I wanted to eventually own one, but originals were hard to come by. They are often in badly routed condition, they run 20+ year tech, and available original machines in the ideal condition are usually priced over $10,000 in the market. Enter the CGC remakes...

I got on the list for the rerun in early 2019. I was hoping CGC would eventually align the MM remakes with the greatness of the other remake models...and in 2019/2020, with the Royal and SE additions, they did exactly that!

The Royal Edition of MM is about as good as you can get in pinball. CGC really went all out on making this remake stand out over the others. Having played the original, I believe the remakes recreate the original’s features and feel very well. CGC has also added a number of enhanced features that are not available on the original game, including: modern electronics, fully adjustable color display, all LED lighting, and enhanced sound.

Chris Franchi’s interactive topper is one of the best looking toppers in pinball. The machine is decked out in black diamond powder coating all over and it looks really great. ATHYRIO GAMES created all new full-color display artwork, re-imagined within the framework of the original Williams display artwork at four times the resolution. It’s glorious looking and really breathes new life into the game.

But what else can you say about MM that hasn’t been said already? The rules are easy enough for beginners and yet challenging for experienced players alike. This game (along with AFM) are the pinball standard in what ‘flow’ shots are all about. Up until a year ago, I would have said ‘MM contains probably the BEST toy in pinball (castle)’...but that honor may now belong to 2019’s Stern’s JP...but it is really a toss-up. I have them side-by-side because they are my favorite games to play. My wife’s favorite feature is bashing the trolls that pop up every once in awhile. The sounds and call-outs are some of the best ever done, it’s quite humorous and enjoyable.

While CGC consistently takes forever to go from the game announcement to finally shipping a game, and during which time they offer almost no regular communication on production updates, especially when they repeatedly miss previously proposed production dates...when they do finally get the game in your cannot question the build quality. It’s always a premium product. The MM Royal Editions is their best effort to date.

If I had to dock points for anything: In comparison with the modern games now, it doesn’t have the deepest ruleset, the cabinet side-art is okay (not great), and the music could use a little more variation. But it’s a game from the late 90’s and a straight up comparison to modern games like Stern’s JP and JJPOTC seems really unfair. For it’s time, Medieval Madness is King of the Realm.

I have the privilege of owning the top-5 rated machines on Pinside and I can see why MM is consistently #1. MMr has that one-more-game feel and then some.
37 days ago
Medieval Madness is the result of the magic (intended or not) of game design, artwork, sound/narrative, and engineering converge.
The result is nothing short of an epic game, that takeS 100s if not 1000s to master an explore. As a huge LOTR fan and decent player, the shoots are familiar; basically the same. Yet the presence of trolls, the epic animations, and the over the top castle put this game in a league of its own. Whereas LOTR is about precision like an archer, the music adventurous, feels like a hunt.
To contrast, MM is like being in the midst of an upheaval, with violence and chaos as balls are hurled against the glass, exploded off troll heads during multiballs.
I have probably 500 lifetime plays on the game and there are still achievements not met. In tackling these various quests there are different ways to approaching the game. For example, destroying all the castles, saving the most peasants/damsels, joust or catapult champ, or reaching royal madness, etc.
I have a thing for the 90s/2000s games, and for my believe it was a magical period at the end of the golden Era of pinball. I can to relate to what happens when the right people are driving the right things, and the unexpected and high quality products that result.
Games like MM were innovative and I like innovative. There are a lot of knocks and tweaks of known good features. Copying has been around, and it’s not a bad thing, but for some reason nothing beats an original.
Alright, enough talk’n, I’ll start trying to chalk up a new personal best on my MM...200+ games in on my LE and there’s so much I haven’t done yet.
On a side note, any game, and MM is no exception has to be played and tweaked/ rinse and repeat to get them to really hum and to make your shots consistent and reliable. I can’t stress that enough.
55 days ago
Awesome! Love the artwork. Deserves top 10
3 months ago
Having played both the original and the remake my conclusion is that I like them both. Great game, great theme and just plain fun.
3 months ago
Great to play
5 months ago
Medieval Madness is easily one of my favorite pins of all time and the Chicago Gaming remakes are spectacular. This is a pin that has the total package - theming, toys (the castle is without question one of if not the best toys of all time), fantastic call outs and quality artwork. It’s also a ton of fun! Destroying the castle and battling the trolls is so satisfying and really doesn’t get old. I guess if you want to knock it for something, it doesn’t have the deepest rule set like many modern pins. However, that is just a matter of preference and makes the game accessible to all levels of players. Medieval Madness is truly an all time classic. I’m always happy to drop some quarters in one in location.
6 months ago
Finally got up the finances to get a MMRLE in my collection. Super fun game, Not super difficult for average player. Sounds, voices and music are fun.
6 months ago
Not a bad game, don’t love the theme.... not sure how this title rates so highly?
7 months ago
The playfield looks too busy for me. The castle is the best part of the machine.
7 months ago
Fun layout and overall theme easy to see why it’s loved by so many. MMr LE plays a bit faster than the original which I like.
9 months ago
Every bit as good as the original. Purists will still go for the first, but great gameplay and newer hardware make me skew towards this remake.
9 months ago
Finally got one of these a few months ago. There is a reason its #1. One of the best shooting games of all time and toys are top of the mountain. Lots of satisfying shots. Code is deep enough for sure. Keeper and a must have in a top notch collection.
10 months ago
One of my favorites. I enjoy history and the Medieval times...Awesome...
11 months ago
Some if the best call outs in pinball. Art is amazing. Light show as well. Castle blowing up. Trolls. My god. This game has it all!!
1 year ago
Finally got to play the LE and it is awesome. This was set up right next to an AFM LE and I would say I'm leaning towards that as the superior of the two, but it's hard to go wrong either either. I love the shots, love taking down the castle, and love all of the other toys. This game is special as everyone knows. Believe the hype - it's legit.
1 year ago
Machine plays slower then other newer remakes. I like the theme and the game layout although it lacks ball flow. Lighting is a little dark, same as original.
1 year ago
First remake I purchased and what a great job they did with this machine. There isn't much to say as everyone know about this machine and how the game plays.
My only complaint is how dark the game is (true to form of the original though - so I cannot really complain). I have just been recently spoiled with other newer remakes and games that are much better lit.
Also, even though I got the LE....feels like the whole MMLE was a rip-off lol. Besides the numbered plate and the choice of trim, this LE really had no noticeable features (see AFM and MB toppers).
Regardless, there is a reason that this machine is ranked in the top three. Definitely a keeper as it appeals to all calibers of players.
1 year ago
Have a MMr next to the AFMr and both are equally awesome however I tend to see the AFMr played slightly more than the MMr. Not sure if that is due to the lighting or themes. We did add a set of gold mirrored blades to the MMr game which increased the play field visibility. Wish MMr would have come stock with these. The overall game play is great and keeps you wanting to play again in order to achieve or beat that prior high score. Definitely one to keep in the collection for years to come.
1 year ago
The remakes help add some lighting and animations to the original. I love the overall game, it's reliable and great family fun in a cade or in a home. For novice players just keep hitting the castle, the callouts are great in telling you where you need to shoot. As fun as this game is, it's never been one I could just lose hours on, but I am always happy to press the start button for a bit and go down memory lane. True classic remake and reliable as can be, two friends have these and they have been running perfect since day one.
1 year ago
Honestly, this game was good in its day, but now it is like saying buying an old 20 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!!
1 year ago
The first machine I fell in love with.
1 year ago
Great game! Highly recommend, and have been very happy with how my remake has held up.
1 year ago
This is the grand daddy of the pinball games as far as I'm concerned. It got me into pinball, and I absolutely love this game.
1 year ago
It has a drawbridge! Enough said.
2 years ago
One of the best
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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